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Chapter 1: I'm Your Great-Grandfather

Obito Uchiha, self-appointed harbinger of true peace, was brooding in thought. Of course, it comes to the usual Uchiha, but more than one should. There was no reason to. The ultimate plan to perform the Infinite Tsukiyomi was going as planned as it could be instructed by his savior and teacher. No one knew of his existence, that of the alive Madara, or even suspicious of the powers they were conducting. Naruto Uzumaki, the jinchuriki of Konoha, was the only mishap in their plan as the original was to have the Kyuubi terrorize Konoha completely and then drain it into the Gedo Mazo statue. That can easily be rectified of extracting the biju from the half Uzumaki, but it was a still a pain to Obito that he had wasted so much chakra just to put the nine-tailed fox under mind control, and even Madara acknowledged the might of the Kyuubi that took considerable chakra on the level of high-Kage to maintain control at all. Then it was all simply gathering the rest of the biju through the Akatsuki organization that Obito himself will lead, but with a figurehead in the form of Nagato possessing one of Madara's Rinnegan eyes.

There was one - problem was not the right word for it. More of a strange factor of it all. Years ago, Madara was supposed to have died to trust Obito in the rest of the plan and also use the power of the Rinnegan through Nagato to revive him to full health. The crux in the matter was despite that Madara still persisted to live six years after the Kyuubi incident on Konoha! The Uchiha avenger had no fucking clue in what reason Madara continued to persist in the living, and he had never dined to share at all to Obito.

Looking at the man, one would not think of a frail man. Despite having been born one hundred years ago, Madara Uchiha still held a healthy persona to himself with his mane of dark hair and a moderately wrinkled face. The source of this surprising youth came in many factors from Madara using the cells of Hashirama to the awakening of his powerful dojutsus of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan to the fact the Gedo Mazo was hooked up to him feeding his body a concentrated amount of chakra to sustain his body. It all came together to keeping Madara alive and would in fact keep him so for far longer. The plan was that Madara would kill himself to give Obito full use of the Gedo Mazo, but something was holding Obito's mentor onto the living world.

He saw it when Madara's lone Rinnegan, an eye of silver-purple made out of six concentric rings, was aimless as if in an eternal search fueled by hope. Obito never imagined Madara was one for hope, but his time with the most powerful Uchiha proved otherwise of quirks that history never revealed. He wasn't exactly the cold Uchiha that Obito expected, rather someone who was very patient and not-so arrogant for example, and wasn't overly condescending in his lessons. His only interests was getting the absolute best from anything when he knew it was there, and he knew perfectly how to do it. It actually made Madara a better sensei than Minato ever was who in comparison doted on them too much.

He continued to stare at the sitting Madara, whose Rinnegan eye was glowing in the night. The Uchiha seemed to be in search of something, both in his mind and whatever vision the eye of the Sage of Six Paths was granting him. Obito's nerves, the same from his genin days were getting to him. At that point, Obito simply couldn't hold his tongue, damn the consequences.

"What are you doing, Madara-sama?" Obito asked, trying to suppress the growl in his throat.

His words at the horrid effect of returning Madara's gaze back to reality, and Obito was reminded why Madara was the one of the Gods of Shinobi. His look alone confirmed that Obito was the inferior in comparison, like a mountain staring down at a hill. Though the look seemed to have lasted hours, it was broken with a faint smile.

"You know," Madara spoke, his voice baritone and poweful, "all you had to do was ask."

"Grk!" It took all of Obito's willpower not to trip on his standing feet. "Just - what's gotten into you?"

"Comes with a quite the story." Madara explained. "Before Konoha was formed, there was a powerful man without peer. A man who seemed so drowned in blood that he was a monster in human skin, or at least they would say. Yet, it was this monster that managed to fall in love with a most - splendid woman few could compare."

