Location: Somewhere over the Indian Ocean

Date:October 24, 2019

It was early in the morning in the lone area of the vast Indian Ocean, there was nothing around as far as the eye could see-minus a singular aircraft that flew a little above the sealine at a blistering pace. The aircraft in question was a Bell Boeing V-22, an American made chopper, however the one in question had no marking to signify it was from the United States. Rather, the symbol on the side of the aircraft's hull was many sharp and angular shapes that formed a bird in a striking position, around the border was the name "Nighthaven: Special Intervention Group". Nighthaven was one that was making names throughout the world, first forming back in 2010 and is considered one-of, if not, the best PMC in the world. The founder, Jaimini Kalimohan 'Kali' Shah, was currently inside the aircraft with a small team as they waited to arrive at their main target. The soldiers inside all wore top of the line gear that was the equivalent to the tier 1 operatives from the special forces of the world. Jaimini pulled out a small tablet as she turned on a screen to display their briefing. On the screen, a 3D model of a large ship known as the Argus Super Tanker appeared front and center, along with numerous smaller details on the screen.

"About an hour ago, we had picked up a distress signal from this ship." Jaimini began as she swiped to move the image to play a recording. The said message began with the sound of loud gunfire and the sound of the bullets ricocheting off of a surface.

"T-To anyone out there….This is the Argus Tanker's head of-shit! Take cover!- I'm the head of security. We are under fire by a group of pirates. Send help. I repeat. Send help!"

Jaimini stopped the recording there and looked over at her men-currently there were four present, the one in the center raised his hand before he spoke up: "Why the hell do we care about a tanker?"

"It's probably an American one. Lord knows they would call us to do their work to protect it." another added. Earning a chuckle from the others; Jaimini however, was not amused as she kept her neutral face. Once they quieted down, the Indian woman spoke up once again.

"It doesn't matter whose tanker it is. All that matters is helping it and being compensated for it." she said in a matter of fact tone.

"Always down the bottom line, ma'am?" The last soldier smirked, he had a small circular object akin to a frisbee in size and he played with it in his hands by tossing it up and down in the air.

"Precisely, Wamai."

"Thirty seconds from the tanker, Kali." the pilot radioed. Jaimini motioned over to the soldier nicknamed Wamai, to open the side door of the VTOL and opened it, letting the icy morning breeze inside the aircraft. The other two soldiers shivered slightly as the wind hit them like a truck. While the PMC leader also disliked the cold, she remained stoic about it, as did Wamai.

"Brrr, man it's cold. Why can't we do this when the sun comes out." One complained rubbing his hands against his arms.

"Amen brother."

"Quiet you two!" Kali snapped; "Wamai is practically wearing nothing with that diving suit, you do not hear him complain."

Kali grabbed her prized CSRX sniper rifle, chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum and looked down the scope. The super tankers attackers wore tattered clothing and had red pieces of cloth to hide their identities. As far as she could see, the pirates were only armed with at most, AK-47's while the Super Tanker personnel had M13 assault rifles.

"Now then." Kali turned to face her men, "You'll rescue this ship, or you'll be walking home!"

"Swimming!" Wamai corrected as he hung over the edge, scanning around the smaller boats, calculating the best area to jump if needed.

"You'll be swimming home. So don't fuck it up!"

"Kali, they're actually shooting at us." The pilot warned as pirates noticed the VTOL overhead. Kali was ready to make a sarcastic remark but that thought was cut off when one of the pirates shot a rocket at the aircraft. The pilot swore under his breath as he sweared the VTOL to the left, which narrowly dodged it.

"Wamai!" Kali yelled as she gripped a rail as the VTOL. "Time to get wet!"

Wamai nodded his head and huffed as he shifted his body for his back to face away from Kali and the other two soldiers and with his weight, he fell out of the aircraft. In free fall, the African adjusted himself to a diving position as he splashed into the Indian Ocean. The pirates were oblivious towards the body and continued their focus on firing towards the VTOL; Wamai re-emerged from the water moments later and set the circular device he had played with earlier on to the back of the boat. From there he took a breath in and submerged back into the icy cold ocean. The pirate with the rocket launcher loaded another rocket in and shot at Kali and the other soldiers. Unknown to him, Wamai's device activated and pulled the rocket back, blowing the boat and the men up into pieces. Wamai heard the explosion underwater and smirked as he descended further down.

Kali and her men rappelled down to the ship and immediately took defensive positions and fired towards their adversaries with Vector .45 ACP. The security personnel looked at the group both confused and thankful for their arrival of some help. They all stayed behind cover as they exchanged a few shots with the pirates.

