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Chapter 1: I give a Pegasus doughnuts


Waiting for a goddess to vaporize me was not how I wanted to spend my Saturday afternoon. Really, I swear. However, if I wanted even a chance at Athena giving me her blessing I knew better then to move.

Athena glared down at me with her arms crossed, she was down to normal size in jeans and a gray blouse. Despite her diminished form, I still felt her aura of power burning against my skin.

"So, you want to marry my daughter Percy Jackson? And your asking for my blessing?" said Athena

"Yes, um", my mind raced for the speech I had prepared last night, "I love Annabeth, we have fought by each other's side since we were 12 years old. We have saved the world twice, been though Tartarus, and College in New Rome. I am beyond lucky to have her in my life and now that we are moving on to careers, I know that now is the time to ask her to marry me. I wanted to come and ask for your blessing first since you never really have approved of our relationship. I know that you will probably turn me into a flea or something, but I'm not leaving without an answer." I gasped for breath; my hands were shaking as I waited for an agonizingly long minute.

"You have definitely proven yourself as a great hero, despite your fatal flaw. I'm still not sure if you and my daughter will work out, but I do give you my blessing." she said sternly. Her tone did not convey much warmth, but the fact that she has approved of our marriage is all that matters.

I got up to look at her in the eye, "I promise that I will take care of Annabeth, I truly do love her." I told her with a strong conviction in my voice.

She gave me a small smile, "You better or else I will turn you into a flea. Now you should probably leave, I am surprised the doorman even let you up here." she said.

I laughed and shrugged "Don't blame him, I may have told him that it was a matter of life or death." I said and walked into the elevator. I sighed at the sound of the awful music. Man, I really wish that I had requested better music when I was 16. I stepped out into the lobby, then I thanked the doorman and headed out to the street as I went behind a business building to meet up with Blackjack.

Hey Boss, you are still alive, so I am guessing she said yes? He communicated as I was mounting to ride.

"Yes Blackjack, it went pretty well. Are you ready to head back to my mom's?" I said while scoping the area for any monsters. Hey, you never know when one will pop up and try to bite your head off.

Yeah boss, but can we stop for doughnuts first? Waiting to see if you would be vaporized has made me very hungry.

"No problem" I said as we took to the sky. After a stop at the donut shop, we arrived outside my mom's apartment building.

"Alright Blackjack, thank you for the ride. Be safe on your way back to camp and tell everyone hello for me. Don't forget, this is our little secret until I can ask Annabeth." I said sternly. It will be hard enough to keep this quiet without him blabbing about it.

Hey Boss, I am no snitch, your secret is safe with me. I will see you again this summer. With that he took off. I turned and went into the apartment building. I am excited to tell my mom the good news. With that in mind I race up to her apartment and swing open the door.

"Hey mom, I'm back and I have news!" I shouted as I gleefully looked around the apartment. My eyes landed on my toddler little sister crawling around the living room. I picked her up and swung her around.

"Hi Estelle, are you happy to see your big brother?" I smiled down at her in my arms and tickled her tummy. She shrieked with laughter and nodded, causing my mom to emerge from the kitchen. She gave me a soft smile at the sight.

"Percy! Tell me everything, how did it go?" she said while she took Estelle out of my arms to get her dinner.

"Well, other then the part where I was sure I was about to get blasted into a puddle of demigod goo, it was great. She gave me her blessing!" I exclaimed, with the biggest smile on my face.

"That's great honey, you know that you still have to ask her father, right?" she said with a sympathetic expression.

"Of course, but he can't turn me into a cheeseburger. In fact, I think I will go send him an Iris message while the sun is still out. Can I use your watering can?" I ask while I dug in my pocket for a drachma.

"No problem, it's over by the flowerpot. Good luck, remember to be polite." she said.

I roll my eyes; I just faced a Goddess who basically hates me. I think I will be fine. I go out to our small porch, using the flowerpot to create a tiny rainbow. "Oh Fleecy, do me a solid. Show Fredrick Chase in San Francisco, California." I said before tossing in a drachma. The image spiraled to reveal Dr. Chase was working on his airplane. He was working so diligently in fact that at first, he does not realize I am there until I coughed, and he jumped in the air.

"Oh, hello Percy! What an excellent surprise, I thought you were visiting your family for the weekend?" he said curiously, though without breaking concentration on his task.

"I am actually, but I wanted to call you and ask you an especially important question. Sir, as you know I am very much so in love with your daughter and would never let anything happen to her. I want to spend the rest of my life with Annabeth, do I have your blessing to propose to your daughter?" I tried to say strongly even though my stomach was churning. Dr. Chase stared at me through the Iris message almost as if he was sizing me up to see how serious I was. I made sure not to break eye contact and to stand tall.

"Yes Percy, you have my blessing. I can see how much you care for my daughter. I know you will take care of her and if you don't, she can definitely kick your ass." He said with a smile.

I grinned. "Thank you, Sir, you are definitely right about that. I won't let you down and I will keep you updated on any proposal news." I said before we ended our Iris message. I was so elated that I could barely move. "I am going to do it. I am really going to propose to Annabeth." I said softly to myself. Before I did that though, I needed to make a special call to Leo and Tyson.