Time skip to the next morning , 7:00am.

It was now 7:00 am the next morning Tyler was still sleeping and I was up already and had changed into clothes I went over to him and shook his arm lightly to wake him up . "Tyler it's 7 am ." I had said as I whispered . He then woke up and stretched . "Morning ." He smiled . "Morning to you too ." I smiled as I kissed his cheek softly . We then went to the kitchen to have breakfast , then after he had gotten dressed in whatever he was gonna wear then did what he had to do first and so did i then we got our things and headed out the door together as we went outside we had seen Radley outside when we went out there ." Hey good morning Radley today's the day ." Tyler spoke to him. "Yep and morning by the way ." He smiled as he got on his skateboard , me and Tyler did the same thing and started when the person had told us all to start .

The guy was keeping score of the two groups I was hoping Tyler's team will win who knows it could or maybe the other team would .

"And there goes Tyler from the ramp locals team he's an excellent skateboarder and he and his team gets 20 points so far . Make that 21 points first to get to 26 wins the competition ." The guy announced as he watched . "C'mon c'mon we can win this ." Tyler had said quietly he had hoped that his team would win . "Ooh and now Daggers has 2 points , Ramp Locals is in the lead they have a higher score ." The guy announced . Tyler was focusing on what he was doing , so was everyone else on his team.

"And now Ramp Locals has 22 points wait , wait 23 now only 3 more points to go and they'll win . " The guy announced again . Later on . "3 points for daggers and ramp locals is still in the lead with 23 points ." He said .

Later on he announced another thing . "24 points only 2 more to get to 26 that's when it had actually happened two more points later it had gotten to 26 for their score . "And the winner is of the competition the winner is The Ramp Locals ." The guy announced proudly .

"Woooooo hooooooo! We did it ." Tyler replied with excitement . "Yes we did indeed ." I smiled at him while high fiving him and Radley . "You did good congratulations." The man said . "Thank you ." Tyler , Radley and I all had said at the same time as we all smiled . "You're welcome . " he smiled back at all 3 of us .