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Sounds of steel and clanking of metals quietly met the ashen grounds. There stood a warrior in his Elite Knight Armor, holding his broadsword while panting heavily. He stared down at his dreaded opponent, the Soul of Cinder is defeated by his own hands.

"Finally..." Spoke to the Ashen One. "... It's over..."

He glanced his eyes from the corpse of the Soul of Cinder, which dispersed into ashes, and glanced towards the First Flame. It stands idly in the middle of the ashen fields. The flame itself slowly dwindled. The Chosen Undead produce small soapstone and wrote it on the ground, and a few moments later, the Firekeeper emerged from the summoning sign before turning to the First Flame.

She walks over and carefully caressing the Flames into her palms. The Chosen Undead felt something he has accomplished; the First Flames is no more and the Age of Gods have ended so that the new age can usher in.

"The First Flame quickly fades, darkness will shortly settle."

The Undead stood idly, watching the skies as the sun sets and the looming darkness suddenly crept over the lands across the horizon. The Age of Man has begun, this era of horrors and abominations has ended since Gwyn intervened in the cycle of life and rebirth by linking himself to the Fire to extend the Age of Gods and triggered the Undead Curse.

"But one day, tiny flames will dance across the darkness. Like embers, linked by Lord's past."

As it may be true. He felt that somewhere out there, hearing embers of small flames crackle in a distance. When darkness finally took over, it was complete silence. None moved, and the Undead felt ashes slowly rising from his body. Does this mean he was now free from the curse and finally rest in peace for all eternity? ...Well, it doesn't seem bad after all.

For another few seconds of silence, the Firekeeper slowly turned around to see where the Undead Warrior has been standing.

"Ashen One... hearest thou my voice still?"

After hearing her voice, his eyes shot wide open. Instead of seeing the Firekeeper, his newly found vision saw light through his helmet visor. He slowly stood up and scanned his surroundings. The Ashen One finds himself in the middle of nowhere of a serene, peaceful-looking place of grassy fields and hilltops.

"Is this the afterlife?" He muttered.

Weird, he felt not like it. When he checks down and finds out that he is still in his Elite Knight Armor. The equipment is also still with him; a broadsword, a Black Bow of Pharis with a quilt of arrows, and his Crest Shield strapped on his back. Then one most important thing that comes up in his mind is this.

"...Where in Izalith's Damnation am I?"

The Ashen One landed in a place of an unknown realm while the Gods of this world knew little about a mysterious anomaly has arrived into their universe.

Chapter 1: A New World.

It's been a few months have passed since the Ashen One came into this unknown world. Coming into this place where the only first thing he hasn't felt for a very long time is hunger, yet his luck led him to stumble upon the cabbage fields before finding a village after walking through the grasslands for several hours.

Only in his surprise to see people running around, they were living human beings since he has not seen one that wandered around Lothric. They were already long dead or fled from that forsaken place before he was awakened from the graves once the bells have tolled.

The Knight got a bit of knowledge borrowed by the villagers and asked the village chief about the unknown place he's currently in. The information he received soon after finds himself in the Theocracy of Lescatie. A monarchy affiliated with a religious faction known as the Order. This kingdom, however, stood at the very edge to the borders of the Human Realm, and nearby is a debauched land known as the Demon Realm.

A land filled with demons and monsters. It is said that many adventurers and heroes went into these lands and never returned. So that means this world has its own monsters, which may be a bit different from his previous encounters in Lothric, and that may seem to get him any wonderful challenges, right? Well, actually...

"Hey, is he from a Noble Family?"

The Ashen One slowly opened his eyes underneath his helmet and glanced over to the people whispering amongst themselves whether he is some rich noble knight or a foreign mercenary. He just smirked behind his visor as he let them gossip. He finds himself inside an enclosed carriage and got hired to be one of the Guards of a Merchant Caravans whilst heading towards the Capital of Lescatie.

"He seems to have very expensive armor."

"Aye, the qualities on those armor plates are very well made. Only a skilled craftsman could make armor plates like that."

