AN: Hello my fellow readers and writers. Sorry if I hadn't been updating for the last month, but with COVID and 2020's not so glamorous intro, it's been really hard to find my muse. But, I began to play some Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and I got another story idea. I'm pretty sure you know me well enough that I adore writing OC-insert stories. Although I did forget to mention that the OC's that I insert in my other two are not me. The term self-insert just stuck with me since I love reading those kinds of stories. So every story I insert is all OC and not really me.

Also to all my fellow Hunters in the Monster Hunter World, I'm really tempted to type my Hunter name here so I can see and fight alongside with fellow Hunters as well as fellow readers and writers. Tell me what you think. And without further ado let's get on with the show with the premier of this new story.

(Unknown) (OC's POV)

You know, there are a lot of different ways to die in the world. Some are painful, quick, or in my case, really, really sad and weird. And I bet you're wondering why am I not panicking that I died and where the hell I am right now. To be honest, I already accepted that death is inevitable and I really shouldn't be all that scared of the eventuality of dying. But in my case, I wanted to die by saving someone's life, that's actually my dream death.

Although most people aren't really afraid of death itself, it's more on they are afraid of what comes after death. While I was raised Catholic, I keep an open mind on everything, especially the supernatural. Despite the contradiction every religion has against one another, there is only I thing I truly believe in that God gave us that is the most precious. Free will. That's it, it's as simple as that.

But going back on the topic about my death. The cause of my death isn't technically saving someone's life. I died from a LARP session…

Yup… died in an RPG session. But not just any LARP session, me and my group were doing the Witcher 3 Battle at Kaer Morhen. I took the role of Hjalmar an Craite. It was really fun fighting with wooden weapons we crafted and painted to make it look like the real thing. Me and the rest of the group fighting the "Wild Hunt" were having the time of our lives, but unfortunately that was when things got a bit out of hand.

One of our big friends who took the roll of Imlerith got a little too into his character and despite his mace being wood it still hurts like a MF when he's swinging at full force. I saw him about to smash my friend who was playing the role of Lambert. I shoved him out of the way as the mace came and smacked me in the face, that wasn't what killed me, what killed me is when the mace hit me, it sent me smacking my skull at a jagged rock and everything went black after that.

So here I am now in a black and somewhat strangely wet void. I couldn't move a muscle, but weirdly enough I can feel some semblance of my body. It's difficult to explain, it's like I'm floating in a confined space. I don't know whether this is Heaven, Hell, or Limbo but it's almost giving me claustrophobia.


'What the deuce?' Did it feel like the entire space moved? I have no idea what's happening but it feels weird and a bit wet. I have no idea how much time has passed since I came to this weird black void but it seems like the pulses were beginning to happen constantly and I can faintly hear something…

"an… na… it's… almost… eep… shing." Were the voices I can hear from somewhere. The pulsing was now constant and I can feel myself being moved. Then all of a sudden my head felt something like open air.

"I can see the head Hanna. Almost there! PUSH!" The voices were now clear and I suddenly realized where I have just been and it made me faint on the spot due to the sudden realization forming in my head.

'" I've been reborn.' Was the last thing I thought before fainting?

(1251) (Hindarsfjall: Village of Lofoten) (3rd person POV)

The peaceful island that is Hindarsfjall, home of Freya's Garden is having a time of peace. Despite being home to fierce warriors, the only thing one can hear is the voice of the ocean's waves. And also perhaps the sound of a mother about to give birth.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Were the cries of Hanna, while her firstborn daughter Astrid held her mother's hand as she is about to give birth to her newborn sibling. Hanna gave one last cry before she felt something completely out. However, what concerned her was the distinct lack of crying, worry marred her features as she feared the worst.

The soft smile of the Freya Priestess seems to calm her down as she placed a finger between her lips, signifying to be quiet. The Priestess cut the umbilical cord and cradle the toddler between her arms.

"It's a boy Hanna, congratulations." The Priestess said softly as she gently passed the newborn babe to his new mother. Hanna cried silently in happiness at the new bundle of joy to their family and the Clan of Heymaey. Astrid, the 4-year-old lass soon hopped and join her mother in cooing at the sleeping babe.

"What will he be named Hanna?" The Priestess asked. The mother and daughter smiled at the cute sleeping face of the babe and a name popped into her head as she gazed at her son.

"Skjall. A fitting name for a handsome boy, wouldn't you say so Astrid dear." Hanna smiled at Astrid as the daughter nodded in agreement to her mother. The Priestess nodded in acceptance.

While in another Universe, he will be a name who will one day be scorned for doing a most noble thing that helped save the Multiverse. But now, it can potentially be a name who will one day be of admiration, for it is the name of a man who will do more for the Realm as well as its Lady.

"The Man of Earth and the Lady of Space and Time"

AN: And the Prologue is done. Yes, I know what some of you are thinking. Potentially, if Skjall didn't lead Ciri away from the Village then she might've been overwhelmed and captured, also I know Skjall basically left his village to die and did this to himself. So as a Writer it is in my irresistible instinct to try and change this outcome. I really can't help myself writing these kind of fics, it really sets my mind at ease. So, I hope you like this idea and tell me what you think in the Reviews. This is Fatalis0217 saying Stay safe and stay at home.