Chapter One: ¿what would happen if...


In Buenos Aires.

We see a person walking towards his two-story house. "Uff ... what a bad day ... this teacher is an bad guy..." Complains a 24-year-old man with black hair and has a leather jacket and brings his bag backpack. he has square glasses. "let see. where I leave my keys ..." He looks for his key and opens the door.

Enter your house where there are four main rooms. The first is the shallow kitchen that can fit six people. and a dining room with a rectangular table that is near the window that showed the city of Buenos Aires. The third environment is a living room with a plasma television with a Ps4 console on the table along with a sofa. the fourth room is the courtyard.

"Hmm ... what should I eat ..." The man said and goes to the kitchen and finds some ingredients. "Hmmm ... maybe i eat instant noodles ..." He said before closing the refrigerator.

30 minutes later.

"Ah ready..."the man walks to his room and sits at the computer and enters the discord page where he has friends for chat. And went to ilidankseng's Chat. Well sometimes it's called Stiven. Begins to type to send a message.


[Hello! How is everything?]

"More or less I got tired. I could just eat something ... the day I got worse with the teacher of physics that I got ..."

[physical? Well relax, I have ideas to give you!]

"Let's see which one?"

[I've been thinking about how Tucker tries to flirt with an astral lady]

"Hmmm that could work since we need a lot of details and some bullshit where Tucker wants to bind the Astral Lady ..."

[yes, but hey wait I get something to drink and I'll tell you]

The author sighs and looks at the computer where he sees that the Wattpad is open and opens the part where his stories are on pause. He sighs annoyed and stretches and sits in the swivel chair.

[I'm back!]

"Ah, you came back. Hey, take a look at my stories ... I realized that I have at least five Kuroinu storiesThey really are interested in this hentai ... but when I published the RWBY one they did not give more votes. LPM ... but an imagination occurred to me ... "

[what thing? Count the wild idea!]

"Friend, what would happen if the nine girls from Kuroinu were transported in my house? ..."

*Storm noise*

[ha! That would be kind of cool! But what would we tell them? We have summoned them to help us in wars, it would be a great nonsense ..]

"Yes, since I will have to support those 9 women. Alicia could be proud but I think she is very naive since she was easily deceived. Prim is a tender and innocent character. Maia is a tomboy, since she fell in love with the psychopath. Claudia seems very naive and easy to fool. Ruu-Ruu is like a loli but I found the info that is older. Kaguya has a very serious personality and is very devoted to God. cellestine has a gentle personality and the two dark elves who did not deserve to end that terrible fate. "

[It's true ... But where would you get extra money to pay for the food? Haha for loans?]

"I don't want to borrow moneyi t's like giving the weapon to a monkey ... "

[I sniffed and if they were the red vs blue hahaha you know what scandal would be! hahaha!]

"Yes ... since you are adding more ideas to me. If those two groups lived in my house. i would have to worry about food.. since Grif has a black hole in his stomach ... "

[uff I imagine the empty refrigerator on the second day XD]

"Well ... I have to write something or else I will see a movie to clear something since today I had a shitty day ... tomorrow let's keep talking ... "

The Author stops writing and leaves his room and walks down the hall where there are four doors. One is the one in his twin brother's room that he no longer lives there. the other door is the bathroom door. The third door is the room of his mother and stepfather. The last one is the room that has old furniture and things from the past.

He starts watching the Ash Evil series.

Six hours

the Author sleeps on the couch, but something happened in his room where the computer began to glow. "Hmm?" He said waking up to the noise. "It's 6:00 ... gosh I should go to bed and continue sleeping ..." He said going up the stairs.

when he gets to his room he finds his computer on. "Hmmm, did I leave my computer on?" He looks at the screen that was showing. "Kuroinu ... I didn't open Kuroinu ..."He said trying to turn off the computer but caused a glow that blinded the Author "What the hell!" He said covering his eyes.

