Location: Verdansk, Kastovia

Date: March 14, 2020

Arm-4 continued to push up towards the Stadium, seeing the large structure grow more and more larger to them as they kept their pace towards it. Their first order of business was to locate and destroy the scramblers that were blocking any and all communication within the stadium area. Before that however they would need to plant a hacking device into one of the scramblers to try and access the main server where Almalik kept all of the destinations the AQ supply line goes to. Mara silently prayed to herself that all would go well for her and her team as they neared one of the stadium's entrances where Al-Qatala were already dug in and guarding. The terrorists were set up with one man in a wooden guardpost and others behind concrete or orange plastic street dividers. The untrained group of soldiers began to open fire onto ARM-4, with many of their shots not landing on their intended target.

"Agh–me fuckin' ear!" Wyatt yelled as he dove to a nearby rock for cover, clutching his left ear that was nearly taken off by a bullet whizzing by. He sat behind the rock for a moment as he motioned his hand from his ear and back to see if there was any blood. He let out a small sigh of relief there wasn't.

"Come now. You will live." Iskra told the Austrilian bluntly as she fired a few bursts of her Famas at the terrorists. She turned around to look at Mara; "We push or else we die here."

The Venezuelan woman nodded her head in agreement, reaching down to grab a smoke grenade. Morte and Mace copied the action by grabbing ones they had themselves and tossed it in front of them. After a few seconds, the canistered emitted the thick layer of smoke. The Al-Qatala soldiers continued to fire into the smoke in hopes to get a stray shot, then nothing sounded out for a moment. This was ARM-4's cue to hurry in and apply pressure, which they more than eagerly did. The five soldiers moved up, finally reaching the main ground of the stadium. In the back there was a large metal stand with some devices that flashed a blue screen with some wall of text–one of the scramblers.

"I see one of the scramblers!" Mace called out to the others as he fired his PKM, resting the bipod on one of the concrete mowed a few of the terrorists down before picking up his lmg and ducking behind cover.

"Copy!" Morte responded, he primed another one of his smokes and tossed it to give them cover as he made his way to the scrambler. He turned to look over at Mace with some reluctance; "On..me."

"You got it, Spaghetti Western." the masked mercenary nodded his head rising up to his feet. Morte frowned a bit at the new nickname given to him, shrugging it off as there were more pressing things at the moment. Mara, Iskra and Wyatt continued to give cover while the two made their way to the scramblers. Fishing a small box shaped device from his bag, Morte set the hacker on top of the scrambler and set it on. There were a few sounds that it made before a small rectangle appeared on its tiny screen. The downloading process began…at a very, very slow download speed. 'Oh you got to be fucking kidding me.' was the same thought both men had seeing the download was in a mere 1.34 megabytes a second; not even at five percent yet.

"How's it looking?" Mara made her way to them, she paused and noted the download speed and the percentage done. It would have been funny had they not been under fire; "Puta madre! Alright, we got to hold our ground then."

The sound of the firefight between Al-Qatala and Armistice got the three Nighthaven: Shadow Company soldier's attention. They had waited out on the stadium's rooftop waiting for this exact moment and even now they were caught off guard. Rozlin, Simon and Valerie all looked down below to see the terrorists closing in coming from all sides in front of the ARM-4. Valerie was quick to respond by grabbing her PSG-1 sniper rifle, loading it up and aiming down her scope. She was about to squeeze the trigger aimed right at one of the AQ grunts before a hand obstructed her view and pulled her sniper up towards the air. The person in question was Rozlin who stared directly at her and shook her head in a disapproving manner.

"(What the hell?)" the German snapped a look at the taller woman; "We have to do something at least."

"No, we can't risk letting them know we were here, could compromise everything." Rozline said, practically yanking the sniper rifle from the German woman. While not being a fan of the orders, Rozlin continued to just look on at the fighting below.

"Oh fuck that shit." Simon scoffed as he grabbed his rifle. Slowly making his way to the platform they used to get up in the first place. "I am tired of just sitting on my ass."

"Komorov, we have our–"

"Fuck our orders." he turned around, getting close up to Rozlin, using his greater height to intimidate her; "If I wanted to hear that orders crap, I would have stayed with the Spetsnaz."

