Chapter Ten: The Religious, Agent And Mercenary

At Marcos's house.

[Don't leave the house. I'll be back home before dark.I will be talking to someone and in doubt I will leave the number of my lawyer in case I do not return today, call the lawyer to defend me, possibly they will question me about something. Although it's crazy, he's a foreign federal agent]

.Stiven was reading the message from Marcos who recently dropped his luggage and decided to look around the house.

"What a one-story house ... this is the sofa where Marcos sleeps ..." Stiven said pointing to the sofa.

"Yes...Marcos slept like six days in a row ... "Said Alicia sitting at the dining room table together with Kaguya." So you are outside the capital kingdom of Buenos Aires?

"Yes .. I am from the people. In correction this is not a kingdom, it is the .. ."Stiven was going to give the correct answer."The capital of Argentina founded on February 2, 1536 by the Spanish Pedro de Mendoza, established a settlement which he gave the name of Puerto de Nuestra Señora del Buen Ayre in a region inhabited by indigenous Pampas known as .Querandí famines and conflicts with the Querandíes, the position was finally abandoned and destroyed by the Spaniards themselves at the end of June 1541 and later it was founded for the second time calling it Buenos Aires ... ".Kaguya answered explaining the origin of Buenos Aires.

"Have you been studying?" Said Stiven surprised. "But it was necessary to study many ..."

."As Marcos advised me that I would study in the eastern language called the Japanese kanjis that if they are from my homeland ... with that I could study the origin of this country and explore a little called the internet that has many answers. ... "Kaguya said answering.

All the women sigh in disappointment as they do not know the eastern language of Kaguya. Olga sighs frustrated and mutters saying 'I should have studied Kanji in my world, just to facilitate my research ...' .he murmurs without anyone hearing what he said except for Celestine who patted his back consolingly.

"Keep trying ..."

"Don't give me consolation .." Olga said coldly. "Or else I will break my friendship with you again ..." .

"OK..."celestine moves away from the hand due to fear that Olga's friendship will be broken again.

"You must not be so cold ..." Stiven said scolding Olga a little.

"Ah?" Olga said with a frown.

"Forget it ..." Stiven said ignoring

Stiven begins to remove his things from his luggage and then take out a small mat that is rolled up

"What is this?" Maia said looking at the mat. "Didn't you bring a sheet?" she said asking. Maia had experience in camping and had a habit of sleeping on cold hard ground. Rather, sleep in the forest with a simple sheet that she made in his world.

"nope ... I brought something much better ... A sleeping bag!" said Stiven lifting a blue bag and something fat.

"Sleeping bag?" Maia said as question marks appeared rubbing on her head. "In my experience as a mercenary we slept in tents with a simple sheet ..."

"I thought that you mercenaries slept anywhere even the dirtiest places ..." Kaguya said.

."We are not noble like the naive blonde and so are you ... that's why I hate nobles ... and especially that fat Michelle invited me to sleep in the mansion ... I would rather sleep in the mud than sleep in the house that I hate ... "Maia answers reluctantly

"ok ... First please I just arrived and I don't want them to kill each other ... Second the sleeping bag is like a tent ... But the size of your body ...also that these are comfortable and maintain the temperature without any problem "explained Stiven.

"Seriously where was this while i suffering from the cold ..." Maia wondered with some disbelief about the little functioning of the sleeping bag.

"Is that something special?" Chloe said looking at the sleeping bag. "And why does it have a kind of bag where carry supplies from?

"That's what it is ... There you take whatever you want, bread, food and etc ... Besides ...if you're wondering about rare books ... That's mine ... I'm someone who likes fantastic knowledge "said Stiven pointing to a small bundle of book.

"Wow at least we have something to read ..." Celestine said smiling. "Since in the week, Olga and the others read some books that Marcos kept in his little bookcase ... "

"Besides I found a story of the mouse cartoon called Maus ..." Ruu-Ruu lifts Maus's book "I wanted to study about war ..."

"yes ...that novel ... It is quite crude ... It is the other point of view ... What they suffered ... Look, I am studying history to be able to teach in the future ... Well well at another time I will teach you about history war "said stiven with a delicate tone.

"Why are cats dressed in military dress?" Ruu-Ruu said looking at the scene of a cat that is dressed as a Nazi German. "Those mice were victims of war? Why would Marcos hide that strange novel?"

"Well... those people were unable to defend themselves and were hunted for having a different religion ... "Stiven said trying not to go overboard.

"Ah..god poor mice ... damn cats from now on I will hunt the cats that passed over the roof of our shelter a while ago ..." Ruu-Ruu said with an angry tone.

"But not everything is what it seems... these are represented like this by the artist ... But it was humans who did it "said Stiven worried about the future because Ruu-Ruu is likely to kill a cat.

"Besides the kittens are cute ..."Prim said she was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt with a cat print.

~ Nyaaa. (Anime-style Sound Effect)

'oh my god she's cuter in person ! AAAHHGG ! control yourself ... 'Stiven was silent for a few seconds "I'm more of a dog ..."

"?" Prim kept her innocent smile

"Those dogs ... are they almost like the Kobolds?" Kaguya said asking as she remembered that Kuroinu OVA 4 showed a small scene where the Kobolds desecrated Celestine's followers

"Well. let me look for something ... that I have a photo of my dog that is a small one "said Stiven taking out his cell phone and began to review his photos" this is my puppy"

"Awwww ~ ..."Prim said, Kaguya along with Alicia screaming tender sound as she looked at Stiven's dog photo.

"What kind of race is it?" Kaguya said asking.

"Why does it look so small?" Alicia said asking.