Obito's eyes widened at this revelation. He would of thought Madara was going senile if it wasn't for the fact his mentality was perfected by the Gedo Mazo. The avenger studied his senior's eyes, and was surprised to find beneath the facade was a swirl of emotions of loss, hurt, yet so much love. Love that Obito had long ago to a girl named Rin. An understanding was made in that moment between the Uchiha in that their motives were led by love. So Obito let him continue.

"One day," Madara continued, and Obito detected venom in his tone, "the enemies of this monster discovered his only weakness in the woman. They dared to attack him and his love in great number. There was a moment where my love was about to be slain by the sword, but the power to save her came in a spur of the moment. My eyes pierced through the fabric of reality, ripping my love away from the threat at the cost of my own. I wailed, but at least I knew in that moment my wife, and the child she carried, were safe.

"I could feel them from beyond the veil, an imprint from my Sharingan or the blessings of the heavens perhaps. I held on that one day that I would find my love and family one day, just as you do, Obito. Years I have spent in meditation trying in some way to replicate the phenomenon from my eyes, but I only got it halfway. I felt my love leave, but my protege continues on, and I still want to see them. What I desire before I go, Obito, is to continue my legacy."

Obito should have felt a pang of jealousy at how Madara wanted to give his legacy to someone else besides him, but he oddly felt - inspired! Because he knew the same pain Madara felt, and if there was a way to bring back Rin he would do it in a heartbeat. It was already a confirmation with their plans in motion, so maybe for once he can play the hero. He can fix another's heart whilst he can wait to fix his.

"Perhaps," Obito offered, his right eye turning into his signature Mangekyou Sharingan, "there is a way I may help. My Kamui punches a hole through space-time, and can possibly be used as a catalyst."

The one and only time Obito ever saw Madara in shock was in that moment when his lone Rinnegan eye widened. It quickly disappeared back to his composed self, but there seemed to be new energy in the man. He gave a nod and looked to a random area. Obito felt an incredible spike in chakra gathering in the lone eye before a single word came from his lips.


In the spot where Madara stared an orb of black and white appeared, swirling and constantly collapsing on itself. It did not seem significant in appearance from the immense chakra, and if one looked closely they could see a myriad of colors that served as a peek into the other world. Now it was Obito's turn to do his part as he stared at the singularity with his Mangekyou Sharingan.


The effect was miraculous judging by the expression on Madara's face. The singularities combined as one and the swirl of black and white expanded into a circular portal of sorts whilst space-time struggled to make sense of itself. To Obito, it was quite the experience to him seeing a whole new world. Just on the other side was greenery with clear skies and birds chirping.

Suddenly, Obito noticed Madara stiffen and a grim expression came over his face. He looked to Obito, his eye boring into his soul as the God of Shinobi stared at him. Something was off; something very wrong on the other side that Madara did not like.

"My protege is in danger." Madara informed. "I can feel it in my blood as it is now going to be spilled from another. Go, Obito. Find and bring my legacy here. You'll know when you feel my chakra."

Obito did not waste time as he jumped through the portal while Madara maintained the singularity. At for one last time, Obito could play the noble hero before he devoted himself fully to the avenger. He hoped Rin was watching him right now. As for Madara, his Rinnegan flared with untold power as he continued to maintain the singularity with his chakra. Even if it costed his life, he will lose whatever he had left of the woman that saw him beyond the monster was. By his name as an Uchiha, Madara will not lose the last he had of his dear Akari.

(With Obito)

The Uchiha avenger was in his elements jumping from branch to branch in the canopy of this forest. Obito was now assured this was a whole new world for he had scoured all of the Elemental Nations and not once had he encountered this species of trees. That and the fact Obito could not sense a hint of chakra, either from people or from ninjutsu. Only the natural energy of the world that he can sense with his Zetsu cells was present in this world, and was above average than the Elemental Nations.

A shrill scream not too far caught his attention, and headed to the source as his only lead. Hiding in the canopy above, Obito spied down to a cruel scene for the average person. There were two young girls, one having a full head of blonde hair and the other a stark ravenette with red tips lying in a cart. The two girls were surrounded by strange black beasts that Obito felt a lesser extent of malice he could relate to a biju. The blonde woman was on the ground, covered in bloody scratches from the beasts abuse. Cruel to see, but in the end she was not who Obito was here to save since the blonde girl did not possess chakra.

