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This is a Bleach and Highschool DXD crossover, so I will combine both universes into a single universe.

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Bleach is solely own by Tite Kubo, and Highschool DXD is a combined effort from Ichiei Ishibumi and Miyama-Zero

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Chapter 1: Our Last Moment




That's the most appropriate word to describe the condition of one of the districts in the suburbs of Osaka. The full moon that shone brightly that night lit up every corner of the district. But if you pay close attention, a faint sound is heard from one corner of the district, a faint sound that sounds more like someone's whining.

And sure enough, in one corner of the district, was seen a child who at first glance looked no more than 13 years old was dragging his body on the path. The child wore a kind of black kosode with a piece of white haori cloth that was waving slightly in the breeze that night. He slowly dragged his tiny body towards a nodachi that was stuck in the wall far enough away from his body. He then grabs the sword and pulls it out with all the remaining energy he has, succeeding but only to lose consciousness again due to exhaustion.


Unlike the coldness that soothed him, the coldness he felt this time...

So gripping.


Unlike the loneliness when he was young, the loneliness he felt this time...

So terrible...


So gripping... So terrible...

For the first time in his life, he was afraid.

Afraid to death…

Afraid of losing…

Afraid to leave…

After all... He was just a tiny silver-haired man who could only lie lonely in a bone-chilling cold, in the boundless darkness.


At a glance, he heard a kind of sound like something growling. A growling sound that somehow... sounded familiar to him.


Slowly opened his eyes, he glanced at the source of the sound and saw a majestic ice serpentine-like Chinese dragon standing looking at him with a face full of exhaustion as if it were in summer.

"Hyourinmaru…" he said softly, "What… What happen to you?" he continued.

"Master…" Hyourinmaru replied shortly, "You… No, we are on the verge of death. It seems like that person's attack destroyed your Saketsu and Hakusui, eliminating all of your left hand and some of your upper body parts." Hyourinmaru continued.

Hearing his zanpakutou reply, he sighed and closed his eyes then tried to recall what happened to him a while ago. How about when Seiretei was invaded by the Quincy. How he lost his Bankai in the first invasion when he fights against sternritter I "The Iron" Cang Du, feeling very depressed because he couldn't hear Hyourinmaru's voice, getting his ass kicked by Bazz-B in the second invasion and left in the mercy of a sternritter that stole his Bankai, Cang Du, then fought Cang Du back and managed to reclaim his Bankai with a little help from Urahara, then defeated Cang Du with his temporary hollowfied Bankai.

Yeah, it looks like everything gonna be okay. Until he comes…

Sternritter H "The Heat" Bazz-B, one of the strongest enemies he ever fought. How he and his lieutenant, Matsumoto works together to defeat him, just for every attack he made like it didn't have any effect on him. How Bazz-B parry all of his attacks with just one or two fingers, either using Burning Finger Level 1 or Level 2, Bazz-B signature attack. We fought very hard against him like just to buy time until reinforcements arrive. Until that time comes…

When he finally can land an attack on Bazz-B, hurt him very badly, just to make Bazz-B angry and going all out on him. He unleashes his ultimate attack, Burning Full Finger, a fire attack from all his fingers that looks like a sea of boiling lava, spirally lunging towards him and also Matsumoto. An ultimate attack that seems impossible to avoid.

He doesn't know why, but it looks like his body is moving by itself, pushing Matsumoto out of the path of fire and sacrifices himself. He heard how Matsumoto was screaming over himself before she fainted, but he didn't pay much attention to it. His adrenaline made him feel no pain, even when he had lost his left arm, he at that time was only focused on defeating Bazz-B. He swinging his zanpakutou madly, showering Bazz-B with a block after blocks of ice attack.

But still, after all adrenaline has a limit. When he swung his zanpakutou towards Bazz-B's neck, only a few millimeters before he managed to cut Bazz-B's head off, his body suddenly stiffened and unable to move. He felt an unimaginable pain in his chest, right where his Sakesui and Hakusui belonged. Stiffened, he tries to move his head down and how shocked he was when he saw that he had lost most of his chest.

Slowly but sure, his legs couldn't longer hold his weight. His body staggered, falling hard on the ground, still with his zanpakutou gripped tightly in his right hand. With his consciousness slowly fading away, he tried hard not to close his eyes.