"Why does it have such black eyes?"Prim said asking.

"What the hell is going on?" Maia said looking at the three women admiring the cuteness of the dog.

"Hey, I'm prettier. I have a tail and little ears on top!" Ruu-Ruu yells, jumping covering the photo of Stiven.

"You get out there!" Alicia yells pushing Ruu-Ruu

"It's a mini Golden retriver ... Or so I think ... It's because his parents are small just like him and he has black eyes because of the father ..." Stiven replied that they took his cell phone

"Oh more like them?"said the three interested.

"Oh no..if you bring a furry animal, do you think Marcos would agree?" Said Olga crossing her arms

"Well ... there are many more, but Olga is right ...We cannot bring a pet without the permission of Marcos "said Stiven who was approaching slowly to take Alicia's cell phone.

"Ah ..." Prim gets a little shocked

"But ... If we ask him, maybe he left it..."Stiven said that he managed to get Alicia's cell phone "Anything else you want to know?"

Prim decided to leave the living room but Alicia stops her. "Where are you going?"

"Prim? What are you doing?" Stiven asks and follows her.

"Nothing ... I'll just go to my room I have things to do" Prim starts running down the stairs.

"Prim are you okay?" Stiven asked and continues to follow her "by the way Olga, if magic calls you, I have a supposed grimoire among my books, I brought it in case you are interested .."

Olga makes a quick snap and orders Chloe to kneel. "Empty the young human's bag ..." He said ordering.

"Yes my queen ..." Chloe begins to empty Stiven's bag.

Stiven followed Prim but lost sight of her "ok ... what will it be" Stiven said looking at the doors

"I'm sorry ... shh ... don't make any noise ..."a familiar voice from Stiven coming from one of the doors.

"Meow ..." An animal noise.

"a mishi(Cat)?" Stiven said and starts using sound to guide him.

"Shh ... please ..." Said the same voice. "Or else I won't give you food ...

Stiven makes it to the second door and looks through the keyhole.

Prim was kneeling in front of a rack of Marcos's clothes. "Just don't make noise ...

Stiven knocks on the door "can I come in?"

Prim whimpers in surprise and jumps up. "Now go, Stiven-Kun!"cries Prim a little nervous. Behind the door there were sounds of movement

"Excuse me, I'm going to come in" Stiven said, opening the door slowly but he already knew

"Don't come in!" Cries Prim.

"sorry!" Stiven said slamming "I'd better wait for you downstairs ..." Stiven leaves the place and walks towards the stairs

"Stiven-Kun!"cries Prim warning him that he was almost going up the stairs

"Huh? What's up?" Ask Stiven to stop

"You can come in ... but don't yell ..." Prim said opening the door.

"Ok, I'm someone quiet" said Stiven who hears some suspicious laughter under the stairs but ignores him and goes to the room

Prim was standing but inside the shirt of the kitten drawing was moving something that she endured not breaking her serious reaction but in her hands she was holding the bottom of the shirt as if she were covering something.

"o-ok ...what's going on and what do you have there ... "Stiven said trying not to laugh at how he looked it

"Ahh ... I know it's something strange ... but four days ago I found something in the trash outside the house ..." Prim said but the shirt was moving in the abdomen.

"Let me guess ... You has a bug there ..." Stiven said with a small smile

"Bug?" Prim said confused "Do you mean those insects like cockroaches?" Prim pales slightly.

"What? Oh right ... Culture shock have an animal under your shirt ... "Stiven said something worried

"Ah ..." Prim was going to say but a lump rises, tucking between her breasts covered in a shirt and the cat's head comes out between the breasts.

"Meow!"it was a cat with gray fur but it was small.

"ohh ... Wow ... and how long have you kept it?" Ask Stiven

"In Marcos's closet ... i had it for about four days ... but I fed him at night while Marcos and the others slept ..."Prim answered the little cat goes back inside her shirt

"Does it have a name?" Ask Stiven to sit on the floor.

"Well ..." Prim lifts her shirt slightly so that the cat comes out and lands on the ground and shakes her body. "I put Sir Flodo ..."

"Sir flodo ... Flodo ... Frodo's distant relative hahaha" joked Stive

"Oy. Don't be joking with Sir Flodo!" Cries Prim hugging the cat Flodo.

"hahahaha it's fine ... I just saw the opportunity to joke and I did it hehehe ... Good ...calm ... I'll cover you ... That's how I did with a friend until they allowed him to keep it ... Of course his was a lizard ... "Stiven said with a laugh

The cat begins to move its head, rubbing between Prim's breasts"Sir Flodo loves me ... he seems like a cute animal ... I always wanted to have a small animal ..." Prim said smiling as she giggled.

Stiven blushes a little and looks away "I'd better pretend I didn't see anything ...I know your little friend will be a secret "said stiven walking towards the door.

"What little friend?" Alicia said who was standing in front of the door.

"Wah !?" Screams Stiven in fright and falls backwards

Prim is scared too but the cat jumps forward. "Not Sir Flodo!"she yells extending her arm to catch Sir Flodo but her right foot could not straighten and she falls on top of someone who would be our young religious friend

"ahg !?" Stiven suddenly blushes to feel her on top "w ... W ... Waaaagghhh ! ?" shout stiven from blow

"Oh ... I finally caught you ..." Prim said with a victorious tone in catching her kitten Sir Flodo but she didn't realize that Stiven's head was between her breasts. Prim's face flushes heavily. "Sorry, sorry, sorry!"

"Stiven-Dono" said the voice with a death aura

"no! Alicia!"Stiven scream who gets up suddenly "It's not what it seems ! I swear to God !