"What's our status!?" Kali asked over the gunshots as she shot her P226 pistol blindly.

"They seem very committed…" One of her soldiers huffed as they took some time to reload their smg before rising back up to see another pirate arm himself with a launcher; "and they got another firecracker!"

"Not for long." Kali muttered as she raised her sniper rifle, locking on to the large pirate with a Pila rocket launcher. Kali held her breath as she squeezed the trigger, the bullet flying through the man and impacting barrels with gasoline. With another boat destroyed, the remaining pirates fled away. Kali slung her sniper around her shoulder and smiled at her handiwork. Silence filled the ocean once again as the Nighthaven soldiers and Security team let out a big sigh of relief that they were safe. One of the soldiers began to radio to the pilot to pick them up. The leader of the Argus security team approached Kali as she looked on to make sure Wamai rappeled back up to the VTOL.

"Hey, thanks for the assist. Any time later and we coulda been killed." Kali saw the man's hand extended out for a handshake. The Indian woman looked down at the hand in front of her and scoffed; she turned around and began to walk away.

"Tell your boss to send the check to Nighthaven." Kali said plainly as she motioned for her men to board the aircraft.

"Wh-What!?" the guard said, flabbergasted; "I don't think my boss will be too thrilled with that."

"Then he should've thought about that before hiring you, disgrace of a security team." That was the last thing she said before closing the side door and the VTOL was off.

The pirates hurried away from the super tanker, their tails between their legs. Many of them remained silent for the failure of their heist, all was going well for them...until that damn Nighthaven had to come in and ruin it all. The supplies inside of the tanker were not known, but given the amount of guards on board and the size of the ship, it would have been very profitable for them. The leader of the attack spat into the ocean out of anger as he grabbed his radio to report the bad news.

"(We failed to secure the ship, lieutenant.)" he began in Arabic; "(That damn private military arrived.)"

"(That is alright, brother. We are on route to extract our main target.)"

"(Do you believe they fall for the trap?)" the boat leader scoffed, after his own failure, his optimism was not as high as the lieutenant.

"(The Wolf and our newfound allies are certain they will.)"

Location: Verdansk, Kastovia

Date: October 24, 2019

*One hour after Super Tanker siege*

Kastovia, a nation located just below the country of Georgia. During a period of time, it was home to a large number of unknown events to the world; rumors circulated that there was much fighting happening within the nation's capital, Verdansk during the 1980's, but many claim these to be false. After the Cold War, however, all of the Soviet satellite nations gained sovereignty; including Kastovia. Both Russia and the western nations collaborated with the creation of the Kastovia as a way to symbolize the reunification of East and West. Years later and the country has been used as a base of operations of many insurgent groups, such as the infamous White Masks. An American helicopter flew over the dense forest a few miles from the city of Verdansk. Inside were five Marine Raiders in a squadron nicknamed "Hitman". These five were Sergeant Hoyt, Corporal Davis, Specialist Gonzavi, Lance-Corporal Randolf and Private Myers. Finally, the last was a CIA-SAD operative who had gone by many names to the point he could barely remember his old name, nonetheless, he went by "Alex". Alex looked outside into the woods and glanced over to the small team of Marines with him. 'Just another day in the office' he thought as he grabbed ahold of his radio.

"Echo 3-1 to Charlie 2- Actual- '' Alex radioed in with his callsign.

"Go for actual." a male voice responded back from the other end.

"LZ is in sight. Looks like our boys are right on time, Colonel."

"Rodger 3-1 you are green to go, over."

As Alex and the group of marines began to rappel down from the helicopter, another voice came through the radio.

"Watcher to 3-1, how copy?" The voice was female, and by callsign, Alex knew exactly who it was.

"Station chief Laswell, send traffic."

"We have confirmation of unknown chemical gas at the depot. However, the White Masks are ready to move the shipment to Urzikstan. You have execute authority, but keep this on the down low, we do not need an international incident coming from all this."

"Copy Watcher, Echo 3-1 out." Alex said and was the last one to rappel down the helicopter. Once he reached the ground, he raised his M4A1 assault rifle. The area had just the right amount of foliage to give the group some form of cover and was far enough that the helicopter would not be spotted immediately from the enemy. The team scanned around for a moment before they continued on.

"Alright, you heard the lady, keep this quiet." Sergeant Hoyt ordered as he took point.

"Damn straight, boss." Private Myers said. Alex and the five moved through the forest. They made a good distance in, making very little noise as they did by avoiding stray twigs and leaves.

"Hold." Sergeant Hoyt ordered, balling his fist in the air. In front of them were a pair of armed soldiers with flashlights.

