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The sky is a colorful mixture of blue, gold, and red, with pink clouds dotting all around the horizon. My eyes soak in the beauty. A warm breeze blows across my skin, signaling to me that sunnier days are ahead. The grass feels soft beneath my back as I lay in a big bed of it by the coast. Glob! The smell of it so fresh I can't resist the urge to stick a blade of it in my mouth.

"Hey, Jake," I beckon.

"Yeah, Finn?" Jake answers, still lying down on the other side of the music hole.

"It's getting kind of late,"

"So?" He asks in confusion.

"So… what now?" I answer the question with a question.

Jake grumbles, "Come on dude, we just saved Ooo from the Gum War and a big red baby. Can't we just take it easy for today?"

"I meant 'what now' as in, what are we going to do about finding a new home?" I say, sitting up to look right at him.

"Home is where your heart is Finn, and wherever the people who care about you happen to be," He says, stretching his arms into a big heart that has a little figurine of Lady inside.

"And by that, you mean you'll be crashing at your girlfriend's house tonight."

"Yep," He replies, making little figurine of himself to make out with Lady.

"You just going to leave me to house hunt all on my own?" I cry out, giving him the best set of puppy eyes I can muster.

"Relax bro! You don't have any hunting; you just got to sweet talk the Huntress," Jake teases as he stretches his fingers to make a little me and a little Huntress Wizard, "Oh HW, I think your hottest babe in Ooo. Won't you please let me crash at your place tonight?" He mimics me, putting on a ridiculous puppet show.

"Oh, haha Jake, very funny. Can you cut it out now?" I roll my eyes and walk over to throw his arms down.

"I'm just kidding, Finn. You're more than welcome to stay with us, but you'll have to stay in TV's camper outside." Jake says, pointing a finger at me.

"What! Why?"

"I'll explain when your older," He dismisses the subject.

"You've been saying that since I was thirteen," I grumble.

"Finn! What's that coming up on the horizon?" Jake shouts, pulling me out of my pout.

"Huh!" I sit myself up, squinting my eyes as I look at the ocean, "I don't see anything."

Jake stretches out three limbs, two to grab my head, and one to point, "Over there," He says, guiding my head.

All I see is three black dots on the sea, "Let me grab some binoculars," I say, using my only arm to push his limbs out of the way.

I set my backpack on the ground and start to unzip it until I notice a problem. With only one hand, this zipper won't budge! All the dirt and grime makes it difficult to open up, but that's never been a problem until now.

Jake eyes me with concern, "Need some help there, bro?"

For whatever reason, I got it stuck in my head that it's me versus the zipper, and I'm not about to let it win.

"Nah dude, I got it," I reply, pinching the backpack between my legs while I jerk.

His face grows more concerned, "Careful dude, you going to-"


"break the zipper," He finishes after I get done bopping myself in the nose.

"That's it!" I say, taking out my Nightoshpere sword and stab a hole straight through my backpack. I finally get the pair of binoculars and hold them up in a triumph. Then I look at Jake, who's staring at me with eyes wide open.


"We need to get you a new arm," His voice is firm. Then Jake shakes his head and turns our attention back to the horizon, "See what's out there man."

When we both face that way, however, there's no need for binoculars. Three huge ocean liners are nearly at the coast, all of them full of humans waving at Jake and me.

"DUDE! The humans have come to Ooo," Jake shouts.

"Well, no dip!" I retort, only to become overwhelmed myself, "And there's my Mom!" I shout at the sight of a giant screen portraying Minerva, who's also waving at us.

The ocean liners stop a good ways from the coast. Then not long after, the humans load themselves onto smaller small boats. As they approach, I notice how the boats have stacks of oddly shaped crates that are crowding the passengers, which makes me even giddier.

Are the humans moving to Ooo?

"Jake, we gotta help the humans unpack, and make camp, and set up buildings, and…"

"Woah! Now hold up there bro, we're not building a city overnight. Let's just start by saying hi to your Mom," Jake cuts me off.

"Oh, right."

While we spoke, all the ships landed on the shore. I set out to greet them, but then something odd happens, or rather, doesn't happen. The humans aren't leaving their boats. They're just sitting there, acting like a bunch of standing stones, a bunch of anxious stones, if such a thing exists.

