Screen Title: #SamAndCatMeetsMaryPoppins


Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins

Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett

Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine

Cameron Ocasio as Dice Corleone

Luke Judy as Luke (Kid #1)

Ivy George as Emma (Kid #2)

Jackson Riley as Joe (Kid #3)

Chloe De Los Santos as Chloe (Kid #4)

(Sam and Cat are babysitting 4 kids on the same night)

"Cat why the hell did we agree to babysit 4 kids on the same night?" Sam asked.

"I thought it would be fun." Cat said.

"Well it's not. We're having trouble here." Sam said.

(A kid throws a cup at Dice's head)

"That kid just threw a cup at me." Dice said.

"Ha ha." Luke said.


(They all calmed down because they're scared)

"Someone's got anger issues." Luke said.

"I HEARD THAT!" Sam yelled.

"I thought it would be easy for us to babysit 4 kids but I guess not." Cat said.

"We need help." Sam said.

(Dice was filming everything)

"Dice why are you filming?" Cat asked.

"I'm going to post a link saying you need help babysitting those rugrats." Dice said.

"Go do that." Sam said.

(Dice goes outside but instead of posting it, he send it to Mary Poppins. The audience cheers. Mary sees the video and grabs her suitcase and umbrella)

"Looks like someone needs my help." Mary Poppins said.

(Dice walks back in)

"Whoa what the hell happened?" Dice asked.

"One of the kids threw an apple at Cat's nose." Sam says as she gives Cat an ice bag.

"I didn't think apples would be hard." Cat said.

"Oh come on. Exaggerate much." Joe said.

(Sam throws the apple at the kid)

"Ow." Joe said.

"Oh I'm sorry. Did that hurt you?" Sam said sarcastically.

"This is getting out of control." Cat said.

"I hope someone helps us out soon." Sam said.

"She will." Dice said.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

(Doorbell Rings)

"Ding dong." Cat said.

(Dice opens the door and it's Mary Poppins. The audience cheers)

"Sam & Cat, meet Mary Poppins." Dice said.

(Cat faints)

"Oh dear." Mary Poppins said shocked.

"It's okay. It always happens." Sam said.

(Cat wakes up)

"What happened?" Cat asked.

"You fainted when Mary Poppins arrived." Dice said.

"How did you find our address?" Sam asked.

"I didn't post the video. I emailed it to her and told her to come right away." Dice said.

"And I came right away." Mary Poppins said.

"Come right in Mrs. Poppins." Cat said.

"Thank you. I guess you're Cat." Mary Poppins said.

"You guessed right." Cat said.

"And I'm Sam." Sam said.

(The 4 kids are breaking another plate)

"Now now that's not what we do with plates." Mary Poppins said.

"We're sorry." Emma said.

"We like breaking stuff." Luke said.

"Yeah it's fun." Chloe said.

"We know it's fun but someone can step on the broken pieces and cut themselves." Mary Poppins said.

"We're sorry." Joe said.

"Now everyone grab a broom and clean it up." Mary Poppins said.

"But it's boring." Sam said.

"Not if you play music." Mary Poppins said.

"You can play music while you're cleaning?" Cat asked.

"You can use music for anything." Mary Poppins said.

"I do like listening to music." Sam said.

"Who doesn't?" Dice asked.

"Alright I'll start playing some music while we get this messed clean up. And remember readers, everything goes will while listening to music." Mary Poppins said to the audience.

(Mary Poppins starts playing Take Me Home Tonight)

"Oh I love this song." Cat said.

"Me too, and I don't like most stuff." Sam said.

"This song is amazing." Luke said.

(They all start cleaning)

"Hey this is fun." Emma said.

"Yeah." Luke said.

"See I told you this would be fun." Mary Poppins said.

(They throw away all the broken shards)

"Okay it looks like we got everything cleaned up." Sam said.

"Wonderful. I'll take the trash out." Cat said.

"Who knew cleaning would be fun." Joe said.

"Yeah." Chloe said.

"This place looks neat." Dice said.

(Doorbell Rings)

"Ding dong." Cat said.

"I'll get it." Sam said.

"Hi I'm hear for my kids." Luke and Joe's dad said.

"Luke, Joe your dad is here." Sam said.

"Okay. Come on Joe." Luke said.

"Right behind you." Joe said.

"Thanks for babysitting my boys. Did you two have fun?" Luke and Joe's dad asked.

"Yeah." Luke and Joe said.

"Well it's time to go." Luke and Joe's dad said.

"Bye everyone." Joe said.

"Bye." Luke said.

(20 minutes later, Emma and Chloe's parents come to pick them up)

"This turned out to be a fun night." Cat said.

"Thanks for the help Mary Poppins." Sam said.

"You're welcome girls. And now it's time for me to go." Mary Poppins said.

"Aw do you have to go so soon?" Dice said.

"I'm afraid so. There's other people that need my help. Bye everyone." Mary Poppins said.

"Bye Mary Poppins." Cat said.

"See ya." Sam said.

"Bye." Dice said.

(Mary Poppins takes off on her umbrella)

"Dice how did you find her email?" Sam asked.

"I looked it up on Zaplook." Dice said.

"Thanks for contacting her." Cat said.

"We needed the help." Sam said.

"No problem." Dice said.

"This was a very fun night." Cat said.

"Agreed." Dice said.

"It was a very fun night." Sam said.

Author Note This is my first story and crossover for Mary Poppins so I hope you enjoy