Final chapter! Starts with a Q&A and then has the bonus scene and ends with some bits of Halmaheran!

Hope you guys enjoy :)

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Q & A and Stories and Meetings

Where do you look for information? - HermsP

Well, depends on which information I'm looking for. If it's related to the books I either pull out the relevant book (I own all of them) or I pull up the wiki for a summary of it. Of course, the wiki isn't always accurate, but it's a good resource, at least for name info and side mentions.

If I'm looking for info on culture, it depends. I generally talk to people in my discords and ask about their cultures. I have people of many religions, ethnicities, sexualities, and abled status's in the server and many are very kind and willing to answer my questions. It's super helpful.

The rest of what I do for information is from my classes (I'm taking multiple that actually cover the stuff I'm including in my story), or general internet research. School resources are also helpful because I get them for free as long as I'm a student there, so lots of high-quality resources.

I also try my best to have at least two sources to confirm the information, I know some resources aren't accurate, so I try my best to ensure I'm using good ones.

Are you planning to involve sea deities from another culture?- HermsP

I do! I'm really excited to delve into it all, I've been doing a lot of research for it and I think it'll be really fun. The main focus will be the Greeks, but I will be including quite a bit of fun lore and a big focus on the undersea conflicts and interactions.

what inspired this story?- Randomfandomwoman

The sudden rise in activity in PJO and Avatar did! Some people I followed commented on an Avatar AU for Percy Jackson, and I just... got an idea. I didn't expect it to get this long honestly. Originally it was just gonna be a little one-shot/two-shot but uh… I'm bad at ending things.

do you plan on doing the hero's of olympus in your rewrite? and if so, how do you plan on doing the whole kidnapping hit? i can't imagine that the sea kingdoms would take kindly to the prince being kidnapped, but in interested to see how the romans react to this percy.- happy_little_trees3

I do! I'll be completely revamping that entire story arc, the whole thing. I'm including hints throughout the first five books, there've even been a few this book ;). The biggest hint is a few books away, but I'm excited. And you'll have to wait and see for the kidnapping bit, don't want to spoil everything. But you're right, if Percy was kidnapped the sea would not be happy about it.

How did you come up with the suffixes for the undersea royalty?-happy_little_trees3

Well, I really like the idea of suffixes being used for names. For one, it puts the name first, and two, they can be so customized. It's like Japanese suffixes, though those only partially inspired the ones in my story. It sounds better to me, to have them at the end, and is a good way to show respect and show how comfortable one can get with others, by how less formal they get when comfortable.

In order to come up with them I use the Tahitian Language (which I am not a speaker of but I have found a few decent translators and dictionaries) which falls under the Halmaheran Language group (yes the Halmaheran language in my story is named for this language group). I don't take them straight from the translations mind you, but they're inspired by the translations I can find. Some words don't directly translate, so I have to get creative.

Is Halmaheran, as you are using it, based off an existing Halmaheran language, or is it a language you're in the process of building?- Question from many people (exact wording from AshOfSix)

Halmaheran is, as I said above, based on Tahitian. I got the name from the Halmaheran language group, the name of that originating from the island of Halmahera.

The language itself pulls from Tahitian phrasing, but more in spirit. I use the dictionary and translators I've found to find words meaning roughly the word I need, then pick the sounds out and change them to fit my language. I'm using the dictionaries less and less as I create more words.

At the end of this chapter (after the little bonus scene) I'll include the grammar structure and some little quirks of the language that I put in. The scene itself also goes into some detail on the Halmaheran language, so that should help too.

How would the different pantheons and ocean territories affect Percy's abilities?- ThreeSidedCoin

Poseidon is the King of all the seas in my story, becaues this is Greek focused (if I were focusing on another pantheon then I would make that one the ruler). The territories won't have the biggest influence on his powers alone, but the deities themselves may do things. Most of them won't hold his parentage alone against him, not with Oceanus trying to adopt him. They'll watch him and judge.

Right now its up in the air how each one will think about him, but should they decide they don't like him, he might have some problems. The Gods themselves (that rule over the territories) can decide if they do or don't want him doing stuff, and interfere or aid as they see fit (As Ryujin decided to aid Percy in his fight with Ares). The places that would interfere with Poseidon don't necessarily apply to his son, the demigods can move and act freely.

image for the veils? i'm curious if what i'm imagining is what they actually are

Please go to my tumblr Percabeth4L1fe to see a picture of Annabeth veiling. I will be reblogging it today.