It was from the cart that diverted Obito's attention to a small, yet eerily familiar burst of chakra. The girl of six years of age in the cart had peeked over the edge of the cart, watching with shaky eyes at the scene of the girl and the creatures about to pounce on her. She certainly had the pale skin associated with typical Uchiha, but Obito looked deeper to the girl's eyes. That is where he saw the proof surprising as it was. Instead of onyx eyes, Obito was met with a contrast of bright silver from the ravenette girl. Yet in those pure eyes watching in abject terror unfolding were three tomoe in each.

'A silver Sharingan?' Thought Obito in curiosity.

Now he had more of a reason to save the girl not just for the sake of Madara. He had this odd feeling this girl was more than the Uchiha blood in her veins. Those silver eyes held something else for the Sharingan pattern they possess. Something that no ordinary crimson eyes of the Uchiha norm had in the hatred that made their color. The girl certainly had potential to have a fully awakened Sharingan at such a young age even with the help of emotional trauma from the scene.

So how was he to go about this? Despite being a different world, Obito still wanted to keep his identity a secret. Perhaps this can serve as practice for that - persona he had. With his one-eyed mask secured on, Obito leaped into action. In less than a second, the strange creatures were turned to dust in a blur of Obito's motion. The blonde girl was barely conscious, her lavender eyes staring up at the strange man in a black cloak and white mask.

Obito diverted his attention to the girl in the cart. The red-tipped ravenette had gone unconscious possibly due to the strain of awakening her eyes to their full form. A long silence descended on the area till 'Obito' finally spoke in a voice no one would associate to a mentally scarred veteran of war out for revenge.

"Tobi gonna take this kid." 'Tobi' proclaimed loudly. "YOINK!"

The blonde girl watched in no small amount of shock as the stranger lifted and held the ravenette around her waist. In a blur of motion, Obito leaped through the trees with the prize in hand.

(Back to Madara)

Madara canceled the jutsu as soon as Obito came back through the singularity - with an extra in hand. He instantly his own blood sing within the body of the girl that was laid down before him in a deep sleep as well as something quite peculiar. It was like another dojutsu was present, but did not originate from chakra.

He was happy nonetheless as a small smile appeared on his face. The plan was to die, but he was not prepared to do so with such a heavy regret on his mind surrounding his pregnant wife that Madara sent away. What he wanted was to see what was left by himself and Akari in their heavenly bond, and he knew the girl before him was of his blood by the presence of chakra in her body. She certainly had the Uchiha look with the pale skin and the black hair, but there were noticeable red tips. Madara recognized that faint color from Araki's crimson locks.

Judging by her age, Madara had a sure idea that the girl was his latest descendant as his great-granddaughter. He had sensed the passing of his wife and their children after, but also feeling the birth of the next generation. Now his last progeny is before him.

A groan came from the girl as she came back to consciousness. Blinking silver eyes with three tomoe each peered from a young face, widening the surprise and fear of the dark cave she was in. Her eyes landed on Madara, but she could divert her gaze away from the man hooked up to the Gedo Mazo. Obito only watched from the shadows.

"Where... Where am I?" Squeaked Ruby in no small amount of fright, her eyes scanning the room for some sort of exit. "Who are you?"

"No need to be afraid, little one." Madara greeted, his tone still powerfully baritone but lacking any sort of intimidation. "You are safe. You are with family."

"Family?" The girl wondered in confusion.

"Indeed." Madara said, his hand extending out to make a clear pool of water below the girl. "Look and you will see the proof."

The girl looked down at her reflection. At first she found nothing out of the ordinary that could relate her to this strange magic man. It was when she stared back at her own silver eyes did she find a new oddity. Surrounding her pupil were three tomoes each in a subtle spin. Her eyes felt so itchy and burning as she stared back at her reflection, taking in every detail she never had noticed before. She looked back to the man's one Rinnegan eye that began to morph back.