"They're looking for us." Davis whispered to Alex.

"No insignia on their uniform. Could be a couple of mercs." Alex thought out loud.

"Alright CIA, on my signal we take them out." In two silent pops, the bodies fell to the ground like bags of concrete.

"Alright, let's double time at the depot, people." Hoyt said.

On the opposite side of Alex and the Hunter team, a group of White Masks walked lazily in their early morning patrols. It was clear they did not care due to how sloppy their 'patrolling' was by the occasional raising of their flashlights. Hidden in the corners of the dense forest, a dark figure stayed in the darkness, once the small clump of guards continued on back towards the main compound, the figure rose up from the log they had been resting on and approached carefully to a small vantage point that gave a perfect angler on the entire area. Opening a briefcase, the figure revealed a disassembled PSG1 sniper rifle with a suppressor. They were quick to assemble the rifle and smiled at their handiwork and efficiency on assembling it as they laid down on the ground and scanned through their scope. Looking around, the figure saw the group of Americans approaching the front gate, the White Masks there were none the wiser of them. 'Americans...what the hell are they-I should let them know' the figure thought as she grabbed her radio.

"Valkyrie, this is Nokk. How copy?" the figure-Nokk- spoke in a hushed tone. Her accent made it clear that she was Danish. From the other side of the conversation, there was a click before another voice spoke up.

"Valkyrie here, what's wrong Nokk?"

"There is a group of marines present."

"Wait, what?" Valkyrie said in shock. She stayed silent for a moment with the sound of her talking to someone out the radio's range to pick them up; "What are the marines doing in Kastovia?"

"Probably the same reason we're here." Nokk said in her usual deadpan tone as she adjusted her scope; "Do I engage?"

Nokk heard no response as the marines began moving into the compound; she repeated.

"Valkyrie, do I engage?"

"You still have clearance, just don't let them spot you."

"That really a challenge for me?" Nokk joked dryly and heard Valkyrie chuckling as she readjusted her position.

"Stack up people." Sgt. Hoyt ordered as they readied to breach, once the six were in position, Sgt. Hoyt slowly opened the door, two men were present inside chatting with each other. The sergeant motioned for the others to stay low as they moved cautiously into the room to not alert the two enemies.

"We know when they're gonna arrive for the stuff?" the man on the left asked; he had a noticeable American accent. The marines snuck behind them.

"No idea. Just know it'll be of great use in Urzikstan." the other responded, he had a Russian accent, he let out a small chuckle.

"What's so funny?" the American asked.

"Just thinking about the faces of the poor bastards hit with gas again. My country used them back in '99 against Urzikstan."

"Shit man, that's fucked up."

"Like your country is any more innocent?"

"True." The American huffed; "At least, we'll make both of them pa-"

Alex and Randlof came behind them and stabbed their knife into their necks. After a moment of both men struggling, the terrorists went limp.

"Bastards." Randolf spat, the two men had a set of white hockey masks with holes for eyes. "Guess that confirms these are White Masks."

"Which means this is where we'll find the gas." Sergeant Hoyt said optimistically as he and Corporal Davis got in a breaching position on the next door.

"Careful Davis, we're doing this blind." the Marine leader warned as he pried the door open with his crowbar. Once there was a sound of the lock breaking, Davis opened the door and took some steps out and scanned. Giving the all clear to the others, they followed suit entering a train car storage area, there were a good handful of cars there already.

"I see the depot, just have to cross this-" Davis was interrupted by a spotlight shining over him and machine gun fire coming behind it, killing him.

"Shit, everyone take cover!" The marines and Alex scattered towards the train cars as the White mask soldiers tried finding them with the spotlight.

Nokk heard the sound of the machine gun going off and lightly groaned. Shaking her head she saw the sky being lit up by the machine gun's muzzle flash.

"(Amatures.)" She rolled her eyes.

The former Jaeger corp picked up her sniper and readjusted her position to find the source at the train cars. Nokk laid back down on the ground as quick as she could and looked down her scope; the two White Masks were so focused all their attention towards the marines, that they did not see the two bullets that would be entering their skulls in mere seconds. Nokk smirked under her mesh seeing the terrorists drop dead as she crawled towards a new position.

"They stopped firing." Myers sighed in relief.

"We got a small window, people. Let's kill these bastards!" Hoyt yelled as he and the four other Americans rushed towards the stairway next to the machine gun nest. They split off with two going one way and the three going a different route to jump the White Masks, but they were surprised to find both bodies dead on the ground.

"The hell?" Gonzavi muttered under his breath, slinging his M4, he knelt down to the two dead bodies to examine.