"Well, start praying ..."Alice said where the blonde hairs stand up in a horrifying way as if her aura was activated

"God protect my soul ... Because the darkness seeks me ..." pray stiven and he was looking for an opening but did not see a way to escape

where is Marcos.

Mark's spiky hairs react.

"My sense of trouble woke up ..." Marcos said seriously. "That means someone is in trouble ..." Marcos said with a determined look.

"Hey do you want pizza or croissant?" Said Bruce offering.

"After eating something .." Marcos said mentally.

At Marcos's house.

"HELP!" Shout stiven dodging Alicia's sword and run out of the room.

"Calm down Onee-Chan!"cries Prim running while following Alicia angry.

"I didn't do anything to her !" shouts Stiven that jumps a sword "I am a pure young man !

"Well, you will be eternally neutered!" Alicia shouts

"AAAHHH ! HOLY GOD SAVE ME !" shouts Stiven, out of nowhere he runs up the stairs and falls face down to the floor "Auch ..."

"Shall we help him?" Claudia said looking at the others that they were not doing anything.

"Nah ...It always happens with Marcos ... if Marcos's friend is like this ... he can get used to the habits ... "Olga said while reading the book that Stiven brought." But disappointingly that this book is written in Latin ...

"I am still alive!" yells Stiven who gets up suddenly with a bleeding nose

"Deja Vú ..." Celestine said remembering the first day that Marcos met women from another world and that he hurt his hands.

"Alicia ... this is not what it seems ..." Stiven said and remembers something "if you kill me Marcos will kick you out of the house and I will not be able to translate his grimoire to Olga ..."

Olga and the others raise their heads and begin to formulate the formula if that happens.


Stiven feared the slow pace of AlicIA who came with the sword almost dragging

The swords collide with Alicia's. the protectors would be Claudia, Chloe and Maia protecting Stiven.

"If that happens ... Celestine-sama won't have a roof ..." Claudia said seriously.

"Although I am against defending a human ... but I will not allow Olga-sama to sleep without a roof ..."Chloe said with the two daggers.

"If that happens ... I won't have any more alcohol for me ..." Maia said

"Thank you ... please let's be civil ... please let me explain" Stiven said in pain and gets up to stop the bleeding from his nose.

"Think of Prim ... if they didn't live homeless, what would happen outside the street ..." Maia said. Alicia pauses for a moment and begins to imagine to Prim that she was selling her own body. Alice lowers the sword for a moment

"Alright ... listen ...Prim has a kitten that she took in recently ... and she has been taking care of him ... so what happened is that she promised that I would not tell it - sorry Prim but I have to say it - and I was like that until you suddenly appeared to scare me and Prim, then her fell from surprise on me ... and you took it fatal "said Stiven walking to get a napkin

."Kitten?" All except Prim said.

"Meow ..." They all look up the stairs. The kitten was on top as it walked and meowed.

"A GERMAN CAT!" Rui-Ruu shouts alarmed

"Yes ... first of all ... no! He is not German ... I think so ... second don't kill him ... poor creature ... third ! my god calm down ... "said Stiven calmly

"If that cat starts attracting Germans ... for sure i kill him. I'll be watching you Nazi ..." Rui-Ruu frowns as she stares at the cute kitten.

"Aww..what a cute kitty ..." Kaguya said smiling.

"Tch..a ball of hair ... why it is inside the house ..." Olga said crossing her arms

"Don't complain ..." said Stiven "very well ... we should talk about this with Marcos ... but now ... you need me to do something for you ... I'm here to serve" He said respectfully

"Yes ... it will be useful with your help, let's wait for Marcos ... I hope that nothing happens to him ..." Celestine said

"He'll be fine ... I don't think he's involved with the law either ... Celestine, do you need help with anything?" Stiven question

Olga rolls her eyes and finds something under the pillow that Marcos sleeps there was a glove bag. She remembers that Marcos did a purity check with that glove

Stiven approaches Celestine "very well ... you find it difficult ... it seems that you are one of the kindest around here ... you see a great positive side"

"Yes ... since never in my life I saw so animated since I began to live all the others in the benefactor's house ..." Celestin answered

"I think so ... well ... because of how I consider you were a reincarnated goddess ... well ... I don't know if I believe you in that part currently ... but seeing this ... it's not a dream .. . "Stiven said calmly

"In that Marcos , he never believe if he was dreaming that if it was a reality it is not a dream..if I had my magic I had the power of the vision of the future to see what my destiny would be like ... but since there is no magic in this world ... I'm just an ordinary elf ..."

"Right ... hey but look on the bright side, they're safe and now I'm going to call Marcos to see how he's doing ..." Stiven said, taking out his cell phone and still following the photo of his dog

Olga looks at the glove bag and has a frown. "Could you tell him to come ... since I have serious talk ..." she said seriously

"Yes, of course" Stiven calls Marcos and waits for him to attend.

Stiven waits but is not answered "hmm he does not answer ... well do you want me to help you?" Stiven asks Olga.

"No ... leave that to me ..." Olga looks at Chloe as she nods her head "He would receive a punishment ..."

"ok ... well I'll be ... organizing my things ... if you need anything let me know ..." said Stiven concerned"Why is Olga the waifu of Marcos. She's cold and grumpy ... don't tell me that Marcos is a Masochist ... "He said mentally.

"Achu!" Yells Marcos sneezing. "Shit ... did I catch a cold or what ..."He said scratching his nose but the sound of the footfall interrupted the thought.

"Did you catch a cold?" Said Bruce who brought a tray of two cups of coffee.

Before that. Marcos invited Bruce to have coffee at the cafeteria far from his house since it was 5 blocks away.

