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Previously in Afterlife :

After his introduction to all other Serafall's peerage members yesterday, that morning Hitsugaya begins his training with Unohana. Unfortunately, Unohana thinks that the best way for his training is to fight her one vs one, and it become a massacre for him. He wounded so badly and must rest for the rest of the day. Serafall then take over his training and decide to teach him a history of about 72 devil families. The next day, Serafall asks him and Unohana to do a devil contract, they go to the client only to be surprised that the client is none other than Tessai Tsukabishi, ex-captain of kidou corps and also Urahara's right-hand man.

Chapter 5: A Queen's Duty

This morning, I, Hitsugaya Toshiro wake up and change my clothes with whatever I think matches my mood today. It's been a week and a day since my devil contract with Tessai, and also almost 4 months since that war. Damn, time flies so slowly.

In the past week, I learn a lot about devil society with Serafall, she tells me about what I can do and what I cannot do when I'm in public. It's so boring yet I must understand all of this because it's a matter of pride and self-esteem. Serafall also teach me about some basic magic spell like teleportation and private dimensional storage, none of which is a magic for fighting but still very useful in everyday life.

And today, Serafall already promises to me to teach me some offensive magic. I then walk downstairs to the dining room. If some of you realized that since the beginning of this chapter I never told you that I bring my zanpakutou on my back, well the truth is I save my zanpakutou in my dimensional storage.

I have breakfast today with some menu I usually eat every time I take a breakfast. After a while, breakfast is ended and everyone goes to some different directions to do their activity, except me. And also Serafall who still sit on the dining chair. I walk toward her and she stands up, we then walk toward backyards where she previously promised me to teach me some offensive magic.

"So, what kind of offensive magic do you want to learn first?"

That's the first thing she says right after we step into the backyard. She even says that without a glance towards me even a little bit.

"Ice magic" I replied shortly, "I want to learn ice magic" I repeated it with confidence.

"Well, you ask into the right person. I'm one of the best ice magic users in entire Underworld" she replied happily and paused, then asks "But why? Why you want to learn ice magic?"

"From your tone when you said that you want to learn ice magic, there's must be a reason why you want to learn it" she added.

"Memento" I replied shortly.

"Come again?" she asked confusedly.

With a sigh, I summoned my zanpakutou from my dimensional storage then unsheathed it. Showing her every single detail on my zanpakutou physical form.

"You maybe already know from the others that every zanpakutou made from a part of his/her wielder soul, mine included. Every zanpakutou has 3 forms. Sealed form, shikai, and bankai." I paused to see her nod in understanding, "My zanpakutou's name is Hyourinmaru. Its abilities are to control every water and ice in the world. In extended, it also makes me able to control the weather around me."

I gripped my zanpakutou and thrust it upward, my head turned upward and see purple tint that adorns the sky, "Since my supposed death and lost Hyourinmaru, I feel hollow. As if something is missing from me. That's why I want to learn ice magic, so I can at least feel complete, even if it a little bit."

"I see, so that's the reason. If that so, then who am I to forbid you to learn it."

I maybe didn't look at her, but I think she smiles when she said that.

"But first, keep your zanpakutou sheathed."

"Okay" I replied as I sheathed my zanpakutou back and place it in my dimensional storage.

"And now... I will explain to you about basic magic theory. I should have explained this to you when you learned teleportation and storage magic, but I postponed it because those two magic above are basic magic whose basic theory was covered by the ability of the devil family." She shows her right-hand index finger,

"First, devil magic is unique. For example, most magic is made with accurate and precise calculations. From how magic source flows - whether it is mana, chakra, or something like that - from its caster body to how output that magic generated. Everything is calculated when that magic is created for the first time. Why? Because naturally, magic is some fearful thingy, it can be so dangerous and deadly if used in the wrong way." she explained,

"But devil magic is different, all you need is only imagination and basic knowledge of how demonic energy flows within our body, no matter it is family-related magic or other magic, all you need is the imagination of how that magic will work, the exception is applied on more complex magic like healing magic. I don't know why devil magic can be so easy to use, but I think it's a devil perks." She added then shows her right-hand middle and index finger,

Ehh? Only need imagination to cast a magic attack? That's cheating. Compared to kidou, that's a huge advantage and I think devil magic also more versatile than kidou in daily practical while most of kidou looks more useful in battle.