Why is it that even though Percy's powers are greater, he still seems to struggle with the monsters like in the books? Or the monsters more powered? Also, do you realise how amazing you are and how much everyone loves you? 3- IzzyMRBD

You make me blush Megami.

As to the monsters still being a struggle, I simply made them more dangerous.

Let's start with the Minotaur. In the myths the Minotaur is undoubtably one of the most famous, and honestly one of the most dangerous. It was only kept in check by feeding it people every year, and it killed many people before being trapped. It took luck, training, preparation, and outside help for Theseus to be able to kill it and escape alive. I found it unreasonable that it was so weak in the books that Percy, entirely untrained, beat it fairly easily. Like, yeah it was dangerous, but it wasn't a super hard fight considering how untrained he was, not to mention he just got struck by lightning too.

Medusa in the myths was so dangerous she wasn't even killed in a fight, she was killed in her sleep. She managed to kill anyone that attacked her before Perseus (the first) though. The myths said that her island was scattered with stone statues, which means she was able to best many others. Perseus (the first) had the aid of multiple Gods and powerful godly objects to aid him in his quest. Not exactly an easy swing of the sword.

The Chimera I was actually pleased with, that thing was only killed through trickery and from a great distance, with lots of preplanning and aid. It was good that Percy couldn't beat it.

Echidna was likewise killed in her sleep, so not a monster he would be able to beat either.

So yeah, I simply made the monsters more in line with their mythological selves, which has a side effect of leveling the playing field some in terms of Percy fighting them.



Dylan Williams POV

Annabeth mentioned that the undersea has a language, she also mentioned a culture. I love languages and cultures!

I've been patient, she promised to bring Percy by sometime, but enough is enough!

I need more info! I need to know more about this undersea culture. And I need to know now.

So, first things first, I got the Stoll brothers in on my plan.

They grinned, mischief in their eyes, and promised to have my package delivered just after lunch.

I waited impatiently, my notebooks organized, a blank map on my desk, a pile of pens and pencils in pencil holders, and two chairs all set up.

I've got this.

"Um, guys, I really have to get to my afternoon activities-"

"Just humor us, Perce, we're friends after all."

Percy mumbled something, then was shoved into the cabin.

He blinked, expression awkward as he stared at me.

"Um, hi?"

I pounced, dragging him into the chair, "Okay, I have so many questions. Let's get to work."

He looked confused, but I don't have a lot of time.

"First things first," I pulled out my notebook of questions. "How does the sea work? Are there kingdoms? What about the rulers system? Does Poseidon delegate things? Does he have Lords? Ladies? Something else?"

I paused for breath, "I heard that the merfolk have more than two sexes, do they have more than those as genders as well? What about their warriors system?"

I scrambled to grab one of my pencils as I continued, "And the language, what's it called? Is it similar to any other languages? Is it like Greek? Are there different traditions? How do they do their hair? Do merpeople have hair?"

He stared at me, "Um…"


"Could you repeat… all of that?"

My eye twitched, "Well-" What did I start with?

I looked back at the start of my list.

"How does the sea work?"

"Er, well, there's water… and the seafloor…"

"Not scientifically! Like, do you have rulers down there? Trade? Shops? Cities?"

He licked his lips, "Well… Yeah, Metua is king-"

"Who's Metua?"

"Metua isn't… Metua is a term, it means Father, so like, Poseidon, my Metua, is king."

I scribbled that down, "What about other language things? Annabeth mentioned suffixes but she didn't really elaborate on it much and I want to know so much more about it-"

He shifted a bit, "Um, well, there's… a language-"

"Wait no, we were talking about the sea first, wait should you answer this first? No, no, go back, Poseidon is king, is He the only king?"

I have so many questions! But they have to be answered in order.

I added a note of my language question.

"He, he's the emperor? Like, the King of all the sea. He doesn't rule one territory really, though He technically is the only ruler of most of the Mediterranean."

I scribbled that down. "Territories? And you said only ruler like there are others?"

"Well, all the area's of the sea have rulers, like kingdoms. The other pantheons exist after all."

I stopped, blinking slowly, "What?"

"Uh yeah, different pantheons deities rule other parts of the sea?"

