Confined No More

Two teenage boys had been best friends since second grade; they were both born and raised in Brooklyn and spent countless hours together outside, whether riding bikes, skateboarding, or checking out girls from all the nearby high schools. Nowadays, they are forced to talk on Zoom in lieu of hanging out in person because of the coronavirus pandemic. But like Bobby's mom always says, "they sure do find a way to get into at least a little bit of trouble every week."

JJ: We're bored staying at home all day, doing school online. Man, I really miss going to King Shredder Skatepark in Red Hook.

Bobby: Yeah man, I wish we could go back to normal and show everybody what's up over there. Shred City baby!

JJ: Hey, do you remember that side entrance where they were doing construction work on the skatepark four weeks ago?

Bobby: Yeah, do you think they ever fenced that area off?

JJ: Pshhh, I doubt it. I saw those guys chillin eating sandwiches and on the phone most of the time. I think we should meet there and skate near sundown.

Bobby: But dude, that's against the law. We're on a total lockdown right now!

JJ: [mouths off] Screw that. The cops will never know! Besides, no one is even outside these days. But promise you won't tell anyone if we go!

Bobby: I'm not saying nothing!

Before Bobby started changing his outfit, he thumbed through some Instagram Stories on his phone. And what do you know, but Penny, the 11th grade bipolar blonde bombshell from Grover High School, posted about how bored she was and that was looking for some excitement. That's when Bobby had a flashback to chemistry class a few months before when he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Bobby thought that might be the perfect segue to hit her up about going skate tonight.

She texted him back two hours later saying "too bad you can't go skating…and he messaged back saying "d on't tell anyone but JJ and I are actually heading to the skatepark in 30 minutes-she catches wind of the plans…and makes a post saying "illegal activity in t-minus 30 minutes at the skateboard on the corner of 47th street and 6th avenue…Bobby had texted her beforehand thinking that she could meet them there….but her skateboard was broken but doesn't tell that….instead calls the cops on B and JJ who show up just as the two boys arrive at the skatepark…

Bobby: hey, I saw you were bored of the quarantine. Funny thing…so am I lol! You ever been skateboarding?

Penny: Oh hi Bobby, you're in my chemistry class, right?

Bobby: [trying to play it cool] yeah, I think so.

Penny: Skateboarding sounds kinda fun but it also sounds dangerous. I've never been before but my ex-boyfriend used to always invite me.

Bobby: [thinking YESSSSSS….she's single] A little bit of danger never did anybody wrong lol

Penny: Touche

Bobby: I'm meeting up with a friend of mine at King Shredder Skatepark in Red Hook at 7:30. You should join us. I'll show you a few moves.

Penny: I'll see if I can free my schedule.

JJ: Dude, why in the world would you tell her? She's one of the gossip queens at school. You weren't supposed to tell anymore."

Bobby: I know but this seemed like my chance since I heard she broke up with her boyfriend. You know you can't hit the winning shot without shooting.

JJ: You better be right. And she better not tell anyone, because we could be in big trouble.

The boys arrive at King Shredder Skatepark five minutes before 7:30.

Bobby: See I told you. The coast is clear. Ain't nobody here but us.

JJ: I guess you're right. Let's do this.

So just as they throw down their boards and push off, they hear sirens in the distance.

Bobby: I wonder what happened over there (sounds like the police are about two blocks away).

JJ: I think they are heading this way.

In a matter of 20 seconds, two police cruisers pull up, as multiple officers yell out "Hey you, you aren't supposed be skating here during the quarantine. We are going to take you guys in to the station. As Bobby looks over to see J.J.'s reaction, all he sees is a shadow as JJ takes off like flash lightning.

Bobby: (yelling)…where are you going?

Bobby puts his hands up as JJ starting running towards the subway station….leaving his skateboard behind.

Cops: Kid, looks like you will be the one going…going to jail that is.

Their circle of friends at Grover High went into gossip mode as Bobby remained in jail b/c he was too scared to call his mom; instead, he called Penny who didn't answer the phone.

Bobby starts crying knowing he is in big trouble…when his parents find out….and then five minutes later, Penny reveals herself from around the corner, steps on JJ's new skateboard and spends nearly two hours at the skatepark cruising all by herself.

Penny thinks "it's a real shame that JJ ran off and left me here with MY new skateboard. It seems like just yesterday that we were secretly dating."