"Second, every kind of magic need or used something to stabilize it, because basically every magic source is unstable. For example, most devils use a magic circle to stabilize their magic attack, while some others use something like magic staff to stabilize it. Human magician is similar to us in term to stabilize their magic attack, but some of them use magic wand instead. On the other hand, from what Unohana explained to me, shinigami use incantation to stabilize their version of magic, kidou. The point is you need to know how to stabilize your magic source when you want to use some magic, especially in a battle."

Ahh, I see... So the magic circle that appears whenever she uses magic is similar to incantation that shinigami use to cast kidou.

"So Hitsu-chan, are you understand now?" she asks.

"Yes, I understand all of it. The main point is devil magic and kidou is similar yet different. So, I should be able to use devil magic easily because my zanpakutou is a kidou-type and I'm used to using kidou when I'm still a shinigami" I replied.

"Then, what are we waiting for. Let's begin ~"

She stretches out her right palm forward and a magic circle appears in front of it before a spear made of ice shot out to some poor trees and destroy it.

"See Hitsu-chan, that's one of my favorite magic attacks. Icicle spear" She monologues, "It's cool right... right... right...?"

"Umm, Sera-chan..." I interrupted her, "I don't know how to make a magic circle, let alone the usage of all the symbols within it, can you teach me step by step?"

"Of course... Like I said before, all you need is only imagination. Just imagine how your magic attack works and be focused on it, the magic circle will automatically be created to stabilize your magic. For how the symbols within your magic circle are used, just think this as devil perks" she explained.

I then begin to follow her guide to cast my magic attack. My eyes closed as I begin to concentrate. Ok Hitsugaya, now what you want to do? Remember Hitsugaya, keep your focus. For a while moment, I stood silent like a statue. My mind carried towards my deepest subconscious, I opened my eyes and saw a vast expanse of ice I recognized. It's my inner world, where Hyourinmaru formerly lives.

Hmm, it's strange. With my Sakesui and Hakusui were destroyed, and I also lost my shinigami powers. It should be impossible for me to go to this place again. But why? Is it possible... for me to meet Hyourinmaru again? I hope I can.

With that I close my eyes again, trying to get back to the living world. I opened my eyes and see Serafall who looks so worried. She even immediately hugs me then check over my body.

"Hitsu-chan... I thought I lost you, I called you for more than 5 minutes and you still stood like a statue, you even didn't breathe." She said with a sob.

"Ahh, I'm sorry Sera-chan... I just got carried away towards my inner world, there's nothing you can worry about me" I apologized, "Okay?"

"Hiks... Okay..." she said while wiping her tears.

After she calmed down, we continued my training. I took a deep breath and begin to concentrate. I imagine what kind of magic attack I wanna create. I try to imagine something new but I can't. To be honest, I feel confused.

Damn, imagining something is not something I used to do before. It seems it's not as easy as I think before.

Damnit Hitsugaya, just think something, imagine something.


Maybe... I can recreate all my zanpakutou attacks with magic, either that's shikai or bankai. Yes, that's it. Let's recreate it.

But first... Which one I must recreate first?

Hyoten Hyakkaso[1]? No, that seems impossible to recreate now, it's too difficult. After all, weather manipulation is not something that can easy to do.

Sennen Hyouryuu[2]? No, I need a huge amount of water to recreate that, not to mention that I also need some time to prepare that.

Hmm, what again huh?

Ahh, that's it. One simple technique that supposed to easy to recreate with magic.

I concentrate on imagining some icicle spear in front of me, I also concentrate on the shape and size of that icicle spear that I want to create. When I think everything is ready, I open my eyes and stretch my right hand frontward while saying,


From my right palm, a magic circle emerges and from it, a huge amount of icicle spear shot out towards some trees not too far away from where I stand and destroy it, and also a few meters radius around it.

Huh? I didn't remember Gunchotsurara can be this destructive, not even when I use it with bankai. Is it because I created it with magic? Or because I put too much magic power when I cast it?

I then try to cast it again but with much less magic power than before. The result that I got? It still has the same destructive effect, but within much a smaller area of attack. The opposite result I got when I try to cast the same magic but with much more power than before. From that test and trial I do, I get 1 important note, the amount of magic power I put in Gunchotsurara is directly proportional to the area of attack.

