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I opened my eyes in water.

The water right around me was clean, strikingly so when I looked beyond my little bubble of cleanliness.

The water around it is filthy, dirt and trash and pollution filling it.

I blinked slowly.

I saw a figure for just a moment, looking strikingly like Tethys-ran, but with a different shaded tail, and… felt different. More… soothing.

The figure smiled, pulling away, a medicine pouch in hand.

My body still burns, but it's fading, the pain an ache that throbs, but doesn't break me.

The figure was gone.

I slowly sat up, staring around in confusion.

I found my knife in the mud beside me (the very clean mud, like the bottom of a river should be), it must've fallen from my hand as I fell, and I scooped it up, slipping it into it's sheathe.

It was no help, I couldn't use it against such enemies. The Chimera was too great, and Echidna, well the only way she was killed was when she was asleep.

I didn't stand a chance.

I looked down at my leg, afraid of what I might see.

There was a treated seaweed wrapped around my leg to bandage it, I could just see the edges of an ointment spread above where the seaweed went.

I relaxed, it seems… it seems like everything is fine now.

I sat in the water and kept healing.

I probably shouldn't leave until the pain and burning stops, just to be safe.

I stared out into the water, the filthy water, from my bubble of purity. I know this presence, the curling currents, cleanliness.


She heard me, she saved me, or sent someone to save me.

She made this bubble of purity and sent that figure to save me.

"Thank you," I whispered to the water.

There was no answer, but I know she heard. She heard my prayer after all.

I suddenly noticed the curling vines peaking through the mud.

I bent and pulled out a small curl of vine with one trumpet flower still on it. I must've pulled it down with me when I fell. I carefully slipped it into my pocket.

The pain was fading more, the burning almost entirely gone.

I waited.

Fump-fump-fump. A riverboat's paddlewheel churned above me, swirling the silt around.

I straightened when I noticed a new presence, something light, a soft brushing almost lost in the curling currents.

Stand tall Percy-aia, do not despair, your Father believes in you.

I looked out, the words seemed to come from everywhere, rippling through the water like a dolphin sonar.

"Where are you?" I called.

I felt her presence strengthen before I saw her, a ghostly woman in the filthy water, away from my bubble of purity. She had long billowing hair, and her eyes, barely visible, were a striking sea green eyes, the only thing truly visible in color.

I swallowed, her face, her hair, it all… it all resembled my mom.

It was like she was my mom's clone, except the eyes, they didn't change like my mom's.

Hello child, I am Dynamene, Nereid of the sea's power. I bear a message from your Father.

"What is the message tetaeparu?" Why does he have a message for me? He's never spoken to me before…

Go to the beach in Santa Monica. It is your father's will. Before you descend into the Underworld, you must go to Santa Monica. Please, Percy-aia, I cannot stay long. The river here is too foul for my presence.

I swallowed, why does my dad want me there?

"Thank you for passing along the message, I appreciate it." I said, dipping my head.

She reached out, despite the distance I felt a current brushing my cheek as her presence started to fade.

You… go… Santa Monica! And, Percy… not trust… gifts.

I frowned, gifts?

But she faded, her presence gone.

"What gifts?" I muttered.

She brought a message all the way from my father. This is the first time he's acknowledged me other than the claiming.

I'm not sure how I feel about it.

The burning was gone, the pain only the faintest ache.

It's time for me to go ashore.


I came ashore near a set of steps leading out of the water.

I only got a few up before I saw the chaos above.

Everything was drenched.

Emergency vehicles were all over, but the remains of what looks like the river coming ashore were clear.

Mud, trash, all kinds of things normally in the rivers (not that they should be, but they unfortunately are), and water everywhere.

The river is still filthy, I can attest to that from being in it, but clearly it also dumped a lot of trash on shore.

I looked around, people were getting wrapped in shock blankets and bandaged up, firefighters were parked all around the base of the arch, there were news helicopters above and reporters on the ground. All in all, it's a mess.

What… what happened.

I remember falling, I shouldn't have ended up in the river from the arch, but I did.

