Location: Verdansk, Kastovia

Date: March 12, 2020

A complete and utter fiasco….that was the best way to describe the events that had happened over in St. Petrograd some days ago. The news were quick to latch on to the false information provided to them that Kitsune had given. The story now was how the attack was conspired and evoked by Russian forces rather than it being done by the White Masks. Kamarov looked on and scoffed as he slammed his laptop shut with some force, all it took was a convincing lie to have people begin to point the finger. The FSB agent took a sip of the strongest alcohol they had available to them and looked up to the ceiling. As he had a small moment of pondering to himself on the entire ordeal, a set of footsteps behind him got his attention.

"Long day." Laswell asked softly as she approached her FSB counterpart, he simply let out a small huff for his response. The Station cheif stayed silent for a moment as she took a seat beside him; "I'll take that as a yes."

"I had hoped Dmitry was capable of not having this all blow up in our faces…he is the best the Spetsnaz have to offer." Kamarov sighed, leaning back forward on his chair. Another thought came into mind that hardened his jawline a bit looking back at Laswell; "Same with this special group-Rainbow or whatever they are called. Best of the best my ass..."

The FSB agent let out a sigh of defeat, he poured himself another glass to get his mind off the stress. Once he was done pouring himself one, he looked over to Laswell, he gave a questioning look, motioning the half filled bottle. Laswell thought for a moment before nodding her head. Kamorov fished another glass out and poured his CIA counterpart a glass and continued speaking. "My superiors are giving it to me from both sides–beginning to ask questions in regards to this incident, and why we are so slow in our advancement on Verdansk itself."

"I came here to talk about that." Laswell spoke up and took a sip of hers, wincing a bit from how strong the alcohol was. Kamarov let out a small exhale of a laugh and waited to hear. "Just received word that some additional aid from the SAS are on route as we speak; Six as well has given permission to use his operatives in case we need them. Guess that Petrograd fiasco helped drive some attention away that Rainbow sees fit to move in."

"Pah, Rainbow." he scoffed, putting the bottle under his desk; "Petrograd aside, I know their members from the past. Aleksandr, Timur, Maxim...Shuhrat is my biggest concern."

"I take it you all have history?" Laswell raised an eyebrow and leaned back a bit.

"With all of them, yes, but Shuhrat is by far the worst. That damn Uzbek nearly caused conflict between us and the Hong Kong SDU."

"Well…that is certainly something that we need to keep an eye on." Laswell sighed and rubbed her temples. "So, a change of subject. Any word from the scouts of the military base?"

"Yes, actually." Kamarov nodded, opening the laptop he slammed shut from before-thankfully was still find despite the Russian's abuse on it not too long ago-he typed away on his laptop to reveal an overhead display of the area, as well as other attachments along with it. Among all of these are some photos of a man in a suit who had been on the site as of late. Laswell raised an eyebrow on that image and looked at the FSB agent in confusion. "The man is known simply as 'Almalik'-'The Landlord.' From the looks of it, he owns several warehouses and lots all over Verdansk that are in current use by Al-Qatala to store their weapons and equipment."

"Something tells me he would use that as a last resort to hide away." Laswell mused as she scanned around at the computer screen.

"I enjoy your thinking, Kate." Kamorov smiled, pressing another key to show the image of the Verdansk Stadium; "The stadium has been retrofitted to be the main chain to send out the weapons for AQ. No doubt they keep tabs on where the other warehouses are along Verdansk."

"Cut that out the picture, not only will we find the warehouses and destroy the AQ supply line–"

"We'll corner the Landlord back to a single location and take him out."

Laswell nodded her head in approval of the plan. Looking over at the map of the military base, it was well armed. Plenty of armored vehicles, guards watching every corner like hawks. Going in by air is out of the picture too– no doubt there are SAM turret stations around the base. No point in throwing soldiers into a losing battle for the time being, the Stadium was the safer of the two, but not by much. Laswell continued to remain silent as she looked over to see the closest safehouse that Armistice had set up…Downtown, a bit of a distance from the Stadium itself, but worth a shot trying.

"Alright Sargent. I think we should hit the Stadium for the time being, the Military base can hold off for now."

"Alright, I'll let the three operatives there hold off for the time being." Kamorov nodded as he shifted his focus there; "I'll have my surveillance team make a scan around the area, see what they can find out more on. I will leave you to contact Rainbow."