"Hitsu-chan... Congratulations..." Serafall chirped happily.

"Thanks, Sera-chan..." I replied, "But... Can I cast my magic attack with other intermediaries? For example, with my zanpakutou blade form?"

"Of course you can, the method is not too much different than when you cast it with your hand" she answered.

"I see..." I muttered.

I then summon my zanpakutou and held it with both of my hands. I then take a stance and a deep breath while trying to concentrate.

Okay, let's do this

A week passed since my first offensive magic training with Serafall. Within a week, I managed to recreate 2 other magic spells besides Gunchotsurara, which is Ryusenka[3] and Hyouryusenbi[4]. Although this spell is not as strong as when I use it in bankai form, but fortunately these spells are also like Gunchotsurara, which means I can over added the amount of mana needed to make this spell stronger and more dangerous when I needed.

Not only that, but I also managed to cast these three spells with my zanpakutou blade form, which also will help me a lot. To make it perfect, I also tried these spells several times until I fluent enough to cast it without spending so much time concentrating on it beforehand.

Besides training my magical abilities, within a week I also learn to read and write something in the devil alphabet. It's so difficult at first, but after a full day of intense course, I finally got the hang with the devil alphabet. It's very useful for me because now I can read any books I want to read in the library.

And now I and Serafall are sitting on the chair in the library facing each other. I am now reading a book about science, more precisely physics. Once in a while, I raise my head and glanced towards her when suddenly she stands up. I raise my head again only to meet her serious face that seems to look over my very soul.

"Hitsu-chan..." she said in some tone that rarely I heard. A tone that indicates that she is serious right now.

I fix my sitting then look towards her. "Yes?" I said confused.

"As my queen, a maou, you have several main tasks. One of them is always by my side when I carry out my duties as a maou. Besides that, you also have several other tasks like–"

Serafall snapped his fingers then a magic circle appeared in front of me and took out several stacks of paper.

Ugh, you've got to be kidding me. Paperwork, bane of all leaders anytime anywhere.

I look at her and put my flattest expression I have on my face, "Serafall-sama, you're not thinking to dump your paperwork on me, are you?" I said with the flattest tone I can.

She silenced, and I look at her very intensely. She keeps silent but it seems she feels uneasy with my gaze and gazed away from my face. Not long after that, she scratches the back of her neck which I'm sure it doesn't feel itchy at all. She then slowly looks towards me and chuckles softly.

"Actually..." she muttered but thanks to my enhanced hearing as a devil, I can hear her. "I give paperwork to you because I wanna go and see my little So-tan ~" she continues muttered at first and suddenly squeal happily when she says 'So-tan'.

Hah, talk about Serafall and her bipolar personality. But well, it's the usual Serafall. Who am I to protest about it.

"So-tan?" I asked intrigued.

"Yap, my cute little sister So-tan ~" she picks a photo from her pants pocket and hugged it dearly, "She looks so cute even if she still looks very little, I love her so much that I think I want to cuddle her in a very yuri yuri way"

Huh? Her little sister? But why she looks like love her sister too much that it looks like to me that she wants to marry her sister?

I personally didn't want to intervene with her family personal life. But unfortunately, my curiosity got the best of me. I stand up then glanced at her, more specifically the photo in her hands. But what I see from the photo shock me a lot, the photo which she said it's her little sister photo is a photo of a little black-haired girl that looks like only 5 years old pouting towards the camera when this photo is taken. And here I think her little sister's age gap from her is not too much.

Hoi hoi hoi, Serafall. I think showing affection to your little sister is not wrong, but to think like that to your sister that even looks like only 5 years old is a sign of pedophile. No, not pedophile, but a severe case of siscon.

I screamed inwardly. Honestly, I didn't want to believe that she's into her little sister like that. I hope I can make her a little more straight in the future. But, enough with all of this craziness. I think this chit chat already out of track, I must put this chit chat back into the right track. And now the first thing I must do is to snap her out from her wild sexual imagination.

"Umm, Sera-chan... Even if I think that you're only want to run away from your paperwork, but I think it's your right to can see your beloved sister" I uttered my opinion then paused to take a slight breath, "So, I will do your paperwork today. Besides, it's been a while since the last time I do some paperwork when I'm still a shinigami captain and I don't wanna my paperwork organizing skills becoming blunt."

