"Truly a foolish decision, you are being hunted by Ferelden and yet you bring us to the capital itself?" Morrigan questioned, quirking a brow at the Warden. She took note of the fact that he and Alistair ditched their armor for simple chainmail and wooden shields.

"That's why we're disguised as mercenaries, to make us inconspicuous. Now, while Alistair and I go looking for bounties you and Leliana should do some shopping." Derek answered.

"You are not putting me with this simple-minded girl that believes an absent god gave her visions!" Morrigan snarled, throwing her hands up as the two men walked away. "I can make no promises that she won't be hurt!"

Leliana tilted her head a little and shrugged, her eyes widening when she took note of the clothing store. She grabbed Morrigan by the hand suddenly and dragged the witch to the store.

"Let go of my hand." Morrigan hissed as the two entered the store, narrowing her eyes at the people that gave them odd looks.

The witch snapped her head to look at Leliana, finally noticing that the girl had changed her robe for a simple vested dress.

"Fine." Leliana released Morrigan's hand and stepped towards the racks with a slight smile. She perked up a little when the shop owner approached her, a small dwarven man with a large brown beard.

"Can I help you look for something? Maybe for your friend?" He asked with a smile.

"Yes actually. My... wife and I are looking to get me some new clothes. Isn't that right, darling?" Leliana looked over at Morrigan, her eyes silently telling her to play along.

Morrigan scowled and let out a frustrated sigh. "... Yes, dear..." She ground out, feeling herself get ready to gag at the notion of having to be loving to the other woman.

"Sorry about her, she's grumpy." Leliana apologized to the shop owner with a disarming smile and a wink.

"Only because you dragged me here away from the children." Morrigan snapped, rolling her eyes at the quick lie she had made up in her head. She walked over to the two and regretfully put a hand on Leliana's shoulder, she wanted nothing more than to recoil in disgust.

"Well, I'm sure I can find you two something." The Dwarf clapped his hands together and turned to the rack of clothes.