Location: Hereford, UK

Harry sat in his office looking on at the news channels in front of him on a large television. His heart sank seeing the footage of the gas attack with the big bold words below reading 'Chemical gas attack caused by Russian forces in Kastovia? Whistleblower leaks documents.' The Rainbow director took his glasses off and pinched the bridge of his nose, so far there was little word from the team in the terrorist occupied country; Harry leaned back in his chair and let out a deep sigh. The pressure was now beginning to grow by the day, if he felt unqualified before, now he felt like he had no right to be here. His train of thought was cut by a door knock, followed by Eliza walking in; she just took a glance at the TV and the news report before turning back to Harry and gave a small nod. Saying nothing, she walked over to sit across from him and waited for him to speak.

"Eliza." he started with the best attempt he could do with a calm tone, quickly shutting the TV off; "They…they sure do get annoying, don't they?"

"Mhm." Eliza nodded, offering a small smile; "You got to hate news sometimes."

"I think we are in agreement with that sentiment, Cohen." he sighed; "This whole operation is not going in the way I had hoped. I'm sure the operatives of the old Rainbow and even you did not have to handle such an incompetent Six."

Eliza stayed silent for a moment, trying to think of what words to say. Harry meanwhile did not wish to even look at the redhead directly, choosing to look out towards the window to some operators running one of many training exercises. He rose up from his chair and walked over; "Look there. The best NATO has to offer, to keep the public safe; to keep them going to bed peacefully without the fear of those who would wish harm." harry paused for a moment to swallow the lump in his throat, focusing more now on his faint reflection on the window; "The leader should be able to reflect that-I am no soldier, I have never held a gun in my life. What made me fit to lead?"

"You are in charge because Aurelia believed you were capable enough to take a hold of us." Eliza started off with confidence in her tone while she walked over to him; "Sometimes, we are thrown into positions we are not comfortable in–both us on the field and those back home. The easy way is to fall back and let others take that mantle. Whether you like it or not, you are Six. You may not see yourself on the same levels as the ones who came before, but I am sure everyone before felt that same pressure you do, Harry."

"What I am trying to say is; do not let the weight crush you, Harry. The world is on fire–it's our job to put it out." She paused for a moment as she saw the operators who were training walking to the sideline for a quick break, talking amongst one another. "This isn't a one man show either, look down there at us all working together as a team. Do not be afraid to ask for help."

Harry opened his mouth before he heard a before his phone began to ring. Eliza gave a small nod to the man before walking out of his office. As the redhead walked out of the office, she made her way towards the range to check in on the operators who were training. 'Great time for Harry to be having some internal dilemma.' she let out a small sigh as she walked alone, she let out a soft chuckle and smiled to herself; 'What are the odds you would become a personal therapist for a therapist, Eliza?' She stayed silent for a moment as she thought of the situation at hand, this was nothing out of the ordinary they have faced, but something about it all did not sit well for her. Al-Qatala's actions have been odd, same for the White Masks, to her there was someone else pulling the strings she was not aware of. 'You think too much, Eliza…' she told herself; 'Everything will be fine.'

Her own words calmed her down for the time being, but the thought still remained in the back of her head.

Location: Rainbow Safehouse, Somewhere in Kastovia.

Date: March 13, 2020

The Russians jeep pulled up towards a small building in the middle of the woods, the overall feeling inside was diluted by any sound or uplifting mood. The eight soldiers all held a moment of silence and stayed seated, Nikodim just looked out from his window, taking the experience the worst out of all the Spetsnaz. Timur's words echoed in his mind from the moments before the gas had gone off. '(This is not a game, kid.)' Truth was, this was the first time the young Russian was out on a mission, a real mission. Fighting against an evil in the world was something that seemed righteous and still there was not a bit of regret in his choice; but being there, seeing the deadly gas, being fired at by who he would think are friendly, no amount of training or determination would prepare him. Nikodim gave a quick glance to the others who all distracted themselves with small things before Dmitry finally spoke up.

"(Even though things didn't go–as well as either one of us hoped. I am still proud of all of you.)" The Armistice Spetsnaz leader spoke to the other seven. "(Do not blame yourselves for this.)"

"(I think there is no one to blame but our inability to stop it.)" Max sighed; "(Let's face it, brother. We failed at our mission and now will have to deal with it.)"