I flipped to a new page and scribbled down more questions for that, I need to come back to them. "Right, right, of course, naturally, they, of course they do… So there are other kingdoms, how does it work then? Don't the other kingdoms sea deities also rule all the oceans?"

"Um, I'm not sure how the other pantheons view it all… But uh, Metua rules all the sea, he took rulership from Oceanus-ari, who stepped aside peacefully."

He seemed to think for a moment. "The other kingdom rulers rule over their territory, and the borders can change sometimes, based on conflicts and the like. There are alliances of course, and not all of them get along with Metua."

"Right," so like human kingdoms there, how interesting.

"But uh, in the end Metua is in charge of minimizing conflict and ensuring the safety of the ocean as a whole."

"Fascinating…" I made note of everything he said. "So then, is it true that merfolk have more than two sexes?"

"Don't humans?"

I blinked, "Uh… no?" Wait. "Well, technically yes? It's called intersex I think…"

He shrugged.

"But that's different, it's not like… well, it's not recognized as a third sex, it's just… something else?"

"That seems weird," Percy told me honestly. "In the ocean there are mermen, mermaids, and mernixs. And that's just what they're born as."

I scribbled that down, "What's the difference?"

He furrowed his brow, "What?"

"Like, males and females have different parts, what's the difference with mermen, mermaids, and mernixs?"

He shuffled, "I don't… I don't know? They just are?"

I scowled, so he's not informed on the biology of a merperson apparently. I'll have to find another source for my questions there.

"Okay then, you said what they're born as, does that mean they can have different genders?"

"Uh, depends? Triton gave me a few examples, and in the storybooks I've read, there are examples too… stuff can change? I don't know about the gender, but I know their sexes can sometimes… probably gender too I guess, but I don't know for sure?"

I made note of that too, he'll need to be more informed. Then paused.

"Wait, sexes can change? But that's… biology?"

He tilted his head, "Well yeah, biology can change. Like, the clownfish changes sex if their partner dies. Same thing can happen with some merfolk."

My eye twitched, "How!?"

He just blinked, "What do you mean?"

"Like, medically, how does that work?"

"It just… does?"

I sighed, making a note to look into that more later. Moving on.

"Okay, what about guards and stuff? How do the warriors train? What kind of weapons do they use?"

He looked slightly alarmed at my questions, I'm not sure why though.

"Um, I don't think… That stuff is kind of… varies by kingdom…"

"What about Poseidon's?" I leaned forward eagerly.

"Uh… I really don't think this is a good subject," he said awkwardly.

I frowned, "Why not?"

"Because… well… that kinda sounds like a spy thing to ask."

I blinked, "I just want to know about it! I'm not a spy!"

"Okay, sure, but… I'm not… this is uncomfortable… can we please move to a different question?"

I scowled, I'm all but itching to know, but I looked back at my notebook, "What's the language called then? Unless that's too uncomfortable."

He bit his lip, "Uh, it's the Halmaheran language."

I perked up, "Like the language group? For some of the Polynesian islands, right?"

"Um, I guess? I didn't know there was a language group called that."

"And an island," I muttered as I made a note of it. "What kind of alphabet does Halmaheran use?"

"The Halmaheran alphabet?"

I stared at him, he stared back.

"What does it look like?"

"Er… Halmaheran?"

I sighed, "Can you draw out the alphabet?"

"Of course I can, I'm not four."

I shoved a piece of paper to him, "Draw."

He side-eyed me, but picked up the pencil nonetheless.

After a minute of scribbling he handed me a page with a series of symbols (or well, letters I suppose).

I studied it, "So it's almost a direct translation to the English alphabet then, with twenty-five letters. And did you put it in the same order as the English alphabet?"

He blinked, "Um, no? It's… it's not a direct letter translation at all."

"But there's twenty-five letters?"

"Yeah but they're not all the same. The Halmaheran language doesn't have B's or C's or D's or G's or J's or Q's or X's or Z's."

I blinked, looking back at the page. "Can you put the English equivalent of all of these then?"

He looked at the page in misery but accepted it back and started making new marks on it. This took him longer, and he seemed to hesitate on a few, but handed it back to me.

Oh, so the extra letters were sounds, Ai, Pa, Po, Ta, Ti, Va, Vu. How interesting.

I made a copy of it, frowning as I tried to get the same letter shapes as him. I'll have to work on that.

"Do you have a dictionary? Halmaheran to English or vice versa?"

He stared at me for a long moment, "No."

