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It was truly a sight to behold. If perhaps a little disturbing. Kuroka and Tiamat knew just what to expect when it came to Natsu eating. But the other devils could simply stare in shock, horror, and slight awe, as Natsu tore through every scrap of food placed in front of him.

With a hearty belch, Natsu patted his stomach leaning back in his chair, "Maaaan, You food tastes 10 times better then what we have at the cave Zechs!"

Stifling a chuckle, Sirzechs smiled before speaking in a more serious tone, "Well Natsu, shall we talk of peace?"

Trading in his usual dopey grin for a hardened look, Natsu spoke calmly, "So long as we are left alone, I have no reason for fighting. Although. If I were to make a demand, then there's only one thing that I want. Let Kuroka go. She's wanted right now isn't she? Call off whoever is looking for her, and we can live quietly."

Sirzechs sighed before scratching the back of his head, "That's much more difficult than it sounds I'm afraid. I can promise that we won't have anyone sent after her, however the man she killed held a lot of power in the underworld. More than likely there will be many people tracking you two down to execute her, whether for revenge, or for a paycheck. If you two can put up with these attacks, you may stay in the underworld for as long as you may need."

Smiling brightly once again Natsu stood up offering a hand towards the Satan. "You're a good guy aren't ya Zechs!"

Taking the hand, Sirzechs gave a soft grin before he begun speaking again."Well maybe so.."

At that, Natsu began to stroll out of Sirzechs office. Soon, him and Kuroka were stepping through a teleportation circle. Though, in Natsu's case, stepping was an overstatement. Shaking at the knees, he leaned on Kuroka for support. Stepping out the two found themselves at the entrance to their cave. Collapsing on the floor Natsu held his stomach, his skin pale, he writhed on the floor for the rest of the night. Kuroka could only stare awkwardly at the pinkette as he lay suffering.

The next morning, Natsu shot up, seemingly good as new. Scaring the sleeping Kuroka, who was lain on his chest. Beginning his day with a stretch, he looked down at the irritated Nekomata, who was cutely pouting at the Dragon Slayer.

Ignoring her Natsu walked outside to begin his usual routine. Sitting at the cave entrance Natsu stood, soaking in the sun, before getting started. Once he stretched he began his usual work out routine, leaving Kuroka in the cave, to begin her daily routine.

It started with ogling Natsu as he worked out. Watching him with his top off as he trained in the mornings was a sight Kuroka could never get used to, wiping some drool off her face, she then moved to her second activity of the day, taking a nap in the hammock Natsu had made.

She slept for a good part of the day, only waking up for the lunch Natsu had made. A small boar type creature, with some fruit from the nearby trees. Using his magic, he made a small fire, and began roasting the boar. Munching on the fruit, Kuroka watched Natsu poke at the meat. Eventually he pulled it off the fire, tore off a leg, and gave said leg to her. The two happily ate. So far their peace was assured. Kuroka still held her dream of finding her sister, but as for now she was happy.

With a soft purr, she lay her head on Natsu's shoulder, snuggling into his warmth. To this, Natsu smiled, leaning his head against the top of hers. The two stayed like this for a time. Silently eating whilst enjoying each other's company. Even after they finished the two stood still. Kuroka thoroughly enjoying his warmth, slowly pushed him down to the floor of their cave. Soon after she fell asleep, listening to his steady heart beat.

With a soft smile Natsu shifted slightly getting comfortable under his sleeping Nekomata companion. A slight blush dusted his cheeks as he too, eventually fell asleep.


Walking into her cave, Tiamat found the two asleep on the floor together. Chuckling to herself she lay down in her favorite little nook of the cave and also began to get ready for a nap. It had been an incredibly rough few days, and her head was pounding. Giving a small sigh she began to fall asleep.

Soon enough it was evening, and Natsu had begun to stir. Gently he lifted the sleeping Nekomata off of his chest. And with enough shimmying and wiggling, he managed to get out from underneath her without waking her up. Standing up, he noticed the sleeping Tiamat, who was softly snoring a few feet away.

He quietly tiptoed out of the cave to begin his training that he missed that afternoon. After a few hours, his training for the day was complete. Walking towards the cave he heard talking coming from inside. Taking a quick peek, he saw Tiamat and Kuroka relaxing, having a talk. He stepped into the cave, a bright smile on his face.

A startled Kuroka violently turned around, a light blush on her face. Thankfully her and Tiamat had finished their conversation about Natsu, but it still didn't help seeing him so soon after.

-Moments Before-

Waking from her sleep, Kuroka frowned not seeing her Dragon Slayer with her. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she looked around. Relaxing nearby was Tiamat. Kuroka just sighed before getting up and moving into the hammock.

Before long the two began talking. Many different topics had come up. But one in particular left the Nekomata a blushing mess. Her pinkette. Natsu. She couldn't lie, the two of them had been growing steadily closer since they first met. Tiamat gave her advice on how to get a male dragon's attention. All while Kuroka listened, furiously taking mental notes. The advice seemed odd at first, but the more Kuroka thought about how it applied to Natsu the more they seemed to make sense. Kuroka and Tiamat continued to talk about the pink haired dragon slayer, soon the conversation had ended. And no sooner then it did, the pink haired dragon slayer walked into the cave. Slumping against the wall, he let out a large sigh. He finally could fully relax. And so, the three spent the rest of their evening together, chatting in the cave.

Soon it was night, and Natsu had hoped into his hammock. A small black cat soon joined him. Before long, light snoring was heard coming from the two.

Days and days passed by just like this. The extra company of Tiamat was very welcome. And soon her presence became normalcy. Every once in a while she would have to meet up with the four Great Satans. However aside from those meetings, she would just relax in her cave with Kuroka all while Natsu trained.

Some days Tiamat would entertain them with stories of Great Battles, other days they would just relax and sleep. Everything seemed to be going very smoothly. All until Sirzechs showed up at the cave entrance.

He spoke in a seemingly urgent tone. "Natsu, Kuroka, I need your help with a little something. And in return, I might be able to help you." At the last sentence, he looked towards Kuroka specifically.

"My little sister, she's in a bit of a bind. I can't do anything about it as a Great Satan, but I can't just not do anything. So Natsu. I would like to ask you for your help."

Noticing the serious air, Natsu actually acted mature for once. "What do you need Zechs?"

Well. As mature as he could manage.