Tarzan woke to the impact of his father's strong, beating heart. The sun was shining brightly and was quick enough to remind him of what was to happen today. Only last night Kerchak the silverback accepted him as his son after five years of grudge until they both had the same dream of having fun together. Today they would have fun along with Kala.
Tarzan squeezed himself out of Kerchak's hairy black arm that kept him warm through the night. All he needed was a plan to wake him upHe considered a lion roar noise, but thought it would be rather mean. Down below, he found a peacock feather which he and Terk played with the other day. He climbed down, grabbed it, returned to Kerchak and attempted to wiggle it up the silverback's nose. However, it had no effect.
"Dad?" said Tarzan climbing on his chest and trying to open his eyes. "Time to wake up."
The ape snored on.
Tarzan climbed up a tree, grabbed a banana, scrambled back down, peeled the fruit and brought it to Kerchak's face. The ape opened it his mouth and gulped it.
Tarzan was beginning to lose patience. He climbed up on Kerchak and began bouncing up and down on his belly.
"Wake -up time!" he announced. "Time to get up!"
Kerchak's eyes finally opened to Tarzan who stopped trampolining.
"Finally!" said his son.
Good morning, little frog," Kerchak smiled. "Sleep well?"
"Yup," said Tarzan. "Are you ready, Dad?"
Tarzan jumped off Kerchak's belly (bounced off since he found it enjoyable) and ran to his mother was already waking up.
"Kerchak has accepted me, Mom!" he said happily.
"So I saw last night," said Kala ecstatically as she hugged her son and lead it to an affectionate tickle.
Kerchak walked up to them as Kala put Tarzan down and nuzzled her mate.
"I'm so proud of you both," said Kala.
"Would you care to join me and our son today?" her mate invited.
"Would I ever," she accepted. "But first we need some breakfast."

After a good few mangos and bananas, the family finally set off, Tarzan riding high on Kerchak's back.
"One day I will be at your height!" he boasted climbing to the top of Kerchak's head.
"A real adult height, yes," said Kerchak, "but I don't think you'll surpass."
"I might."
"You'll have to learn a lot from your father here if you expect to. Such as speed."
"Really?" said Tarzan. "Wanna race, right now?"
"Sure," said Kerchak. "Off my back, son and let's begin."
"Not without me," smiled Kala. "Family that goes together, stays together."
Kala winked at Kerchak when Tarzan did not look.
"GO!" Tarzan announced without warning and dashed off.
His parents caught up and began to take over, so Tarzan used brain over brawn and swung on the closest vine until he reached the finishing line.
Finally, the two caught up with him panting.
"No fair," laughed Kala. "We can't do that thing."
"Neither is life," smiled Tarzan.
"Well," said Kerchak. "You have a unique way of speed."
Tarzan grabbed hold of Kerchak's neck.
"What are you doing?" he chuckled.
"Trying to bring you down," he explained.
"Good luck," Kerchak responded.
Kerchak dropped down and Tarzan stood on him proudly.
"Look you down!"
"Now I'm taking you up!"
Kerchak lifted Tarzan with his feet into the air and he could not escape.
"Help!" Tarzan laughed.
"You can never take down a silverback, like me," said Kerchak majestically as he flexed his chest making Tarzan giggle.
"But I can," said Kala as she tickled her mate breaking her son free.
Then the two apes wrestled and rolled over each other.
Kala pinned Kerchak down and lifted her with her feet and gently rolled her over and looked down at her and she covered his eyes knocking him aside. He landed on his front and Kala held him down.
"You were beaten by a female!" laughed Tarzan.
Kala pinned Kerchak down and lifted her with her feet and gently rolled her over and looked down at her and she covered his eyes knocking him aside. He landed on his front and Kala held him down.
"You were beaten by a female!" laughed Tarzan.
Unexpectedly, Kala sat up, grabbed Tarzan and tossed him in air catching him again. She did it again and again and again until Kerchak finally took over until his arms were tired.
Kala grabbed Tarzan and tickled him everywhere until he broke free and climbed all over making her lose time to think and he he blinded her with his hands. He chuckled and and purposely fell on her back, Tarzan sitting on her, his chest filled with pride.
"I won!" He boasted.
"Now to claim your victory!" said Kerchak. He instructed Tarzan with beating his chest and roaring in triumph.
Tarzan repeated through the roar was not really what it was meant to be.
"Why don't you get off me and then claim your victory?" chuckles Kala."Sure did you proud with my strength didn't I Dad?" said Tarzan.
"Indeed, son," he agreed. "Keep practicing and you'll be as strong as your father."
He responded by flexing his chest muscles making his son and mate giggle.
"All he does is monkey around!" smiled Kala "Ever since were were infants."
"Young at heart," said Kerchak. He then began making "Oo-Oo-Aa-Aa" noises and running about in a silly manner, Tarzan joining in. The tumbled over each other and climbed about on the trees, Kala eventually joining in but she was funniest as she pulled weird faces and scratching her head making Tarzan laugh so hard he nearly fell off the tree.
They got back to the ground and both gorillas grabbed Tarzan's arms on each end and gently fought over him making monkey noises yet again. Tarzan talked them, ran to a banana tree and squirted a banana on each of their faces.
They laughed as they licked the bananas into their mouths.
"Monkey work is hungry work," smiled Kerchak as they all sat down to feast on the bananas Tarzan had picked and dropped.