"What ya got, Gonzavi?" Hoyt asked, looking around for anyone in the area.

"Well it's definitely not from us, unless we packin' some M4's chambered in 7.62."

"That sure narrows down who this could be." Myers snarked as he was beginning to get a little antsy. The fact there was an unknown person killing White Masks was great and all, but not knowing who they were-and more importantly-if they were on their side completely was not a pleasant thought to have running in the back of their minds.

"Clocks ticking, let's get a move on." Alex tried to change the subject as he motioned to the wherehouse that was visible to them. Only a little more to go before they can get the hell out.

"Alright, CIA." Hoyt said, "Lead the way."

The five men moved down the White Mask base, the area was quiet except for the crickets chirping and their footsteps.

"Place is a fucking ghostown." Randolf muttered under his breath.

"Stay frosty boys," Hoyt ordered; "Cause those ghosts are killing those bastards and I don't wanna find out if we end up on the chopping block next."

"There's the door." Alex pointed.

"If we aren't too late." Gonzavi said.

"Zip it, Gonzavi!" Hoyt barked as he walked to the corner of the door; "Myers. Stack up on me. Rest of you, masks on. Chems could be here."

When the five placed their gas masks on, Hoyt and Myers heaved the large door open. Upon entering, the power went out, there was some sound of shuffling and whispers as well, the Marines and Alex were caught with their pants down as they frantically went in defensive positions yet again.

"The fuck?"

"Shit, white lights on." Hoyt ordered. The Americans turned the flashlights on their helmets as they raised their rifles around the cramped halls. The distance they could now see was not much, but at the very least they were not walking completely blind.

"You see that!" Myers hissed as the sound of a pipe falling and a shadow disappearing deeper into the warehouse caught the five by surprise.

"Keep you cool. Shoot anything that moves."

"Got an idea." Gonzavi said. He grabbed a flashbang from his hip and tossed it in the direction the noise came from. As the flashbang went off, yells came after it from the person hit by it. The five shot in the direction as the noise died down, moving up, they found a pair of dead bodies.

"Smart thinking, Gonzavi." Hoyt smiled, "Let's get the power on."

"Way ahead of ya, Sarg." Alex said as he flipped the switch.

"Hey- We got a problem." Randolf said as he flipped the dead body over, "These are Russian soldiers."

"Spetsnaz, the hell are they doing here?" Myers yelled in frustration

"Probably the same reason we're here." Hoyt groaned; "We gotta get the hell outta here."

"Better tell the boss lady." Alex said and reached for his radio; "Echo 3-1 to Watcher, we got unknown KIA Spetsnaz forces here. Russians had the same plan as us."

"Shit…." Was Laswell's first response to the unforatue roadblock that this could form. She stayed silent as she contemplated what would be the right move...tehy could not turn back now that Alex and the others were already at the warehouse. She took a deep breath as she spoke back; "Mission is still ago, get the gas and haul it back to the LZ."


"Hey CIA. Make sure this is the gas while we find transport and recover Davis' body." Hoyt said.

"Rog." Alex grabbed a small plastic tube from his packet and unscrewed it open to release a small sponge. Rubbing the sponge over the white canisters, Alex inserted the sponge back into the cylinder and squeezed it to change the clear liquid to yellow.

"Jackpot." Alex smiled; "Watcher, we have a PID on the gas, prep for evact, over."

Hoyt and Gonzavi entered the truck containing the gas, while Randolf and Myers had military jeeps. Mission accomplished, all they needed to do was get the gas out of here and they could call it a day.

"You're with me, 3-1" Myers said as Alex hopped into the jeep.

"All units we are Oscar Mike. Heading to exfil, over." Hoyt said over the radio.

"Another one down, eh CIA?" Myers smiled as he drove behind Randolf.

"Yep." Alex nodded slightly. "Hey sorry about Davis."

"It's alright, I think sarg is gonna be hit the most." Myers sighed, there was a small moment of awkward silence before the marine looked over to Alex. "What about you?"

"What about me?" he raised an eyebrow, the marine shrugged his shoulders.

"You, uh. Well, have you ever lost anyone who hit you hard?"

"I've seen far too many come and go." he muttered as he looked out the car window and into the treeline. Far too many to count...Alex sighed before he spoke again; "Guess I didn't read the fine print before I became a Spook."

"Damn, don't envy that one bit. Hopefully you stick around long enough. Gonzavi makes a hell of a-"

"Truck!" Alex yelled as a flaming car rolled down the hillside and impacted with Randolf's. The impact had the gasoline in both vehicles cause an explosion, blowing up and killing him.