"I'm sorry that I kidnapped you for a while ... I just wanted to know some honest answers since Emma recommended that you have some answers that I want to know ..." Bruce said smiling.

"Yes .. since I had no business to do later .."Marcos said smiling but inside he was nervous but he kept his composure on the outside so that he would not realize that Bruce realized the lie.

"Well ... let's start with this ..."Bruce said taking out a small machine and puts it on the table.

"What is that?" Said Marcos looking at the machine.

"It's a portable lie detector ..." answered Bruce.

'I screwed myself up...'Marcos screams internally while staring at the machine. "Why would you use that with me?" said Marcos asking the agent "I assure you I did not do bad things"

"I know ... I'm sorry I want to search the depths of your brain ..."Bruce said smiling normally.

"That smile of yours means that I found some cause that I didn't ..." Marcos said while his eyebrow twitched.

"Well remove the tracksuit ..." Said Bruce demanding. "I just have to place an electrode on your pulse on your right arm ... "

"Hey, it wouldn't be better if we speak civilly. So we won't believe—

"Take off your tracksuit or you're going against an agent of the federal government ..."Bruce demands again interrupting.

"Ok ..." Marcos takes off the tracksuit that he had with the orange shirt with short sleeves but what caught Bruce's attention is that he observed his hands covered with bandages.

"What happened to your hands?" Said Bruce asking.

"Accident at home ..." Marcos answered and lowered his right arm. "God it's the first time I've used the lie detector ..." He said smiling nervously.

"Well ... if the machine does not detect any lie. The beep will not sound, if it detects a little lie it will sound. Do you understand me?" Said Bruce.



Marcos and Bruce look at the machine that recently beeped.

"That's the example I told you ... well let's start with a truth ..." Bruce said as he looked at Marcos. "How old are you?"

"I'm 23 ..." Marcos said answering. The machine did not sound the detection sound.

"Well ... then ha-

"24!"yells Marcos interrupting Bruce.


"30!" Yells Marcos with an amused expression.


"Hahaha 50 60 70!"


"Stop ... stop abusing the machine ..." Bruce said stopping the fun of Marcos.

"I'm sorry I got carried away ... you know, I always wanted to be on the machine and sometimes I wonder if I'm really a garrulous idiot .."

The machine did not sound anything. That means that Marcos told the truth.

"Well then you told the truth ..." Bruce said smiling.

"Wow, that surprises me man ..." Marcos said smiling.

"Well how have you made lies about ages so let's get to the point I want you to answer the question .. 'Have you seen anything weird in the past week? '"Bruce said asking.

Marcos is sweating slowly. If I say that the girls from another world came, surely the machine will not sound. But I manage to tell the truth. if I put the patota with my words that come out of my mouth. No doubt it will sound detecting a lie. I have to answer ... '

"A week ago I did a virginity check on my friend who turned out to be a virgin ..." Marcos answered the strangest thing he has seen.

the machine did not sound anything. But Bruce dropped a pencil on the table and his expression was very puzzled but he recovers.

"Okay that was the most incredible thing and without a doubt very indecent of you ..."Bruce said that he recently grabbed the pencil "but was she forced?" Bruce said with a serious look.

"Nope. She did it with her own will ..." Marcos said dryly.

The machine did not sound anything. Bruce whistled almost in surprise.

"Well let's skip that topic ... because it's very personal, I hope you haven't done something that is too much ..."

Marcos realized that he forgot something at home.

"What is that?"Prim said looking at the glove bag that Olga had in her hand but she hides it inside her pocket.

"It's mine ..." Olga said seriously.

"Why is there a latex glove inside the bag?" Prim said confused. Olga ignores Prim.

"So that human rat was secretly smelling my essence ..." She said mentally as she frowned and had a slight blush. "Nothing ... it's just rubbish ..." Olga answers seriously. 'I'll talk to him about my saved essence ... if he did something weird. I'll send Chloe to punch him in the face .. "Olga was thinking about that.

'why I still have the latex glove. I should throw it away when I get home ... 'Marcos said mentally and his spine trembled. "Why do I feel like someone wants me dead?" He said mentally.

"Another have committed murder ..."

"Not at all," Marcos said denying. "Why that question?"

"Well ... it's just to prevent. I'm sorry I'm mistrusting you. I've had some surprises on my mission ..."

"Then you want to check with me if I have a weapon to kill you. Nooo ..." Marcos raised aloud. "I have had worse moments today that I received a blow to my face just because an idiot of my friend got scared so a mere cockroach got scared that is very harmless I know it is disgusting for women and for us we look at it asnormal cockroach ... "Marcos complains a bit.

"Don't complain so much ... at least you weren't seriously injured in your life. But I know that in some future you will suffer harm ..." Bruce answers, stopping Marcos' complaint.

"I'm sorry .. I lost my composure, you can ask me not to be offensive. To save your trouble I will dictate the questions that I am waiting as you are going to ask me and I will answer you 'Are you a drug dealer?' 'You are terrorist?. Nothing of that. 'Are you from DeepWeb? I am not a hacker. 'Are you an Arms Dealer?' I'm not good with business. 'Are you a methamphetamine cook?' I have worse chemistry grades from my engineering school. 'Are you a pimp?' I don't have women living with me ... "Marcos didn't realize the last thing he said after the expectations questions. The Lie Detector let out a beep.


Marcos was shocked looking at the machine.

"What did you just say?" Said Bruce.

"Ahh ... am I a drug dealer?" Said Marcos, a drop of sweat came out on his forehead.


"Meth cook?" Marcos said another drop falling on his forehead.