They munched happily on the bananas and Kerchak tried to entertain them with what he did in the dream - at least he thought he could do it. He grabbed four bananas in each hand, squeezed them out of their skins and they went flying in the air. He open his mouth and descending bananas fell, not into his mouth, but onto his face made his son and mate laugh at the sight he was in.
"You haven't changed a bit," Kala chuckled as Kerchak wiped the state off his face.
Kala took two bananas, performed the same act as her mate and the bananas fell straight into her mouth, which surprised both her mate and son.
When she swallowed her mouthful, she explained, "It takes timing and aiming."
"I knew that," Kerchak joked.
Tarzan shot a band out shooting Kerchak in the face. Kerchak smirked, grabbed three and squirted them Tarzan and Kala who were soon involved in the fight, the three of them running around, aiming, ducking, shooting. Kerchak seemed to be in the lead but he realised quickly he was out of his own ammo, then Kala, four bananas in hand, and Tarzan two bananas in hand, shot them at the ape. Two hit him in the face but the rest went in his mouth, much to their playful disappointment.
"Timing and amazing," he replied with his mouthful, smiling.
"Manners, Dad."
Kerchak gulped and said "A thousand pardons."
They went to a waterfall where they washed off the banana mess from their bodies. When they left Tarzan made a little complaint:
"Those bananas were rather heavy for me."
"Why don't you lie down for a bit, dear?" said Kala. "Let your tummy calm down and we'll continue."
"Or," suggested Kerchak. "There's a second remedy. Laughter. But yes let him rest for a while and then we'll take him to the ant hill."
After fifteen or twenty minutes, the two gorillas took their son to the ant hill. At first Tarzan was grossed out by the gorillas eating them but when he saw the tickled smiles and laughter he garnered enough courage to let some of them go down his throat. Soon they all enjoyed the feast of ants and giggling and laughing out loud, Kerchak's laughter being the loudest which disturbed many birds in the treetops.
Tarzan didn't feel heavy anymore as all that laughter released it. He never knew these meals to be fun and hilarious as ants.