Suddenly, Serafall jumps onto me and glomps me between her breast. She said a happily grateful sentence like 'Thank you Hitsu-chan...' and 'Now I can spend my time with So-tan ~'. She kept hugging me very tightly and unfortunately, I accidentally squeeze her breast which turned out as big as Rangiku's. And I know very well that Rangiku's breast hug can be very deadly, and a fact that Serafall's breast is as big as Rangiku make me realize.

I must get out from here

Like an unavoidable fate, I slowly run out of air. I tried to rebel and give my best to get away from that death's embrace. Slowly, I begin to lose consciousness and as my last resort, I grab her hair and pull it as strong as I can. And it succeeds, Serafall screams in pain and loosening her hug. With my remaining energy, I break away from her hug and fall on the floor. I gasped out of air and then tried to breathe normally.

"Hitsu-chan... What happened to you? Why your face so blue?" I heard Serafall's scream that sounded so panicky.

"Almost... Die... Rangiku... Breast... Deadly… Hug… Almost... Die... Again..." I gasped between my breath.

I keep hearing her scream panicky, but I didn't respond to her, more precisely I couldn't. I'm still out of breath and keep trying to take a breath and exhale it slowly, this I did several times. After countless breath, my lungs become relaxed and I can breathe normally. I then stand up and glare at her menacingly, make her panic suddenly disappear and also make her feel uneasy.

"Serafall-sama," I said with a flat tone, still looking menacingly at her. "I know you're feeling happy now. But please, try to restraint your strength a lot when you decided to hug someone in your breast." I take a very deep breath, "YOU WERE ALMOST KILL ME WITH YOUR HUG" I yelled at her.

"I swear, your breast hug can be as deadly as Rangiku's" I grunt murmured.

I look at her and see a tear slowly form in her eyes. Ehh, she's crying? No... No... No... No... Please, don't cry...

"Huwaaa..." she jumped towards me while unfurls her hands open as if she wants to hug me, again. My mind told me to take a step to the side to avoid it, but my instinct told me to stand still. I follow my instinct and let my face get embraced between her voluptuous breast, this time she learns a lot from my yelling and lessening the strength behind her hug a bit while still give an airflow for me to breathe, "I'm so sorry Shiro-chan... I didn't intend to try to kill you" she apologized while sobbing a bit.

I raised my head a bit so my head can get out from her breast and look at her then my hand move to the back of her head and calmly stroke her hair, "It's not a problem Sera-chan... But please, don't do that again, either to me or to someone else" I say to her in a very gentle tone, "You of course didn't want to accidentally kill your little sister when you tried to hugging her, right?"

"But still, I'm so sorry" she pleaded and look at me with her wavering eyes.

"Nah..." I shook my head, "It's not a problem now. Just let it what already happens and just move on. After all, if I remembered it right, you want to meet your little sister, right?"

"Ahh..." she released her hug. "I just remember that, thanks for reminding me"

"Nah, no problem... Just go away and meet your little sister, let me do your paperwork for today" I replied nonchalantly.

"Okay..." she winks at me, "So-tan~ Your onee-chan is coming..." With that yell, she teleports away.

I look at the place where she previously standing before she teleported, then I sighed rather loudly.

At first, I think I'm some sort like a little brother to her because even I hate to admit it, but she's much taller than me. But after this incident and seeing her reaction, I just realize that maybe… I more look like some sort of older brother to her.

I turn my back and see a pile of paperwork on the table. I stretch my hands and relaxed my fingers then sit on the chair right beside the table.

Okay, now where should I start with all of this?

To put it simply, Serafall was amazed by all of my doing in paperwork. Honestly, the paperwork she must work on maybe overwhelming, but it's just like the paperwork that usually I work on when I'm still a shinigami captain. I still don't understand why she can very upset with her paperwork. Okay, I admit it that some paperwork can be very troublesome and need some very cautious steps on decision making so it can't be backfired to the devil race in general, especially considering she's directly dealing in foreign affairs with other faction.

And today, Serafall privately calling me to come to her office room. I walk towards her office and stop as soon as I arrive in front of her office room's door. I knock on the door and yell, "Sera-chan, you're calling me?" which get "Yes Hitsu-chan, come in" as her reply. I open the door then walk inside, as soon as I'm inside, I close the door.

