"Ah shut up!" I said whilst shutting my alarm off.

Well today was the beginning of a new school year and I was having mixed feelings. On one hand I was stoked because this is my last year before going to college but on the other I felt nervous since I was a new student.

So I proceed to get out of bed and have myself some breakfast, followed by a trip to the bathroom to get myself prepped up and finally leave my house at 8:15. I then head over to Hutch's house to pick him up for school.

As I pull into the driveway, I see him hugging his mom goodbye and then walks to my car.

"Hey dude, how you feelin?" He asks

"Not gonna lie, somewhat nervous considering I'm new to the school."

"Don't worry, I can give you a little tour of the campus and keep you company so you don't get into any trouble."

"Thanks dude. But still kinda stressful."

"Here, I know just the solution"

He plugs his phone into my aux cable and puts on one of my favorite songs.

WALK by Pantera

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" I exclaim

It was nice to know I started off the year with a friend that not only goes to the school but that's also in the same grade as me.

15 minutes later

We arrived in the parking lot and to my surprise, it was rather empty.

"Well here we are. Jasper High" Hutch said.

"Nice campus, although I'm a little surprised not a lot of people are here."

"Yeah I see what you mean, most likely they're taking the bus."

"Touché" I said.

Just as we were exiting my car, we heard a car approaching our location. I turn and see what appeared to be 2 students driving a 2010 VW EOS convertible with the top down park next to us. Music was still rather loud and I wasn't complaining because they were listening to some Machine Head.

The 2 occupants, a white and a golden brown furred wolf both female, exit the car and come to my car.

"Hey Kate, Hey Lilly" Hutch said

"Hey Hutch, how was your summer?" The gold wolf responded

"Summer was pretty good. Worked for the majority of it so that's nice."

"Pretty much the same for us. We did just come back from a trip to Cuba a couple days ago." The white wolf added.

"Lucky, good weather I'm assuming?"

"Oh everyday. Nothing but nice sunny skies and hot air. Say who's this?" The white wolf added.

Since I've been spotted, Hutch introduces me.

"Girls, this is John. He's a new student this year."

"Well it's nice to meet you. I'm Kate, and this is my twin sister Lilly."

"It's a pleasure of meeting you both." I respond.

"So where are you from?" Lilly asks.

"I'm born in the suburb of Dorval, located in Montreal."

"Wow, that far out, why are you in Jasper then?" Kate asks.

"For my dad's job. He works for the government as a project manager. He currently works at the experimental farm right over there." I said pointing at the farm

"Funny you say that, our parents both work there too." Lilly adds.

"Oh nice."

"I don't mean to break up the fun guys, but I think now would be a good time to get our schedules." Hutch chimes in.

I check my phone 8:40

"Sounds like a plan then." I say

"Mind if we tag along?" Lilly asks.

"Not a problem. Let's go." Hutch says.

10 minutes later.

With 10 minutes before the bell rings, we head off to our assigned lockers after getting our schedules for the year.

"Ok let's see, what's your guys' locker numbers?" Hutch asks.

I look at mine and give a little chuckle.


"What's funny about that number?" Kate asks.

"Oh nothing really, just reminds me of the 'Miracle On The Hudson' landing back in 2009. Flight number was US AIRWAYS 1549, so it just reminded me of that."

"Oh yeah Clint Eastwood made a movie about that. Sully if I remember correctly." Lilly added.

"Yeah, great movie. Highly recommend you watch it if you haven't yet." Hutch says.

"I think I shall, sounds interesting. Anyways, my locker is 1585." Kate said.

"Mines 1584." Lilly said

"Mines 1590, so we're fairly close to each other." Hutch adds.

"Now what about classes? I have english." I said.

"Math, great…" Hutch said disappointedly

"Science." Lilly answers.

"Oh I have math too Hutch." Kates adds.

"Oh Tabarnak! I ain't got class with any of you." I said rather bummed out.

They all look at me confused.

"What language was that?" Kate giggles

"Remember I'm from Quebec, which means I speak french too."

"But what did you say" Lilly asks

"It's one of many curse words from Quebec. It can mean either Damn it, like how I meant it, or even say it like 'Mon tabarnak' which means something on the lines of 'you Son of a Bitch'" I explained.

"Ohhhh." They answered.


"Well time for class, see you guys later." I said

"You too." Hutch said.

We all went our separate ways to class.

'All right, First class English' I thought to myself as I made my way to my first class.

Well, Imma leave it here for now. See y'all in the next chapter.