Most of this is from the Chapter 1 is from Tuesday's E4 episode, but with Own wordings

Sally, Matthew J and John Paul just came out Price Slice after just Buying Matthew J a Easter Egg. Sally was Giving her savings speech to Matthew. John Paul then said to Sally, I gave him a Easter egg on Easter Sunday you know.

Sally: Oh really, well don't cry to me Matthew if you have a Cavity.

Matthew: Well Dad says i won't as i've got good jeans

Sally: Not those Jeans Love, Genes with a G and he means you've got Good Genetics

John paul then Looked over the Village, and Saw a Man wearing Good Jeans

John Paul: Now those are Good Jeans

Sally then looks at what John Paul is talking about and Sees that it's none other then PC Kiss

Sally: PC Kiss, What a Pleasent Suprise

Pc Kiss than stands up after tying his shoes

Sally: Is this your Day off, I;ve neither seen you without uniform. John Paul almost didn;t recognise you.

George (PC Kiss): Chuckle - Even us coppers get a day of during Easter, I'm going to visit my Ex to help him move house.

Sally in her Brain then hatches an Idea

Sally: So was this is a recent Breakup? Can i ask

John Paul looks embrassed that his mum is trying to ask these questions to him

George ( PC Kiss): No not really about yr ago

Sally: Well it was nice for you to go that far to help him or Even her to help move house

George then Looks at John Paul like he knows what Sally is trying to do.

Cindy then Approaches

Cindy: Please can i borrow one strong man to help me move something

John Paul volenteers

Cindy: No not you, probs best not, we don't need another incident

Cindy then Looks at George AND asks him for assitance

While asking it's like Cindy is flirting with Him

George (PC Kiss): Sure anything you need

While they walk away, John Paul tells Sally that he made it to obvious, about me going for him. He makes it perfectly clear after his bad relationship with James that he wants him, his son and no one else. NO more drama

Sally and Matthew Tell his Dad to give it a Chance, but John Paul shuts it down.

A Little While, They all Go into the Salon de tea to have Tea, While John Paul is noting down the drinks, Sally Points out who just came through the door. And it is George. Sally and John Paul Biker as John Paul doesn't want her to get invovled in her Love Life.

While they are still talking, Matthew Decides to make the first move for his Dad, and walks up to the Counter

With Sally still with John Paul and tellls John Paul look what your sun is doing.

Anyway he walks up to the counter and asks PC Kiss a Question

Matthew: Excuse me PC Kiss do you like Boys or Girls?

As soon as John Paul heard the Question he ran up to the Counter to get his Son, and said

John Paul: I'm so sorry, That's not a sort of thing you would ask a Police Officer, I'm so sorry.

PC Kiss was Flattered and Answered the Question that was on Matthew's Mind

George ( PC Kiss) : No it's fine i don;t mind answering. He says to Matthew Yes i'm Gay just like your Dad. Is their Anything Else you want me to answer.

Matthew: Thank you, but that's all we needed to know

John Paul walks his son back to where they were sitting and behind them you could see George Smiling.

Sally: Man Up and ask him on a Date.