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Something I don't see a lot of is Fiona interacting with any witches aside from Cordelia. So I thought I'd try my hand at that.

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Fiona sighed impatiently as she tapped her manicured nail on the desk of her office, she was relieved to know Cordelia had some taste. Making her study neat, spacious and modern. But if she had it her way the coven would be spruced up to more of her style. Many things had changed since her days as a student in the coven, less respect, demanding and less independence. The girls spent their days lazing around the coven doing nothing at all, instead of being taught real lessons like the old days.

Cordelia let these girls talk down to her and push her around despite being the headmistress of the school. She was her daughter, she was a powerful being yet she closed herself off from others. Since her daughter was determined to remain neutral and refused to get involved, it was her job to take the reigns and find the balance this school this needed. After learning of the newest members of the coven, gathered from what little information her daughter could gather. She had done some of her research into the girl's powers and how they could improve them and become productive members of their coven.

They had a unique bond nobody on the outside could understand, connected by blood and power. Girls born with gifts that no normal being could understand, though human in origin their powers were mystic and ancient, feared for centuries by many. Hunted and chased down by ignorant fools, but they had survived. But instead of acting like fearsome beings, they simply did nothing. Madison certainly had no issue speaking her opinion and reminded Fiona of her younger self, only she had no idea with whom she was reckoning with and needed to put her in her place.

Though she had plenty of digging to do on all the girls, the one who had sparked her interest recently was the newbie, Zoe Benson. After her little spell and fight against the Voodoo queen herself, she wanted to see just where her powers lay. In all of the history of Salem and what few modern members were known, no witch had been heard to carry Zoe's power before. Though from what she understood it came through her grandmother's bloodline, family inheritance. Her mother who had sent her to this school, much like she left Cordelia here as a child. Hadn't inherited the gift herself, nor had her cousin, but Zoe unfortunately had. Meaning it had to be a recessive gene in the family. Developing a black widow power, a rarity in the witch world, allowing her to kill her victims via sex.

Her mother had some sense sending her to the school before an enemy got scent of her power and tried to snuff her out. Alone and scared, a new witch could easily be led astray and fall into danger, especially when they had no understanding of how to control it. Her sacrifice for giving up her child would not be put to waste if she could help it. Every witches power was unique, the only common bond any shared was the seven wonders. As prideful as she was as a witch, Fiona couldn't lie that she admired Zoe's power. Nobody would ever guess what had happened, I mean nobody would be able to link as to what led to the event. Those with little understanding of witches would write it off as an accident or have their suspicions but ultimately push it to the back of their head. Unless the coven pulled strings to wipe their memories. She was safer in the coven, with people who could understand her situation and make her feel less like an outsider.

But she wasn't completely apathetic to the tragedy this would cause upon the younger witch. A sense of pity towards the poor girl, Zoe was a teenager, this power left her unable to have meaningful relationships with anyone because of her power. If she tried she would otherwise kill them. Even she during her younger years had been swayed by the affections and desires of men around her. But no matter how strongly Zoe felt an attraction to someone, the result would end up exactly the same which would be difficult to deal with. However, it seemed dead people didn't count due to her strange but deeply bonded relationship with the newly revived Kyle and Madison. Though an uncommon relationship they had built, it was the closest Zoe would ever get to a relationship.

To better understand Zoe and the true potential of her gifts, she had done some rummaging in the library, as well as seeking out some older literature. Of course, Cordelia would never approve of such things, but not everything could be done nicely. Privacy and subtleness was not going to help Zoe feel any better about herself, constantly at war with whether it was good or bad. Simply looking at the good she could do, that silver lining crap instead of empowering herself. She had recovered some books on demonology, or more common mythology of the past. After staying up all night despite her exhaustion and boredom, she had uncovered some links to Zoe's gift. The folklores of Succubi, demons who consumed the vigour and souls of humans via sexual intercourse. The power Zoe held within herself greatly resembled these demons from folklore. Admittedly, it was remarkable for someone like Zoe to even develop power like this.

Cordelia being the naïve control freak that she was, wanted Zoe to repress this gift and treat it like it was something to be ashamed of. Agreeably she admitted Black widow was a potent and dangerous power for any of the unfortunate victims, but to be ashamed of it was not something Fiona would allow. She had to embrace it, this power was all her own. Much like how Cordelia had inherited her own magic as a witch that she couldn't take credit for, Zoe's power was no different. This magic had been inside of her all along waiting to be released into the world. Cordelia would, of course, be no help, overprotecting her students to the point she was hiding them away in the school like mice. So she had been forced to take matters into her own hands.

Zoe timidly approached the office, fingering the hems of her sleeves for comfort. She couldn't fathom any reason that Fiona would want to see her, I mean she hadn't shown any real interest until now. Upon her arrival she had read up on all their files, meaning she already knew all about them. So why the sudden curiosity? Something in her gut told her this was trouble but the last thing she wanted was to get on the bad side of their supreme, given she had thrown Madison across a room like a ragdoll for insulting her. She could only hope she didn't find herself in the same situation. She shyly knocked on the door, waiting to be allowed into the room, wishing Kyle was here to hold her hand through this.

"Jesus girly, come in. It's a school, not a prison, but given the avid strictness of my daughter keeping you hidden. It's no wonder your as quiet as you are" Fiona sighed. Those hazel eyes like honey, that soft brown willowing hair, framing her face and drawing people in. She really was a beauty in every sense of the word. But due to her reserved and introverted nature, she had no idea of how to use her feminine wiles to her advantage. That was something she could greatly learn in this place. Maybe she could give her some tips in the future.