"Some people might mistake him as an Order Knight because of the color of his armor."

His inner mind scoffs at them. They have no idea that the quantity of this armor he's wearing is extremely invaluable in the Mortal Realms back in his world, and most of his Armor and pieces of equipment are all heavily reinforced with Titanite. Shards were rare to find around Lothric, but larger ones, Chunks, and Slabs are extremely hard to get. A handful of Chunks is as worth to buy a single Castle, a big fleet of ships, or a large track of Lands.

'This day bores me a lot.'

The knight slowly closes his eyes once more, thinking what the Firekeeper, Andre, and the others have been doing since he disappeared from his world. He had been an Undead and reverted to a human being by mysterious means once he arrived here. It would a shock for them if he ever came back if it were possible to come back to Firelink Shrine while he was already free from the Curse. There was no darksign on his chest as the Flames have already died out, then reborn as human again in a brand new world.

After killing hideous monsters and Gods in his long past journey. It was tiresome, at least. Until his thoughts interrupted when the carriage rocked violently once the coachman halted the horses after someone screamed.

"Monsters! Arm yourselves men!"

From the trees of the forest, pinkish humanoids rushed out as other mercenaries tried to protect the Caravans. Their swords clashed against hardwood and stone before some unlucky men screamed in terror as they were dragged under the shadows.

"Tonight, we feast with our newly found husbands!" Screamed a High Orc who raised her club.

The lowly Orcs cheered victoriously as they rushed over to the Caravans in numbers, however, they halted their tracks after the first Orcs in line were cleaved horizontally in half. They stared in horror to witness their fallen comrades before looking up to see their killer, there stood a Silver-Blue Knight wielding a large blade they've never seen before and they were paralyzed to see how this individual is completely menacing right in front of them.

The Knight said no words before rushing himself to the Orcs and killing them left and right, hacking them into pieces through their limbs and heads. The High Orc stood paralyzed after witnessing such a brutal display caused by a single human with abnormal strength and precision while doing so with no hesitation to kill her lowly brethren. She grits her teeth in anger and charge towards the Knight to stop his bloody rampage, yet only in an instant to receive his large blade that pierced through her chest. He pushed it even deeper before releasing the blade from her abdomen, within a silent moment; her standing corpse spurts an amount of blood before hitting the ground that terrified the remaining Orcs and fled. The men they've captured have also been left alone after their battle with the menacing knight who slaughtered their fleeting brethren without mercy.

The men watched in disgust yet awed before cheering in victory towards the foreign Knight.

"You did a fine job of scaring them away!" One mercenary spoke in relief and joy. "If we get to Lescatie, we'll share our drinks! Together!"

"It was... nothing." The Ashen One flatly replied while he wiped the blood from his Claymore. "We have to continue our trek, this place is full of them."

"Alright lads, we have to keep moving!" The Leading Mercenary yelled out. "Don't waste your time cheering for victory or else you'd be captured by other monsters than Orcs!"

The mercenaries understood before embarking into their carriage. The Ashen One sat on the coach of the lead carriage before departing to Lescatie. The Coachman gazed his eyes silently towards the Knight.

"So Ash, was it? Right?" The Coachman asked the Ashen One, now named Ash. "Since you are a foreigner, then where do you come from?"

"It's... complicated," Ash replied flatly with a gruff. "The Land where I lived is already dead."

The Coachman sensed a feeling of dread coming out from him, yet he nodded silence and better not to ask further about his privacy. The Ashen One glanced his eyes to him, curiously thinking that the Coachman was having thoughts that came into his mind about a land where he once lived may have been overrun by monsters. The Ashen One chuckled silently. That may be true since there are monsters already running around rampant in Lothric and not those of lusty humanoid female "monsters" of this world.

By the flames, the monsters where he comes from totally paled in their comparison to the monsters of this world and he swears that he can hear the spirits of Gwyn and the old Lordran Gods are laughing at this world and then at him. His fate is stuck in this new world, and its current situation itself is absolutely pathetic.