"Contact!" Myers shouted as gunshots hit the windows. He and Alex both ducked for cover.

"Back up, back up!" the CIA operative yelled, as the car began to speed backwards. The unknown gunfire went on and both looked up for a moment to see a large object speeding right at them.

"Fuck, RPG!" Myers yelled as the rocket hit just a little in front of them missing, but caused the car to flip over. Alex was dazed from the impact as Myer's was trying to crawl out the car, before being filled with bullets and killed.

"I got you 3-1!" Gonzavi said as he dragged Alex out of the wreck, while Hoyt gave cover; Alex hit the floor from Gonzavi being shot and Hoyt fell to the ground from an injury. The Sergeant groaned in pain, his entire team was gone, he was the last of Hunter team. Apart from the pain from his injury now he had a few moments left to process failing his team. He looked over to Alex, who was still alive but was still dazed from all that had happened. Next to the CIA operative was a pistol, he tried to crawl to it. So close….he reached his hand out to it before getting shot. He groaning in pain and his arm recoiled back, he turned around to see the figures approach him

"Who the fuck is th-"

Those were Hoyt's last words as he was shot in between the eyes as the figures approached. Alex watched as people ran towards the gas, based on civilian looking clothing, they were an insurgent group. One of them walked over to examine Alex, seeing he was still alive, he was just about ready to kill him before noticing the patches on him and the now dead Marine. The man's eyes widened as he took a step back.

"(Sir, come here.)" the man called out to his leader. The man walked slowly over to him as they looked down at Alex; "(Marines...Americans.)"

"(Dead Russian bodies are here as well.)" the other said, he had a White Mask on. A dark chuckle escaped as he knelt down. "It seems our trap worked."

The White Mask walked over to the truck and hung on the side. The other insurgents entered the truck or hung on as well. The man who had found Alex continued to stare at him. "(GO GO, BEFORE THE YANKS COME!)" the leader's voice yelled as teh trucks began to speed away from the area. Alex slowly rose up in confusion as he saw the vehicle disappear into the night.

Nokk's blood boiled after seeing the events unfold in front of her. While the Danish woman wanted to do something, she knew that despite how well trained she was and had the element of surprise, she would be signing her own death warrant by doing so. She saw as the truck left the area and radioed Valkyrie.

"Valkyrie, something went horribly wrong." she began; "The marines are all KIA."

"What!?" Valkyrie yelled over Nokk's earpiece; "What happened down there?"

"Not sure, but they got ambushed while on transport. They took the gas too." Nokk looked through her scope, seeing the corpses of the marines. She saw Alex begin to rise back up from the ground. "Wait, one of them is still alive."

"They musta thought he died already." Valkyrie pondered, she shook those thoughts aside; "Nokk, go back to Jager, not much you can do now."

Nokk bit her inner lip, this was a terrible predicament. She looked on at Alex, feeling a sense of pain and pity for him being a lone survivor. Her instincts told her to just follow orders and hope for the best. Another part however was telling her otherwise. Valkyrie waited for a response, but nothing came back.

"Nokk, how copy?"

Once again, with no response. Valkyrie swore under her breath and began to panic.

"Nokk, I repeat, how copy?!"

Alex looked around at the destruction and all of the Hunter unit laying dead. 'Fuck….' was all he could think of, the poor bastards. The CIA operative tried to stand, but a sharp pain in his leg stopped him and he winced in pain "Fuck...again' He tried a few more times, each time feeling even worse that the last. He slumped back down to the ground and let out a deep sigh, what a mess to be in. In all the attempts to get up, he had failed to hear footsteps of someone approaching him from behind.

"Need a hand?" the voice asked behind him. Alex's ears perked up and she went for his knife; only stopping when he felt something hard touch the back of his head.

"I wouldn't go for that if I were you." Nokk warned as she pointed her 5.7 pistol. Alex processed his situation. Leg was feeling like shit; he was sitting on the ground while the person was standing; that's not even accounting for the fact she had her damn pistol already fixated to the back of his skull. Yeah there was no way in hell he would be winning this scenario.

"Alright." Alex said as he raised his arms up; "Mind if I ask who I'm talking to?"

"Call me Nokk." The Danish woman said in her neutral tone as she helped the American up to his feet. "And you are...?"

"Call me Alex." he said as he winced a little, Nokk helped by having him shift his weight on to her.

"Well then, Alex. We should leave while we have the chance."

"Whoa whoa. Who exactly are you?"

"That's classified, but I can assure you my team and I can get you out without detection."

