Tale Of A Squirrel

{Cat Gets A Name}

Chapter 5

Later that evening Josiah found himself leaning against the doorway of Ezra's room peering inside the tidy bedroom. Ezra was sitting stretched out on his bed with his laptop out. Whatever he was trying to do on the laptop, Josiah didn't know but what he did know is that the newest family member wanted the young boy's attention.

Josiah smiled as the cat found the perfect place to take a nap was on the very laptop Ezra was working on. Ezra huffed and gently tried to shove the cat off but found the cat was rather too big just to push off the laptop so he caved into the cat's need by leaning back and petting the cat.

"He's going to need a name." Josiah had pushed off the door frame and walked towards Ezra and the cat as he spoke. "Not too polite to call him the cat all the time."

"Name him? He just visits and leaves." Ezra glanced up at his father and the cat turned onto it's stomach for a rub, his purr was clearly automobile.

"Oh I don't know." Josiah sat down on the bed next to Ezra and scratched behind the cat's ear. "I think he's slowly moved himself in. Since he claimed you, guess he's yours." Josiah looked up from the cat at Ezra's silence. "You don't want him?"

Ezra shook his head, avoiding Josiah's stare while pretending to be preoccupation with the laptop. "No. He is his own. He just comes for a visit and he leaves."

Josiah nodded, already feeling Ezra closing him off, pushing the subject away. It was another one of those moments where Josiah accidental triggered Ezra's internal door slams. He saw it in the sudden poker face his son shield over like a mask.

Pets were excellent emotional supporters. They never asked questions, never pushed for answers, could keep secrets and gave affection freely. No strings attached. In Josiah's mind, the cat was a blessing, a gift from up above. He hoped that the cat would get passed the locked doors and help Ezra open up more.

Josiah wasn't aware of many things that happened before Ezra had showed up on his door steps but he knew it was complicated and perhaps even dark. Dark enough for Ezra to change subjects when questioned.

It worried him because without his son opening up to him, allowing him into the secrets of his past, Josiah found he had no way of helping Ezra. Of late, Josiah noticed the dark circles around Ezra's eyes from lack of sleep. The distant look of troubled memories that seem to pass like shadows within the green eyes were hard to ignore. It wasn't healthy to keep it all in. Whatever it was, it needed to be address before it exploded. It was tricky because the more Josiah questioned, the further Ezra would distant himself.

Maude was no help. Wherever she was, she was unreachable but Josiah kept trying. He kept calling the number she had given him. He had once tried to contact the Standish Family about Maude's where-about but was quickly assured that if they knew, she would be behind bars and easy for him to find. It was also heavily suggested, very formative but clearly, that he should not contact them or disrupt their family with anything that would do with Maude or her son.

So Josiah would question Ezra, knowing that some how his son still remained in contact with Maude. Yet, Ezra would tell him that he had no idea where Maude was currently, what she was up to or how to reach her. Josiah was pretty sure that Ezra looked him straight in the eyes and lied to him.

Josiah instead, petted the cat. "I get the feeling that he doesn't wish to be just a visitor any longer. That he wants a family. That he is tired of being alone. Maybe wants to be cared for. He hasn't left since the kitchen disaster. Even when the door is wide open, he stays inside."

"You are a cat shrink now, Josiah?" Ezra raised his eyebrows at his father.

Josiah chuckled and shook his head. "Sometimes the obvious is the obvious."

Ezra merely shrugged his shoulders and continued typing in his laptop while Josiah sat watching. A few quiet moments went by before Ezra raised his eyes towards his father, silently questioning why Josiah still sat upon the bed bothering him. That, Josiah admitted was pure teenage annoyance.

Josiah took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "The vet said he needs a name for the records and all. How about Tigger? Or Stripes?"

"You cannot be serious?" Ezra gave a horrifying look at Josiah. "This feline." Ezra waved his hands up and down the cat to empathize the statement. "Isn't merely a cat. It's a grand cat, a great cat among all other domestic felines. This cat is the boarder of the untamed and tamed. You cannot just call it strips or...Rigger."

"Tigger. You know, the Winnie the Pooh cat." Josiah allowed himself a mental grin as Ezra shook his head. He knew now that Ezra had already thought of a name for the newest family member. "Ok. What do you think we should call it?"

"Aslan Ymir Talson Stanabee." JD said it out loud for the third time as he petted the cat, only glancing up briefly for Ezra to answer. "Why so many names?"

"One for each personality," Ezra commented with a wink towards Vin.

Once again the trio found themselves alone in Ezra's bedroom with a deck of cards and half eaten chocolate mint wrappers around Vin. His french doors were wide open to allow the summer's warmth into his bedroom. At their age, the heat of the summer wasn't as bothering as to some other people.

"It has different personalities?" JD looked down at the cat with a frown. "It's processed?"

"Possessed?" Ezra asked, glancing at Vin on hearing the other's smirk laugh. "Why yes. He is possessed. As far as I know, with four spirits."

"Seriously?" JD with drawn his hand, wiping them against his shorts.

"You are an embarrassment." Vin muttered.

"Am not!" JD shouted back

Ezra leaned over to pet the cat, it purred quickly under his hand "Aslan, you have heard of Aslan before JD? From the Witch, The Lion and the wardrobe?"

"OH yeah! Aslan it the name of the lion."

"Precisely. Aslan is brave, loyal and noble. Don't you think this cat deserves such a name?"

"Yeah." JD nodded his head. "That makes sense."

"Now Ymir, well that is a Norse Giant. He was created from drops of water that was once ice. He is the father of all giants." Ezra nodded to the cat. "And Aslan here is a giant among his kind, is he not?"

"Yeah." JD agreed once more.

"And Talos?" This time Vin asked.

"Greek Giant." Ezra shrugged. "He was a bronze giant that protected a city called Crete. In a sort, Aslan maybe was protecting us from that skillful bandit the squirrel? Probably not."

"Cool!" JD grinned.

"And Stanabee?" Vin raised his eyebrows.

Ezra ducked his head to hide the small smile. "Well clearly it is a blended names of Standish and Larabee. It was Inez who had thought of it. It's a new thing for girls isn't it? To blend names together and such."

"Yeah. So stupid." JD agreed but secretly, he liked the name Standabee better than the other names.

"So..." Vin leaned forward, looking as he was picking a card from the pile. "You and Inez, huh? What are you? Girlfriend and boyfriend now?"

Ezra shook his head but his eyes were shining. "No. Just friends...for now but the year is still young and anything can happen."

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