Ash sighed, face-palming himself in embarrassment with his still closed helmet visor. In fact, none of these monsters he encountered can reach his caliber and no matter how fast they were or how strong they are as said by the local people, they ended up dying by his blade in his previous encounters. Even those that believed that they were magically strong, those too ended the same way.

"Finally! We've reached the capital."

The men cheered at the sight of human civilization. The Ashen One exhaled in relief to earn his fifteenth paycheck this month.

City of Lescatie

Once they arrived within the city gates, Ash bids a farewell to the caravan group before heading to the Mercenary Guild to get his reward.

"Here you go, 1.250 Gold!" Said the receptionist on the counter before doing a respective bow. "Have a good day, sir!"

Ash grabbed the pouch of gold and nodded, giving thanks to the Guild Official before leaving the building. The Knight strolled through the streets and entered the poorer areas within the City of Lescatie, the Slums, and of course on what was nearby is a red-light district.

The Slum-dwellers watched cautiously as soon as they've witnessed the Knight walk through the dark streets with his armor plates that produced sounds of clacking metal that echoed through the silenced alleyways. Even beggars stopped begging because of his menacing appearance and none dare to provoke his ire.

The Ashen One glanced his eyes to a nearby building which is the Church and another building to the side is an Orphanage. It set his eyes towards a nun hanging along with the joyous children were running around and playing games. She has long aqua-green hair and wore an ornamental nun outfit, but in a very revealing design that he questioned himself about their choice of attire. Yet that didn't matter, and whether it is part of their culture.

He walked past the orphanage until the Knight felt a tingling sensation coming from the nun. He noticed that her eyes are silently staring at him. Ash knew those eyes were of curiosity and suspicion; yet by the looks of it is definitely not the eyes of an amateur but that of a professional, no matter how normal it looks. This is something he needs to be careful about and must not keep his guard down.

After half an hour of walking through the slums, he finally reached home. His house is decent, and a bit isolated from the rest of the slums. He reached for his key and unlocked the doorknob before entering. The house was decently cleaned with most walls and furniture's made of wood and sometimes covered in dust and spider webs. Only a fireplace and a chimney were leading up to the roof, a small kitchen, a single bedroom, and of course a small privy chamber. Therefore, he isn't an Undead anymore, and he knows that humans needed shelter, but he still has his old strength.

Then the Ashen One went to the living room and grabbed a book from the bookshelves, with the title reads "The Monster Girls Encyclopedia" before sitting down on a wooden chair to relax.

He got this book from someone who accidentally dropped on the streets after a few days from encountering these so-called "monsters". That was during the day when he finally arrived in the capital of Lescatie. At first, he might think that someone with a God-ridden mind wrote these, but reminding those female monsters he had encountered beforehand gave him some curiosity to know out their details.

The Ashen One cringed after how many times he opened the book, the Encyclopedia gave out exact details and pieces of information about monster girls but there are secondary pictures which are rather unnecessary for a reader like him and he believed that it's drawn by someone who did the "thing" with them and escaped from their clutches. Then he wondered himself, how can a person be so lucky to escape? But that did not matter. Regarding this information, the monsters of this current world are truly pathetic.

Centuries ago, they were once hideous beings that seek human flesh and were led by the Demon Lords of the previous age to end Humanity and turning them into slaves and food for the monsters. That may be a fitting time for him to live in a world like that to earn some challenge. But all that changed when a Succubus ascends to the Throne and becomes a new Demon Lord before she married a Hero who was humanity's strongest. Her sole purpose isn't War against the Humans but wanted a peaceful coexistence between the two races and breaking the cycle; that result turned every monster around the world into beautiful girls that are still roaming around today.