Zoe sat at the chair opposite the desk, her hands neatly placed on her lab as she messed with her fingers awkwardly. Staring down at her feet trying to form words coherently. She was still in awe to meet the supreme witch, let alone that she was Cordelia's mother of all people. "You… wanted to see me" she stammered bravely. Until now she had focused on her own personal issues, like helping Madison adjust to life after being dead, helping Kyle find his humanity, developing her magic and spells. But she was learning slowly at her own pace, but she was making progress.

Fiona blew her cigarette, staring down Zoe with fascination. For such potent power within herself, she was probably the most placid of all the girls here. Wondering what other kinds of magic she was capable of. If only she would come out of her shell and become more confident. "I've done some research on your power, but I have to admit, I've never heard of a witch with a black widow" she chuckled. She could teach these girls a few things about what danger lay within herself.

Zoe blushed, she was still getting used to that ability. I mean unlike her other gifts there was no way to control it, no way of it ever going away. Queenie's ability to be a human voodoo doll was similar to her own but they were not the same. Though she had in her way, unwillingly accepted it. She still had hesitations of her future because of it. I mean she had Kyle but only after he was brought back from death, making him immune. But what about marriage, a family, all the things she had hoped for in the future before she learned of her magic. Would she still be able to have any of those things now?

Fiona then placed the book on the table with a loud slam, causing Zoe to jolt briefly in her seat as the echoing silence was broken. Revealing the pages to Zoe allowing her to get the gist of what was going on. It was best to be blunt and honest so she fully understood instead of dancing around the subject and confusing the poor girl. "Have you ever heard of Succubi or Incubi?" she asked calmly, watching intently for her reaction. In this world there were two types of magic, black and white magic. Though every witch was capable of both, some leaned more towards one or the other.

Zoe shifted, a confused expression on her face. "You… Do you mean as in the demons?" she mumbled. What did this have to do with her powers? Was she talking about conjuring spells or summoning spells? She didn't really want to mess with magic which would have negative backlash. I mean the spell she and Madison used on Kyle had been frightening enough. Though she was embracing her dark side, even she knew her personal limits.

Fiona took another puff, she was catching on fast which was a good sign "Succubi often power themselves on sexual energy. In doing so they take the life energy from their victims" she explained. They were truly a feared and admired creature, something people knew better than to get involved in. A look of surprise flashed across Zoe's face, it seemed she was finally catching onto why she had been summoned. This demons description did sound similar to her gift, though when she did use her black widow she didn't gain power from her victims. Fiona pointed at Zoe with her hand holding her cigarette, a playful smile on her face. "Only you girly, you're a black widow. You just kill your victims, much like the praying mantis or spiders after they have finished their mating ritual" she smirked. Nature was ugly and frightening sometimes and the female praying mantis was the epitome of this statement. Zoe's ability was a reflection of that statement.

Zoe slid the book across the desk to flick through the pages curiously, indeed all of what Fiona had told her was true. But what she couldn't fathom was why she would go to all this trouble for her? She had no reason to do this. "Why… why would you do this for me?" she asked pessimistically. I mean she appreciated this greatly as it made her fear and hate herself a little less. But I mean Fiona until now had seemed a self serving person, not one to help others without personal gain. So what did she hope to achieve by doing her this favour?

Fiona huffed, it was only natural she would have suspicions. This whole world of magic was very new and strange to her. She hadn't been here as long as the other girls had. "You are the last remaining descendants of Salem. My daughter has been scouring America for the last known witches of our clan, which I admire. But she's keeping you locked away like pretty dolls in a house. You are no use to this coven if you keep hiding away. You need to learn about your power" she warned. She would do no good running around blind in the dark, she needed to understand herself in order to gain full control.

Zoe closed the book, lifting it from the desk and holding it close to her chest protectively. She did enjoy reading as it helped her learn how to control her magic and learn new spells. She bowed her head shyly, not knowing how to respond to this gesture. This was a very meaningful gesture and she wouldn't let it go to waste. "Thanks…" she mumbled. It seemed she had a lot of reading to do, to better understand herself as a witch. Though it wasn't seen often, it appeared as though Fiona had a secret soft side. Her subtle protectiveness of Cordelia and how she attempted to boost her morale even if it was done in the wrong ways. She did love her daughter, that was clear to see, she was just bad at being a mother. However, she didn't speak this out loud as to not get on Fiona's bad side. I mean she wouldn't have done this for her if she didn't have some heart in her.

Fiona waved her hand dismissively, sending her on her merry way as Zoe walked out of the office. Groaning under her breath as she rubbed her temple in silence. Most of these girls were bratty or spoiled, acting like divas. At least Zoe was the most hopeful, having true potential, carrying immense power and great intelligence. Much like the last survivors of Salem, she was clever, knowing how to remain hidden and use her power without ever being caught. But she was far too mousy, hiding behind Madison for protection.

Zoe was a beautiful witch, she had seen young men admiring her when they were out in public. The flash of jealousy in Madison's eyes when attention deviated away from her. Her power made a lot of sense, deadly and seductive like the black widows of fiction. But given her own personal trauma's before she was sent away, she could understand why Zoe would fear her gifts. Nearly killing your first boyfriend could fuck you up on a deep level. But she could at least do her homework, learn about herself and stop cowering away behind her sisters. She could become of true use to the coven, she just needed a bit of a push.