"Terrorist?"Marcos said sweating with bullets of sweat on his face.


"Stop telling lies, did you say you were a pimp?" Bruce said seriously.

"I swear I'm not a pimp" Marcos said answering. The machine did not sound anything. "See I'm telling you the truth .."

"Why would you be living with women?" Bruce said looking at Marcos.

"Well they ..." Marcos was going to answer but a knock on the window knocked with a knuckle that knocked outside the cafeteria. Marcos looks across to meet a silver-haired man in a blue suit and gloves on.

"Hello my friend ..." Said the man with an English accent.

"Ahhh ... Hello?" Marcos said greeting in English.

"Not you..hello Brucey ..."the man said greeting Bruce.

"Don't fuck me ..." Bruce answers in English with a frown. "What do you want with me, Agent Silver?" "He asked in his native tongue.

"Is it okay for us to talk in front of an Argentine?" Silver commented on Marcos.

"Relax. He doesn't know English. He won't realize we're talking ..."

Marcos looked at the two men speaking in their English language. "Shit I must have learned English audio ..."He said mentally but he takes out his cell phone and activates the recorder to record what those agents said.

An hour later.

Marcos walked down the street while looking at the card that is Agent Bruce's number. Marcos still remembered what Bruce said.

"Any questions. If you see something, don't forget to let me know ..."

"Hmm ... an agent ... that would bring problems ... but what he said with the other seemed very serious ..."Marcos said thinking as he looked at the card. "I guess I have to translate the audio ..." Marcos was walking and decided to stop and look at some Discord stuff and saw the last message from a foreign reader who is Filipino. Called NightRoad891.

When are you going to update the Red vs Blue episode?

"Speaking of Nightroad, how is he doing anyway?" Marcos looks up at the sky thinking "I hope he's okay, he has more better things to do than me"

Two days ago.

There were seven men that was in the helicopter but in one of that group there was a person who was wearing a tan colored ODA rapid tactical helmet, black balaclava, black Falcon jacket, a tan 420 tactical Molle vest, beltTactical with 2 rifle magazines, 2 pistol magazines, 3 flashbangs, 3 grenades, Ragnarok pistol holster that also has a strap on his right thigh and a Multi-cam G3 combat pants with a combat knife strap on his legleft. woke up and then looked at his leader

"It's time Stone?" Klien asked.

"is your gear ready?" Stone asked then Nightroad pulls up his SCAR-L with Tactical Light, Laser Aimpoit. he taps his vest meaning all the Magazines are there, finally shows his Mk.23 Pistol with Laser sight "alright. mission brief is about to start so ready up" klien was going to explain the plan.

An hour later.

Lantau Island, Hong Kongthe once a Disney paradise has just been turned into a nuclear tourist center of China, the PLA (People's Liberation Army) are on guard since they built the Silo because many Hong Kong Angry Mob tries toFight them when they heard the news about the demolition of their favorite theme park. .everything is fine and the silent blast occurred in all directions outside Lantua island, they thought another attack from the Hong Kong militia, so the PLA sent half an army to make sure they are in control, but those explosions are nothing more than a distraction.A Pavelow Chopper lands on the Silo, but first the British and Scottish snipers take out the Chinese soldiers guarding the upper roof. after taking our guards the Stray Wolves are now on the rope and then they are in march time and the good thing is that nobody from inside heard their helicopter, all because of the explosion outside.

"all teams check the radio"


After clearing the roof they are finally inside and the whole place are full makeover, a once children theme site is now a place of Nuclear site and it has a ICBM Rocket that is almost ready, the PLA Peronel are minimal and they had nothing to worry about outside of the Resort because to them about the Militia attacking their base everyday and the PLA always victorious

"Do you think this is another attack from the Militia?" a Chinese soldier said in Mandarin

"That could be it", replied his Chinese friend and then shrugged "our butts always hurt and I hope they need to surrender and accept our power.

while those two PLA soldiers arguing, they didn't notice the Stray Wolves mercenaries are happening.

"go in ghost until first contacts" reported Nightroad

"Understood Nightroad" Said another colleague. while in it, the two snipers are on a different floor

"3 and 4 on the sixth floor for sniper position" British mercenary contacts Nightroad

"Copy that," Klien replies. When they are finally in their positions,"all teams, expect heavy contacts" Klien announce then hand signal to Stone and the Heavy Weapon Mercs "Stone, bring the rain!"

Stone and heavy mercenaries rain down on enemies as they descend on the ropes, clearing PLA from each floor and then from the lower floor. while the stone rain from the enemies, Nightroad, Vince The American mercenary with M4A1, and the Russian mercenaries, Skif, Voron, and Damon making their move

"Commander Stone we are heading up stairs where the Warhead kept" Klien informed Stone in radio

"go ahead kid, me, Diego and Lance will handle the ground floor" the Commander replies then give the nod at his Heavy Team to unleashed their Machine Guns, Stone is armed with machine gun

Nightroad rushed in first as Vince covered fire and the Russians scattered to make flanking movements, the PLA soldiers opened fire with their QBZ-95 rifles to counterattack until they realized that the Filipino mercenary slid under the conveyor belt and then dropped his Mk.23 pistol to take out 3 PLA soldiers taking cover.

"East Hallway clear, Go!" Klien informed Vince and the Russian Mercenaries. Voron, and Damon head upstairs first as Nightroad follows them, but another PLA team seemed to stop him, so he switches his pistol to SCAR-L killing 2 nearby Chinese soldiers and then fires at the endleft.

After taking the remaining PLA that ambushed him, Nightroad and Skif do it back to back and then look at each other with a nod.