Before another word could be said, a group of figures made their presence clear to the group as they surrounded the jeep. The Armistice Spetsnaz were reaching for their sidearms before being stopped by the Rainbow Russians. They opened the door and walked out to greet Craig, Erik, and Siu.

"About time you all got here." Craig said before looking at the other four Russians; "Each one of you brought a plus one, eh?"

"Da, plus ones." Maxim chuckled; "I call the masked one."

Nikto rolled his eyes at the hunters joke and grabbed his rifle to sling it around his shoulder. While the others walked out of the car and towards the safehouse, giving a small gesture of a greeting to the other Rainbow operators who were out on guard. Craig and Erik gave one another a worrying glance by their teammates' silent treatment.

"Things musta not have been smooth back there." the former SEAL guessed.

"They didn't." Siu spoke up, getting their attention; "I know that look on Shuhrat's face from before. I think it's smart to not bring it up."

"For the last time, Pereira– Terrorist or not, what you did was uncalled and not okay." Meghan scolded the Brazilian who was currently sitting down on a chair with her arms crossed. Taina just rolled her eyes, to her, it felt like she was being scolded by a teacher–something she was far too used to back then. Next to Maghan was Morowa leaning a bit forward with her CCE shield propped up to rest her arms on and finally was Dominic leaning up against the wall with a lit cigarette in hand. The final person, Taina wanted to strangle for ratting her off about the small incident with the captured White Mask's death.

"Are you even listening to me?!" Meghan's voice finally caught her ear.

"If I must be honest–no I fucking wasn't." Taina said unceremoniously, seeing the blonde's brow narrow more amused her. So she tried to push some buttons with a small smirk; "In fact: I mute out most of the bullshit you say anyway."

"You know doing this any further and it won't end well for you." Morowa warned, earning a small chuckle from Dominic.

"Like hollow threats would work." he snarked and took a drag. "It happened, nothing we can do now."

"If you think that, then why the hell did you tell us about it?" Morowa scoffed, Dominic just shrugged his shoulders and took one last drag.

"Because why not."

The three women let out a collective groan as the sound of the door opening caught Meghan's attention. She gave one last glare at the Brazilian before turning around to see who arrived. Taina's response was a simple flip of the bird to the American before she got out of her chair and snuck away to one of the more secluded areas of the safehouse. Dominic and Morawa were left alone in the room before the German made the motion of looking at his non-existent watch and hummed.

"Look at the time, time to be not here." he joked before walking away, the english woman just rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"Fucking comedians are all I am surrounded by."

"So, St. Petrograd was a cluster…" Erik sighed and crossed his arms. The Russian operators all remained silent for a time as the other Rainbow operatives processed everything. Meghan was busy scanning on her phone, letting out a small sigh.

"By the news, everyone is pinning the attack on you as well."

"That is bullshit!" Max slammed his fist against the wall hea was leaning back on; "We saw with our eyes it was the fucking Al-Qatala bastards who did it!"

"Hey, don't snap at me, alright." Meghan stared daggers at the larger man; "According to this one news site, the officials had gotten an anonymous tip about it, as well as some audio about it–it's like they knew we would have sent in the Spetsnaz unit from both our units…"

With that news, the air felt sucked out of the room as everyone fell silent. Everyone looked at one another or out into space. Meghan put her phone aside as she backed up a bit to try and get the focus away from her, finding herself next to Dominic of all people, who silently smoked the entire time. The German looked over at her and shrugged shi shoulders before offering his cigarette–she declined it but mouthed 'thank you' to him and gave a small smile.

"Well if we want to think there is a mole within our group, they would have to be high up." Dmitry finally spoke up, thinking of the next words to say; "I can try and get into contact with Sergeant Kamorov later. Hope you would not mind me and my men to rest for the night here?"

"Not at all." Erik spoke up. He was not for entertaining the thought of a mole, but it would not be too far fetched. He shook those thoughts away and spoke to everyone; "Think we all can use some rest."

Location: Verdansk, Kastovia.