"I'm impressed", he heard his opponent, Bazz-B praising him. "You're the first person who managed to hurt me quite badly after Jugram," Bazz-B continue compliment. "Therefore, I will spare your life and your lieutenant life, but... I do not allow you to help the shinigami in this war" he continued.

After he heard Bazz-B say that, he felt like his body was being lifted. Glancing up, he saw a mysterious portal opened before him. He then felt his body swung strongly and then thrown into that mysterious portal. That was the last thing he saw before he lost consciousness.

The breeze that hit his face slightly restored his consciousness. Slightly opened his eyes, he saw buildings that slowly looked bigger. That's when he realized that he was in free fall from a very high altitude. Seeing the increasingly clear surface of the road, he could do nothing but prepare himself for the harsh impact.


His body hit the ground very hard, thrown and bounced a few meters from where he landed. His Zanpakutou slipped from his grasp and was thrown then stuck in the wall quite far from him.

His body felt pain, it hurt so much that he screamed in agony. But he couldn't keep screaming in pain, he realized that he would die sooner or later. Realizing that, he slowly dragged his body towards his Zanpakutou. He wants if he dies, at least he dies with Hyourinmaru by his side.

'Yeah, that's a summary of what happened to me', he thinks. Slowly reopening his eyes, he then looked into Hyourinmaru's eyes and said, "I'm sorry"

"You don't need to apologize to me, master", he replied.

"No, I must apologize to you. If I had not pushed Matsumoto to avoid the Bazz-B attack, maybe we would not be in the current state, waiting to die" he replied.

"No, sometimes sacrifices must be made. After all, Matsumoto is the first person to tell you about your potential reiatsu and also lead you to become a shinigami", Hyourinmaru speech pause for a moment, giving time for him to realize what Hyourinmaru say is the truth. "Besides, don't cry over spilled milk. That's something I've taught you all this time," he added.

"Thank you Hyourinmaru for reminding me," he replied, smiling again.

"You're welcome, master," he answered with a slight nod.

"But ...", he paused while trying to remember something he wanted to ask before. "You said that my Sakesui and Hakusui were destroyed by the Bazz-B attack, then why are you in front of me now in our inner world?", he continued after successfully remembering it. "Not because I don't want you in front of me. But vice versa, I want to spend my last moments with you. But how?", he added.

"I use my reiryoku to communicate with you in our inner world and reduce the damage received. But still, our inner world is slowly crumbling", Hyourinmaru continued.

Hearing his zanpakutou reply, he looked around, seeing how his inner world slowly disintegrated. The ice tundra which generally adorned his inner world was now beginning to disappear, evaporated almost without a trace. Practically, only the ice tundra which is a radius of a few meters around them alone still survives. Even then, it slowly began to evaporate.

"It seems we have enough time to spend with just two of us before this entire inner world crumble away", Hyourinmaru said.

Suddenly Hyourinmaru's body shone so brightly, and after the light disappeared he no longer saw an ice serpentine-like Chinese dragon which was the original form of his Zanpakutou. At the place where Hyourinmaru was before now stands a tall man with a height of about 2 meters. The man wore a blue kimono with a turquoise green obi wrapped around his waist. His turquoise-colored hair that hung so long it touched his feet. On his face there is a cross-shaped mark of a light turquoise. And most importantly he has hands and feet covered with ice to form like ice claws, not forgetting the thick layer of ice that also surrounds his neck.

"Hyourinmaru, is that you?" he asked.

The man then knelt before him and hugged him, "Yes master, it's me Hyourinmaru"

He then accepted the hug and hugged Hyourinmaru back.

"Master Toshiro Hitsugaya, I'm sorry", Hyourinmaru suddenly apologized.

Instantly, the atmosphere became very quiet between the two of them. He was surprised, either because Hyourinmaru suddenly called out his full name or because Hyourinmaru suddenly apologized to him. He remember exactly the last time Hyourinmaru apologized to him was when he accidentally gave his name to himself and also his best friend Kusaka. But now he doesn't understand why Hyourinmaru apologized to him.

"I'm sorry for sealed your memories of your life before becoming a shinigami, when you were still alive", Hyourinmaru explained his apology. "Since the beginning even when you were alive, before you died and were in Soul Society then became a shinigami, I have been in your side," he explained.