It's not long until I find out why, though. Each boat has one Minerva bot, all of them step off onto shore with some sort of scanner popping out of their heads. They look like little satellite dishes, with blinking red lights on the tip of the beacons. The whole time the red lights flicker, the Minerva bots say "scanning," over and over. They chant this word for a couple of minutes until the red flashing lights turn green, and they all say, "No threat detected."

Now one approaches me holding a monitor with my Mother on it.

"Sorry about that, my dear, but you can never be too careful." Mother states.

"No prob, mom," I grin.

"Finn, I'm so glad that you're the first face I saw coming to this continent, and I can't wait to get well acquainted with my son again. However, that'll have to wait until tonight, when campsites are up, and supper is ready. Now, would you be hand and help unload some crates," She commands.

"Hey, speaking of hands," Jake interrupts and holds up my stubbed arm in front of her screen.

"GASP!" Her face becomes filled with fright.

Thanks a lot, Jake.

"What has this forsaken land done to you?" She squeals.

"Mom, calm down. It was just a…"

"Was it one of those terrible goblins that roam this land?" She blurts out.

"What! No, I-"

"Don't tell me it was the vampire!" She cuts me off again.

"Marceline? NO! Mom it was-"

"A devilish creature, surely!" Her voice trembles.


"Oh, for heaven's sake, I let you leave the Island only to follow you here and find out that a monster has eaten your prosthetic!" She panics.

"Actually, it was bitten off by the deity of chaos and destruction itself, Golb!"

"AH!" I shout in terror, only to turn around and see Simon smirking.

Jake chuckles, "Heheh, dude chill out, it's only the former Ice King."


"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jake shrieks at the sight of Marceline's demonic face.

"Just practicing your scream song again, eh Jake?" I jeer.

"Oh, Marceline, why you got to be so mean?" Princess Bubblegum joins in.

What comes next catches us all off guard. The Minerva bot's satellites all turn red as they shout, "threat detected," then they point their index fingers at the trio. A lid pops open at the fingertip, revealing a tranquilizer dart. The Minerva bot holding Mother pulls Jake and me behind itself.

"Stand back, all of you!" Mom hollers.

"Mom, it's ok, they're my friends."

Her eyebrows rise with surprise, "These are your friends?"

"Yes, Mom! Don't you remember seeing them in my memories? The vampire girl is Marceline, the pink lady is Princess Bubblegum, and the crazy ice wizard is this man right here, Simon."

The Minerva bots all put their tranquilizers away, and their satellites all go back to green, "I'm so sorry, I hope all of you can forgive a mother's instinct. I'm not used to seeing such…" Mom hesitates, "new faces."

"No need to be, in hindsight, we probably should have been a little more subtle in our approach." Princess Bubblegum states, sounding sweet as usual.

"Yeah! Way to make a first impression Marceline!" Jake scolds.

"I know where your sleeping tonight, Jake!" Marceline retorts with a cynical smile.


"Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Simon, what are you guys doing here?" Their presence has me curious.

"Well, I came by to return this," Bubblegum holds up my metal arm.

"Wo-ho-ho, this is totally algebraic PB!" I place the arm back onto my stub, "Where did you find it?"

"Well, I didn't. That's part of why Simon came with me." She states, letting Simon take a step forward.

"I stumbled upon it while I was walking through the valley where we encountered Golb," Simon explains, "I was just thinking of Betty at the time, but when I found your arm, I remembered how you were with us inside Golb's stomach. Marceline told me how you and Jake were trying to save Betty by stopping her and… I can't thank you enough for that." He finishes with a smile.

"Thank you, Simon, that means a lot."

"Excuse me!" Mom buds in, "But if I may, can someone explain to me how this man went from a blue ice wizard to a professor? And what exactly is he talking about when he says Golb, and why you were in its stomach!" She questions, eyeing me down with her hands on her hips.

"And how does Marceline know where I'm sleeping?" Jake adds.

"MINERVA!"The humans cry out.

"I'm hungry."

"I'm tired."

"My legs are numb, can we get off now?"

The complaints go on and on.

"Oh my, it's nearly dusk! Yes, of course, we got to set up camp before nightfall!" Mother replies, then she looks toward us, "Would you all be ever so kind as to help us set up."