The ant meal made them feel drowsy however, so they all lay down on their backs letting the ants within them digest. Tarzan's elation was only the beginning. The dream he had last night seemed only too good to be true but with it all happening for real, he felt no need to prove himself any longer. He glanced up at Kerchak who snored loudly. With the smile on his face, he seemed to be thinking what Tarzan was thinking, but then maybe the ants inside him were tickling him still.
When Tarzan awoke, Kala and Kerchak were still napping. He decided now it was time to continue the day. He looked around and found a blue peacock feather. He climbed onto Kerchak and started to wiggle it around his nostrils. The great ape was beginning to stir and and groan and exploded with an aggressive sneeze which disturbed all the birds in the treetops.
Tarzan was also blown to the ground but full of laughter.
"You little trickster," Kerchak giggled. "Now it's time I returned the favour."
"Shh," said Tarzan. "Mom."
He nodded at her and held up the feather making Kerchak smirk.
Tarzan climbed onto his mother and was just about to wiggle the feather up her nose when she grabbed him and tickled him everywhere.
"You've learned nothing from tickling your father have you?" she smiled.
Kerchak took his legs and tickled under his feet.
"OKAY! OKAY!" Tarzan cried with laughter. "YOU WIN! YOU WIN! LET ME GO!"
They released him as he caught his breath.
"I'm rather hot," said Kerchak.
"Same here," said Kala fanning herself.
"Let's cool off by the pool."
"But Tarzan," said Kala, "gorillas can't swim."
"This one should be deep enough for your sizes," said Tarzan. "Come on, I'll show it to you."

Tarzan guided his two parents full on ants to a beautiful pool in a wide valley, no crocodiles, alligators or any other predator was to be seen and the pool was wide enough for anyone to swim in and there was an end shallow enough for the gorilla to stand since they were incapable of swimming.
Kala and Kerchak dipped into the water and began to feel cool from what it offered.
"Now this is paradise," expressed Kerchak.
"Indeed," agreed Kala as she sat in the water and leaned against back on the bank, her arms spread out.
"What can we play?" said Tarzan.
The apes looked at each other.
"Erm," said Kala in thought. "I don't there is much to think on that, dear."
Tarzan looked disappointed, but Kerchak's eyes fell upon a coconut tree.
"I'll be right back," he announced.
He climbed out of the pool, ran to the coconut tree, shook it and grabbed a few of them to bring to the pool.
He plopped back in creating a small wave, making Tarzan swerve back a bit from the impact but created some laughter.
"See if you can get this coconut out of my hands," Kerchak challenged as they went to a deeper end of the pool.
Tarzan tried to tackle his father by jumping onto his chest but the ape backed away. Tarzan tried to swim past and around him but Kerchak swooshed him back with hand-forced wave.
"Give up?" smirked the silverback.
Tarzan swam under the silverback between his feet, climbed up being him to reach the coconut, but Kerchak swapped hands. Tarzan jumped for the next hand which swapped the coconut into the next one. But as the child seemed like he was going to jump, the coconut came his way and he grabbed it, falling into the water.
"You got the brain, I got the brawn," Tarzan bragged.
"Both," Kerchak corrected flexing his chest again. "Now let's get back to the shallow end before I drop into the deep and sink like a hippo."
This gave Tarzan an idea.
"Say, Dad. Can you do hippo impression?"
Kerchak dropped to his fours and groaned like one making Tarzan giggle.
He clambered onto his father's back and said "To the shallow end."
Kerchak the hippo waded through the water and sunk a little lower under the water, his son and all.
Kala watched with a smile at her mate and son having fun together until finally they rose up from the surface, Kerchak catching his breath.
"Apes and hippos have nothing in common," he commented patting his chest.
"Except groaning," Tarzan chuckled as did Kala.
They all rested against the bank for a while enjoying the coolness of the pool. Tarzan was the first to recover quickly. He yearned for something to jump off and dive into the deep but nothing seemed to be in sight. He longed to have his parents gently throw him into the water but they seemed rather hot for it now, well Kerchak mostly since he had been playing with him. He wished how gorilla would swim so they could paddle together.

