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**Superwomen of EVA concept originated by OrionPax09 and Mike313.**

CUE: Hoyt Curtin's music.

The scene opens on a weird, outer space background. Images of strange-looking super-villains, all looking like humanoid versions of the 3rd through 16th Angels as if they were drawn for a 1970's comic book, zoom forward towards us as if they were coming out of the screen. Over all of this, a hammy, Stan Jones-like voice narrates:

"Banded together from remote galaxies are fourteen of the most sinister villains of all time..."

CUT TO: A swampy setting, where a strange building resembling the 7-eyed mask of Lilith rises up out of the murky waters.

"...the Angels of Adam!"

CUT TO: The humanoid Leiliel hovers through the air in a small, zebra-striped globe-like craft with a strobe-like weapon on the bottom that flashes.

"Dedicated to a single objective..."

CUT TO: The humanoid Ramiel fires a laser gun that destroys an entire mountain range.

"The initiation of Third Impact!"

CUT TO: The humanoid Arael fires a strange glowing wave from an odd ring on its crystalline finger in the direction of its opponent, revealed to be a struggling Asuka/Supergirl. The scene then cuts to a Bizarro-like Tabris flying towards us.

"Only one group dares to challenge this intergalactic threat..."

CUT TO: Supergirl/Asuka, Green Lantern/Misato, and Wonder Girl/Rei, looking as if they were drawn by Alex Toth, flying through the air.

"The Super Friends of EVA!"

CUT TO: The assembled Superwomen of EVA marching forward, caught in a diagonal shot from the chest up. From left-to-right: Steel/Mana, The Atom/Aoi, Green Arrow/Marie, Firestorm/Kaede and Satsuki, Starwoman/Hitomi, Blue Beetle/Ritsuko, the Flash/Mari, Green Lantern/Misato, Batgirl/Mayumi, Ms. Martian/Hikari, Wonder Girl/Rei, Zatanna/Maya, Supergirl/Asuka.

CUT TO: Blue Beetle flying in front of the sun in the sky.

CUT TO: Tokyo-3 at night, Batgirl swinging into action. A SEELE goon is then seen trying to break into NERV, only for a bat-symbol spotlight to shine on him, much to his shock.

CUT TO: A very Grundy-looking Zeruel hurls a large boulder from a cliff's edge, only for Supergirl to break it apart with one punch.

CUT TO: The Flash zooms circles around Ramiel, eventually revealed to be tied up on the ground.

CUT TO: The Atom shrinks down into a computer terminal and chases after a fleeing Iruel.

CUT TO: Firestorm and Starwoman flying through a starry sky.

CUT TO: An ogre-looking Bardiel breaking through a pair of steel doors while growling.

CUT TO: Wonder Girl twirling her lasso, which she then launches at a fleeing, sultry-looking Shamshel, who ends up captured.

CUT TO: Ms. Martian clashing with a humanoid Armisael in the air, both struggling and grappling, until it quickly transitions to Ms. Martian, hands with splayed fingers to her temples, sending out a telepathic call.

CUT TO: The exterior of the NERV pyramid-like building. Eight of the heroes zoom out towards us from it. On top, left-to-right: Green Lantern, Ms. Martian, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, and Wonder Girl. On the bottom, left-to-right: the Flash, Batgirl, and Zatanna.

"The Superwomen of EVA, versus..."

CUT TO: The villain HQ rising out of the swamp, before transitioning to an interior shot, all the Angels seated at their respective places, with Lorenz Kihl (wearing a 70's-era Luthor-like outfit) standing in the center at the podium.

"...the Angels of Adam!"

Cut to: Brief multi-headshot of the Angels.

"This is...

CUT TO: The heroes on one side, the villains on the other, running towards each other, ready to do battle.

"...the Challenge of the Super Friends of EVA!"

The two forces clash in the middle, giving way to a starburst effect that reveals the title of the 'show', "Challenge of the Super Friends of EVA".


Shinji jolted awake, his brain startled by the flashy climax of his odd dream. He looked briefly at the clock on his nightstand and rubbed his bleary eyes as he lay back in his bed.

"That does it," he quietly groaned, "That's the last time I eat leftover takeout while watching late-night Boomerang reruns before bed."

END part 1 of 2.