"Level 2 secured moving to Level 3" Nightroad informs his commander

"Roger that"

while Klien and Skif head to where the warhead. Nightroad finally noticed 4 PLA Soldiers are about to strolling the Warhead away for safe distance and not getting at Stray Wolves' hands that heading up to the left wing roof for extraction, he decide use his parkour skills to jumps on the side rail then to the pillars in order to crossover the other side of it for shortcut. Nightroad finally reach it, taking out 2 PLA Soldiers that are gaurding and other 2 that strolling the Warhead, Skif decide to go follow him by jumping at the side rails and pillars awell but he decide to go another metal pipe to get flanking positions, while doing so Nightroad is about to secure the Nuclear Warhead but 5 PLA Soldiers just appeared from other stairway then opened fires with their QBB-95 a machine gun version of QBZ-95 forcing the Filipino Mercenary to take cover.

While listening to Nightroad's call, Skif heads to the right wall and then climbs onto the metal pipe leading to the floor where the Chinese soldiers are guarding the warhead.

"Hold on, comrade" Skif responds to Nightroad's communications "I'm taking a detour!"

"Negative Skif, stick with the plan!" one of his Russian mercenaries, Voron replies, but Skif didn't listen and continues to climb

nightroad is jammed by heavy QBB-95 fire from the PLA, but was suddenly approached again by a lone Chinese soldier, but Klien must act quickly, such as drawing his Mk.23 pistol and then leading the Chinese with 5 .45 ACP rounds. killing him after doling out the sneaking one, Vince, Voron and Damon finally showed up and then took out another group of PLA who were trying to help those guarding the Warhead

"tango down!"

"Okay, here we go!" Klien regroups with them and then pushes the PLA back with full force.


Now the PLA guarding the warhead has been reduced to 4, Nightroad, Vince, Voron and Damon decide to take cover again.

but they noticed Skif and opened fire on him, the good thing is that the Russian mercenary took cover quickly, but that is his distraction

"Comrades, shoot now!" skif called out to them while the 2 Chinese soldiers were trying to shoot him, hitting Nightroad, Vince, Voron and Damon went out and then took out the last 2 Chinese soldiers from the PLA.

"Warhead Secured" he informed his Commander while Skif, Vince, Voron and Damon ready the equipment to take the Warhead.

"Okay, comrade, it's all set" Skif gives a thumbs up Nightroad nodded

"Swartz, Borz, move the transport vehicle!" Klien contacts German and Russian mercenaries to obtain the Chinese transport vehicle and a Type 99 tank

Nightroad and his team brought down the Nuclear Warhead with the high rope equipment so they can rappel down together with it, the Warhead is finally down at the ground floor so Stone and others to retrieve it then finally Swartz brought the Chinese AFV as transport for his whole team and Nuke then Borz brought the Type 99 Tank to gaurd them.

"Mates, be advice" the British Sniper Bradley called in while him and Azzy rappels down together with Nightroad and his team "the battalion of PLA that goes out to check out the explosion are about to return back and they are closing in"

"Copy, that Bradley" Stone respond then orders his men "alright hurry up lets go"

"Mount up, team!" Nightroad said while Stone and the Snipers headed to the AFV with the Nuke, Nightroad and his team take the Chinese Tank "alright boys lets exfil"

Inside of Type 99 Tank, Nightroad took control of the scope and cannon trigger while Vince will take the wheel to drive it, Damon will handle to load the tank's ordinance, Borz took the MG mounted while Voron handle somekind of Javelin like launc that also mounted on the tank, everything are all set, they finally head outs of Disneyland from Hell.

"oh look what we got here" Nightroad noticed a convoy of PLA just arrived from the entrance "for the party huh?"

"Nightroad, blow those fuckers off" Stone said with a smile

"Roger that Commander" he smirked underneath of his mask then take a look at the scope "Damon, is the ordinance loaded?"

"Loaded and Ready, Comrade"

"alright, Round out" the Filipino Mercenary pulls the cannon trigger to let out an powerful HE Round, ripping the 1st truck that contain PLA tropps "Damon, loading"

Damon nodded then pulls the lever which it automatic discharge the empty shell and loaded the new one

"Firing again"


Nightroad let out another round to take out the other AFV then Damon let reload another round and he let out again and again and again until Klien's eyes began to turn into psychopathic rage with grin. After taking out the convoy and the Battalion some survives but before they fight back or trying to escape they just gun down by Borz shooting them with the MG mounted and the stolen AFV's Guns then keep going heading to their extraction site

Former Disneyland Pier Hongkong

They finally arrived to the Disneyland Pier but now it become an temporary airfield for PLA, when they arrived instead of PLA Soldiers they are actually Hongkong Militia in disguise and their C-18 Globemaster IV Plane is waiting for them. Every Mercenaries got out of their vehicles including the Warhead then load it to the plane, Nightroad gave the T-99 Tank and AFV with QBZ rifles, Machineguns, Rocket Launchers and Explosives inside to the Hongkong Militia so they will keep continue their fight, they gladly accept then telling them to farewell.

"you really gave all that hardware huh?" Stone asked about it

"its better to give them hope" Nightroad answered

"aren't you gonna tell us what your CIA friend got to do with that Warhead?" the Commander asked again still want to know what they gonna do with it

"dont worry about, you gonna love it" he said when they enter their plane, they suddenly saw a somekind of UAV Drone and 2 CIA Black Ops attached the Nuclear Warhead on it

"is it armed?"

"Armed and ready" one of the CIA Black Ops respond

"alright lets get in the air" They all nodded, everybody are in their sits then Stone telling the pilot to take off. The plane flew up and gone outside of Hongkong.