Rozlin locked eyes with Komorov for a moment, her brow narrowed for a moment, they staying in the stare off before the woman broke off muttering "Fuck" under her breath. Rozlin walked over and handed Valerie back her sniper rifle. She grabbed her APC-9 that had been hanging from its sling.

"We get any shit from Lerch or Kali, this is on you." She pointed at the Ukrainian, earning a small scoff as a response. Roze rolled her eyes as she turned around to look back at Valerie who had already gotten in position. "Nightfall, you watch our ass down there–don't forget to get off when we set those bombs off."

"You got it." Nightfall gave a thumbs up. Roze and Komorov reached the moving platform and made their way back down. Moving down, the pair can see ARM-4 all holding off the AQ forces, more and more beginning to apply pressure on the five soldiers. Some terrorists had taken note of the two NIghthaven: Shadow Company soldiers coming down, more and more began to catch on to the unknown soldiers and pointed their weapons at them and opened fire.

"I already hate that you talked me into this…" Roze groaned using the smallest amount of sheet metal as some form of cover until they reached the ground level.

"Shut up and let's do this." Komorov fired his ASh-12. Nightfell was already fast at work taking down Al-Qatala soldiers from different angles to not have her exact position revealed. This sparked confusion in both Al-Qatala and the Armistice soldiers who looked around where the source had come from. On top of this, a group of the soldiers were no longer focusing their attention on ARM-4 and instead on something else. Their questions were answered by the sight of the two Shadow Company operators.

"Who the hell are these guys?" Wyatt pointed out to Roze and Komorov, ducking down to oncoming fire.

"They are helping us, so best not dwell too much on it." Iskra spoke up as the Nighthaven mercenaries reached the group. They had a small moment of acknowledgement as they continued to fire at some of the terrorists before they fell back for a while. The download was near completion, Mara walked over to Roze and Komorov and offered a hand.

"Thanks for the back up–whoever you guys are."

"Yeah, let's keep it like that." Roze said in a neutral tone as she averted her attention away from the Venezuelan's hand; "We'll be in and out in no time."

"Well then, mystery soldiers." Wyatt started; "Can we be sure that you're on our side?"

"Did us helping you out with the terrorists not prove anything?" Komorov sarcastically remarked. A small smirk grew on his face seeing the Australian struggling to think of a comeback from that. "Hmph, I figured as much."

Roze scanned around for a moment more before noticing a familiar face. In fact one she and Komorov began to see. Mace turned his head to see the Nighthaven: Shadow Company mercs looking at him; he had a short 'Oh shit' moment as the sound of the hack being complete got the rest of Armistice's attention. Taking this moment, Roze and Komorov took Mace aside to talk to him.

"What the fuck are you two doing here?!" The African American whispered sharply at them.

"Us. What the fuck are YOU doing here, Terrance?" Roze snapped back; "These guys aren't supposed to know about us here."

"A bit late for that now, ain't it?" he scoffed in reference to the current conversation. He sighed; "Look. This is some undercover shit. Kali and Lerch sent me on this mission while the rest of SC was in Urzikstan."

Before Roze could say another word, the four Armistice soldiers removed the hacking device from the scrambler and opened fire on it. The device shut down completely, radio chatter was able to be barely made out now in the area. Upon seeing Mara pressing on her radio in an attempt to talk to Laswell, Roze reached down on her own.

"Nightfall, you read me?" She asked. Mace leaned his head back as he was doing mental gymnastics hearing another one of their PMC colleagues was in the area as well.

"B_rel_ _ead _o_…." the German's voice was lightly audible over the loud static feedback from the other scramblers in the area. "_re AQ….ing y_re w_y!"

"Nightfall say again?" Komorov asked, nothing but static as a response; "(Fuck) stupid scramblers…"

Nightfall swore under her breath as her attempts to warn her teammates fell to deaf ears, she picked her sniper rifle up and ran across the stadium to try and get another angle. They had issues coming for them–real big issues. A group of armored trucks were moving towards the stadium at an alarming rate. The German woman looked down her sniper and began to take shots at the armed vehicles, while the trucks merely shrugged off the on coming rounds, the sounds of the echos echoed to the street below of the stadium. This caught the seven soldier's attention now, turning their heads in the general direction of the shots to see the new threat.