I sighed, "A shame, we'll have to build one from scratch."

He looked alarmed.

"We'll come back to that, are there undersea traditions?"

"I mean, yeah? Doesn't every culture have traditions?"

I beamed, "Of course. What are the undersea traditions?"

He tilted his head, "What do you mean?"

"Well, how do marriages work?"

Percy stared blankly, "Am I supposed to know that?"

I pursed my lips, he's young I guess, and has probably never been to a marriage too… I guess most kids don't think about that…

"What about courting? Like dating and stuff, does that have a specific way of working?"

He considered for a moment, "Well, I know Triton mentioned it some. It varies depending on rank and location though. For where I am, and for my rank, it involves a variety of stuff… First step is a bracelet, supposed to be made from the scales of a sea creature, the kind of creature shows skill and devotion."

I wrote that down, "Fascinating. So bracelets are big? What about rings?"

"The undersea doesn't really… use rings? Like, yeah they exist, but arm bands and bracelets and sometimes hair pieces are bigger. Oh, and tail ornaments, but that's mainly for armor."

I grinned, "So like, what kind of scaled bracelet would show the highest devotion and skill?"

"Probably one made of deep sea serpent scales."

I gapped, "Aren't those… really big… and dangerous?"

"Yep," He grinned.

"Wow, does anyone do that? Oh, and how long do they keep the bracelet?"

He hummed, seeming to think. "Tethys-ran definitely gave one to Oceanus-ari-"

"Wait, so it's not the guy giving it to the girl? Oh wait, three sexes, plus possible other genders, so I guess that wouldn't fully work…"

"Um yeah, it's just whoever is initiating the courting that gives the gift. I think Metua gave one to Mevuta-"

"What's Mevuta mean?"

He blinked, "Oh, it means step-mom. Mevu would just be mom."

I scribbled that down next to Metua.

"Okay, so then how long do they keep them?"

"Well, if they stay together they'd wear them… basically forever? Like, obviously take it off for battle stuff-"

"So it's like engagement rings?"

"Er, no… to get married you give an arm band, a thin one, it goes with whatever arm band you'd normally wear and is customized based on the ones getting married. The one to ask for marriage gives out the band or bands, then the recipient makes an acceptance one, or has one made."


"Well, if three or more are getting together-"

"So polyamory is accepted?"

"Poly-what?" He asked in confusion.

"A relationship with more than two people involved, there are different forms of it I believe but…"

"Oh, yeah, it's normal."

That's really interesting, Clarisse, Silena, and Beckendorf would love that.

"Okay, so are there any steps in-between?"

He chewed his lip, "I think there's a certain amount of time where you're supposed to do group dates, with at least one other mer there for each mer involved in the relationship."

He paused for a moment, "Oh, and there's a requirement for family dinner if family is like, around, if not then you have to have a meeting with an adult mentor of theirs, like a teacher or another adult they're close with."

I made more notes; undersea culture is fascinating, and I need to learn everything.

"Anything else?"

He shrugged, "I think before you open the courting at all you're supposed to do a few individual dates but I'm not entirely positive."

"Oh, so like, outings? With just the ones you want to court?"


Very interesting.

"Okay, what about funerals?"

He shifted, "Um, funerals?

"Yeah, how do you take care of your dead underwater?"

"Er… merfolk turn into coral when they die."

I blinked, "Wow, really? What kind of coral?"

"It varies?"

I scribbled that down. So, it's like with satyrs, fascinating.

"What do you do with the coral?"

He shrugged, "There tend to be family gardens, and the coral of family members is saved there."

"Wow, that's sounds cool."

Okay, next on the list… cooking!

"How do you prepare food?"

"Um… you gather the food, then… make it?"

"How does cooking work though?"

"Er… we don't really cook underwater? Or if it's really fancy they might use some magic to heat it up but…"

"Okay, fine, what about clothes? You mentioned that arm bands and bracelets and hair pieces are big, oh, and tail ornaments. What else?"

He considered for a moment, "Well, we don't really wear necklaces underwater? Or if we do they're usually a set shape or heavy enough they don't float up or anything. And like, some wear wraps and stuff underwater, but in general they only really cover up if they're like… in armor."

"Wait," I stopped. "The girls… they walk around topless?"

He blinked at me, looking completely lost, "Well, some? I mean, some wear wraps or something on their chest, but a lot don't bother. There's not much of a point? A lot of them have scales over their chest anyways."