"What about these marines?" Alex pointed at them, Nokk placed her hand over her earpiece.

"Valkyrie, how copy?"

"Finally! What happened?"

"Things came up. What's it looking for exfil?"

"We have Russian forces inbound and fast. You need to get outta there now."

"Copy." Nokk looked at Alex, "Our window is short. The Russians are coming."

Alex said nothing for a bit before he sighed. He just sighed and shrugged his shoulders, the two continued on towards where Nokk's efil was. Alex grabbed on to his radio once again, this was going to be an interesting story to tell Laswell...

"Echo 3-1 to Watcher, gas has been stolen. This was all a trap, we have marines KIA and Russian forces coming in fast."

"Dammit, we'll send a chopper as fast as we can."

"No need, getting aid from a new group."

"What!? Alex, who are these people?"

"Not sure but one of them goes by 'Nokk'. Does that ring a bell?"

"Yes, it does." Alex heard some whispers from the other end as he and Nokk reached an unmarked helicopter; "Alright Alex, stick with them, we will regroup at their base of operations."

"Copy, 3-1 out."

"Jager, start up the chopper." Nokk called out to the pilot.

"Ja, on it. Who's the plus one?"

"Names Alex." Alex said to the German.

"Don't worry, he's on our side."

"Alright then, let's get out of here." Jager flicked some switches and they were off.

Location: Elis, Greece

Date: October 24, 2019

Two people sat outside of a small coffee shop in the beautiful white and blue architecture of Greece. One was a woman with red hair and pale skin wearing a black baseball cap, a scarf and a white t-shirt, and a pair of dog tags around her neck. The other was a man with a beard and a set of glasses in more formal clothing. A server brought the two of them a coffee.

"(Thank you)." The man thanked in Greek and smiled at the server. The woman waited for them to be alone before speaking. She was not as enthusiastic compared to him and it showed. Once the two were alone, she finally spoke: "You're making a mistake, Harry."

"Why? You know this is my favorite drink, Eliza." Harry said sarcastically.

"You know what I mean." Eliza rolled her eyes; "Taking in a private military is absolutely a mistake."

"I took you in." he countered as he took a sip. He reached over to his bag and began looking for something.

"I wasn't the enemy." Eliza stood her ground.

"And neither are they." Harry set his phone down to show Eliza. On the screen was confidential information on the Argus report. Along with the information of the ship, there were also snippets about Nighthaven. Talking about the founder, Jaimini, and her background from a rich family. Along with her time in the Indian military before she left and formed her own Private Army for the simple reason: wanting to be in the frontlines herself. Eliza shook her head as she looked back up to Harry.

"They save a ship and we let them in?" she raised her eyebrow, still unconvinced.

"Is that a problem?" A new voice said, turning around were two people approaching them. Harry had a grin on her face; while the redhead expression hardened.

"Ah, pleasure to meet, Jaimini." Harry said to the Indian women, who was in business attire along with Wamai behind. "Would any of you care for a drink?"

"Let's get straight to business." Jaimini said bluntly.

"I will actually have water please." Wamai said as the two sat down.

"Eliza, this is Jaimini Kalimohan Shah, CEO of Nighthaven."

"CEO and founder." Kali corrected Harry. Eliza rolled her eyes, like that makes it any better…. She thought. The waitress came over with a glass of water and handed it over to the African, who nodded his head as thank you. Jaimini motioned over to him; "This is my second in command, Ngugi Muchoki Furaha."

"A pleasure to meet you." Ngugi smiled.

"Now then, you want to strike a deal between my company and Team Rainbow?"

"Wait wait, a deal?" Eliza said, nearly spitting her coffee; "I thought they were on board, Harry."

"What, you think we are going to do this for free?"

"We are a private company, Miss Eliza. We are not funded like Team Rainbow." Ngugi said calmly.

"What is your proposition?" Harry asked.

"For Wamai and I to join,at the very least a quarter of Rainbow will go towards Nighthaven and shall have access to your line up of operators."

"You can't be serious." Eliza protested.

"In case you haven't noticed, we're a group made to combat terrorists, not a gun for hire."

"I am discussing this with Harry, not you." Jaimini stared daggers at the red head; "As I was saying, in addition, I will allow Rainbow some access to equipment and gear from my company. I'm sure you're aware that Nighthaven has state of the art weapons, uniforms and gadgets."

There was silence between the four, Harry stared down at his coffee while taking in the offer provided.

"I shall need to think about this." Harry said, Eliza internally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Very well. You have until the end of today to decide." Jaimini rose from her seat, as did Ngugi; "I wish you a fine day, Mr. Pandey."