"I know one game to involve us all," said Kala. She told Tarzan to come to the middle and for Kerchak to go behind him. She grabbed a coconut and said to Tarzan, "I will throw this coconut to your father and you must try to catch it before any of us do?"
"But how can I when you're bigger than me?"
"You used your head to get it off me back there," Kerchak encouraged. "Round two."
Tarzan tried to head for Kerchak but he held his hand in his path stopping the boy from getting the coconut. He chucked it to Kala who was also a challenge for Tarzan.
"Come on, son!" laughed Kerchak. "You gotta think a way through this."
And Tarzan did; he cringed onto Kerchak jumped from him and jumped into the air where the coconut came to arm's reach and he plopped into the water.
Kerchak was now in the middle which proved too difficult due his size and height but Tarzan could throw a mile and Kala could catch it on the other side. But alas, Kerchak eventually caught it from Tarzan's side who used extra wit. He pretended to go along with being hopeless at caching the coconut until he equaled about big rainbow fish which Kala fell for and he caught it.
Kala was now in the middle and Tarzan threw the coconut - not at Kerchak but into his open mouth.
"Oops," the boy reacted.
Kala on the other hand laughed as Kerchak broke it with his teeth, Kala catching the half containing the milk and giving it to her son who drank it thirstily.
"Well earned for your wit," she smiled.

Soon the family left the pool and made their way back to the territory as the sun began to sink behind the trees. Kala had picked some fruit for the family to eat while watching the sunset, Tarzan munching on juicy mangos, Kerchak feating on bananas, all hands and feet gripped with them and Kala was eating a watermelon.
"This has been a fun day," said Tarzan. "Especially my first day with you, Dad."
"Fun day for all, son," said Kerchak, popping the last banana of his right hand into his mouth and rubbing his son's head.

They settled up in the tree top where more bananas were growing. Kerchak was lying on his back as his son sat on his belly feeding him banana after by shooting them into his mouth. The ape found this very easy but soon Tarzan made it challenge for him as he shot two into his mouth and again until he started shooting sox into his mouth making it difficult for him to keep up.
"Okay," said Kerchak through his mouthful as Tarzan shot more and more in his mouth. "Okay! Thash e'rough!"
Tarzan fell about laughing as he saw his father with his mouthful of mushed bananas.
Even with his mouthful Kerchak gulped the whole thing down.
"You gotta know when to stop," he commented with a smile.
"Too much for me," said Tarzan. "But never enough for you."
"There comes a limit," said Kerchak as he put a hand over his mouth muffling a burp.
Tarzan giggled and lay on his front starting at his father who stared back him, not only with a smile at his face but in his eyes too.
"I may not be the same like you, Dad," said Tarzan, "but do you think I could live up to you?"
Kerchak looked down at his son and smiled.
"I can certainly it inside you, son. And we are more the same you think."
He sat opposite Tarzan and examined; "Two eyes right here and we have two ears."
He tickled his ears and the young ape giggled.
"And two hands," Kerchak pointed out. "And .." he glared mischievously "a big fat tummy."
And the tickled his son's belly gently making him laugh out loud.
"Like yours!" Tarzan teased tickling his father's though of not much effect.
"Exactly," smiled Kerchak as he watched his son try to tickle him.
Kala chuckled at the sweetness the two apes displayed as they finally stopped their laughs and stood and beat their chests at each other. She went up to her mate and hugged him with her arms as her child was squashed between their bellies which he found laughable himself.
Suddenly they noticed their son in-between them.
"Oh!" reacted Kala. "Sorry, Tarzan. Are you alright?"
"I'm fine," smiled Tarzan as he rubbed their bellies. "You're both so warm and soft. It was nice even thought it was an accident."
"You really think so, son?" smiled Kerchak.
"As your best nest," said Kala, "that's no surprise."
Kala and Kerchak was aware of their warm, soft appearances but they loved the message their son was giving them; a feeling of satisfaction whenever they needed had some more fun until finally the moon rose and all apes and mothers were settling into their nests. Kerchak and Kala were laying on their backs next to each other and Tarzan didn't know how to make himself comfortable. He could try lying on the two of them combined, but he would probably slip in-between. Perhaps he could snuggle somewhere in the middle.
And so he squeezed between them feeling all warm and snug in their fur.
His parents looked at him and smiled.
"Cosy?" asked Kala.
Tarzan nodded.
"Who's the cosiest?" teased Kerchak.
"Both of you," said Tarzan immediately.
They placed their arms over each other to serve as a blanket for their little ape. Tarzan felt relaxed in their warmth and content, content now that they were a complete family.