Night fell over the terrorist occupied capital, Al-Qatala were fast at work patrolling around the city and surrounding area to find any civilians as well as ranksack homes for supplies and goods. Some pops echoed along the city streets as they advanced along. The terrorist group had little fear of their actions inside of the capital compared to the other towns and cities in Kastovia, as far as they knew, Armistice were busy only trying to contain the attack for just the capital rather than hitting them head on. Al-Asad drove along with a group inside one technical truck. He scanned around and looked at his men and women with some pride, this is how he had always envisioned his army before while being incarcerated and now all was coming in to play. His focus came back to one of the checkpoints that had been set up by his men to try and round up any civilians who were attempting to escape or who were accused of being against them. The truck came to a halt as the leader walked out and looked at a small group of civlians who were on their knees surrounded by the terrorists.

"(Sir.)" one of the Al-Qatala officers directed his attention to Al-Asad. "(We found these people hidden inside of a truck–they are against our new regime. What shall we do with them?)"

Al-Asad took a look at the people, they were shivering like beaten dogs and huddled up with loved ones muttering to one another. A small voice in the back of his mind was telling him to just let them go, they were only here in the wrong time, not deserving this–much like him all those years back with the Russians. Al-Asad took a small breath in and looked over to his officer; "(Prep a truck, take them to the prison. We shall see from there what to do with them.)"

The officer nodded his head and barked an order at some grunts as they began to shuffle the civilians to a nearby truck. The leader felt a pit in his stomach as he watched the ordeal, it was too familiar and it disgusted him. He quickly turned back to the truck and ordered to be taken back to the office of the late Kastovian President. The rest of the trip was silent as he hopped out and made a b-line to the main office, the image of the civilians was still present on his mind, he needed some time alone. Opening the door, he found his chair facing away from him looking towards the windows, there was an arm resting on the side and a holding on to a glass meaning someone was sitting there.

"Taking some time out with the grunts, hm?" a woman mocked as she turned around to look at Al-Asad. She had short, dirty blonde hair with some strands of gray along the ends, her face was thin with some wrinkles along the edges of her eyes and sides of her mouth from age. However, the biggest thing to catch Al-Asad's eyes was the large scar on the left side of her head. The woman stood up from the chair and poured herself another drink. "I commend your efforts; you are similar to Karim after all."

"Who are you? And what are you doing in my office?" he raised an eyebrow, his hand moving over to his holster. The woman chuckled as she finished her glass, examining the bottle of liquor she drank.

"My, Al-Fulani had exquisite tastes. I almost wished we did not need to have him executed for our plans." Her smile dropped as she put a more stern expression when she saw the man's hand over his gun; "I would think carefully on your next move, Al-Asad. Do not forget you were my mark around your neck–you may lead these people, but you work for me."

The Al-Qatala leader stopped for a moment, he had a small 'oh shit' moment when he pieced together who this woman was, he moved his hand away. There was a moment where his voice was lost until he finally was able to speak "I-my apologies, Perseus." he quickly stammered; "I-I did not know it was you."

"You bring a fair point, this is the first time we have met in person." she mused, walking over to him, scanning him for a moment, trying to read him and apply more fear. Perseus kept her stern look while doing it, raising up a finger and pointing it at Al-Asad; "but I expect for the future you will give me the respect I rightfully deserve! Imran, Vikhor–everyone you have met and will meet all work for me!" She tapped her finger on his chest before backing away from him, the older woman cleared her throat as she took a more calm expression; "Now then, I can be assured you shall know for future meetings who I am and that I am to be give the upmost respect if you know what is good for you, yes?"

Al-Asad was quick to nod his head in agreement, Perseus hid her smirk as best she could seeing the fear she had put on the leader. "Good." she continued; "Now then, I have come here to tell you that these outside forces–this Armistice as they are calling themselves. They are going to launch an attack here soon."

"What?" Al-Asad spoke up; "When? Where?"

"If my sources are correct–and they are– then tomorrow at the Verdansk Stadium. My orders are simple."

"Yes, anything ma'am."

"I want your men to let them take it."


"What?" Al-Asad said in shock, Perseus raised an eyebrow; "How–How can I just let them take it?! After all we had done to secure this country?"

"You honestly believe I care about this country?" she scoffed, looking outside the window once again; "No, no-Kastovia is backwards nation who had been hellbent on being a puppet for Russia. This was all just to lure in the Super Powers of the world, which has worked more than I had hoped for."