Location: "The Stadium", Elias, Greece

"Ladies und gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed flying R6 airlines. Your dashing pilot is landing now, please keep all hands und legs inside at all time." Jager said over the helicopter speaker as he hovered over one of the available helipads. In the hull, Alex and Nokk both sat across from one another. They had not sparked much of a conversation, but with the Germans' joke, he decided to make small talk.

"Does he do that often?" Alex smirked to Nokk, who let out an audible groan.

"You don't know the half of it." she shook her head. Jager shut off the engine as he landed and the three got out and were greeted by an annoyed Valkyrie.

"Nokk, mind telling me who this is?" Meghan pointed over to the tall American. She crossed her arms and waited for an answer.

"This is Alex, he was the only marine who made it." The Danish woman answered. Alex opened his mouth to correct that he was not a marine but let it slide, so he went along with it.

"Pleasure to meet you ma-"

"I don't want to hear a word from you." the former Seal Team Six member snapped; "I know you're not a marine-your CIA handler already called us in advance. Just don't think I am happy about all this." She took one last look over to Nokk and scoffed before turning around and stormed back to the building. Alex stayed silent as he tried to take in what had just happened in the short span of time. 'Already making friends…' he thought, his train of thought interrupted by a tap on his shoulder.

"Man, I haven't seen Meghan that mad since Taina disappeared in Bolivia." Jager muttered aloud, he extended his hand to the CIA operative; "Marius Streicher, GSG9"

"Pleasure meeting you." Alex said, taking the German's hand. Taking some glances back over to where the blonde woman left.

"Ah, pay no mind to Meghan, she's just stressed is all."

"It's not that-well maybe a little." he sighed and looked down at the ground; "Those bastards took the gas. They can be anywhere right now."

"Did you get a good look at them?" Nokk asked, Alex shook his head.

"They had gas masks on, and the main bastard looking at me had a white mask on."

"Well no need to worry. We will find them." Marius said, Alex said nothing; "Hey, you hungry, Alex? Rainbow has the best food."

"Really Marius?" Nokk stared at the German defender; "I swear you keep eating like you are, you're going to be a two speed."

"Hah, as if!"

"Sure, I guess I'm down for a meal."

"Das ist gut." Marius smiled.

"Oi, Mark. Ya seein this on the news laddie?" Seamus 'Sledge' Cowden said to the youngest operator, Mark "Mute" Chandar. They were inside one of the many recreational rooms located in the Rainbow base. The Scotsman was watching the television where he had one of the main news channels where in the large headlines was: 'Foreign Soldiers Found Dead in Kastovia'.

"Can't say I can." the young man groaned as he was in a game of pool with Emmanuelle 'Twitch' Pichon. The young man looked up and smirked as he positioned himself over the pool table: "Get ready to lose, Em."

"As if, Jammer Boy." Emma smirked as Mark shot the yellow one, but the ball banged against the edge and missed.

"Ha, let me show you how it's done." Emma winked at Mark as she hit the blue striped ten and it landed in the left corner hole.

"Ugh bloody hell…" Mark muttered.

Seamus rolled his eyes as he turned up the volume on the TV.

"In recent news, sources confirm that both American and Russian forces have been found dead in an abandoned coal refinement and lumber site in Kastovia. President Yasir Al-Fasali has to say on the matter."

The screen changed from the female news anchor to the president. There were many people filling the interview room, there were clambering sounds and cameras being taken. After a moment, the room was filled with silence as the president spoke.

"While I am troubled by the news of American and Russian forces coming into our country. The constant aggression from these terrorist groups as White Masks leave us no choice. These terrorists must be removed from our country! And if we cannot remove them ourselves, then any nation is welcome to aid us."

"Report shows that the people of Kastovia are not in agreement with the president's choice on the matter, calling him a puppet of the western nations; and demand US and Russian forces out, along with all their allies. This is not the first instances of conflicts between The Coalition forces and Russia and their allies over in Urzikstan. More on that, after a commercial break."

"Christ, it's gettin worse and worse by the day." Seamus sighed as he leaned back on the sofa. Mark and Emma were now focused on the news and took in all the information.

"We've fightin these White Masks for years and they keep finding a way to slip from our grasp." The young man shook his head and sighed.

"Looks like they've made Kastovia their new base of operations." Emma huffed; "Wasn't Nokk sent there today?"

"Yeah, I think she was going to the same place, guess the Russians and Americans beat us to it."

"Well let's hope nothing awful comes out of all this." Emma said as she continued her game with Mark.


