"Hey you kids!" Canary Mary called out while flapping her wings on the purple platform in Cloud Cuckooland. "You wanna go for a run against me?"

Popo and Nana looked at each other oddly, with the Ice Climbers having been freezing the air to make paths with their floating ice blocks, unsure as to what this crazy lady had to say. Of course a certain red crested breegull bird happened to fly by just in time to stop the pair from doing anything drastic.

"Hold on you kids; don't challenge this freak to a race!" Kazooie warned while flapping her wings. "You will regret it, take it from me!"

The Ice Climber pair weren't sure as to what Kazooie was squawking about so they wen and took up the Canary de Mary on her infamous run around the sky, with the Breegull slapping her feathered head in disappointment as she followed the group to stop the inevitable stupidity from happening.