"Then why-"

"My reasons are none of your concern." she cut Al-Asad off again with the same sternness as before. She turned to face him; "Know this, there will come a point when you will no longer be needed her. When that day comes, I can promise you that your end of the agreement will be met and you shall be sent back to Urzikstan."

Al-Asad stopped for a moment with that last statement…Urzikstan, the country that he held near and dear to him. The last time he was back in the country was back before he was handed to the Russians as a sort of trade deal. Everyday since then he had waited for his return there while in the prison and during the take over of Kastovia. For him, it was all in an attempt to go back home and form the country he loved into what it should have been without the world interfering. Then he would be able to protect those close to him, like he had promised so long ago. Al-Asad turned back to Perseus who had remained waiting for his answer.

"Very well. I am putting my trust in you, Perseus." he started; "I can only hope you can keep your word."

"Oh do not worry, my friend." Perseus smiled. "Have faith in me, and all will go well for us."

As she made her way out of the room she paused at the door and turned around; "And one more thing…"


"Any of your men manage to capture any of these Armistice soldiers or personnel. You bring them to the prison alive and still able to stand; I shall have them taken care of."

Across the city, there was a small set of homes in the north between the Stadium and the local broadcast network station. The former residents of the area had either left or were captured and were now left abandoned. One of the homes in the corner with a view of the Stadium had a lone woman inside, dressed in an all black stealth suit with a matching black face mask with light armor. The words 'R0-Z3' along the top of her chest plate with bold text. Roze's icy blue eyes scanned out the window with a pair of binoculars. The former ranger paused for a moment when she heard a pair of footsteps coming up the stairs, turning around to see two people standing behind, a man and a woman who also wore Nighthaven: Shadow Company attire. Roze nodded her head in silent acknowledgement as she continued to look out towards the stadium. The larger man took a seat on top of a wooden crate, he rested his Russian ASh-12.7 assault rifle to his side and stretched his legs. The woman with him walked over towards Roze and took a knee beside her, getting her PSG-1 to be at arms reach as she grabbed her own pair of binoculars.

"Anything catch your eye while Komorov and I were gone?" the woman asked, she had a notable German accent in her tone.

"Yeah, a whole lot of nothing." Roze scoffed as she set her binoculars aside to take a break; "You two sure took your time, started thinking you left me here."

"You would have liked that, wouldn't you Ms. 'I don't need anyone to babysit.'" Komorov, chuckled, earring a scoff from the American. His full name was Simon Antonovich Komorov, a former member of the Ukrainian Alfa Group who entered into the private sector. The former Ukrainian Spetznaz operative's smile dropped a bit as Roze and the other woman focused their attention on the large terrorist filled complex not too far from them, he retrurned back to the realization of what their current mission was; to occupy himself, Simon took out a small ring and gently stroking it. He closed his eyes as he silently muttered something out to himself in his native tongue.

The woman currently scanning the area with Roze was Valerie Juliane, who went by the callsign of 'Nightfall'. A former GSG9 soldier and a natural born markswoman, the German woman let out a small sigh and shook her head. She set her binoculars aside as she grabbed her rifle. "I do not see the reason why Lerch is being so strict…we could have attacked this place since the day they started setting up."

"It's not the bossman calling the shots." Komorov scoffed, putting his ring away; "Kali has been on our case to not engage. Something about wait for the right time–whatever that fucking means."

"Whatever her reason, she's the one who cuts our checks." Roze said while grabbing a duffle bag and putting it over her shoulder.

"Some of this could have been avoided if she let us act sooner is all I'll say." the taller man muttered under his breath.

The three made their way down the house's attic and out of the house, they stayed off the main road in case of any patrol vehicles as they walked by a small hillside. Nightfall found a small spot with some bushes for cover, setting her sniper up. Komorov and Roze pushed up towards the Stadium, while the guards were present, most were off on patrols.

"Spotlights…"The Ukrainian pointed out as some large lights moved left to right and back to the left at a slow pace, filling the otherwise dark area around the stadium. Roze motioned for the two of them to stop as she scanned the area, looking at the pattern the lights had. The former Ranger let the pattern go for three back and forths, frustrating Komorov a bit.

"(Fuck me.) Are we going to sit here until daylight to move up?"

"Shut the fuck up!" Roze snapped as she let the light repeat its pattern for the fourth time; "Move now!"