I stared, how does that work? Ugh, now I have more questions! I added them to the list.

I sighed, "What about books and stuff? I mean, obviously you can't have paper underwater-"

"We have tuiu, you know, kelp paper."

I blinked, "Oh. Okay. How is that made?"

"Out of kelp."

… right.

"So, uh, what about ink then?"

"Ink makers make it out of octopus ink."

I nodded, "Is that the only way you communicate, through the… too-eh-oh?"

"Too-ee-oo. And no, we also use Airomo and Papote."

"And that is?"

"Airomo are braided kelp strands. The pattern of the braid conveys different messages. Papote are message shells, enchanted to carry vocal messages. Plus, there are Iris messages."

"Huh, cool." I made note of that. "So, then you do have preserved written copies of stories and your history?"

He frowned at me, "Yeah? Plus, the Papuwa keep a verbal record of our history too."

"Oh, like story tellers?"

Percy shrugged, "I guess? They have iale, er… apprentices. Their job is to keep a record of the sea's history so that it's not lost."

I nodded, noting that down too.

"Right, then what about games and stuff?"

He tilted his head, "Games?"

"Like soccer, baseball, lacrosse, that sort of thing. What do you have underwater?"

He hummed, "I haven't really seen any of the games but I've heard about a few. There's pufferball, where you can't let the pufferball go too low or high and can't let it get caught on your paddle. It sounds fun."

"Do they use a pufferfish for it?" I asked curiously.

"No, it's like, a ball, shaped with little spikes on it? And it's easy to get caught on the coral paddle so they have to be careful."

"Cool, anything else?"

"Hmm… fin-sphere? I think there's two balls, and you can only hit them with your tails. You have to get the balls in the tubes, both really fast and together, otherwise the ball is put back into play and you have to start it again."

"Sounds hard," I muttered.

He shrugged, "There's also like, Hippocampi racing. I really want to see that. I think there are other things, but I haven't gotten a chance to see it. Oh, and the Imoteora Teua."

"What's that?"

"The uh, mage reef I think is the closest translation? It's like, competitions for magic users? Different ones for different specialties. Plus, there are like, yearly challenges? If you can complete them, you might get an apprenticeship which can help you a lot."

"That sounds really cool! How does the magic-"

"Hey, Dylan, have you seen-"

I turned sheepishly to the door, where Annabeth was standing, a very unimpressed look on her face.

"Dylan, what did we say about bothering Percy?"

"But I have questions!"

She sighed, "I'm sorry, Percy. Dylan has a very big interest in other cultures and tends to be very aggressive about getting his answers."

Percy shifted, "Um, it's fine?"

"See!" I said fiercely. "It's fine, can I continue?"

"No," Annabeth said. "Come on, Percy, I found a new book on the fall of the Titan's that should be interesting."

I sulked as she stole my only source of information.

Ugh, now how am I supposed to get answers?



So now the Halmaheran Language :)

I have posted a picture of the Halmaheran Language on my blog Percabeth4L1fe. If you're curious please check it out.

Halmaheran is a really flowy language, sounding almost like a song more than a spoken language.

The grammar is fairly simple as well, partly because I hate grammar, partly because I like simple grammar.

Words are in a
'Subject' 'Adverb' 'Verb' 'Object' 'Place' 'Time'
Format (like English)

I also added a rough system of tenses.

Past Tense (was doing)= ir (if there is a vowel at end of word, ignore 'i')

Present Tense (Is doing) = uk (if there is a vowel at the end of the word, ignore 'u') (-ing)

Future Tense (will do)= an (if there is a vowel at end of word, ignore 'a')

Plural (many shells)= av (if there is a vowel at end of word, ignore 'a')

Possessive (my house)= on (if there is a vowel at end of word, ignore 'o')

Possessive (father's house)= ono (if there is a vowel at the end of the word, ignore first 'o')

Adverb (Sadly)= it (it there is a vowel at end of word, ignore 'i') (ly)

So when Tethys was talking about her husband, she used 'Taereon', which means 'my love' as an endearment.

Love alone would be 'Taereo'.

Because it's possessive for the speaker, she uses 'on', and as Taereo ends with a vowel, she only adds the 'n' to the end of the word.

If she was saying she is Oceanus' love, she would say, "Oceanus taereono". The 'ono' is added to the end of the word, the first 'o' ignored as there is a vowel at the end of the word.