"Bloody fantastic." Wyatt groaned as they all ran for a piece of cover on the outer rim of the stadium. The seven moved along to get a better angle on the armored trucks, bits of the concrete cover being chipped off by some of the Al-Qatala machine guns.

"You Armistice guys got any air support or something?!" Roze shouted over the gunfire. Mara answered the former Ranger's question by reaching down for her radio.

"Mara to Actual. we're pinned down requesting immediate airsupport!" she yelled into her radio, only getting a garbled up response. "Vale madre! Scramblers are still blocking communications!"

"I see one!" Iskra pointed towards the main entrance to the stadium. There was not a large amount of cover apart from the two large concrete support pillars. The Ruso-Urzik woman fiddled with some of her mag pouches to remove them and set them aside so she could remove her green parka jacket. She turned around to Morte; "You still have smoke grenades my friend?"

"Si." the Italian nodded his head, pulling on out; "Where..do..you..want–"
"By the metal detectors there." She answered quickly. She looked over at the rest of ARM-4 and the Mercs; "Any of you wish to join me?"

"Komorov, why don't you go." Roze nudged the Ukrainian man, who only gave her a 'what the fuck?' look. She responded with a deadpan stare that her mask helped reinforce; "That's an order."

"You're a bitch, you know that?" he spat out, Roze paid no mind to his words. With some reluctance, he set his rifle to his back, tightening the sling and turned to look at Iskra; "Ready when you are…"

With that notion, Iskra nodded her head to Morte to let him toss his smoke grenade. The Italian chucked the smoke near the metal detectors which puffed up in the air. Iskra and Komorv made a mad dash towards the scrambler, bullets whizzed wildly through the smoke from the machine gunners' attempt to find their targets. One of these bullets scraped the side of Iskra's shoulder. That did not stop the woman as she and Komorov reached the concrete pillars where they took a moment to catch their breath and have the adrenaline die down for a moment. Iskra took a moment to assess her wounds, wincing at the open wound she now had.

"Still with me?" Komorov asked, hiding behind his pillar as another bullet nearly hit him but shattered the glass door towards the Stadium. Iskra just nodded her head while using her head scarf to cover the wound. "Alright then, let's just get this fucking thing out of the way."

Iskra walked over to the scrambler, planting the device on the server as before. This one went by faster thankfully as the firewall had already been breached. Regardless of the current speed of the download, the suppression of the armored vehicles made the process feel like it was as long-if not longer- than the previous scrambler. More Al-Qatala grunts began to make their way towards the group as well. While some were picked off by Nightfall's sniper, the large amount meant some managed to reach the Stadium's main entrance.

"Contacts to the left of us!" Mace called out to Mara, Wyatt, Roze and Morte. Now with being shot from two different directions, the five split their focus with Mace, Morte and Roze focusing on the grunts and Wyatt and Mara trying to get the attention of armored vehicles and pick off anyone further away. Komorov blind fired his ASh-12.7 at some of the grunts who were closing in, the Russian 12.7mm calibre assault rifle chewed through any armor that the Al-Qatala terrorists had and dropped them dead. Iskra looked at the download, and the bar was filled.

"It is done!" she said, practically yanked the device off before unholstering her Desert Eagle and filling the server up and destroying it. Iskra reached down for her radio.

"Mara, server destroyed, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear, Pana!" she could nearly cheer before changing the channel. "Mara to Actual. Scramblers are down but our asses are being handed by AQ armor, requesting immediate air support! How copy?"

"Actual copies all." Laswell spoke up; "Airsupport is in the sky, mark targets when ready."

Wasting no time, Mara pulled out her green laser pointer and marked the armored vehicles. In a few moments, the planes flew overhead and began to rain down bullets before zooming past to make another round. One by one, the armored trucks fell, leaving the other ground forces to back off and retreat. The ARM-4 and Shadow Company mercs lowered their rifles and took a moment to breathe. Iskra let out a sigh of relief and leaned back against the wall, she slowly skidded down as the adrenaline began to leave her body and the pain from her shot came in like she had been shot again. It was not the first time she had been shot of course, her time in the ULF and the short few months with Nikolai's Chimera PMC. However each time she had gotten shit, it never lessened the pain; now was no exception. A pair of footsteps approached her and took a knee, it was Mara.