A tug in my gut… a roar…

Did… did I do that?

Did Tethys-ran?

The remains of destruction remind me of that time Katara rode a wave across the crystal caverns… did I do something similar?

Ugh, I was out and can't remember, I have no idea how I reached the water, but I'm glad I did.

I finished going up the stairs.

I snuck around some of the people, realizing belatedly that my hat fell off at some point. I kept my head down.

I slipped around behind a cameraman and heard the news lady talking, "It's been noted that it's probably not a terrorist attack, but it's still very early in the investigation. As you can see, the damage is very serious, and with a strange growth of some kind of flowering vine all over the arch and still growing."


"On top of that, the freak massive wave came from the river, and we have heard some reports of someone falling from the Arch but was lost in the chaos the wave caused."

So that's what happened.

I slipped farther through the crowd, focusing on that faint taste of berries that I could only just taste. Grover.

"… an adolescent boy," a reporter was saying as I snuck by. "Channel Five has learned that surveillance cameras show an adolescent boy against what appears to be a rabid moose? And someone is wielding a flame-thrower. We're not certain how all of that got to the observation deck, but somehow it set off this freak explosion, the rabid moose has also gone missing so keep an eye out. We're not sure where the water came from, or the vines, but they're considered a wild gardening accident."

A wild gardening accident? Mortals are strange. And the Chimera looked like a rabid moose… well at least I don't seem completely nuts up there.

"The moose should not have been on the Arch!" declared another news reporter.

"We're well past that," dismissed his partner.

I ducked my head more and followed the taste of berries.

"Perrrr-cy!" Grover bleated, tackling me.

I breathed in the scent of freshly cut grass and relaxed.

They're safe, I'm safe, we're all alive. We also need to leave.

"We thought you'd gone to Hades the hard way!"

"Wouldn't it technically be the easy way?"

Annabeth huffed, standing behind Grover and trying to hide her relief, "We can't leave you alone for five minutes! What happened? What's on your leg?"

I shook my head, "Not here, I'll tell you on the train, we need to get out of here.

"Gangway!" A cop shouted, parting the crowd. A couple of paramedics hustled out, rolling a woman on a stretcher, the mom of the little boy from the observation deck.

She was babbling, "And then the chihuahua, cause it was a chihuahua, it wasn't anymore, and it turned into a fire breathing moose, and it set everything on fire and- and-"

"Okay ma'am," the paramedic soothed. "Just calm down. Your family is fine. The medication is starting to kick in."

"I'm not crazy! The boy got kicked out the hole by the moose, and all the vines, the crazy lady was laughing and-" She saw me. "There he is! That's the boy!"

I yanked Annabeth and Grover away, ducking my head again.

I never had a problem with my blue hair before, but I'm beginning to think it makes me too recognizable. Just a little.

"What's going on?" Annabeth hissed. "Was she talking about the Chihuahua on the elevator?"

I shook my head, "to the train first. I'll tell you everything once we get away."

They both reluctantly nodded as we passed another reporter.

"Perseus Jackson. That's right, Dan. Channel Twelve has learned that the boy who was fighting the rabid moose and may have had a hand in the explosion, and freak gardening incident, fits the description of a missing person who is wanted for questioning both for his and his mother's disappearances, and for a serious incident in New Jersey with a bus three days ago. And the boy is believed to be traveling west. For our viewers at home, here is a photo of Percy Jackson."

We ducked around the news van and slipped into an alley.

"First things first," I said. "We've got to get out of town."


We made it back to the Amtrak, with a bag of "Monster Donuts" from a store near the station (and the place smelled acidic, but the others didn't notice and nothing bad happened and the donuts don't have any sensations, so I ignored it).

Annabeth also stopped in a store and bought a silk scarf from a store along our way. It's a plain black, with a constellation pattern on it.

We settled into our seats, Annabeth turning to me, "We need to hide your hair."

I nodded, it's too obvious, I love it, but I can't risk people recognizing me. As it is it's a miracle no one has yet.

Annabeth helped me cover my hair with the scarf.

She laid it on top of my head then crossed the ends at the base of my scalp. The she tied it and twisted it.

