"Oh dear."

From the kitchen, Adam heard Eve muttering to herself in the sitting room. He craned his head around the corner to see what the matter was. After their zombie friend's visit came to a close and said friend left for the day, Eve had taken to tidying the sitting room a bit before the two vampires retired to bed. However, peaceful tidying was interrupted when Eve found something that had been left behind. Eve leaned down and picked up the small, brown, stuffed dog that had been left on its side on the sofa.

"Hal left Miyori here," Eve lamented, holding the puppy close as if that would comfort it. Adam saw her look out the window.

She was checking for the sun.

"Eve, no," Adam stepped in and stood in the doorway. "It's too late to reach her place now. Just leave it for today; she can come back for it herself at night."

"Well..." Eve pursed her lips. She wasn't going to argue with him. The walls around the edges of the curtains were already beginning to glow with the dawn. "I'll at least let her know she left it. Just so she doesn't worry."

She smiled at him and headed upstairs to grab her phone. Adam let out a sigh of relief. He knew Eve wouldn't risk her life over something so trivial, but some days he questioned how far she ever went to humor the zombie they couldn't even feed off of.

Now upstairs by herself, Eve took a picture of the dog and sent it to Hal with a small text.

"You left this here. We'll take care of him for you today. -Eve."

Eve set Miyori and Adam's stuffed rabbit Peter side-by-side on the bed and tucked them in. Hal was right; Miyori looked permanently sad no matter what you did. Eve didn't consider fretting over him for long, though; not a moment more passed before she felt cold yet strong arms wrap around her from behind. Eve leaned back against Adam's chest and tilted her head to let him nuzzle against her neck.

"She's so dear to you," he said, but it sounded almost flippant. Better facetious than envious, Eve supposed...

"You're both dear to me," Eve murmured, holding his arms against her. "What more could we do for her?"

"Nothing," Adam confirmed. "She'll live as long as the rest of them, and she'll be better off for how you cherished her. Both of us will be."

They made eye contact then. And Eve felt her doubts like a physical force pulling her down into the deepest, helpless melancholy by her lungs and her ribs and her dear, dear heart. It pained her to love sometimes, but she'd been no stranger to that. Love was always work and worth doing, always.

She'd love Hal like she'd love zombies before and after this—dearly, as Adam said. And then they'd die, and the world would continue, but not without Eve remembering each and every friend she'd made and taking a part of them with her forever. And Eve would find more and more people to love and take from until she was stuffed with it all, then she'd continue. She would live stuffed, and she would die stuffed, (because surely, even things like she die), and all who ever knew her would know it was so. Or at least, that's what she hoped.

Adam kissed her. A grounding as well as affirmative gesture.

"Come to bed," he said, for once the least restless of the two.

They settled down in a reasonable fashion for once, lying side by side under the covers, watching each other through slowly on-setting slumber. Eyes closing, breathing slowing. Succumbing to the closest thing they had to death while shiny-eyed Miyori and Peter looked on from their perch on the headboard. Eve inched closer to Adam before finally dozing off. She was glad he was here on this night in particular.