Chapter 25

I smile widely as I continue to stare at what I woke up to a bit earlier. I am resting on my side with an arm under my head and the other pressed against his chest with the sheets gone, probably thrown to the side in our sleep. Kol is resting on his side, still sleeping. He also had an arm under his head and the other is around my waist, keeping me close to his front. His grip on my waist causing me to become warm and I notice how his grip doesn't seem to loosen, not even in his sleep and it makes me feel secure in his embrace.

I continue to smile at his serene face, showing how young he really looks and not a flirtatious or bloodthirsty vampire that is a thousand years old. I am also not going to deny how handsome he looks with the sunlight streaming through the window from behind him, making his body look like it's engulfed in light. His upper body rises and falls with every breath he takes and I couldn't help but be happy to have him alive and not stuck, unlike me. I raise the hand I have on his chest to place it on his cheek, stroking his cheek lightly with my thumb, jolts of electric fire going through me at the warmth his skin projects onto mine.

I blush when an idea forms in my head about a way I can wake him up, which causes me to stir a bit in nervousness since I can't wring my wrists, but I keep myself frozen in place so as to not wake him while his grip on my waist tightens unconsciously. I take a deep, calming myself before leaning closer to Kol's face. I am only a breath away from his face and I close my eyes for a second to collect myself, still stroking his cheek.

I open my eyes and look from his closed eyes to his nose and then to his lips, to which my blush deepens. I hold my breath and close my eyes before placing my lips on his. I sigh against his warm lips, loving how they mold against mine. I pull back and open my eyes to see him stir a bit with a small smile on his lips, which I am going to guess that he liked what I did. Once more, I take a deep, unnecessary breath and close my eyes before pressing my lips to his. He stirs this time, his grip on my waist tightening as he pulls me flush against him. I go to pull back, but his hand on my waist travels up to behind my neck and keeps me in place for a bit more while my hand travels down from his cheek to his chest.

He pulls away and I smile at him while he grins at me, his hand stroking my hair out of my face. "I always finish what I start, my Darling Lass. You'd do well to remember that."

I giggle. "Good morning."

"It's better than a good morning," he says and I smile with a fake frown since I know he'll say something cheesy and romantic about me being on his bed.

"Is it?" I ask.

"Of course," he says while frowning mockingly.

"How so?" I ask.

"Well, I have a most ravishing angel on my bed," he says and I chuckle.

"Aren't you a charmer," I tease.

"And handsome," he adds and I playfully roll my eyes at him. "Now, where were we?" He leans closer to my face with predatory eyes.

"I don't know what you mean," I lie, knowing exactly what he means.

"Don't start playing coy with me, my darling," he says, his nose against mine and his lips almost brushing against mine.

"I think I need a little help remembering whatever you seem to remember that I don't," I say as he chuckles before his lips fall upon mine, causing me to sigh against them.

Unlike last night, this kiss is not quite gentle. It's more urgent and hungry as Kol's hand comes to rest on the side of my neck to pull me even closer against him while the other does the same on the other side of my neck. All the while, my hands are sandwiched between my chest and his. I could feel his tongue against my bottom lip, begging me for entrance and I know he'll easily dominate the kiss. I grin against his lips and deny him entrance, to which he growls, not liking when he's denied of something, and he pulls away.

I could tell he is full of lust as he looks all over at my body and I couldn't help but feel excited by this while I blush at his staring, looking down at his swollen lips from our kiss and I can also feel mine are swollen as well, raw from the contact of his lips on mine.

Without warning, his lips are on mine once more and I gasp in surprise, giving him opportunity to enter my mouth like he wanted earlier, causing me to moan. My moan makes my cheeks burn as my lips follow his rhythm unconsciously. I trace my hands to his neck, bringing him closer against me, for I wanted his warmth on my body. His lips leave mine and begin to trail hot kisses down to my throat, causing my chest to collide against his and feel every breath he takes.

