Morrigan spent the entire trip to a place to camp glaring daggers at the Bard. She found Leliana to be insufferable, annoying, preachy, and overly naive.

"Someone's grumpy." A voice said from beside her, Morrigan narrowed her eyes even more and turned her attention to Alistair. Her annoyance practically skyrocketed just from his presence alone, and then Warden Derek Cousland decided to throw a Chantry Sister into the mix, possibly just to torment the witch.

"Must you stand so close, Alistair? Your smell alone could drive the Darkspawn to kill us all." Morrigan snapped, picking up the pace in order to get away from the Grey Warden.

"Ouch, that was brutal. Even by your standards." Alistair replied, letting a smirk appear on his face as he caught up to the group.

"Do you want me to throw you to a horde of Darkspawn? Because I will, perhaps then it'll be quieter..."

Alistair held up his hands in surrender and walked past the witch, moving to walk beside his fellow Warden. He glanced back and saw Leliana lag a little, immediately pitying the Sister for the terrible insults that were about to be thrown.

"You really don't like Alistair, do you?" Leliana asked Morrigan suddenly, not even noticing the twitch of Morrigan's eye.

"Your company is just as bad as his, I swear the Warden's hound is more intelligent than the two of you. And that putrid mongrel bites his own backside." Morrigan said, pulling her hood further down her face as if to block the Lay Sister's view of her face.

Leliana pouted and crossed her arms under her chest, snorting in indignation. "Well, that was rude."

"Oh? Is your Maker going to smite me for hurting your precious feelings, girl? Let me be perfectly clear, we are not friends, we are not even acquaintances. So do not speak to me, we are fighting a Blight that could consume the entirety of Ferelden and Thedas itself, that does not mean I wish to hear you snivel and whine about me being rude." Morrigan snarled back, turning her head to face the other woman. Her glowing yellow eyes bored holes through the bard's skull which caused Leliana to look away.

Morrigan let a cheshire grin appear as she faced forward, falling into silence with a roll of her eyes when she heard Alistair begin speaking.