South China Sea Airspace

The Globemaster Plane is heading to the US Aircraft Carrier but before that, Nightroad tells the pilot to open the hatch. Eveybody goes inside of the interior room so they wont flew out, when the hatch open one of the CIA Black Ops goes to the terminal to activates and control the drone, when the drone activates it flew out the plane then headed to the target location, China's great Military Fortress that was build at Spratly Island in Philippines.

30 Minutes Later they all watch at screen it shows the video feed from the drone, the drone has finally arrived at Spratly Island and found the fortress. It is huge and has more Chinese Troops station there, Vehicles are all over the base, and it has Missile Launchers from every side of the Fortress maybe this is the rumors about those Missiles Launchers are actually Nuclear Warhead Launcher Vehicles instead firing their Nukes from their Silo they will fire it in point blank. They noticed 2 Chinese Jet Fighters the Russia's Su-35 or J-11 deploys to intercept the Drone but this is not just a UAV Drone it was made from DARPA that has hypersonic jet thrusters not even China's Stealth Fighter the J-20 cant keep up with it. The UAV Jet Drone evade every fire from the J-11's guns and missile and is now target the Fortress and let out the Nuclear Warhead before the drone was shot down. The Warhead has also a video feed aswell to see if the target get, it shows the Nuke is finally reach the Fortress then direct hit until the video screen went off.

"Target Hit, I repeat Target Hit!" the other CIA Black Ops announce, it seem somebody from Philippines watch one hell of a Firework

"so this is the Classified what you and your friend are talking about?" Stone relunctant asked

"that is it, don't worry about that Commander" the Filipino Mercenary wave his hand to reassures the Commander "we will get paid after when we get to the US Aircraft Carrier"

Nightroad goes back to the corner to take a nap again but he will take off of his helmet and balaclava first, he has black partied hair, fair skin, brown eyes, and burnt scar on his right cheek then he finally take a nap. His comrades are looking each other even Commander Stone is confuse from Nightroad's suddenly acting like cold ruthless person

"is it me or Nightroad is getting cold?" Vince asked Damon

"I dont think so" Damon shrugged his shoulder "for all i know he vow that his got nothing to do with his own country even getting invaded by China"

"maybe his doing it for money, mate" Bradley said while cleaning his Sniper Rifle "im not complaining about that"

"maybe he wants to prove himself that China is not a strongest country of the planet" Voron snickered while taking out all bullets from his AK-102 " he was pissed when he learns that the Philippine President cowardly submit to China even they have allies from South East Asia even America, hell even Russia offers some support against China but they decline like a Suka (B*tch)"

Nightroad take a nap ignoring his comrades talking about, he still remembers his old days as an Philippine Scout Ranger before become a Mercenary, a lot happened back to his old days. He used to be a Soldier fighting for his country but now his doing this for a money, all that happened when they fending off the Terrorist Force but wating for reinforcements instead picking the US Forces that are still station nearest to them their goverment decide to choose China for help, it cost his Battalion he served with including the lives of his friends and his about to get killed the US Forces came to their rescue even against the President's order to pull out all American Forces in Philippines and end their alliance. After the bloody last stand him and the two rookies only left alive, the Medal of Honor is nothing but a punch of his face and finally open his eyes that his Country he vows to protect is nothing but disgrace so he decide to leave the Military with giving a one hell of a remembrance...Punching the Philippine President's face that also broke his nose...because of that, a lot of people hates him and forced to exile out of his homeland even means leaving his family.

Klien returns to his group. The plane flew while traveling back to the headed back to Buenos Aires, news spread showing the destruction of China's impenetrable fortress on the Spratly Islands, forcing the Chinese fleet to withdraw entirely to request more army, the USUSA, Japan, Indonesia, Korea and Russia are in full naval defense in the Western Philippine Sea, the Philippines is going crazy, the supporters of the president while the anti-president or the anti-China protester are in a kindcivil war and the president is having a hard time controlling the situation and too scared to do the same as Ferdinand Marcos. but what interesting news is that Hong Kong is about to win little by little and that Disneyland has finally released it.

2 days later. (In present)

Buenos Aires

6:30 pm

Two days and 6 hours later, Home sweet home, for long days of travel from his mission, finally returned home. But before he drives home in his 6th Generation Ford Mustang, he heads out to buy food first, so he goes to Pizza Kentucly and orders full pizza with stuffed crust for him as he only ate MRE while on the mission, then buys a case of beer.

"Hhmmm I wonder how Marcos is doing?" Klien ordering his pizza and buying a case of beer, he finally arrived at his apartment that was in the Recoleta neighborhood. but before he opened the door, Emma suddenly saw herself walking back home.

"Yo Emma"

"Oh Klien, I didn't know you finally came home!" Emma surprised

"I just got back from work" Klien replied and then opened his door with his control "What's wrong? It seems like something happened"

"ugghh please, Marcos has gotten out of control" he grumbled and yes, another problem from Marcos ... again

"What did he do?"

"You have no idea, it looks like he's turned into a bastard after all" Emma shrugged until she realized something

"eh what?"

"Oops sorry, just forget what I said bye!" she decides to change the subject and then leaves, but "oh by the way, are you at a party or something? The light is so bright before you check it out."

Klien just lost some words, first about being a scoundrel and what party he's talking about, he said his light is so bright before, did anyone break into his house? so he decided to grab something from the trunk of his car to get his Mk.23 pistol and make sure nothing happened. klien slowly goes to the driveway of her house quietly to check for intruders until she goes to the back of her house ... someone here, and she's sleeping by her pool ...