"Got shot up?" she rhetorically asked while already pulling out a medkit with some proper equipment to patch the wound. Iskra just scoffed at her question but motioned over her arm where she was grazed. Mara removed the headscarf wrapped around it and winced a bit at the sight. "Dios mio…well it looks worse than it really is, pana."

"What does that mean?" Iskra finally asked, not facing the Venzuelan woman or her wound.

"Oh–it's just a saying we have in Venezuela. It's another way of saying friend." she shrugged, wrapping some bandages around the Ruso-Urzik's arm. "No use in bitching and moaning about our situation that we're enemies. We got bigger issues in front of us, right?"

"Hmph…I suppose so." Iskra huffed, a small grin crept the edges of her lips as Mara began to clean around her wound. "You are an interesting woman, Mara."

"Oh yeah? What's that supposed to mean?" she raised an eyebrow from curiosity.

"You seem to be compassionate even to soldiers whom you know little of–that is something rare to find."

"Well, mi papa was just one of those types of people, guess it rubbed off on me." she joked, prepping the cotton ball and bandages; "It's one of the few things I can even remember about him."

"My father was a troubled man." Iskra muttered; "My mother always said that he used to work for the Russian mafia as a hitman before ending up the Spetsnaz. He was…complicated to say the least."

"We all have different times growing up, chama." was all Mara could really think of saying as she finished applying the bandage; "All that really matters is who you are in the end–and being a stoic badass I guess fits you."

"You have a unique way with your words, Mara." Iskra scoffed and smiled.

"Oh don't be getting soft on me." Mara laughed; "You're all good by the way."

"Thank you." she nodded.

Komorov took a glance over at the two women's conversations, catching small mentions of their own personal lives. He simply scoffed it off as he slung his rifle and made his way to Roze who finished talking to Nightfall on the radio, evident by hearing the German woman's voice through the radio saying "Copy". The Ukrainian gave a small glare at Roze for earlier, one that the former Ranger shrugged off.

"Keep that look and your face will freeze like that." she snarked, crossing her arms. Komorov just scoffed as a response. "Nightfall is making her way down, so…"

"(Yeah…)" he muttered in his native tongue, looking over to Mace in the distance as he, Wyatt and Morte were moving to secure the rest of the area. "What about him?"

"Well, Lerch has some answers to give us now, that's for sure." she muttered as a familiar figure began to make their way to the group. Nightfall had her sniper rifle on her back as she jogged over to Roze and Komorov. She took a moment to catch her breath before speaking.

"The charges are all good on the roof." she said just loud enough for the other two Shadow Company mercs to hear. Roze nodded her head as she began to fish out the detonator from her pocket; stopping when seeing Mara approach her the three from the corner of her eye. Nightfall reached for her sidearm before being stopped by the Ukrainian who just shook his head.

"Hey, I just wanted to come and say thanks for the support." the Venezuelan said, about to offer a hand before stopping halfway remembering the former Ranger's reaction to it. And just like before, Roze shrugged off the shorter woman's action. Komorov however, extended his own hand out and shook Mara's, much to the annoyance of Roze.

"It was nice change of pace from having to deal with these two alone."

"Hey, up yours, Komorov." Roze scoffed, the Ukrainian turned around and as usual gave her a look; this time however, rather than one of scolding, it was one of trying to tell her something. It took a minute for the American to get what he was trying to say, she carefully began to reach for the detonator while Komorov continued to talk to Mara.

"Well, glad to know there ain't infighting in just my team," Mara chuckled, not taking note of Roze's actions; "Bueno, I never did figure out why you three were here anyway?"

"Honestly? We are not too sure either–the boss just points finger and we do it." Komorov shrugged, continuing to stall. Roze managed to pull the detonator out and press it on.

"Ja. That is usually how our assignments go." Nightfall added to help the Ukrainian out. Mara just sighed.

"You and us both, well once again tha–"

A loud explosion cut her off, quickly turning around, Mara saw the rooftop of the stadium explode. Roze took this time to hide the detonator back on her, smirking behind her mask. Once the explosions finished detonating. The central portion of the roof began to cave into the stadium's field, a loud crashing sound echoed in the surrounding area.

"¡QUE DIABLOS?!" Mara yelled afterwards.

"Bastards must have had a backup plan if they lost the stadium." Roze lied as she acted shocked over the explosion.

"Nightfall, did you not fucking see anything up there!" Komorov yelled at the German woman. She just looked at him for a moment with a 'What the hell' expression.