"So Sera-chan, what I can do for you?" I say as soon as I closed the door behind me, "Is there one or two contracts that I must fulfill now?" I added.

"No, this is nothing like that. It's just your main duty as my queen" she replied.

"My main duty?" I paused, trying to remember what is my main duty as her queen. "Ahh, I see..." I nod as I remembered it.

"Yes, I finally decided to introduce you to my colleagues, the other maou. Today, you will accompany me at maou meeting" she said in a rarely used professional tone.

"Shall I get ready now?" I asked.

"Yes, we will leave to the meeting place in an hour"

"Okay, I will get ready"

I then walk out of her office room towards my bedroom to prepare all things I need for my first meeting with other maou. I tried several suits and choose one of them with full consideration because I fully understand that I must give a good first impression to other people, especially with a group of devil with high authorities like maou. After my preparation is completed, I come back to her office and we go to the meeting place with her teleportation circle.

The teleportation circle brings us to some sort of office room which looks like hers at home but a slightly bigger. I take a look around and see that this room has more books and catalog than Serafall's office room at home. Serafall then grabs my right hand and pull me out of this room towards what she said as the meeting room. Along the way towards the meeting room, I glance around and see that everyone we come across look at us with a confused look. I also heard some whispers from them, it ranges from jealousy to curiosity addressed to me, but most of them are whispers sound of curiosity.

After a little walk, we arrive in front of a room. Realizing that we stop walking as soon as we arrive in front of a room, I assume that this is the meeting room we want to go. Serafall then pushed the door to open it and we walk inside. I glanced around and seeing that there are four people inside, three men and one woman. The three men sit in a circle in front of a round table while the woman stands behind one of them.

The first man on the left is a handsome man who seems to be in his early 20's. He has shoulder-length crimson red hair and blue-green eyes which signifies that he's from Gremory clan according to what I read in a book about devil clan history. He's Sirzechs Lucifer, maou who in charge of domestic affairs. The strongest devil alive, it seems his title is not mere nonsense. His aura even after being pressed was still intimidating.

The second man who sits right beside the crimson-haired one is a bewitchingly beautiful and attractive young man appearing in his early twenties, with light blue eyes and green hair that is slicked back. Honestly, I feel some sort of mysterious aura around him which I think makes him seem devilish. He's Ajuka Beelzebub, maou who in charge of research and technology development. From what I read in the book, he's the one who creates evil pieces.

And finally, the last man who sits in front of the crimson-haired one is a tall man whose head is completely bald and has a goatee on his chin. His eyes are closed with his head was leaning sideways on the table, I also heard a sound like... snoring?

WHAT THE HELL? What kind of leader he is who can sleep in the middle of fuckin leader - scratch that, before a fuckin leader meeting?

I just want to walk over him and wake him up before I feel someone grab my right hand, I glanced around and see Serafall who holds my hand. She leaned her face towards me and whisper, "If you ever think to wake him up, forget it. He's always like that, he's like a perfect example of embodiment of sloth sin"

So, he's Falbium Asmodeus huh? Maou who in charge of military affairs. I several times heard Serafall's whining about his lazy attitude, but to see itself in front of my eyes, it's unbelievable.

With that I forgot my previous intention to wake him up, I look back towards them and I just remembered that there's also one other person besides us and the three men that sits in front of the table. That person is a beautiful young woman appearing to be in her early twenties with back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down which ends in twin braids and red eyes. She wears...

Huh? Is that some kind of maid outfit that I usually seen used by maid in Serafall's house? Is she that crimson-haired man's maid? Or queen? Because she stands right behind that crimson-haired man in a style like what I usually do to Serafall. No, her magic power is too high for an ordinary maid which means that she's that crimson-haired man's queen. But why she's wearing a maid outfit? Perhaps, she has some sort of maid fetish, maybe...

"Yo Serafall…"

Someone's voice awakens me from my daydream. I looked towards the source of the voice and see the crimson-haired man, Sirzechs Lucifer, waves his right hand towards us, or more precisely towards Serafall. I looked towards the other and realized that everyone starred at me, including the silver-haired maid, although I can see that she's trying her hardest to not looking at me.