"You'll have to do this yourself some time so pay attention," she added.

She pinned it as a bun at the base of my scalp, using my (apparently magic) coral hair pin from Triton.

She nodded, "It covers your hair just fine. Just don't let it slip, people will be looking for your hair. There's also another style you can do with just one pin, but there's way more for two or more pins."

I nodded, "Thanks."

"So, are you going to tell us what happened now?"

I took a deep breath, then started talking.

I told them how the chihuahua turned into a Chimera, how Echidna revealed her identity, how she was sent by Zeus to kill me, how I got bit when I was trying to fight both, how I used the seed gift from the Demeter cabin (and then I had to explain what the gift was and why I got it and how it works since I never actually told them about it, whoops. Probably a good thing I only used that packet, it's the least dangerous of the three), and then how I fell, and I guess called the water to catch me (or Tethys-ran, but I didn't say that now, nor did I mention the one she sent to heal me). Then I talked about the nereid that appeared, sending me to Santa Monica as my dad commanded.

"Wow, we've gotta get to Santa Monica," Grover said. "We can't ignore a summons from your dad."

I nodded reluctantly. I don't know if I want to do as my dad says, but it might be important.

We nibbled on the donuts and settled down to wait for our final stop.

It's a probably a good thing that we didn't get tickets all the way. We'd probably get found if we stayed on the train that long.

I looked out the window as the train started moving, the St. Louis skyline glittering with emergency lights fading behind us.


I haven't been this angry since… since Pallas died.

Mother stopped me from going to Percy, she stopped me and banned me from leaving the palace.

Father isn't very happy either, not after I told him that Percy was dying. He was dying, and Mother stopped me from reaching him.

I don't know how he recovered, the pin doesn't tell me the kind of venom (I'll have to fix that) but it did tell me that he's dying of snake venom (and I'll need to get him something that keeps venom from affecting him, but even the greatest wouldn't have been able to stop that, it was too fast acting, too strong).

Mother said it would mean war, Mother said that he was already healing, Mother said she would not risk Zeus striking me down for going to my brother.

Mother said he was going to be fine.

But Mother still stopped me from reaching him, from making sure he's okay, from making sure he knows he's not alone and I am here for him.

I'm furious with Mother.

The whole point is to let the sea know that he's on of Atlantis's princes isn't it? Yet she stops me…

I was swimming in circles, I need a way to keep a closer eye on him during this quest. I can't let risk him dying because Mother won't let me reach him.

I scowled, all the common ways would be noticed, all the uncommon ways take time or power or things I don't have right now.

I need some way to keep him safe from afar. He's skilled, but he's a child and children shouldn't be doing this. The land doesn't understand!

Camp Tetomoa in Atlantis, Camp Poihonu from Oceanus's trench, and Camp Papuore of Duberdicus's kingdom won't let anyone take quests until they're at least sixteen! Why does the land camp, Camp Half-Blood, let twelve-year-old's do it!? Even the camps in other kingdoms don't allow children out like that.

Maybe I could assign a quest…


Now there's an idea.


"I'm back grandmother."

I flicked around, smiling at my daughter Galene, "How is he?"

She smiled, settling on one of the braided kelp cushions, "I reached him in time. It was very close though, the purity you put around him gave him the time I needed to reach him and allowed me to stay in the water without too much trouble."

"Good, will he heal fully?"

That is my greatest worry, the gagamure ophi is long extinct, except in the Chimera's tail. Galene is one of the few that still knows how to treat it, but it wasn't rare to have to amputate the limb bitten, unfortunately.

"He will, he's strong and his own healing was kicking in when he hit the water. You should look into him getting healing lessons, though he seems inclined towards purifying magic from what I could sense."

I nodded, "Oceanus did tell me that he's already able to feel the presence of power and magic around him."

She blinked, "Strange, he's young for that."

I hummed, "So he will be okay?"

"Not to worry mother," she pulled up and flicked to my side, kissing my cheek. "Our future little brother is just fine."

I smiled, 'Please' he'd said, calling for me.



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