"Kol," I moan as I stroke his neck and my cheeks burn at what I just did, my eyes widening as I hear him chuckle against my neck, causing me to feel a bit ticklish while I cease my movements.

He pulls away and grins at me while I stare at him in embarrassment and retract my hands to hide my burning cheeks. "We haven't even gotten to the good part, my Darling Lass. Still, I do have to say that I love how you say my name like that."

"Yeah," I say, still embarrassed as he pries my hands away from my face.

"No need to be shy, darling," he says as he pecks my lips, lingering for a bit. "I do hope that I outmatch any previous suitor."

My breath catches as my blush deepens nervously before I look anywhere but his eyes, remembering something quite important about myself that I practically forgot after six years and I don't how he might react, which can be a negative reaction.

"Darling?" he asks and I play with the neckline of his shirt nervously.

"Yes?" I ask as I keep my eyes on my fingers while they play with his neckline, his body pressed against mine is not helping at all.

"I asked you a question," he says, his tone calm but impatient and I hum.

"Really?" I ask.

"Gwen, look at me," he says and there's no mirth in his tone so I meet his eyes. "Are you going to answer?"

"I have no answer," I say and he frowns, confused by my words.

"What do you mean you have no answer?" he asks and I shrug.

I close my eyes and take a deep and calming breath before opening them to meet his. "I'll tell you, but don't you dare laugh or think I'm some sort of strange thing."

He chuckles. "I promise."

"There were no suitors before you," I exhale, deciding to say it fast and be done with it. "I died a virgin and I also died before I could even get kissed. It's pathetic, I know." I avoid his eyes, not wanting to see his reaction.

He's a thousand years old with a lot of experience. I doubt he'll want to be with an inexperienced ghost that won't be able to satisfy his needs or whatever vampires do to get any other form of pleasure that doesn't involve feeding on blood.

Suddenly, his lips crash against mine and I frown but kiss him back, surprised by his reaction before he pulls back, smirking. "It's endearing. I'm honored to have given you your first kiss. Knowing me, I know I didn't disappoint in the least."

I roll my eyes at him before frowning. "You're not miffed by this?" I ask and he shakes his head.

"Why would I be?" he asks with furrowed eyebrows as he strokes my cheek and I shrug.

"Well, you're a thousand year old vampire. I thought you'd want someone with more experience," I explain and he grins down at me.

"Like I said, it's endearing and it's certainly my pleasure," he says, grinning. "Besides, you are delightful to kiss, my Darling Lass. You are as innocent as any other person—except for me or my siblings or any other dark soul on this earth." I chuckle at this. "But you also have another side to you that is not so innocent, which is the one that has helped you overlook the horrors that I and my family have made throughout the centuries. You're far from ordinary or inexperienced, I can attest to that."

I smile at his words. "Well, good that we have that out in the open," I say and he grins before meeting my lips once more with his and I kiss him back, the feeling never ceasing to burn up every inch of my skin in pleasure.

"Kol, if you brought a tramp home with you…" Rebekah's voice trails off as she enters the room, causing me and Kol to pull away from the kiss to turn and see her frozen in shock by the doorway of the room.

Rebekah's eyes were wide with her mouth open in shock as she just stands there, staring at us with her arms limp to her sides as Kol and I prop ourselves on our elbows to have a better look at her while we retrieve our other hands from being on the other. We stare at Rebekah with blank looks, having no idea what to do or say. The silence in the room is killing me while Kol simply grins with all his smugness in it, to which I roll my eyes at.

"Do close your mouth, sister. A bird might nest in it," he says while I continue to avoid anyone's eyes while my cheeks flare.

"What's this?" Rebekah whispers, still in shock as she points at us with an accusing finger, waving it at us as I manage to meet her eyes. "Gwen?"

"What does it look like to you?" I ask her, looking to know how she might feel about this since it's best to tread lightly from now on. I was kissing her brother and she caught us in the act, I think to myself. Not the best way to go about things.

