Authors note: Apologize in advance but this will be a very short chapter as it is just a wrap up chapter. Hope you enjoyed reading Dani's story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Still not 100% sure whether or not I will do a continuation of this story but if I do I will post an update. Either way I am doing a Last of Us story that I will start posting within the next week!

A few weeks later

Dani hears a knock on the door and her brows furrow. Who was here? Sam wasn't supposed to be home for a few days and no one else said they were stopping by until tomorrow. She opens the door and is surprised to see Mike. "Mike? What are you doing here?" She questions. "To come and see you." He says and she raises a brow. "How did you know I was here?" Dani questions.

"I went to see Josh today and he said you came to visit yesterday. Can I come in?" Mike asks and she nods. Dani moves aside for him to come in before closing the door behind him. "How did you know to go back for Josh?" Mike asks and Dani sighs. "It was what you said about him being dragged off. Since he wasn't killed on the spot I wanted to be sure. Especially after Hannah." She says.

"I'm glad you did." Mike says. "Is that what you came here to talk about?" Dani questions. "Well I also have a present for you." Mike says and pulls a small wrapped package from his jacket pocket. "What is it?" Dani asks. "Open it and find out." Mike responds. Dani takes the gift from him and opens it. She can't help but laugh when she sees it's a new set of lock-picks. Dani raises her head and she's caught off guard when he cups her cheek before kissing her. She responds immediately by clutching his waist.

However, Dani comes to her senses moments later and pulls away. "What the hell are you doing, Mike? I told you I don't do this player bullshit and you have a girlfriend." She snaps. "Jessica and I broke up." Mike says and she rolls her eyes. "So you're trying to jump on the next thing? You've got the wrong kind of woman." Dani says. "It's not like that. We broke up two weeks ago. She found out I still had a thing for you and she has a thing for Matt so we broke it off." Mike says.

"What are you talking about, Mike? Still have a thing for me?" Dani questions. "Yeah. Since high school. We still need to fully finish that conversation from the sanatorium." Mike says and she sits on the couch. "Fine. Let's have that conversation and we can see where we stand after that." Dani says and Mike sits beside her. "When you left I felt really hurt, Dani. I thought I did something wrong and I didn't know how to process my feelings at the time." Mike says and Dani gives him a look.

"So your solution was to jump on Emily? How is that fair to anyone?" Dani questions and Mike sighs before rubbing the back of his neck. "I never said it was a good solution. I was an idiot and I'm sorry. I wanted to talk to you but you never wanted to be in the same room alone with me." Mike says and Dani sighs. "Yeah. I was hurt, Mike. I left to go on a hunt and it's hard to explain what the hell I do. Especially when I was a teenager. Most people would think I'm crazy and I didn't want to get attached." Dani says.

"Yeah. I honestly don't know how I would have reacted to learning about what you know back then." Mike says and Dani laughs. "Back then? You make it seem like it was a long time ago." She says. "It feels like a lifetime ago." Mike says and she nods. "It does. I am sorry that I left that morning without saying anything. I've always been good at putting up walls and I'm working on it but you didn't deserve that either." Dani says.

"Can we just agree to say we were both dumb and a lot more young so we can move past it?" Mike questions and Dani smirks. "What's in it for me?" She questions. "Dinner tonight? I would like to take you on a real date if that's alright." He says and she can't help but smile. "I'd like that." Dani says and Mike slowly leans forward. Dani closes her eyes in anticipation before Mike's lips touch hers.



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Sam - 10/10

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Emily - 6/10

Matt - 5/10

PS yes I did save Josh…he deserved SO MUCH BETTER! So this was my way of making amends to that :)