"ME? Why would I–I was busy keeping you all safe asshole!" she retorted back.

"Enough! Pointing the finger won't help any of us." Mara sighed; "The charges must have been planted inside of the rooftop–no use in arguing over it."

The three mercs let out a mental sigh of relief that their bluff was bought. However they continued to keep up the act as they all moved towards the Stadium to assess the damages. The other four members of ARM-4 were already on the stands of the stadium, the large chunks of the roof scattered all around the field and on some parts of the stands. Wyatt just let out a long whistle as he scanned around. "Bloody hell…" was all he could think of saying.

"Whatever they had here, they sure as shit did not want us to see." Mace mused, taking point down to the field itself; "Watch your step now."

"No..need..to..tell..us..twice." Morte added as he followed behind. The four scanned around reaching the ground level. Moving up towards the wreckage. There were some remains of what Al-Qatala had in the center, some of the remaining structure of green tents and shattered creates scattered the area, whatever else there was was buried under the rubble or destroyed. Mace grabbed a small bullet that was on the ground, he tried to make out the logo on it–quickly pausing for a moment when looking at the back. Before anyone could ask what he had been looking at, Mara's voice called out to them. The masked man quickly chucked it deep into the rubble. Mara along with the three mercs made their way back with the others.

"Dios mio…" Mara muttered as she got a look at the rubble. She reached for her radio; "Mara to Actual…how copy, over."

"Actual here. What's your sitrep, Mara?" Laswell's voice spoke up.

"Intel on the other warehouses has been secure, but AQ rigged the stadium with explosives. Whatever they had stored in the field has been buried under concrete and metal."

"The intel you have secured was all that mattered." Kamorov spoke up; "We'll have other teams begin to make sweeps on the warehouses all over Verdansk. Arm-4, return back to the safe house and await further instructions."

"Rog." was all Mara could think of saying, shutting her radio off. She let out a deep echale, turning around to Roze, Komorov and Nightfall; "Well this is where we go our separate ways then."

"Ja, perhaps we shall run into each other another time." Nightfall told the Venezuelan as they began to move away and into the dark halls of the stadium. Mara stayed silent for a moment and rolled her eyes 'figures some guys with shadow in their name do that type of shit…' Mara made her way to the rest of her team.

Location: Unknown

Perseus sat in one of the many meeting rooms that were in their main base. She, along with other higher ranking members within her circle, were all discussing current plans and actions to take after the events with the Stadium. If she was honest to herself, this was one of her least favorite responsibilities Perseus had as the leader of the organization. Yes she was always open to hearing whatever her allies wanted or what actions may be best to take, but in her eyes this was more of Imran's field of expertise, as proven with the one armed Russian usually taking charge in keeping these meetings in order. Perseus preferred to remain silent and leaned back in her chair and listen.

"I am only saying that this is all a risk in letting Armistice move into Verdansk, father." Victor rose up from his chair. He pointed his finger down on a map on the center of the table of the capital. "They have cut off the area's main supply route. Al-Asad has already informed me that Almalik is already losing his shit about it."

"Al-Asad can keep dealing with those little weasel's shouting." Imran said calmly; "Almalik worked before with the Russian government in the area and turned on them after we offered him a deal–Who's to say he would not try something like it again to us?"

Victor paused for a moment before taking a seat again, some frustration was clear on his face but he knew his father's words rang true in the end. Imran did best to hide the smile on his face for his son–though his eyes he could see himself in his younger years working in the Soviet Union. So ambitious and filled with pride, taking over the business that the older man had started all those years ago. His attention shifted when another man stood up. They had a darker skin tone, with an old pair of blue jeans with a red traditional shirt.

"There is another way to transport our supplies." the man spoke, his accent distinctly made it clear he was from Africa. He grabbed a set of red pins and set down seven of them around parts of the Verdansk map. "My men have already secured most of the underground train systems that stretch throughout most of Verdansk."

"Underground train system." Imran raised an eyebrow, this caught Perseus' attention now. "The trains cars work?"
"Unfortunately not." the man shook his head, "Electrical gear inside of the system was destroyed by some old militia who were down there.

There was a brief moment of silence between them all. Perseus took another look at the map before her and the marked locations–there were some key areas where the stations could prove useful, especially for later on. After a few moments she gave a small nod.

