**Author's Note(s)**

A milestone for me at last-my first Superwomen of EVA-themed story! I'm a big fan of this little subset of EVA-fics, especially the ones by Mike313 and OrionPax09. I've traded messages with them, usually to show off a fanart piece I've worked up that turns some of the other extra-canonical EVA girls into different heroes. This little two-fer, in particular, is my tribute to their stellar examples of EVA fusion-fics, while also paying tribute to a couple of the cartoons that I latched onto in 90's reruns. Here are some little tidbits on what went into my homage to two great superhero cartoons of yore.

The Super Friends of EVA

-As you might have guessed by now, this part's a near-word-for-word, scene-for-scene parody of/homage to the opening title sequence of 1978's third incarnation of Hanna-Barbera's DC Comics-based Super Friends franchise, Challenge of the Super Friends.

-The bit with Shinji at the end is a riff on an omake from Mike's one Marvel (-esque) contribution to Orion's side of the fence, "Superwomen of EVA: Spirit", where Hikari wakes up from a dream that sends up the 1966 Adam West Batman show. (Orion's the one who turned Hikari, in turn, into a Martian.)

-Boomerang, the sister channel (formerly late-night block) to Cartoon Network, is basically where all the old Hanna-Barbera reruns would usually play, with a special block at one point created to showcase the animation studio's action cartoons (dubbed "Boomer-Action").

-Hoyt Curtin was the composer for a lot of Hanna-Barbera's output during their golden years, including the Super Friends series.

-Stan Jones (full name G. Stanley Jones) was a Canadian film/TV actor who also lent his voice to multiple 70's and 80's cartoons, especially Super Friends, where in addition to narrating the opening sequence of Challenge, he also voiced Lex Luthor.

-Alex Toth, a comic artist whose career stretches all the way back to the Golden Age, was the character designer for much of Hanna-Barbera's superhero cartoons from the 60's, and reinterpreted the DC Universe during Super Friends' run.

-Of the characters among the Superwomen, a small group of them are my own ideas, relegated to fan art tributes at this time. Aoi, Kaede, and Satsuki were the 'bridge bunnies' from the Evangelion spinoff manga The Shinji Ikari Raising Project; to fit into Mike's side of the SOE coin, I turned Aoi into the Atom and Kaede and Satsuki into Firestorm. Hitomi Kaga is a scientist who appeared in the 2002 video game Secret of Evangelion, where she helped in the development of the Dummy Plug system; I basically made her a composite character based on the entire Starman legacy. Marie Vincennes, from the RPG The NERV White Paper, was an interesting case. In my conversations with Mike, he'd mentioned that he wanted to turn her into a denizen of Apokolips who finds herself stranded on Earth, and takes up the moniker of the one who helped her escape: Big Barda. I differed with him on that approach. Way I see it, when it comes to his and Orion's uses of Marie, Mayumi and Mana, there's a bit of an interesting pattern. While both their depictions see Mana become an armor-wearing crusader, it diverges when it comes to Mayumi. On Mike's end, he turned her into the Dark Knight for the world of EVA; Orion, on the other hand, utilized a version of her as depicted by another collaborator, Archdruid-Sephiroth, who turned the bookworm into Storm of the X-Men. Which brings me to Marie: Orion turned her into EVA's resident hammer-throwing thunder god, which sort of matches with Mayumi/Storm. To me, logically, I would've seen Mike's take follow a pattern similar to his Mayumi, which led me to cast Marie as EVA's Green Arrow. Of course, he does give good reasons why it'd be difficult.

-Lastly, who replaces who-basically, Mana, Aoi, Marie, Kaede/Satsuki, Hitomi, Ritsuko, Maya, and Hikari replace El Dorado, Apache Chief, Samurai, Black Vulcan, Hawkman, Robin, and Aquaman in the sequence of events. Leiliel fills in for Brainiac, Ramiel stands in for Captain Cold, Tabris for Bizarro, the SEELE goon for the Riddler, Zeruel for Solomon Grundy, Iruel for Giganta, Arael for Sinestro, Bardiel for Gorilla Grodd, Shamshel for the Cheetah, Armisael for Black Manta, and Kihl for Lex Luthor.

Spider-Woman and Her Amazing Friends of EVA

-The entirety of this part is of course a big homage to/parody of the intro sequence for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, with She-Hulk/Misato and Ms. Fantastic/Maya standing in for Iceman and Firestar.

-Dick Tufeld, who was the announcer for the opening sequence for the show's first season, is best known for voicing the B9 robot in the original Lost in Space tv series, among his many acting and announcing roles from the 50's to the 80's. (Fittingly, he was the main title narrator for the 1979 Spider-Woman cartoon series.)

-Johnny Douglas was an English composer/arranger/musical director known for his easy listening contributions and for his output in the 1980's, where he composed the music for a lot of Marvel Productions animated shows, namely Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (and its solo Spider-Man predecessor), the 1982 cartoon version of The Incredible Hulk, Dungeons and Dragons, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, and The Transformers.

-John Romita Sr. is a legendary comic book artist and former Marvel art director whose career stretches back as far as 1949. He was the artist who followed Steve Ditko on The Amazing Spider-Man and served as one of the definitive artists of the wall-crawler. He, fittingly enough, contributed many character designs for Amazing Friends.

-And finally, who stands in for who-as mentioned, Rits, Misato and Maya stand in for the "Spider-Friends", the Sahaquiel-thing replaces the fire monster from the title sequence (which also appeared in the episode guest-starring Sunfire), the oni guy fills in for the Green Goblin, and Gendo stands in for Dr. Doom (funnily enough, the moniker he adopts in Archdruid-Sephiroth's stories).

-Ritsuko's bit at the end follows that of Shinji's in the previous part. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends streamed on Netflix from 2011 to 2015, and unlike the reruns on Jetix in the 2000's, they actually included both the Red Skull and Black Knight episodes.

Mike, Orion-wherever you are and however you're doing,

thanks for keeping (and hopefully will continue on keeping)

us all entertained.