Before we get started with my adventure at Jasper high, here is a quick background check about me. My Name is John Dunn, I am a 17 year old male originally from the suburb of Dorval located in Montreal Quebec. The reason I'm in Jasper is because my Dad was transferred from his home base in Dorval to work as a managing supervisor at the Jasper Experimental farm. I was brought along because my mother and my father were no longer in a relationship for the past 10 years, plus 2 years ago she moved out of the country to live with her current fiance in France hence why I am now in Alberta. With all that said and done, lets see what Jasper has to offer as my new home.

It's been about 2 weeks since me and my dad fully moved to Jasper and already I'm job hunting since I'm an adult in a few weeks and school starts up around that same time. So I'm driving around town when I stumble upon a music store named "Steve's Music".

'Wow, they have one here, might as well put my name in and see what happens' I thought as I pulled into the parking lot.

Back in Dorval I worked at a music store under that brand as of the age of 16. So with my past experience I had a good chance of being hired. With a CV in hand I make my way to the cashier and see right on the counter a "HIRING" sign.

'Well then, might be my lucky day'

"Hi there, can I help you?" One of the employees said as they walked up to the counter.

"Yes, I would like to apply for a job. I have a CV with me." I said.

Immediately I was handed a job form and just as I was about to hand in my completed form along with the CV, I was greeted by the manager of the store.

"Hi there, my name's Denise and I'm the manager of the store. I was told you were looking to apply for a job, is that correct?" she asks.

"Yes ma'am."

"Excellent! If you could follow me I would like to give you an interview in my office."

"Already, wow ok. Lead the way." I said in a surprised manner. Not gonna lie that kinda caught me off guard since I wasn't expecting to be interviewed right away.

We get to her office and we go through with the interview. She goes through all the questions such as hours needed, work experience etc. I even showed her a couple of my employee of the month photos to prove I was more than qualified of being an expert employee. Finally, the interview was over and I went home with a rather optimistic feeling of potentially being hired within the next couple of days. Later that afternoon I was gaming with a few buddies of mine when I got a call from an unknown number.


"Hi, am i speaking to John?"

"This is he."

"Hi John, this is Denise from Steve's Music. I just got off the phone with your former employer and I gotta say with all the supporting words he told me about you, I would like to welcome you to the team."

"Woah" I exclaimed with joy. "Thank you for the opportunity, when do I start?"

"Can you make it for 9:00 tomorrow morning?"


"Well great, see you then."

"Thanks, bye."

Well what do you know, I have myself a new job. Hopefully with my experience in Dorval, I get to be on my own in no time, but we shall see tomorrow.

Before you all ask, yes this is a rewrite of my high school story. I decided to completely redo it after this long because I read it for the first time since last updating it and… Yikes, I cringed at every sentence I wrote, so that's why I finally decided to scrap it and start from scratch with a new OC. So hopefully you all understand and this one will end up being less shitty. Thanks for reading and I will see you all in the next chapter