ok this fic was inspired by a story I heard about a bride who found out her husband-to-be was cheating on her the day before her wedding hope you enjoy

Bella Swan smiled as her, her maid of honor Alice Whitlock and her bridesmaids. Rosalie Hale, Leah Clearwater, Angela Weber, Jessica Stanley and Emily Young threw lingerie at her. it was her lingerie party the night before her wedding to her long time best friend Jacob Black.

she was content.

now one would think she was over the moon about getting married but really she wasn't, and that was for one reason and one reason alone. she wasn't in love with Jacob Black.

nope, don't get her wrong she cared for him a great deal but at the end of the day he was more like a brother to her, she only started dating him because her father pushed her to. and so to make them both Happy she did.

then a year later Jacob proposed to her in her living room, and she didn't know what to say. but then she saw the hope swirling in both her dad's and Jacobs eye's and she accepted. so here she was, the night before her wedding. simply content with the situation.

the ping of her phone broke her out of her stupor. Bella looked at it, then glanced at her still wet nails. "rose can you please get that for me? it's probably Jake, you know how he is. he hates the whole "can't see the bride until the wedding" thing." she said.

Rosalie scoffed and wrinkled her nose as she went to get the phone, if there was anyone Rosalie Hale hated, it was Jacob Black. she thought her best friend could do much better than that moronic mutt, her boyfriend Emmett Cullen had been subjected to more than one of her tirades about that dog.

Rosalie picked up her friends phone and frowned. it was a text from an unknown number with about a dozen screen shots, underneath them was The message. "I wouldn't Marry him, will you?" curious Rosalie clicked on the screen shots. as she read she growled. that... that... that utterly idiotic two-timing mangy mutt how dare he!

"Rose? who is it? " Bella asked. Unable to say anything Rosalie simply handed Bella her phone. the others crowded behind their friend as she read the texts. when she was done Bella gulped and took a shuddering breath before she completely lost it and broke out into tears.

her friends weren't quiet either, Jessica, Emily and Alice threatened to castrate the dog, while Rosalie Leah and Angela demanded that she call off the wedding.

Bella gripped her hair as the noise level in their hotel room grew. how could Jacob have done that to her? how could he have betrayed her like that? how could he have said those things about her? she was heartbroken, she was lost... she was angry.

she had settled, she had dated him when she didn't want to just to make him and her father Happy, she had accepted his proposal. without a fucking ring against her better judgement.

"STOP!" Bella screamed. her friends all looked at their friend, waiting for her to say something. "I have a better idea, Angela call your father. Alice call Jasper, we have some last minute wedding details to plan...

that's it. let me know if you want another chapter. this is my first time writing an all human AU so don't crucify me. I actually do have an ending to this, I just want to know if you want to see it. the conclusion is like. 2 more chapters long. so yeah. that's all for now.