However, these monsters are not ridden with bloodlust like their ancestors did, from that day of their transformation until the present; their only goal is their own romantic lust towards men, and they mostly silently dragged men from human society which is called "Husband Hunting", he frowned at this. These monster girls didn't think about anything but getting a human male as their lifelong companion like a husband, raising her offspring, and of course that they have to do is non-stop intercourses. In other cases that the men also ended up like slaves, such as Orcs he encountered wanted to have their own husband by turning them into one, unless if they were weak. Then other men are used like servants under the control of the vampires and also use them as livestock as well before turning them into Incubi's. Then again, he pitied them, a pity from a former Undead who came from a world where monsters actually kill any person without hesitation.

Next is the Order, a religious organization that has greater influence across the human realms except for some human nations that are monster-friendly, much to his amusement. But the Order itself is in fact a religious superpower in this world and has the overall military authority and political power over the human nations aligned with them, and the way they ruled is other than religion itself.

They worship a God known as the Chief God, and the vast majority of people practiced it. Even though they have several zealous Inquisition branches too. They consider reading the Encyclopedia being heresy by Order Law. He remembers when he encountered a group of Inquisition members under the alleyways of the Slums after picking up that book. They tried to attack him with no questions asked before they received their bloody end and none recovered their bodies. But that's not all; The worst-case when he learned about their bureaucratic actions in Lescatie has overall corruption to the core because of their discrimination that looked down to the simple common folk.

This nation he is currently living in is also one of the Order Nations, but Lescatie is not just some ordinary kingdom; it is one of the most important locations to the Order because this region alone produced high-quality Heroes that kept the monsters at bay. He sighed in pity once more while shaking his head in much of his disappointment. The real problem is that Heroes themselves are young and also inexperienced. They're sent into battle before receiving their own tragic ends, yet in bizarre ways that only ended up in a sea full of pleasures and other lustful depravities. In fact, the powers of the Succubus lured them using Demonic Energy and female heroes are even more vulnerable to their powerful influence that lust overcame their minds quickly or through other means.

Well, he met some stray succubus in his encounters and saw that they attempted to charm him with various methods, but to no avail, and slaughtered them down without hesitation. He even encountered some famous warriors and heroes of Lescatie with strong will have fallen quickly to their charming powers with no resistance, but not to him, and he himself admits that he's the only oddity in this world because of one thing.

First, he has a Soul, and second, he doesn't have any mana? As said by a peculiar Succubus before her demise by his own hands and in much to his confusion once they called him a "Soulless Husk" and a "Freak". In the Encyclopedia, it explains they described Mana is the "Essence of Life" or "Spirit Energy".

Upon understanding the laws and basic rules of this world, he's in. Every living being has Mana whilst the Monster Girls have their own essence of life and can corrupt the Spirit Energy once they got in touch with other sentient life-forms such as their human victims. But his own mana differed from their own, and it is only solely to produce magic with the right affinity such as Intelligence and Faith to make Sorcery, Miracles, and Pyromancy. To make more magic is to raise his Attunement, just nothing more and neither less.

It's just a tank full of magic energy and totally separated from his soul and the Soul is the only being within the carrier like himself is capable to manipulate his own mana and somehow he felt his entire being rejected Demonic Energy in their presence like a strong flame that cast them away like a ferocious beast.

"Living in this world makes such life easier." Ash closed the Encyclopedia book before putting it back on a bookshelf until his face turned grim. "If the gods were still alive and seek their sights on this world, then there is no doubt but to conquer all of it."

Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door. The Ashen One went to the door's entrance and take a small peek. He saw a girl with light-blue hair, wearing some revealing clothes with little armor and a sword strapped on her hip. It is one of the famous Heroes of Lescatie. And he sighed before slowly opened the door.

"What do you want?" He spoke in a gruff voice.

The heroine stiffened to his menacing look before keeping her composure.

"G-Greetings, I am Willmar-"

"Wilmarina Noscrim, Leader of the Ice Flower Order; what does a Heroine as you want with me?" The Ashen One interrupts the Heroine. In much to her surprise. "Let me guess... is it some sort of recruitment offer from the Order?"