"Kyaaaaaa!" The women's voices scream.



The Author was pushed by a group of strangers. "What the fuck?"said the Author, who got up groaning in pain in his back and felt something soft.


"Hmmm, why do I feel something soft?" Said the Author, assimilated the sensation and looked down looking at where his hand was touching the tit with brown skin. He tried to process and realized, "What the fuck!" He stands up suddenly and looks where the woman had long black hair and had purple lingerie but what was impact was "Pointy ears?"

He tried to push back but fell on his back when he tripped something from behind and fell on something unknown and hit his face against something soft.


"What!?"he screams, clarifying his eyes when see that there are two breasts with white skin and she looks at the faces that she is a blonde and had pointed ears. "Wait a minute..."

the Author gets up and moves further closer to the door of his room and turns on the light revealing that there were nine people who have revealing clothes. Two dark elves. A white elf. Five humans and one dwarf.

the Author was confused but recognized the women's clothing "Where there was ..." He said looking at the clothing. "Wait a minute ... Olga ... Chloe ... and everyone ..." he turns pale as she recognizes the women's appearances that they are from the anime. "What happened..."

"Hmmm ..." Chloe opens her eyes and stands up and looks at the Author.

"Eh ... hello ..." The Author said scared.


The razor pierces the side of the face nailing the wall. "It's real!" He yells before turning around looking at the razor.

"{What is a human doing here!}" Chloe shouts hostilely and looks at Olga who just got up. this language is unknown to him.

"{What happened?}" Said Olga who just got up and looks at the human. "{What happened?}"Olga said seriously and looks around that it is an unknown place. "{Where are we this is not my kingdom?}" She said seriously and confused. Olga looks down where there is a known person who is Cellestine, who is her mortal enemy. "{Why is the elf bitch and also her allies?}"

The Author was very confused what he was saying but Chloe's expression is not a good thing. Since he knows the story that she hates humans and was sold by her own father to slave sellers and had a difficult life for her.

"{Chloe catch him}" Olga said looking at the Author. Chloe raises her sword at the Author.

"Wait wait!"


The Author closed his eyes and slowly opened that there was the blonde woman who had royal armor and with her blue cloth. It is Alicia Arcturus.

"{How dare you hurt a civilian!}"Alicia yells hostilely at Chloe but she also speaks in a native language.

"Oh my god ... please ..." said the Author, little scared and worried that his house what is about to turn into a bloodbath.

Alice and Chloe looked at each other tightly and had their swords ready to fight. The only thing the Author started to do is.

"Stop!"He came in, interrupting the fight. "Nothing swords!"he yells raising his hands showing the stop sign to the two women.

Chloe and Alicia looked confused at the Author. Because they did not understand the language from him. "{Civil step aside, I'll take care of the dark elves!}"

"Alice wait!"shouts the Author in a thick voice. "Don't fight. They're in my house!" He yells a little angry.

Olga approaches the Author and raises her hand towards the Author's head and emits a purple glow. "Can you understand me human?" Olga said seriously.

"Yeah. I can understand you!"shouts the Author. "Chloe and Alicia. Please don't fight at my house!"

"How do you know my name?" Chloe said with little surprise. Olga realized that the place is different and looks at the alarmed human trying to stop the fight.

"Chloe lowers the sword ... it seems to me that this human will have the answers ..." Olga said looking at the human. Chloe lowers her sword. Alice looks back at Chloe and was with the acquaintances who just woke up and is little surprised to see the unknown place.

"Where are we?" Cellestine said looking around and realizing that Olga and Chloe are close to the Human. "Olga ..."she said in a serious voice.

"Cellestine ..."

"Oh god, I don't like this ..." said the Author with fear. "Excuse me. before Olga becomes hostile along with her friend Chloe ... i want to have something to talk about in a civilized way ..."he said quietly but inside of him he was scared that it would turn into a scandal inside the house.

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