"Alright, Owethu. I trust you and your people can have these stations kept secured and under Armistice's noses." she said before rising up from her seat. "I must go attend other things now–Imran I can be assured you can take care of the rest and give me a report later, yes?"

"Of course, ma'am." the one armed man nodded his head. With that, Perseus walked away from the meeting room, taking a more pleasant walk around their base of operations. During her walk she looked at the different individuals working and mingling with one another, some occasionally greeting the older woman when they noticed her. She had a small smile on her face–slowly but surely things were reminding her of the days back when Perseus was at their peak…when the man himself was around. The thought of her mentor and predecessor brought along bitter memories of possibly their lowest point. Walking into the Bioweapons laboratory on the opposite end of the base.

Inside one of the rooms was the person she had been looking for: Vikhor Kuzmin. The veteran member of Perseus was busy working on his prized Nova 6 chemical gas. Something that the one-eyed Russian had a near obsession for–Russel Adler being the only other thing to rival it. Vikhor turned around to the sound of the door shutting to see the woman before him, he made a simple grunt before returning to his work. Perseus rolled her eyes at his actions before walking to stand by his side.

"Is that really the way to greet an old friend now, dear?" She teased the man. Another groan was all Vikhor's response was, albeit he began to slow down on his work. Perseus sighed; "I am sorry for not informing you earlier on the change in plans, alright? Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Da." he finally spoke, setting aside what he had been working on and facing the woman he was a good few inches taller than her. The two locked eye contact for a moment. He broke away to set his equipment away; "I wished you had told me–that's all."

Perseus just shook her head and let out another sigh. "Look, we can talk about this some other time. For now we have other matters–like getting the numbers sequences down."

"Is the test subject ready?" Vikhor asked with some curiosity in his tone. Perseus smirked a bit at her friend's reaction.

"He is…more or less. I suppose Kapano can prove somewhat useful in the end." The woman crossed her arms and scoffed a bit. The two began to make their way outside of the labs and towards the main cell block. "Crazy bastard. I still do not understand why Perseus was insistent on making a deal with him–or why you kept him along."

"He has his uses."Vikhor shrugged; "Bringing in money and supplies with his trade, information gatherer and is a master at jungle tactics."

"He's a fucking junkie." Perseus scoffed as they continued walking. "If he is not busy smacking a needle in his arm, he is off chopping people up."

Vikhor let out a small chuckle as they reached the prison block. Entering the lower levels of the building the sound of a voice and smacks echoed along the hallway. The two reached a small observation room where they were able to look into the room where the sounds had been coming from. Sure enough, the Loatian man himself, Kapano Vang, was inside with the captured man from the Kazbek facility. The man was beaten and bruised, small cuts along his arms. Kapano continued to walk around him-his movement was almost serpent like as he tilted his head and stared at the man.

"What's the matter?" he smirked, grabbed the man by his chin and made him make eye contact. He scoffed before tossing his head back down with some force. Kapano began to pace around him once again; "I almost thought you would have put up more of a fight? Dogs back home have more of that than you."

"Fuck…you…" the prisoner weakly muttered. This earned another smack before being pulled by his hair and met with a sharp blade on his throat.

"You want to try me, motherfucker?" Kapano snapped, this time his calm but sadistic tone was replaced with one of a complete lunatic. He nudged his blade a bit more against the prisoner's neck; "Try me. Just fucking try my patience you bitch!"

"Naga. That's enough." Perseus's voice finally spoke over into the room. Kapano stopped for a moment and looked towards the observation room. Disappointment was clear on his face as he reluctantly let the prisoner go and sheathed one of his three large blades. He gave a small motion with his arms that told Perseus 'What the fuck?' Perseus pinched the bridge of her nose before turning her attention back on him; "Get the prisoner ready for the first experiment. That is why we brought him."

"Wait wait wait–this was the guy?" Kapano pointed to the prisoner before a small wheeze followed by a hyena-like laughter took over. The prisoner sank deeper into his chair while the Laotian man began to wheel in some equipment with IV tubes and other medical looking tubes. "Oh-ho-ho…you are so fucked now."