"I-I only received their request for their behalf." The Heroine explained nervously. "It is because of an increasing number of monsters that are active within the outside regions and the Order would like to recruit-"

"Not interested." The Ashen One interrupts once more with an unimpressive look. "Tell them to recruit another person, but not me."

"B-But sir! Because of your actions and eyewitnesses have spread rumors amongst the people of Lescatie!" Wilmarina desperately spoke up. "It is that you have slain even the strongest monsters that the Heroes have difficulty to deal with them, so please-"

"No, I said no, and it means no. It is my decision not to join." The Ashen One furrowed his eyebrow with a stern gaze while crossing his arms.

Wilmarina stood appalled at his answer and hesitates to back down. This mission was the utmost important duty for the Order, and she knew that whenever that the Order chooses someone who met their attention and interests, it privileged them to become another fellow man to strengthen humankind's efforts under the Chief God. Yet his answer rejects their invitation and they will see him as a heathen. However, she felt his menacing aura that sends cold shivers through her spine. Admitting it, there is no way to convince him before giving out a defeated sigh.

"I-I see then... I apologized that I may have disturbed your peace." She bowed to him respectively in an apology. "I shall take my leave."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Very well, I just want to be on my own."

With that, he closed the door before the Heroine left. Ash looks out from the windows to see her walking away within a distance before closing the window curtains.

"Even rumors about me have spread across the city." He muttered to himself. "But that isn't even my problem. If the Order still dares to cross paths with me, then I swear to the Flames."

Meanwhile, under the alleyways of the slums. Merse Dascaros was leaning against the wall and watched Wilmarina coming to her side with her head hung down in defeat. She sighed in pity before patting her shoulders.

"No luck, huh?" Merse said. "Did the man gave you trouble?"

"No, he just doesn't want to join." Wilmarina tilted her head sideways. "But there's no doubt that the Order will still send the priests to recruit him, but I doubt that they will convince him."

"Hmm, he's a strange one." Merse mused. "It's extremely rare for someone to turn down an offer by the Order, there's a chance that he can become a Hero."

"Merse... Do you think that the Order would likely take him?" Willmarina spoke with her voice a bit shaken. "There is... something which feels off about him."

"What do you mean?" Merse raised her eyebrow in confusion.

"That person... when our eyes met..." Then Willmarina swallowed a lump through her throat. "I've sensed that guy... has no Mana."

Merse widened her eyes in surprise. A person with no Mana? Impossible, no one should be alive without it. If it were true about Silver-Blue Knight, then the Order will probably take an interest in him before taking him into their custody and then interrogating the Knight's questionable existence, but he is no monster as his appearance is fully human. She dreads that they might experiment with him for their own cause.

"Come, we have work to do," Merse said while grabbing her spear. "Best not to tell about him."

The Heroine nodded before taking the nearest route towards an alleyway that leads to the Slums exit.

As the sun sets, darkness took the skies, and stars glittered. Ash was about to finish reading the encyclopedia, but then he felt a tinge of warning. There was someone and he was being watched before he went to the windows and took a small peek from the curtains, his eyes caught the direction from where it is coming from and several dark silhouettes are standing on the rooftops, he noticed some pair eyes were gazing at his house. He grimaced before equipping himself with his broadsword and putting on his helmet.

Someone is going to die tonight.

Meanwhile, Sasaki and five of her fellow Kunoichi's spotted the home of their target. The home of the Silver-Blue Knight and rumored infamously amongst the Mamono, which they described as a menacing male Knight garbed in blue and silver armor and killing any mamono without hesitation.

They also state that even the charm of the succubus didn't even take an effect on him. Their fearful plea even reached the ears of Druella, one of the nine daughters of the Demon Lord who is currently planning a campaign to conquer Lescatie. If the rumors were true, the Princess ordered to send out the Kunoichi's to track him down and dispatch him.

Their only plan to come up with us simple; lure him into their side with charming ways which can be successful and would erase the fearful rumor that deteriorated the morale amongst the monster army. Sometimes it's rumored that the Order created some unknown magic to protect him from the influence of Demonic Energy, but that wasn't the case and they threw it out.