"Gladly!" "Be happy to!" "Sure," The trio replies.

"Besides, we'll need a campfire to tell you the whole of my terrible tale," Simon smirks once again.

"Oh, boy…" Marceline grumbles.

Stepping into my apartment, I slip off my backpack. My sword and my shoes slip after. By the end of the day, I just feel like letting everything slip off of me. I then slide into my pajamas, followed by my fur sleeping bag. Finally, I lay my head down on the old sweat-stained pillow and ease my eyes shut.

The day has been long and hard, per usual, but I still can't sleep. My mind must wonder before I fall into sweet, blissful sleep.

Ah, where to begin? What thoughts will I be alone within these wee hours of the night?

Hmm… I know! I'll just start out with the big one.

Where did the time go?

I still can't believe that only three months ago, I survived Golb's stomach, and worse yet, Simon's awful story version of it. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was jumping up and down with joy to see Mom bringing a boatload of humans to Ooo.

Honestly, I think where most of the time got wasted was being Ooo's errand boy. Today is a perfect example. I lost twelve hours in the Slime Kingdom catacombs recovering an ancient family heirloom for Slime Princess. Of course, it turned out to be nothing more than a snot covered tissue, but according to her, it's a slime doily.

Then there was the tedious task of restocking Princess Bubblegum's laboratory with more ingredients. Again, she just wanted more sweeteners, but Glob! Why does there have to be so many? You got dextrose, sucrose, fructose, and then some artificial stuff I can't even pronounce.

Oh, but worst of all, it's the humans!

It's like they can't solve even the pettiest of problems on their own. I literally 'saved the day' just by digging out a crate of VR headsets they brought from the Island. Then there was the time they ran out of coffee; Jake and I had to run to the breakfast kingdom take the giant coffee pot right off the castle. And how can I forgot about the little kids always wanting me to lift them up onto my shoulders for better wifi service!


I can't complain too much. Mom keeps a pretty good handle on things, and just by helping alongside her, we've grown closer than I could have ever imagined. Besides, not every day can be as thrilling as slaying an evil, three-eyed troll.

At least not when you're a hero.

But it won't be much longer now. No, not long at all. Mother's got something big planned for me. She begged me to start homeschooling with her, and of course, I caved in. But only because of how important it was to her. Well, that and it does make a lot of sense. The more you know, the farther you go.

But all the books, all the studying, all the pain in the brain has reached its end. I've taken the test that she wanted from me. Though I fear that it had for some bigger purpose behind it than she lets on and that my worries about school are not quite over. She's got a plan, that's for sure.

If only she'd tell me what it is.

Oh well, she probably will soon enough, so I shouldn't worry. If anything, I should be thankful. Life is great! A little boring, I'll admit, but still great.


At this rate, I'll never fall asleep. My mind keeps running around in circles, and it won't let up. At least that's what I always tell myself until exhaustion overcomes me, and I pass out.

Sniff Sniff Sniiiiiiiiiiiiifffffffffff…


A sweet savor enters my nose, making me roll onto my shoulders to get a better whiff of the heavenly smell.

Sniff Sniff…


They smell fresh like Mother just pulled them out of the meal synthesizer.

My eyes crack open, my mouth begins to water, and suddenly I find myself digging into my drawers, throwing socks, belts, underpants, and all the other non-essentials out of the way to get my shorts and shirt. Yeah, that should be enough.

"YAWN… Huh?"

Crude Cow! The other humans are starting to wake up; I'll be stuck in line for an hour if I don't hurry.

"Breakfast time already?" I hear a lady say from the apartment next door.

Too late! I jump into my shorts and head for my apartment door, that's when I realize that I forgot something.

"My hat!" I shout.

The hat, of course, is essential. So I rush back to my sleeping bag laying on top of the bed and start frantically shaking it. Finally, it slides out, and I put it on haphazardly. Now only half my face is sticking through the hole.

"Never mind that! We have more important things to deal with," I talk like a crazy person as I once again head for the door. However, I stop dead in my tracks the sound.


"Who in the world could that be?" I say, pulling back the door.

"Finn, come quick! We got some urgent biz man." Jake yells.