If the word ended with a consonant you would add the full ending.

For example,

Sweetie= Maruv

My sweetie= Maruvon

I'm sure a lot don't particularly care about the grammar, but I wanted to explain why some words had different endings.

I'm also going to give you guys a quick snapshot of my dictionary, just family and love terms


Family= Utufa (Oo-too-fah)
Dad= Metu (Meh-too)
Mom= Mevu (Meh-voo)
(casual) Parent= Mepu (Meh-poo)
Husband= Tanetu (Tah-neh-too)
Wife= Vahivu (Vah-hee-voo)
Spouse= Pafapu (Pah-fah-poo)
Boyfriend= Hoatu (Hoe-ah-too)
Girlfriend= Hoavu (Hoe-ah-voo)
Joyfriend (Gender neutral date mate)= Hoapu (Hoe-ah-poo)
Sister=Vavu (Vah-voo)
Brother= Tatu (Tah-too)
Sibling= Papu (Pah-poo)
Son= Tamatu (Tah-mah-too)
Daughter= Tamavu (Tah-mah-voo)
Child= Tamapu (Tah-mah-poo)
Grandfather= Metani (Meh-tah-nee)
Grandmother= Mevani (Meh-vah-nee)
Grandparent= Mepani (Meh-pah-nee)
Grandson= Motuto (Moe-too-toe)
Granddaughter= Motuvo (Moe-too-voe)
Grandchild= Motupo (Moe-too-poe)
Uncle= Tonton (Toh-n-toh-n)
Aunt= Vaiti (Vie-tee)
Parsib= Pauhi (Pa-u-hee)
Nephew= Tanti (Ta-an-tee)
Niece= Vamti (Va-am-tee)
Nibling= Pavti (Pa-av-tee)
Cousin= Tafei (Tah-fae)
Ex (disowned or unacknowledged) = -o (oh) (ex. Mevuo= ex-mom)
Formal address= a
(ah) (ex. Metua= formal Metu= father)
Chosen (family of choice but not blood) = mi (me)(ex. Tatumi= chosen brother)
Step = ta
(tah)(ex. Tatuta= step brother)
In Law= fa (fah)(ex. Tatufa=brother in law)


Love= Hereo (Hey-rey-oh)
Desire= Hinae (Hee-n-eye)
Lust= Faputu (Fah-poo-too)
Love (endearment)= Hereae (Hey-rey-eye)
Dear= taeae (tie-ie)
Dearest= Taereo (Tie-rey-oh)
Honey= Onio (Oh-nee-oh)
Honey Pie= Oniovir(Oh-nee-oh-veer)
Darling= Hetae (Hey-tie)
Sweet= Maru (Mah-roo)
Sweetie= Maruv (Mah-roov)
Sweet pea= Marure (Mah-roo-rey)
Sweetheart= Maruaru (Mah-roo-ah-roo)
Heart= Auru (Ah-oo-roo)
Babe= Hoau (Hoe-ah-oo)
Pretty= Aroa (Ah-row-ah)
Beautiful= Nehena (Neh-heh-nah)
Beauty= Nehen(Neh-heh-n)
Lovely= Hena (Heh-nah)
Stunning= Fahi (Fah-hee)
Doll= Amu(Ah-moo)
Dollface= Amata (Ah-mah-tah)
Pearl= Potaeo(Poe-tie-oh)
Pumpkin= Tumautini(Too-mah-oo-tee-nee)
Sunshine= Manisana (Mah-nee-sah-nah)
Moon beam= Ponirahi (Poe-nee-rah-hee)
Starlight= Mafetima(Mah-fey-tee-mah)

I have over eight pages of double columned words for the dictionary and it's still pretty sparse lol.

I will be making a side story that will include omake's that aren't canon for my story, some of the myths and children's stories I mentioned in chapter three, and a chapter dedicated to my dictionary. It'll be a bit before that's up as I still need to arrange my dictionary in an easy to navigate style, right now it's separated up into the purpose of the words for easy navigation for me.

Now, then.


FF . net people, please go here: (https) : / / www . fanfictions /13725955/1/ATLOP-Water

(Remove the parentheses and spaces) Or just go to my page and click the story: 'ATLOP: Water' to read the next book :D

Thanks for sticking with me! Hope you enjoyed the bonus scene and the Q&A.