"Who's him?" I heard the same voice, Sirzechs, asks. "I never met him before," he added.

I'm very sure he's asking about me, his gaze never strays away from me. But well, just let Serafall answering that for me.

"Oh yea, let me introduce him. Hitsu-chan, come here..." I then walk towards Serafall and stand beside her, "This is Toshiro Hitsugaya, my newest addition to my peerage. He is my queen"

"Hoamz, your queen?" the bald man, Falbium Asmodeus, asks with a non-interested tone while slightly raise his head only to slam his head against the table and sleep again.

"Ehh, you finally get your queen? Since when?" Sirzechs asks with an interested tone, "You a bit closed for the last few months and now you suddenly get your queen?" he added.

"Well, he's my queen since almost 5 months ago," she answered. "But he spend his first 3 months as a devil in the hospital, when I reincarnated him, his condition is so severe. It's a miracle that he still can be saved with that kind of injury, I even privately ask my bishop, Unohana to treat him" she muttered slowly.

"Say Serafall..." the green-haired man, Ajuka Beelzebub speaks for the first time, "Your last three addition into your peerage is either shinigami or Arrancar. So, what is he?" he asks, "And don't say something like "I accidentally found him in some quiet street". Although I know you can be so reckless, I don't think you will reckless enough to pick a random person as your queen." he added.

"Huft..." she sighed. I can see the look of defeat in her eyes, "Hitsu-chan... Please introduce yourself, complete with your origin." I stared at her as if questioned her seriousness, she replied my gaze and says "It's okay, don't worry. I trust them as much as I trust myself"

I sighed then I look towards all of them, "My name is Toshiro Hitsugaya, ex-captain of Squad 10 of Gotei 13. Nice to meet you." I said while bowing a bit.

"A shinigami huh, an ex-captain nonetheless. Just what I thought, given her luck to find and get a reiatsu user as her peerage member, honestly it's not surprising" Ajuka says as he strokes his chin.

"Oi..." a gruffly sound can be heard. I glance towards the source of the sound and seeing a sleepy yet slightly annoyed look from the bald man, Falbium Asmodeus trying to put that two opposites expression into one on his face, but it seems sleepy expression is more dominant in his face. "Can we just start this meeting? I desperately want to go my soft and cozy bed and take some zzz" He immediately sleep again as soon as he finished that sentence.

"What a lazy maou..." I muttered, "Somehow, it makes me wonder how the underworld military still can properly function with him as the top of the chain of command"

Every maou then takes their sit while I and the silver-haired maid, which I finally recognized as Grayfia Lucifuge, Sirzech's ultimate queen stands behind our respectively maou, and shortly thereafter the meeting begins.

Author's Note :

[1] Hitsugaya shot a column of snow towards the sky, change the weather around him to be cloudy. After that, a huge hole opens up in the clouds. As a huge hole opens up in the clouds, a large amount of snow falls onto Hitsugaya's opponent. When the snow comes into contact with the opponent, ice flowers sprout all over their body, instantly trapping them in a pillar of ice. Hitsugaya claims the life of his opponent will be over when the last of the 100 petals fall.

[2] Hitsugaya creates many ice pillars, which encircle him and his enemy. At his command (when he turns his sword 90 degrees counter-clockwise), these pillars then move towards the enemy, enveloping and crushing them. Though this technique is very powerful, Hitsugaya infers that it takes a considerable amount of time to prepare, and therefore the distraction of his enemy is crucial in completing this attack.

[3] Hitsugaya stabs his opponents, then a huge burst of ice erupts from the point of contact between Hyōrinmaru and the opponent, encasing and freezing them, before shattering alongside its victim.

[4] Hitsugaya swinging his sword in a linear direction, then creates overflowing ice from his blade in the form of a crescent.

Ok, so this chapter is still about Hitsugaya's training, but this time he tries to learn some offensive magic. This chapter also tell about how Hitsugaya handle other duty as Serafall's queen. And finally, Serafall introduce Hitsugaya to other maou.

In the end, I apologize if there was an error in the use of grammar and inaccurate choice of words. It's because English is neither the national language nor the native language of my home country.

But if there are criticisms, suggestions, or questions about this story. Please comment, I will try to answer it.

Finally, I say goodbye and see you in the next chapter in about 1-4 weeks.