Komorov rolled his eyes as they hustled over towards the stadium, the spotlight began to move back towards them. It nearly caught them but they passed without being spotted. The two put their nods down as they scanned the area, there were a few Al-Qatala guards walking around with some flashlights. Roze looked over to see a platform they could use to get up on the rooftop. When a window opened itself up, Roze and Komorov pushed up to the platform, rising up towards the Stadium rooftop. Tracking to pair, Nightfall moved her scope up towards the roof, seeing one lone Al-Qatala sniper in position with a dragunov. Too easy she thought to herself and fired a suppressed shot, seeing the soldier fall to the ground.

"Seems someone was ahead of us." Roze mused dryly as she saw the dead body on the rooftop, she set the duffel bag down and opened it to reveal a few packs of explosives, "C'mon, we don't have all day."

"Oh, now we don't." Komorov scoffed while grabbing a few explosives; "What about the emps they have here? They would block us from detonating them, right?"

"Yeah they should, but apparently those Armistice guys are pullin some shit." Roze shrugged as she began planting the explosives. "Once they knock 'em down, we blow this roof up."

"Why? What the–"

"I don't fucking know why, okay?" Roze groaned; "Just plant this shit already, we can worry about the why after all this. I swear I have to stuck with you of all people here.."

"I can say the same thing." he curtly responded, taking his set and planting them opposite of the American. When all the charges were in place, they gave a signal for Nightfall to come towards them to the roof while they waited out up there for the morning.

Location: Armistice Safehouse, Verdansk.

Date: March 14, 2020

A group of soldiers were all huddled together as they awaited their orders. With the number of them joining the cause, most of the operatives were split into different sectors of the city. Along the skyscrapers that filled the Tavorsk District of downtown Verdansk was one such safehouse, located on the last floor before the rooftop of one of these buildings to the north. A small team were all inside awaiting their orders, made up of some from both the Allegiance and the Coalition. The small area these operatives called their safe haven in the hostile filled city had a large enough room filled with a lounge with some sofas and coffee tables. Two of the six operatives there used these as they played a friendly game of cards with one another. One of these operators was an Italian man, wearing a brown cowboy hat and a blue uniform. The poncho he adored on himself was tossed over his shoulder. The other person across from them was a man with a dark blue v-neck on and tan combat pants. Around his neck was a shemagh scarf, topped off with a black cap. He whistled to himself a small tune as he reorganized his cards, making sure the other man did not see.

"Andiamo!" The Italian rolled his eyes, "Hurry..up. Why..so..slow?"

"Look who's saying that, mate." the other man snarked with a toothy grin. They were from Australia as their accent was more than noticeable. He took one last glance at his cards and sighed; "But if you insist, Sergio."

With that, the Australian man revealed his hand, he had two pairs. Sergio looked at the cards, before swearing in his native tongue, showing he had only had a single pair in his hand. "Ah, 's all good. Win some and lose some–or somethin like that." the man smirked as he reshuffled the cards.

"You..are..a..pain..in..the..ass...Wyatt." Sergio took his cowboy hat off to run his hand through his black hair. From the doorway that led to the main stairs came someone new, wearing a metal plated skull mask with his tribal scarring all along his arms. Wyatt and Sergio both took a suspicious glance at one another because of Mace. The Jackal mercenary took no acknowledgement of the two Warcom operatives and walked over to a nearby table where some water was.

"'s crazy, ain't it? Top command got us workin with bloody terrorists to fight terrorists." Wyatt commented to Sergio, speaking loud enough so Mace could hear them. The masked man stopped for a moment at his comment but shrugged it off as he poured some water in his canteen for later.

"At..least..we..aren't..afraid..to..show..our..faces." Sergio smirked.

"Dios mio, give it a rest you two." a woman called out as she plopped down on the couch near them. "Tauri ain't here, no need to act like dicks to these Jackal guys."

Mace took a glance at the woman, giving her a small nod. Mara motioned him over to her, Wyatt and Sergio–much to the latter two's disapproval. Reluctantly, the merc obliged and took a seat alongside them.

"Bueno. Let's get introductions out the way now. I'm Marabel; the slow speaking wannabe cowboy is Sergio; and the idiota right there is Jackson."



Mace said nothing in response, simply just giving a glare at both the men in front of him before turning over to Mara. Mace rolled his eyes and sighed; "My name is Terrance. It's….good to meet you."

