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"Prince Robin, I believe your mother requests your presence ."

Robin turned his head to see his butler , Joseph.

"I'll be there in a second, Joe." He said with a smile. His butler nodded before leaving back into the castle. Robin turned his head back to his friends as the argument continued.

"Idiot, how can Robin be a bird ?" His one friend , who they named Beast Boy, had stated, rolling his eyes.

"Did you even go to school ? And if so, I should congratulate them for teaching you shit." Cyborg, his half Human friend asked, trying his hardest not to choke the changeling in front of him. All the while Starfire and Terra were listening to the conversation, snickering at their friends stupidity. His friends were all either Dukes or Duchesses that have come to visit for the Grand Ball that the tower was holding in the next few days to celebrate Robins coronation... and to find him a wife. He shuddered, repulsed at the idea of being attached to ONE woman.

"Okay now hush-moving away from this useless topic... did you all hear that Princess Rachel of Bloomingdale will be at the ball?" Squealed Terra, as her eyes beamed. They all gasped. Much like Robin, Rachel was known for her rebellious and naughty ways. She had quite the reputation amongst the royals. Not a very good one at that.

"Man, I doubt she will even turn up." Cyborg said , with a dramatic sigh, daydreaming of the young Princess

"Yeah! I mean , she makes Robin look like a Saint!" Beast Boy laughed. Robins glared at his friend before him.

"Hey!" Robin yelled, ready to smack him.

"It Is True , friend Robin. I have heard that she once went so far as to get drunk and French Kiss Duke Speedy in front of her Parents. " Starfire whispered. They all turned green.

"The married one?" Robin asked, face scrunched in disgust.

"The married one." She confirmed. They were right... she was pretty messed up.

"That's nothing. My father told me she had intercourse with two men in the bathroom." Terra said, with a smirk.

"...at the same time?" Beast Boy asked, turning greener than what he already was. She nodded her head. They all pulled a face in disgust. Robin never knew royalty could be so... naughty. He couldn't imagine himself getting along with her... he'd imagined she was cocky.

Suddenly trumpets blew through the palace. Everyone's heads shot up, then looked to Robin for an explanation. He shrugged, looking around .

"Robin! Get up here NOW!" His mother called from the Balcony before disappearing into the enormous palace.

"C'mon guys." Robin called as he started running up the stairs. They all ran up the stairs who did him, the girls careful not to rip their dresses as they did so. Once they arrived in the hall, they noticed Robins mother and Father, Kind and Queen , dressed in their finest. Now they were even more confused. Robin went to stand beside his mother.

"Mother, what's happening ?" Robin whispered in her ear. She turned to him with a smile.

"Queen and Princess of Bloomingdale will be staying with us for a week." She quickly fixed his teal colored blazer and flattened the collar of his white polo shirt before tucking a strand of hair out his face. Looking him over , she narrowed her eyes.

"Tuck in your shirt !" She hissed before turning to face the front with a large smile. Robins eyes widened at the name she mentioned. His stomach suddenly felt like it was ripped out and shoved back in.

"Mother no! Are you crazy? Have you heard of what this princess has done?"

"Indeed... reminds me much of you." She smirked. He opened his mouth to object but his mother held her hand up to silence him.

"She's staying. That's final." She whispered as the large doors to the hall swung open, bringing forth two guards and a trumpet blower.

Robin frowned in anger, scrunching is fists into tight balls. Turning around, he quickly relocated himself beside Terra, folding his arms over his chest cooly.

"What's happening , Rob?" Terra asked him , excitement evident in her voice.

"The devil is coming to reek havoc." He mumbled as a large voice boomed.

"Mom, is this really necessary?"

"Rachel , stop whining. I promise you, this will be your best week yet. It will be worth your while." Queen Arella calmly said to her daughter , head held high and her hands holding up the front of her gown as they walked up the stairs. Guards bowed before them as they passed them on the stairway.

"Yeah being stuck with a stuck-up , goodie-two-shoes prince will totally be worth my while."


"Mother." She challenged as they stood outside the large doors that led to the hall. Her mother sighed, rubbing her now throbbing temples .

"Darling, I know you don't like this idea, but it's either this, or Duke Slade. Take your pick." She said, turning to Raven. Her daughter growled.

"That's what I thought. Now behave and straighten up. You are a Princess, soon to be a queen, so I expect you to act like one." Her mother stated before turning her to face the door as it began to open. She couldn't even believe that she left her duties for this... then again... 'this' determined the rest of her life... A large voice boomed, waking her from her thoughts.