In fact, this man isn't part of the Order and of course, he's an odd one. They tracked him down through rumors of the citizens of Lescatie tell that he lived somewhere in the slums and carries the right description of his Silver-Blue armor. But that's not all. She sensed that there was something empty about him as if he has no mana. This is impossible, no being should be alive without mana.

"Sasaki, orders?" One of her Kunoichi's asked.

"We have to split and observe before we have to take action." She replied. "I have a bad feeling that this man is dangerous."

The Kunoichi's jumped from the walls and rooftops to reach his house and try to observe his activities through the windows. The house inside grew dark and the lack of his scent and mana is impossible to track him across the building.

"Weird, someone's supposed to be here when the lights were once on." Spoke to one of the Kunoichis. "I don't smell his scent and where is he?"

While the oriental succubus was fantasizing about getting a husband until out from the shadows behind her, a leather glove covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming before a blade struck the back of her neck. The Ashen One was glad that he still has his Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring to mask the sounds of his footsteps. He still has the ring, which he secures in his bottomless box. Even though he is a Knight and not an Assassin, but that didn't matter to him anymore. Back in Lothric, when you play by their rules, then you die by their rules and the only thing is to adapt and overcome.

Inside his house, Sasaki felt that one of her Kunoichi's went missing.

"Where's Mia?" Sasaki raised her eyebrow, dumbfounded

Suddenly, she heard muffling sounds of steel slicing off the flesh, which made her hair standing straight. Yui, her Kunoichi who was standing nearby, felt a knife struck the back of her neck. She fell to the ground with a bloodcurdling groan and Sasaki stood back in shock before looking up to see a terrifying-looking Knight with his armor soaked in blood. He stood beside the still living Yui before crushing her head into a bloody pulp with his boot. Sasaki felt an icy chill and cannot move. She attempted to cast a Charm on him but it wouldn't work that this... thing, this thing was no mere man at all! She felt her knees weakened before kneeling to the ground and ask for his mercy.

"Please! Please don't kill me!" She begged for her life before bowing down her forehead hit the floor. "Please! I don't want to die! I... I want to live and have my husband!"

After crying her pleas, the Ashen One stood there with cautious eyes and slowly raised his broadsword. The tip of his blade now pointing against her neck with an icy touch.

"You intrude my property and threatened me with weapons. I demand your name and your affiliation." The Ashen One spoke in an indifferent tone. He knows that these are Kunoichis. They were succubus monster girls who are Assassins coming from the Far East known as Zipangu, and they were hired as mercenaries by the Demon Realm and even on monster friendly nations. Killing them all will be a waste because the information is necessary.

"I-I am S-Sasaki, A-Affiliated with th-the F-Fourth Princess o-of the Demon Realm, Druella." Sasaki stuttered in fear.

"You are lucky that you have my mercy." The Ashen One hardened his glare, still gripping the tip of his sword on her neck. "Who send you?"

"P-Princess Druella herself," Sasaki replied slowly. "We came here if the rumors were true that one man has slain the mamono by himself without hesitation."

'Even my actions have reached the ears of the Demon Princess herself, huh.'

"I will say this: Leave. me. be." He warned with a bitter tone behind his helmet. "If one of you sent another to kill me, then I will send them back to pieces. If they don't stop. Then I will come and kill you all."

After hearing this, Sasaki felt a gulp through her throat as the tip of the blade pulled back. The Kunoichi left the house quickly and jumped away. She vanished from his sight.

'I have to warn Druella!'

The Ashen One walked towards the entrance and saw the Kunoichi fled from the rooftops of the Slums. He deeply sighed as he sheathed his Broadsword. The Ashen One grimaced, aware that he's going to get involved in this sticky situation.

"By Izalith, here we go again."

At this moment, the Silver-Blue Knight of Lescatie will begin his Legend that will bring fear into the hearts of men and monsters.

Chapter 1: Ends.