"Gasp! Has a human wondered into one of Ooo's dungeons?"

Jake raises his right eyebrow, "Uh, no dude."

"Aw Rhombus! Did the humans run out of coffee again?"

"What! No bro,"

"Is there anyone in danger? Or has somebody stolen a-"

"Calm down, Finn," He interrupts, "It's just your mom dude; she wants to talk to you about something important."

"You call that urgent, Jake!"

"You think I'd be missing out on some fresh biscuits if it wasn't?"

"I…" Dang it, I can't argue with that.

"Alright, you got me there. Hey Jake, mind giving me a ride over to Mom's mainframe?" I ask, giving him the needy puppy eyes again.

"Sure thing,"

Jake shrinks down in between my legs, only to grow back into an enormous size.

From his furry back, I can see the entire human colony of Ooo. The humans, or rather my Mom's Minerva bots, have got a lot of construction done, perhaps even too much done. There are more housing facilities than necessary. In fact, that pretty much makes up the entire city, but that's because Mom is counting on more humans coming to Ooo.

As we approach Mother's mainframe, I can see Jake marveling at the gigantic white dome that lays at the heart of the colony.

"How much data storage does your Mom need to run all these Minerva bots? He asks.

"Actually, Mom only built one CPU here, and though it is huge, she only uses it to store her consciousness. From the way she explained it to me, she can control the Minerva bots all the way from the Island using a satellite," I explain.

"Oh," Jake replies, still looking as confused as before, "So, why the huge dome?" He goes on.

"The dome acts as the colony's Habitat for Humanity," I state, trying to exaggerate the title as much as possible.

He gives me a funny look, "Habitat for Humanity?"

"Yeah man, this building has it all! Dining centers, education centers, fitness centers, medical centers, and any other 'centers' the humans would need are all right here. It makes it easier for Mom to help the humans if all their necessities are in one spot." I explain.

Jake frowns, "Sounds a bit messed up to me bro, what's the point of the humans leaving the Island if Minerva is just baby them here?"


Good question.

"To be honest, Jake, I don't see the point in it either, but you also have to understand that it took a lot of convincing to get Mom and the humans off the Island. Convincing them to change their lifestyle is just something that will take a little more time."

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense," Jake remarks.

All of a sudden, I hear a humming noise coming from my backpack, and Jake reaches inside to grab the phone. We land at the entrance of the white dome as he proceeds to answer the call.

"Yo, what up, this is Jake.".

I huddle closer to listen in, "Who is it?"

The voice on the phone squabbles, "It's Lady," Jake replies as he holds the phone closer to his ear, "Uh-huh… Yeah, babe, I totally remembered."

Wanting to catch up on the gossip, I wait by Jake to finish. Nevertheless, the conversation carries on for a while, and I don't like the thought of Mom waiting on me. I point towards myself and then towards the hallway, signaling that I'm going on without him. Jake waves goodbye, and with that, I'm off.

As I approach the mainframe, I can't help but notice the cameras that hang in every corner of every hallway. It doesn't bother me too much; after all, it is just my Mom. Still, I'm not a fan of being watched all the time either.

Finally, I reach the elevator and head down three floors. When the doors open up, I walk in to see Mother waiting for me. In the center of the room, there lies a couch sitting across from a giant flat-screen that hosts Mother herself. As I walk, I marvel at the high tech gizmos around me.

Granted, the mainframe room at the colony is small in comparison to Mom's other mainframe back at Founder's Island. However, that doesn't dismiss the fact that this place is pretty cool.

"Good morning darling, how's my little helper doing today." Her voice sounds brighter than usual.

"Doing fine, I guess. Jake said you wanted to see me about something important." I get straight the point.

Her expression looks somber, "Your dog friend was correct Finn, but I was hoping to start the conversation with the little more subtlety," As she talked, a compartment opens from the roof and lets down a virtual reality headset.

"I'd like to show you something Finn, would you please join me?" she asks in an ever so polite manner.

This must be it, her big plan!

I put on the VR headset and find myself standing in a living room. It's the same one from the time I had the headset on at the banana boat. The last time I had to say goodbye to the Island and my mother.