"Our eyes connect us." Madara said, his eye morphing into the Sharingan eye, its stark red contrasting with the bright silver. "And I am your great-grandfather."

He internally mused about this new development in his great-granddaughter. There was a clear difference in those silver Sharingan eyes. They lacked the cold hatred common in the crimson red and in its place was warm passion. Passion and very powerful if the fact she unlocked all three tomoe in each eye was any evidence to the fact. What else did these silver eyes entail with the Sharingan?

"My... great-grandpa?" Ruby said, her voice carrying returning strength and a hint of hope. "Are you really my great-grandpa?"

Madara nodded. "I know it perfectly. But please, we can't go one if I don't know your name."

"It's Ruby Rose." Answered Ruby, her stature becoming more comfortable. "But why am I here? What about the rest of my family?"

Madara focused more on the first question from the girl as it aligned with his own intentions. He had made it his goal to create a true peace through the Infinite Tsukiyomi, but he also had a different desire. When Madara married to Akari and was going to have a child of his own, he often dreamed of raising his offspring. Not just as a father, but as a teacher to nurture and grow into a mighty warrior he or she was born to be. What Madara wanted in his life before the Infinite Tsukiyomi was to raise a successor of his blood. It was a philosophy that Madara followed the those following the passed generation are destined to become the stronger, and Madara wanted to have those not of the Uchiha clan but his line specifically to surpass him to forever strengthen his legacy.

That desire has finally come in his great-granddaughter, Ruby. The potential was right there beneath youth and mystery. There was no doubt in Madara's mind; he shall make the Elemental Nations tremble with a new power. It was the time for the beginning to the next generation's ascendence.

"Ruby Rose, I have a question for you." Madara said, his Rinnegan eye locking onto Ruby's silver eyes. "What do you desire in life?"

"What do I want?" Ruby mused with a childish curl of her lips in thought. "I want to be like my mother."

"Your mother?" Madara wondered. "Please continue."

"Mom was strong, but she was still so nice." Ruby continued, and Madara could see a growing fire in those silver eyes. "I want to be like that. Someone who can be so strong that none of the problems in the world can happen. I want to be strong enough to be a hero, and change the world for the better."

It appeared that Ruby had the same sense of strength in the Uchiha, but its direction couldn't be more different. The Uchiha's need for power derived from a selfish need to dominate from a darker soul. Ruby's direction was the typical child's dream. An honest and just soul in a dream of heroics.

Madara let off an amused chuckle. "It's a good start as any. However, ambition cannot work without strength, Ruby. If you stay with me, I can show you the strength within you as an Uchiha. I will show you the power that can stop armies with a glare from your eyes. I will show you power to move the tides of the world as you wish."

"Like what?" Ruby wondered in childish curiosity.

Madara did not say a word, but his chakra pulsed through the cave. The five elements of charka manipulation sprang up around them in mighty pillars. From the ground, tree sprouts grew from Wood Release. Most of all Ruby saw and felt the near endless energy surrounding her, and she was in awe that it all surrounded Madara.

"This is power you are capable as well." Madara spoke, his voice dripping with power that earned the title as God of Shinobi alongside Hashirama. "In return, I want you carry out my legacy not for the Uchiha clan, but in my line. Not one of arrogance, but a legacy of strength built through trial and temperament. That is the strength of Madara Uchiha, and one that I will see you surpass."

Ruby's ears were drowning out the words from her great-grandpa. Her eyes were alit with awe and glee at the show around her, her six tomoe adding a twinkle to her silver orbs. She was so on board!

And Madara Uchiha will in truth see where her potential will rise. He wouldn't be a good great-grandfather if he had a stupid notion to hold her back, and forbid try to cripple her growth through subservience. In this world, he will bring true peace, but through Ruby that can go to other worlds.

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