Meant to upload this yesterday. its nothing much, just a bit if an epilogue. enjoy

a year and a half later Isabella Swan was walking down the Ilse for the second time. Carlisle handed her off to Edward with a smile on her face as Charlie glared and nothing in particular in the front row, Bella didn't want to invite him after he had tried to get her to give Jacob a second chance.

Mr Weber smiled brightly as he began the proceedings. Bella's phone was tucked away in Esme's purse, the same place it had been since last night. finally, she was marrying the man she loved.

"if anyone has any reason these two should not be we'd, please speak now, or forever hold your peace." Mr Weber intoned. "I object!" a voice called out. everyone gasped and turned to see a very Haggard looking Jacob Black.

Edward hissed at his best man Emmett. "I thought you said you locked him in a shed!" he grumbled. "I did, who the hell knows how he got out." Emmett spat, Jacob Black had been threatening for the past month to crash and interupt the wedding.

without missing a beat Me Weber continued. "since there are no objections-" "I SAID I OBJECT!" Jacob whined, much like a spoiled brat. "-I now pronounce you man and wife-" "I OBJECT, I OBJECT, I FUCKING OBJECT!" Jacob screeched. stomping his foot like a child denied sweets, the guests who had caught on to what was going on ignored him. "-You may now kiss the bride." Mr Weber finished.

Edward smiled and swept Bella into his arms as his lips crashed not hers. with an exited squeal she threw her arms around her husband's neck bouquet and all. everyone's cheers drowning out the wailing of Jacob Black who continued to throw a tantrum on the Ilse.

though someone did call animal control. who were none to happy to find that the. "rabid dog" was simply a pathetic man interrupting a wedding.

Rosalie would deny calling them for years to come. but her smirk told a different story.

and everyone lived happily ever after, except Jacob and Charlie.

That's it. just a nice little Drabble fic, blessed be!