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"I'm sorry what did you just say?"

The hallway and class goes completely silent as Izuku steps around his friends. Green eyes glowing with anger; Katsuki takes a step back, staying out of Izuku's way. The student from class 1-b tries to take a step back, the crowd behind him not letting him move more than an inch. Izuku completely ignores the purple haired boy who turns to watch, his green eyes locked on the other hero course student.

"Don't get full of ourselves?" Izuku stops a foot away, staring up at the silver haired boy. "We didn't fight villains, they ambushed us. Somewhere we were supposed to be safe. Not only were we ambushed we were separated into parts of a building we had only been in for the first time for not even five minutes." Izuku shoves his finger into the boy, green sparks starting to pop off of the shorter male. "We watched as our homeroom teacher, someone who doesn't fight large groups, did just that! He threw himself in there to buy us more time, he almost died protecting us." The electricity starts sparking off him worse, red veins glowing around his limbs. "Do you know what a skull being slammed into concrete sounds like?"

"N-no," he whimpers, eyes wide.

"How about thinking you saved a classmate to then realize you might have been too late? That you might see a pile of ash on the floor, the only thing left of them. Have you seen bone or muscle exposed?"

The other boy's face pales, some of the kids still crowding around begin gaging. The silver haired teen shakes his head.

"Do you think any of us wanted to be attacked? That we enjoyed seeing our teachers torn into, some so bad they almost died? Don't you think we would have rather been having a normal class, learning about rescue training?"

At this point Izuku turns and glares at every single one of the students surrounding his classroom door. Green eyes glowing an unearthly malachite. His classmates have come closer to the door, some with wide eyes others nodding along to his words. Asui having gotten closer than the rest, her hand holding onto Uraraka's sleeve.

"What none of you seem to realize is that being a hero, it's not a game. The only thing we have above you, is that we already know what fighting to protect people feels like. Something we would have chosen not to have." Izuku stands up straight, fist clenched at his sides - staring straight at the purple haired boy now. "So sure, declare war on us. But even if you make it into the hero course, you have all already shown you don't know what you're asking for."

With those final words Izuku walks right through the crowd - which opens up for him - his class following with their heads up, ignoring the looks from the crowd. Katsuki stays put watching his classmates walk off, a smirk playing at his lips. Crimson eyes flash over to the purple eyed boy, tracing over each of the members of the crowd, falling back onto the still pale and slightly shaking class 1-b boy.

"Something I never thought I would see in my life." Katsuki chuckles, eyes darkening. "That fucking nerd doesn't get mad. I've known him my whole life, never once has he gone off on someone like that."

The crowd shrinks into themselves slightly, the purple haired boy simply raises his eyebrow while the class 1-b boy gains a little more color turning his gaze to Katsuki's.

"So what?" The purple haired boy states, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"The nerd has taken shit from everyone, even fucking teachers." Katsuki's smile turns feral. "He didn't get his quirk until a little under a year of the exam. Not once did he fucking stop to think he couldn't do something. Even when he was shoved down, over and over and over. Even when no one believed in him."

Katsuki begins to walk away, ignoring the whispers spreading. The purple haired boy staring slacked jawed after him.

"Just so you're aware. He may have gotten all high and mighty, but if none of you bring it you wont make it pass any of us."

Izuku waves off Uraraka and Iida as he heads towards All Might's office. Knocking at the door he waits a few moments before hearing the soft 'enter'. Stepping in Izuku shuts the door, leaning heavily against it, wide green eyes stare at Yagi - who stares back for a moment before gesturing to the couch across from him.

"What happened my boy?"

"Well a few things," Izuku sighs, rubbing the back of his neck. "The good thing is I think I improved my use of One for All."

Yagi laughs, clapping his hands on his knees. "Well that is an amazing feat young man! How did you come to this conclusion?" His eyes narrow slightly as Izuku winces, fingers twisting in his lap. "Young Midoriya?"

"I got upset and one for all may have got out of my control just a small bit.."

"I feel like there is more to it than that." Yagi slides over a glass of water, pouring one for himself. "Why not start at the beginning."

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