"I'm going to kill him some day." Perseus muttered to Vikhor as she leaned back on a chair and crossed one leg over the other–the Russian only smirked at her comment while preparing the prized tapes they had secured. Vikhor installed two on an old recorder that would play inside of the interrogation room. Kapano finished putting on the last strap before taking one last look at the prisoner.

"Trust me this is going to hurt so, SO much for you." he playfully patted the man's head and pressed a button to have a green colored liquid enter his body. As soon as Kapano entered the room with Perseus and Vikhor, the one eyed man began the audio sequence. The recorder began to spin the numbers as the televisions inside the room began to flash different numbers.

7…15…1…2 …19… 7…25…

As soon as these numbers flashed and played into the room, the man began to shift in his chair. Already, Dragovich's sequence began to gnaw into the man's mind, opening a space where all around were the flashes of the same numbers that were on loop over and over.


The numbers continued on and on. The man began to yell in pain, now violently shaking in his chair. Vikhor pressed a button to inject another dose of the green liquid into the man before repeating the numbers himself to the man. Perseus looked on in silence as the entire process was being done. She leaned back in her chair and rested both her arms on the chair's taking a few blinks. After opening her eyes, Perseus found herself now in an all white room with a single CRT TV in the room. Looking down she found herself strapped to the chair much like the man. She glanced around in confusion. The television in front of her began to flicker on as it flashed a different group of images before her–a jungle…an airstrip…a subway system…more and more images began to flash before her. Perseus shut her eyes before hearing the faint sound of a heart beat monitor, there she began to hear two voices, they were talking to one another. It was not clear to her initially but over time she was finally able to make out a male and female voice.

"Breaking the subject's will and changing their mind is a difficult and painful process…"

"That's a small price to pay…"

Another series of words and murmurs began to fill the space once again as Perseus attempted to free herself. The heart beat monitor began to race fast and faster…the two's voices began to speak once again.

"We just need to give the subject a name…."

Perseus continued to shake in her chair before another voice began to come out from the sea of the multiple voices that echoed all around her. She finally was able to break free from her restrained chair and began making a run towards the voice. Perseus began to sprint like her life depended on it while the faint ringing was coming closer and closer to her. Finally she reached the source of the voice...

"Irene!" Vikhor said in a panicked tone as he shook the woman. Irene snapped back in her chair and began to breathe heavily. She scanned around the room…she was back in the interrogation room. She looked around confused before returning her attention towards Vikhor.

"It…It happened again." she sighed, rubbing her temples. The one eyed Russian let out a small sigh and placed a hand on her shoulder and slowly rubbed as a form of comfort. There was a brief moment of silence between the two as Irene let herself calm down back to normal levels. Muttering to herself that it was all not real and an illusion.

"This all must have sparked old memories, Irene." he said softly. Irene weakly nodded her head as she tried to get back up on her feet, she felt lightheaded and stumbled back down on her chair. She looked back over to the interrogation room where Kapano was removing the straps from the prisoner, now laying lifeless in the chair. Vikhor walked over to explain; "Sequence was too much–they died from heart failure."

"Then we get more and get the sequence right." was all Irene said again, shaking off her episode. "I will be in my room if you need me, Vikhor…I need time to rest."

Location: Verdansk, Kastovia

The Stadium was left abandoned after the earlier assault, both Al-Qatala and Armistice did not see it fit to establish a FOB after the rooftop had been destroyed. The doors were locked shut, leaving only one other way inside, the roof. A rope was tossed down and made a small 'plop' noise as it came into contact with the artificial grass below. A figure repelled down shortly after, dressed in a dark hooded attire to blend into the night with the only feature to be made out was a top half of a white skull mask that was sewed onto a balaclava. The soldier's eyes were not visible at the moment, leaving only two black holes in its spot. The soldier moved up to the wreckage to see anything of interest. Taking a knee he grabbed one of the bullets that Mace had earlier tossed aside, scanning it he paused at the engraved letters around the bullet. 'Q C R'.

The man took another look at the bullet before pressing his radio.

"Price..." The man spoke with a gruff English accent. "I found something here you will want to see."

"What is it, Simon?" Price asked on the other end. Simon rose back up and pocketed the bullet. The 141 operative made his way back to the rope he came down with and attached an APA 5 ascender. "Zakhaev?"

"No. I think we have someone else in the play all this.." Simon responded as the device repelled him up and back on the rooftop. "I'm returning to base, Ghost out."