"There, now we are all amigos here now, yes?" she patted his back. "So what's up with the mask anyway?"

Terrance let out an audible groan as the shorter woman patted his back, but he would be lying to himself if he did not find some amusement in the contrast in Mara's attitude of him compared to her male colleagues. He looked over at her and simply shrugged his shoulders. "I used to roll with some guys who wore masks like these. We were some hard ass mother fuckers, that's for damn sure."

"Now that is somethin' I ought to see." Wyatt scoffed, adjusting his cap and had a dumb grin on his face; "A bunch of loonies set free with Halloween masks doin lord knows what kind of crazy shite."

Another person walked into the room, a woman dressed in a dark gray tank top with black combat pants, a green parka jacket with a new logo of a gargoyle perched on a platform and its wings spread out. Most of her head was covered with a black and tan patterned head scarf. She scanned the area to see the other four people in the room. Silently she made her way towards where the group kept their weapons, she picked up her Famas assault rifle.

"Ah, another one of the mercs." Mara motioned to the woman. "Iskra, was it?"

"Yes." the woman said bluntly, grabbing the rest of her gear as she turned to face the others. "Come now, time for bloodshed."

"About fucking time." Wyatt sprung up from his seat, he walked over to grab his M4 Carbine rifle. The others followed; Sergio grabbed his ARX rifle; Mara grabbed her TAR 21; Terrance grabbed his PKM lmg.

"Everyone ready?" The Venezluan woman readied her rifle and took a look around at the others. There was a moment where the others were yet to be done, except for Iskra, who was already waiting near the stairway to get down to ground level. Mara could not help but let out a small chuckle; "Dios mio, you are ready to kick some ass, eh pana?"

"Hm…" was the only response that Iskra let out, keeping her stoic composure. She took one last look down at her rifle, the small piece of cloth wrapped around her rifle's grip, it was red with some faint white near the end, the Urzik-Russian woman let out a small sigh while examining it. Mara took note of her actions, but the sound of the others finished left that to be set aside for the time being.

"Callsigns here." Mara said as she turned her radio on; "Actual, this is Mara. We're all set to go."

"Copy that. ARM-4 you have a green light." Laswell spoke over; "Scouts have reported that AQ has been using the Verdansk Stadium as a loading bay to transport gear and weapons to the rest of Verdansk. From there they go to Almalik's warehouses scattered all around in unknown locations."

"Intel has suggested that the locations are present within the database inside the stadium, but scramblers are blocking any form of connection. Find those scramblers and get us in, ARM-4." Kamorov added. The strike team made their way back down to the ground level, everyone scanning around the empty streets of downtown. Mara motioned for the team to move across the street through a corner store. Inside the store was nothing, looters during the uprising had scavenged all they could, whether it was money in the register or food and drinks on the shelves and refrigerators. The food to the back entrance was, Mace walked over to it as he began to try and pry it open with a crowbar he had. While the others waited, the sound of a truck's engine put them on alert. A pair of trucks all began to slowly drive around the city street–a convoy belonging to Al-Qatala by their coat of arms painted on the side of the doors. The vehicles came to a halt as orders for men to hop out shouted and a handful of grunts hopped off with different and varying assortment of weapons moved through the buildings. 'Of course they all are on patrol duty…' the Venezuelan rolled her eyes. Mace finished prying the door open as he motioned for the rest to shuffle in through the back hallway.

"Bloody hell, that was close." Wyatt sighed in relief as they shut the door behind them, "How far are we from the Stadium from here?"

"One and a half klicks." Iskra answered bluntly, she scanned around the hallway, "Door at the end should take us in the correct direction."

"If..you..say..so." Morte said as he took point. In a small moment, the team reached the outside exit and peaked it carefully before opening the door completely, so far there were no enemy soldiers on patrol.

"We're..clear." The Italian motioned the rest to follow.

"Actual, we are about a klick away from the Stadium." Mara radioed over as they moved up to through a field the residents used to play football and other sports. "So far minimal contact with enemy combatants and no engagements with them."

"Copy. Once you enter the stadium, you will lose contact with us until the scramblers are destroyed. Stay safe."

Mara closed radio chatter and let out a small exhale, being in the dark brought up more complications for the team's mission. Complications that were not anyway helpful if things went south. The Stadium came into view, not much further now...

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