June 12th , 1986.

It was a very beautiful day in California as Tyler was taking a walk , skateboard underneath his hand as he walked and enjoyed the nice summer breeze . He had then accidentally bumped into a girl who had books in her hand she had dropped them. "Whoops sorry about that here let me help you ." He apologized he then picked them up and handed them back to me . "Thank you so what's your name ?" I asked curiously as he gave me the books back . "Tyler , my names Tyler what's yours ?" he asked curiously as he extended out his hand to shake mine . "My names Erin ." I had told him as I then shook his hand . "Nice name and it's a pleasure to meet you Erin." Tyler said as he smiled . "Thanks and it's a pleasure to meet you too so I hear you're a skateboarder is that true?" I asked curiously. "Yep I am I'm a skateboarder for a group called the Ramp Locals oh and watch out for our Rivals they are really bad people they call themselves The Daggers and they aren't very nice ." Tyler warned me as he talked to me about it. "Okay will do and that's cool that your a skateboarder." I had said as I smiled . "Yep ." he said as he smiled to be honest I was kind of developing a crush on him he was just so cute I had just met him but didn't know anything else about him so we sat down and talked for a bit . "So tell me what else do you like to do ?" I asked . "I love listening to music ,love reading ,sometimes I hang out at the library to read actually and I love going to the beach ."he had explained . "Nice those all sound like a lot of fun. How old are you ?" I asked curiously. "I'm 17 almost 18 actually ." Tyler replied . "Cool I'm the same age as you ." I had told him . "That's pretty cool." Tyler had said . "Yep ." I nodded . "Ya know you look really pretty by the way ." He had said out of nowhere . "Thanks ." I smiled as I blushed a bit I just couldn't help it . "You're welcome ." he smiled .

Few days later .

I had sat down next to Tyler on the front steps I knew he was about to ask me something but I didn't know what exactly. "So I was wondering Erin would you like to go out with me this afternoon sometime and plus be my girlfriend ?" he asked . "Sure sounds like a good idea I don't mind that's totally alright with me ." I told him as I gave him my house number and street . "Alright awesome I'll pick you up at 12:00 pm then ." He smiled . "Alright sounds good I'll see you at noon . " I had said as I smiled .