"Now that's the first thing" he thought then putting the gun in his holster "a drunk woman has no idea that she is sleeping in someone's house and ugh that stinks of drinks"

Klien decides to carry her and then take her inside his house, laying her on his couch, after that, he took his car inside his garage and took his box of pizza and beer. after fixing her things, she decides to check her out, so when she turns on all the lights, she is shocked by her outfit she wears

"Jesus Christ, is she came from the Red Light District?", Mummified, she has a smooth tanned complexion, long dark hair, her outfit was the color of lavender that hugged against her gifted figure, and she has a huge coat rack too but What did notice something ,long elf ears?"What the hell ... is she a cosplayer? She's right she's Grace Campbell"he decides to take the elf ears accessory so she won't get damaged if she wakes up ...

"Oh wow ... anna ... stop ... mmmmm ... "she grumbled while still sleeping soundly from being drunk, but Klien suddenly pulls away because she felt her ears were real ... even mentioned her friend the High Elves, Anna Florence

"what ... can't ... can't be real" he's puzzled how he found out "am I dreaming or something?"


Klien checks his phone ... It was Silver.

"Hello?" Klien said as he looked at Grace.

"You have a mission ... luckily you are in Buenos Aires. Meet me at the cafeteria that is ten blocks from your house ..."

"Now?" Klien said dryly. "I just got home ..." He decides to take steps to go to the exit door.

"Do you know Marcos Quinteros?" Said Silver asking Klien that he flinched a little.

"Yeah ... what's up with him?" Klien said.

"He's a bit strange but let's forget about him for now ... so your partner will be Agent Bruce, he will back you up ..."

"Okay ..." Klien said was opening the door but stops and looks back to see Grace again unconscious on the couch. He decided to carry her to her sleeping room and leave her lying down. klien closes the bedroom door and decides to leave the house. After opening the door and he comes across a known person who was walking down the street and was distracted while looking at the card, that person is Emma's Ex. "Marcos!"

"Hmm?" Said Marcos turning around. "What's up man?" He said smiling, raising his bandaged hand that Klien reacted surprised.

"What happened to you. Someone raid you?" Klien said looking at Marcos' hands.

"Nah..was it an accident at my house .. did you come from your job?" Said Marcos.

"Yeah ... hey what is that card?" Klien said asking.

"Ah nothing .. just an invitation from other places. You know how flyers are bothering people on the street ..."Marcos said hiding the card.

"Well .. I have things to do .. later we can play at your house and see-

"No!" Yells Marcos denying leaving Klien surprised.

Klien was surprised to see Marcos' disturbance, who flatly refused.

"I'm sorry for the moment I have important tasks to do at home ..." Marcos said regretting Klien.

"Ok ... is everything okay with Emma?"Klien asked asking.

"Why are you talking about this?" Said Marcos looking at Klien.

"Well it's been a year and a half that you broke up with Emma over some idiot who ..."

"Stop talking about that topic ... I don't want to discourage my spirits because of that bitch ..."Marcos resumes walking towards his destination.

"Well we'll talk another moment ..." Klien warns Marcos that he responds with his thumb up.

Marcos and Emma were the first people who supported Klien since he moved here in Buenos Aires two years ago. Marcos and Emma were the beautiful couple but a guy ruined the relationship that left Marcos emotionally devastated.

Marcos always avoided the topic related to Emma. Klien decided to support Marcos since he had a crack in his heart.

Currently, Marcos has improved little and treats Emma as if she were his arch enemy. Klien decides to follow his destiny since he had a meeting with Bruce and Silver.

In Marcos's house.

Marcos grabs the doorknob and prayed that he wouldn't find a mess in his house. when he opens he finds Stiven with the women in the living room watching TV.

"What are they seeing?" Said Marcos asking.

"Jojo's bizarre adventures ..." Stiven said looking.

"Oh I see..."Marcos said but look at the couch where everyone is sitting and look at the floor looking for something.

"Were you looking for this?" Olga said lifting the bag that had a glove.

"Olga..give me that. I'm going to throw it away. What you thinking is a big misunderstanding ..."Marcos said sweating.

"Chloe .." Olga snaps her fingers causing Chloe to look at Marcos and quickly gets up and gets behind his back.

"I learned something from the anime that Stiven-dono taught me...omae wa mou shindeiru "Chloe said in a venomous voice.

"Nani ?!" yells Marcos with a jojo expression. Chloe's leg landed between Marcos's groin.




60 seconds later.

Marcos was in a fetus position as he grabbed his sore groin.

"Hey Chloe why did you do it!" Stiven yells as he was on Marcos' side.

"For being a human pig with Olga-sama .." Chloe answers angrily.

"You are a-"

"Yeah ... it's my fault ... now if you'll excuse me ... I'll go to the kitchen to make a bucket of ice ..." Marcos staggered as he groaned in pain.

"What did Marcos do?" Stiven asks the women.

"I do not know..."Prim shrugs her shoulders.

"It's nothing important .." Olga grabs her laptop and decides to continue the investigation. Inside her she was angry.

In Flores Neirghood.

9 PM.

Alex arrives at his new apartment located in Flores but he meets a person who just arrived with a briefcase.

"Hi ... I'm your new neighbor. My name is Alex .." Alex said smiling.

"I'm Bruce but I'm also new to this Argentine neighborhood ..." Bruce said entering. "Another moment we talk ..." He said closing the door leaving Alex alone.

"I guess it's a big step to meet a neighbor ..." Alex said putting on a small smile.

Klien was sitting in front of the door and waiting for Grace to wake up on her own. The doorknob turned and he opened the door revealing that it was Grace.

"Who you are?" Grace said in a native tongue.

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