"It looked like you were snogging my brother," she says, her tone difficult to read as she steps closer into the room with her arms crossed over her chest with narrowed eyes that dart between me and Kol.

"It was more the other way around," I explain, trying to change the topic as Kol chuckles. "Not helping," I whisper to him, to which he tries to muffle his chuckling with pursed lips.

"Don't try to change the topic," Rebekah says and I sigh before sitting up straighter.

"Yes, I was 'snogging' your brother," I say and her eyebrows rise while she hums.

"It's quite pleasant, sister," says Kol. "If I may exaggerate, it was bloody fantastic."

"Are you all right, Gwen?" Rebekah asks me and I frown, knowing that she thinks that Kol tricked me or something of the like.

"No, he didn't trick or compel me, even though he can't since I'm dead." She continues to keep her eyes on me without saying anything and I just sit there while Kol had lied back down on the bed with his arms pillowing his head, smirking. "Bex?"

Her mouth slowly quirks up into a grin and I release a small sigh in relief. "So…you and Kol?" she asks and I nod. "What, so are you in a relationship or something?"

"It's a work in progress, but you rudely interrupted us, dear sister," Kol says as he sits next to me and gives Rebekah a small glare. "Thank you for that."

"Always a pleasure," she says as she smirks back at him. "When did this happen?" she asks as she waves a finger between me and Kol.

"Last night," Kol and I answer in unison.

"She was dancing around me for a while," Kol says and I frown at him.

"I was not!" I say indignantly as he practically threw me under the bus and he chuckles while Rebekah sighs.

"Get used to his annoying ego," says Rebekah. "So it happened last night?"

"We kissed like a few days ago," he says, to which Rebekah's eyes widen.

"You've already kissed?" she asks.

"It was an accidental kiss that we didn't plan," I clarify, shooting a glare at Kol, which he shrugs off with a smirk on his lips. "Technically, last night's kiss was kind of the first, since it was intentional."

"Really?" she asks with a grin, but it slowly fades. "The dance was last night."

"What dance?" I ask with a frown.

"A dance I organized with the Roaring 20s as the theme," she says as she groans in frustration.

"Why didn't you go?" I ask as Kol gets up from the bed.

"This is getting boring," says Kol.

"Where are you going?" I look at him and he smirks at me.

"Missing me already?" he asks and I tilt my head in irritation, waiting for the answer. "I'm taking a shower. You're welcome to join, except you, Bekah. You can scurry out of here," he says as he enters the bathroom.

"Stay in there for the rest of eternity, maybe that will benefit all of us," Rebekah remarks before sitting on the bed in front of me.

"You'd all miss me," he says before the shower is turned on.

Rebekah rolls her eyes and I ask, "Why didn't you go, Bex?"

She looks down at her hands on her lap. I notice her downtrodden demeanor and I grab her hands to comfort her since her eyes seem saddened. "Mother took over my body to trick Nik into thinking that he destroyed the last white oak stake and also fooled him into going to the party so he would be cornered, giving her enough time to complete her task to kill him."

"Then what?" I prompt her and she sighs before meeting my eyes; I notice the water in them that she refuses to release.

"Then she had that history teacher drive a dagger through my heart," she says bitterly. "I couldn't do anything but wait as my mother did what she pleased with my body, keeping me locked up while everything unfolded."

"I'm sorry you didn't get to go to your party, Bex," I say as I squeeze her hands in comfort and she nods, sniffing back any tears before smiling at me. "I know you really wanted to go and experience being a teenager for once. It sucked." We both laugh.

"No matter, there's still time for another dance," she says and I nod at her encouragingly. "Well," she says as she takes her phone out of her jacket, glancing at the time in it before tucking it away in her jacket, "I have cleaning duties. I'll see you soon and probably before you tell Nik about Kol. I don't want to be absent and miss Nik's face when he finds out about you two."