Hearing the explanation from Hyourinmaru, he then tried to release his hug but failed. He then said, "That's impossible"

"For you maybe it sounds impossible, but for us zanpakutou, it's not," Hyourinmaru replied and take a short breath, "Master, do you know how a zanpakutou spirit was created?" he asked.

"It created from its wielder personality" he answered confidently.

"That's true, but unfortunately it's still far enough from the whole truth" Hyourinmaru corrected. He then continued his explanation even before his master can ask something, "Zanpakutou's spirit can be created from many factors. It can be from its wielder deepest desire, it can be from its wielder hidden nature that he's not aware of, it can be from its wielder personal experience, it can also be from how its wielder died in his previous reincarnation, and in our case I was created from a very strong inner bond that was created while you were still alive "

He paused for a long time, trying to digest important information he had just heard. Sure, he was a little confused about his Zanpakutou's explanation which explained how the relationship between himself and his Zanpakutou was created at this time. He was still trying to think and understand the meaning of Hyourinmaru's explanation, but after a while he gave up. Unable to contain his curiosity, he then asked his Zanpakutou.

"Our inner bond?" he asked confusedly to his zanpakutou.

"Yes, our very intimate inner bond," Hyourinmaru answered happily.

"Can you… tell me about our bond in my previous life?" he asked unconfidently.

"Of course I can master, I'm you, after all, I…" Hyourinmaru suddenly stopped talking. He then saw how Hyourinmaru looked at his face, no... more precisely his eyes with a very sad look, "I'm sorry master, it seems like our time is up. Our inner world will finally disappear." Hyourinmaru said sadly.

He couldn't believe that everything would end this quickly, his last moment with Hyourinmaru would end soon. His eyes glanced towards the wilderness which now adorns his inner world. The ice tundra that once adorned his inner world has now been replaced by an arid desert, practically only a thin layer of ice that he and Hyourinmaru stepped on at this time that still left. He was very sad, he was still not willing to part with Hyourinmaru. He realized that he might be able to see him again in his next life, but he was afraid to lose all the memories he had spent with Hyourinmaru in his current life.

Hyourinmaru hugged his shoulders tightly and whispered, "Don't be afraid, I'm sure that we will meet again in the next life. Until then, try..."


Suddenly something huge dropped really near where they were hugging and creating quite thick dust. It make them coughing quite badly. After a while, the dust that covered his view finally disappeared. And how shocked he was when he saw a statue... no, more precisely a chess piece-like huge statue that soared high into the sky of his inner world. The appearance of the statue immediately stops the destruction of his inner world, as if the statue is what now supports his inner world.

"What the fuck is… OUCH…" he whined while rubbed his head that had just been bonked by Hyourinmaru.

"Master, LANGUAGE…" Hyourinmaru warned strictly.

"Sorry…" he answered dejectedly. "But… what is that" he asked back while pointing at the statue.

"I don't know Master, I don't know. The only thing I know is that the statue saved you from death." Hyourinmaru answered.

Right after he heard his Zanpakutou's answer, suddenly his body began to unravel in pieces of reiatsu. "Hyourinmaru, what happened to me?" he asked frantically.

"Looks like someone brought you back from your death," Hyourinmaru answered.

"But what about you? I can't come back without you." he panicked.

"As I said, that statue saved you from death, but not for me. It seems like this really will be our last meeting." Hyourinmaru wiped the tears that ran down her cheeks while continuing to stare at the body of his master who continued to unravel, "Goodbye, Master..." he said for the last time.

"Hyourinmaru… HYOURINMARU…" he yelled while crying.

Hyourinmaru looked at his master's last fragment of reiatsu, Hitsugaya Toshiro for the last time. After his master finally disappeared, he immediately turned his face towards the chess piece-like statue that was nearby. The look on his face looked very serious when he surveyed the statue, he was a little suspicious with a strange but familiar aura that spread from the statue. He went to the statue, touched, and analyzed it. After a few moments, he said, "Looks like Master is coming home"

Author's Note:

Fiuh… Finally I finished this chapter, truthfully I already had this story ideas in my mind since almost 3 years ago. But, I almost didn't have any time to write it. Well, what do you expect? I'm an active college student. I finally have time to write this story because the Coronavirus pandemic that's spread all around the world today has made my university implement a learning policy from home.

I apologize if there was an error in the use of grammar and inaccurate choice of words. Because English is neither the national language nor the native language of my home country.

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