"Wow," I can't help but take in the view. There's something about the house that brings me back to a time before I can even remember. I have to explore.

Mom smiles at me as I walk around the room, Glad to see that you still connect with the place."

I come across a picture hanging on a wall; it's a family portrait from when I was a baby. The paint makes me feel a rush of emotions. I'm confused, yet excited, unamused, yet delighted!

"Mom was this place our… before I was…" I trial off.

Tears start to flow from her eyes, "It was our home before you and father disappeared. I was running late for a doctor's conference the last time I saw both of you."

I walk over to sit down beside her, "It's ok Mom, I'm here now." I lean over to hug her, but my arms simply go through her like thin air.


"I'm sorry my dear, but my virtual presence only goes so far." She explains.

"Don't be," I fake stroke her hair in an attempt to calm her down.

This cheers up enough to get a smile, but it quickly disappears, "Your father was supposed to order a take-out dinner to have ready for when I got home." Her voice sounds distant.

"We can go out for dinner tonight, Mom, we can make up for lost time,"

Mom wipes away her virtual tears, "Oh Finn, dinner sounds lovely, but there's no need catching up. This world has helped you grow in more ways than I could have ever hoped for."

"Aw Mom, you're just saying that,"

Mom's puts her hands on her hips, "Finn, I've seen your memories, I've watched you over the last three months since we got here. I know that you're a strong warrior, but at the same time, a peacemaker. I know that you're the admirable hero of Ooo, but also a tender and caring friend. And with your words alone, you inspired half the Island to come to Ooo to live a life full of freedom, wonder, and adventure. And-"

"Mom! you can stop now, I get it," Glob! I hope I'm not blushing, "And also, thank you."

"My point is Finn, I only wish to continue that growth, and that is why I asked for you so that I could show you this," She snaps her fingers and up pulls a hologram file in the middle of the living room.

I look at all the fine print paragraphs and quickly become confused by all the charts and numbers on the file. However, I do notice a big twenty-two in the bottom right corner.

"What's this?"

Mother only smiles, "Do you remember that exam I made you take about a week ago?"

Are you kidding? My head still hurts from just thinking about it.

"Aw, don't remind me. That test sucked! They only allowed us enough time to spend like a minute on each question, and the questions on the test don't make any sense! What person measures the circumference of watermelon five times to find the rate at which it grows?" I ask in a rhetorical tone.

"Well, this card bears the fruit of your labor, my dear," Mother quips, "And that test is called the ACT. It's a standardized test we give to adolescents to see how prepared they are for higher education." She explains.

I don't like where this conversation is going; nevertheless, I am curious.

"How did I do?"

"It tells you right there," She says, pointing at the big bold number on the bottom right corner.

"twenty-two?" I say in confusion, "twenty-two out of what? A hundred! Dang it, I must have really donked up."

Mother just laughs, "No darling, that is twenty-two out of thirty-six, and it's a terrific score for your first try."

For some reason, her excitement grows a lump in my throat, "Why do you say that?"

"My dear, with this score, you qualify to get into Founder's Island University." She exclaims.

I don't believe what I'm hearing. Me? Go to college? Never in a million years did I think those words could be put together in a sentence. Then again, I should have seen it coming. Mother has been tutoring me for a few months now, and I knew that it was for something big. But college? I never really thought that day would ever come.

And to be honest, I wish it hadn't.

"Mom," I speak up, "I get that you're just trying to do what you think is best and all, but… I don't think college is right for me."

Mother just smiles, "Indeed, I only wish what's best for you, and I understand that you may have some doubts. All I ask is that you would take some time to think it over. Perhaps you could get on the next supply run to the Island, and we could at least tour the campus together?" She suggests.

Just a tour? I don't see the harm in that.

But wait!

Me? Set foot inside some fancy university? Nah…


Oh my Glob, why is this so hard?

"Ok," I force myself to reply.

Her face lights up with the biggest grin I've seen from her yet, "Oh darling, it will be wonderful. I'm sure that once you see the campus, you'll-"

My mind phases out after that. I'm still trying to process what I just agreed to.

"I… I need some time alone," I blurt out, interrupting her speech of how happy she is 'for me'. It's all I could manage to say before taking off the virtual reality headset and walk out of the mainframe.

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