Date: October 25, 2019

In a lone spot there were a few buildings up in the middle of an empty road. Civilization was long ways away from where the man was. Perfect for an ambush. He sat inside of a small building with a cup of coffee resting near him. Propped up against the window was a sniper rifle. His phone began to vibrate and he picked up as a pair of car's headlights came into view.

"John?" A female started the conversation. The man took a knee as he readied his rifle.

"Laswell." John Price answered in a neutral tone, his voice had gotten gruff over the years, even for only being 35 years old. By the accent, he was of British descent, he adjusted his scope as the cars came closer.

"Where are you?"

"Occupied." he answered nonchalantly, the tires and engine finally became audible, so close now.

"We got a situation."

"White Masks?" He placed his finger over the trigger.

"Word travels fast. Chemical weapons have fallen into enemy hands. They can be anywhere: Paris, New York…"

"London." Price finished her sentence as he shot to the building next to him. The body of the hitman slumped down on the ground and he rose up from his postion. The two vehicles he was protecting passed by safely.

"When can we brief?"

"We just did." he ended the call and headed out.

Location: Nighthaven Base, Indian Ocean

Jaimini monitored Ngugi who was currently meditating underwater, inside there was another woman, a short haired blonde, currently taking a look over at the African's virals throught his meditation. The founder paced back and forth as she waited for a call back; she was very much anticipating that the need for her comapny would be big enough that she would have received a call by-

*ring ring*

Jaimini stopped her pacing and answered it immediately, keeping a professional tone as she answered.


-"I'm calling about our deal."

"Well, go on."

-"I'm not sure about something….your price is…"

"You've heard my price. If it's too high, we have nothing else to discuss."

-"You really cannot lower it, it is for a good cause." Jaimini chuckled at the last comment, as did the woman who was also in the room.

"What, you think I run a charity? I have investors-unlike you- who expect a return. Call me back when you're serious."

-"Wait wait. Alright then."

A notification appeared on Jaimini's phone.

"Payment received, I'll send my best man." She hung up the phone and pressed an intercom inside the tank.

"Wamai. prep for phase two." Ngugi smirked at the comment from his boss. she turned over to face the other woman; "Anja. I want you, Apha and Havard on standby as well. Oh, and you're in change for the time being."

"Of course. I'll just try to keep an eye as best I can on Mr. Bigshot Hero while you two are away." the taller woman joked

Location: London

Date:October 25, 2019

The gentle sound of the rain hitting the roof of the van was rather soothing, the pitter patter of it was a contrast to the silence inside of the vehicle driving slowly to their destination. A group of six men sat in the back of the van in complete silence, each with deadpan and serious expressions on their faces as they mentally prepared themselves. One of them had their phone open with a recording of two men sitting in a dimly lit building. The man in the center was old with a scruffy white beard, wearing all black and his irises were milky white; the man next to him was younger and well built, wearing a yellow sport shirt with black stripes. Behind them was a large yellow flag with a black circle in the center that was used as a background.

"As this message is sent, the world will have heard our cries for battle." The old man spoke with a raspy voice. He raised his hand up and pointed directly at that camera, to add emphasis to his next words; "Our war is not for our faith, we fight to remove all foreign powers from our lands; and seek vengeance for the crimes they have committed upon our people."

"We are Al-Qatala." The younger man stated and leaned down towards the camera. There was a bang sound from teh front of the van-'we are almost there, get ready'. The men inside passed around a cigarette to calm their nerves for the actions they would do for Al-Qatala. No. Not what they would do-what they MUST do. For them, protests and peaceful options were no longer available to do, if the people refused to listen to them before, they will now. Each man armed themselves.

"We are the killers." the younger man's voice reassured them of who they were. One tapped his foot impatiently while the man next to him flicked the safety off his Ak-47. The van was beginning to slow down...

"We wage war without sorrow; without sympathy." The old man spoke. A soldier loaded up his pistol and another held a device in his hand, while a vest on him began to beep. He took a deep breath in and muttered a small prayer to himself. While he knew he would not come out of this...he could only hope his brothers and sisters would prevail in their cause. That alone was worth more than his life in his eyes. The van finally came to a full stop, two bangs from the front. 'We're here. Let's go, brothers.'

"This is the only way to live..." the van doors opened and the men all walked out towards the busy streets of Piccadilly Circus late into the night. The area was bustling with people-who for the time- were completely unaware of the horrors they were about to be caught in. The men all walked out, their weapons ready and began to spread out along the area.

"And die…." People did a double take as the man in the bomb vest stood in front of the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain. A mother and son too close to run away embraced while others screamed and began to run.

"...A true soldier." The suicide bomber raised the detonator and pressed.

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