"My King John, Queen Mary , and Prince Richard. May I present to you, Queen Arella and Princess Rachel of Bloomingdale." Her Mother raises her chin up before slowly walking through the door with ease. Rachel watched her mother .

"Madam, you may go through ," a guard beckoned her. She jumped and turned a deep red before straightening up and slowly walking in through the large wooden doors into the insanely large hall.

Robins friends mouthes dropped to the ground as they heard the royal names.

Starfire and Terra were squealing and jumping up and down, while Cyborg was fixing himself in the mirror behind him, smelling his breath in the process. Beast Boy... was going through pick up lines . Robin rolled his eyes. She had the worst reputation , yet everyone was ecstatic to see her.

'I wonder ...why...' Robin was cut off mid though when his eyes were planted the young girl that slowly walked in behind her mother. The suns rays from the windows above shone down onto her figure as she walked slowly towards where her mother was, hands clasped in front of her. The light beamed down onto her smooth looking ashen skin, her amethyst eyes sparkling with her every movement, a feint hint of red and silver eyeshadow across her eyelids. Her plump lips a deep blood red, And her violet hair fell in waves at her shoulders, held out her face by a crystal infested crown.

She wore a beautiful shimmering red gown, with off the shoulder long sleeves, body fitting till her waist, then gently poofed out till the floor, a long train, continued at least a meter behind her.

"Hooooly crap..."

"I know , Cyborg. Isn't she gorgeous?" Terra whispered tears forming in her eyes.

"Beast boy! Yuck ! Your pants is expanding!" Whispered Starfire in fright. The young man jumped , face now a deep red.

"DOWN BOY." Terra almost said above a whisper as she looked down at Beast Boys crotch. Star and Cyborg tried to stop themselves from bursting into horrendous laughter.

Robin was still flabbergasted... she was absolutely beautiful. From all the stories he heard about her, he would have though she was ugly looking... or average looking at least... but this... this wasn't what he expected at all.

"Welcome Arella! Absolutely wonderful to see you again." Queen Mary laughed as she embraced her good friend. Robin watched as Raven shifted uncomfortably as her mother hugged the queen beside her. When they parted, she looked over at Raven, shocked at her beauty and elegance.

"My oh my, Raven you have grown. You look absolutely breath-taking!" Raven blushed at the comment, looking down at her feet, smiling.

"I would like you to meet my son and my husband." She motioned for Robin to come . Robin had no problem obeying, immediately at his mothers side, in front of the young princess.

"Raven, Arella, this is Prince Richard, my son." She smiled, looking towards Robin. Raven looked up from her feet to be met with ocean blue eyes. Her mouth opened slightly, as she tried to process the mans handsome face in front of her.

"And this is my husband..." his mother's voice was drowned out as Robin continued to find himself lost in her unusually enchanting colored eyes.

"...Hi." He said as a smile played his lips. She dropped her head, curtsying before him.

"Hello, Prince Richard." She said before gasping her crown slipped off her head. He laughed before bending over to pick it up.

"Here , let me. Can't let a princess pick up her own crown." He said, gently placing the crown back on her head. She smiled , a blush evidently growing on her face.

"Thank you, Prince Richard."

"You can call me Robin." He smiled, winking at her. She giggled softly before holding out her hand for him to shake.

"Raven." She said and smiled. He reached out , not shaking, but grabbing her hand and kissing the back of her it lightly. A small spark of what felt like electricity shot through their bodies. Robin shot straight up. Raven drawing her hand back in shock.

"Did you feel that?" He whispered. She looked at him for a few seconds before deciding to lie to him.

"No... I didn't." She whispered back. Still rubbing her hand with the other. How could that even have happened...? It shouldn't have been possible for her...

Before Robin could say anything more, his mother interrupted.

"Alright, well, our Butler will show you to your rooms. Feel free to explore the palace! We will see you for supper ." Robins face dropped as he watched them turn to leave. His mother smirked.

"I saw those eyes you two had." His mother teased. Robin rolled his eyes before walking away from her, mumbling to himself as his mother laughed. He came to him friends who immediately surrounded him.

"Robin , how was it? What was she like?" Cyborg asked first, grabbing his shirt.

"Yeah what she like?" Both Star and Terra asked.

"Dude what did she smell like?" Beast boy asked, eyes like massive saucers and mouth watering.

"Was she sweet?" Terra asked again, pushing Beast Boy aside. Robin smiled to himself, remembering their her cute blush.

"The sweetest."


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