I groan in frustration, knowing that it might not go so well. "Don't remind me. That's a mission impossible in my books. I don't know how he might react and it's frightening because he can be protective in an aggressive way."

"I have experience in that front. I suggest you bargain something or run before he finds you," she says and I nod as she stands up from the bed, but turns to me with a glare, to which I frown. "Don't ever leave without saying anything. I thought the worst had happened. And if you do it again I'll drag you through every mall in this country without rest."

I smile softly at her. "I won't. Do you know where Nik is?"

"He's packing to leave town," she says. "I should go early and come back. I really don't want to miss out Nik's face when you tell him about you and Kol."

"He'll have to deal with it. I think it's time I did things that I want to do," I say and she nods before going to leave the room.

She stops at the doorway before turning to me. "You're good for my brother and he'll be good to you. I want details that have nothing to do with your intimacy levels with my brother when I get back."

I nod at her with a smile that she returns before turning back around and leaving. I sigh before falling back on the mattress, still loving how soft it is under me. I only have to wait for a few more moments before the shower stops running and Kol exits the bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, his hair slicked back and my mouth opens slightly at the sight. I gulp as drops of water fall from his hair to his chest while some still roll down his chest. I look up to his face to see him smirking at me and I blush before looking away.

"I knew you gazed at me," he says while chuckling and I huff with a smile, looking up at the ceiling. "I can give you something else to gaze at. It's only a bit south from what you were staring at."

"No need," I retort and he chuckles, hearing some shuffling and I know he's getting dressed, which is more the reason I should not stray my eyes from the ceiling, even though I really want to.

I take a deep breath as I hear the sound of his towel dropping to the floor before hearing him rummage through some drawers. I gulp down a nervous lump in my throat, product of having Kol naked right next to me and I can feel the smirk that is present on his lips, which only makes me roll my eyes. I hear some more shuffling and assume his getting dressed, but I don't dare to stray my eyes over to him, for my morality of giving privacy and probable embarrassment outweighs any other feeling.

"You can look," he says and I chuckle softly, doubting if he's really dressed. "I promise that I am fully dressed."

"You might be lying for all I know," I say.

"When have I lied to you in the span of our time together, darling?" he asks and I sigh, knowing that he's right since I don't recall him lying to me at the moment, which is not fair because my head is more focused on him than anything else.

I sigh before I turn to him, seeing that he is fully dressed while smiling at me cheekily. "You win this time."

"Are you ever getting off that bed?" he asks.

"I'm thinking about it," I say.

"Let's get breakfast or some blood, I'm starving," he says and I smile before sitting up and sitting on the edge of the bed before standing.

"You're that hungry?" I ask with an expectant look.

"Very," he says as he offers his hand for me to take and I do, enjoying the warmth that it passes over to me before he leads us out of the room.

Like Kol can't keep his smirk off his face, I can't keep my smile off my face as we walk hand-in-hand towards the stairs, but then I remember that we have to talk to Klaus, which is better than not talking to him at all. We can't just take off without telling him or he'll find us like last time and I don't want to leave with conflict trailing behind us. Kol whistles as we descend the stairs, the image of a man—Original vampire—who has been victorious. I shake my head at his childish behavior as we make it to the bottom of the stairs.

"Which do we do first?" Kol asks me as we stand at the bottom of the staircase.

I frown. "What do you mean?"

"Breakfast or telling Nik that I have ravaged that beautiful mouth of yours," he says and I blush, looking down while he chuckles. "I would prefer breakfast. It's too early for one of Klaus' temper tantrums." Breakfast entails him eating food or drinking blood while I drink a cup of tea or coffee. I think. Way easier than dealing with Klaus at the moment.

"Are you giving me the benefit of hearing my choice?" I tease as I smile up at him.

"You know me so well," he says.

"I don't want to drag it out, but you seem like you're starving," I say. "Did you eat at all yesterday?"

"No," he says as he stands close to my front with our eyes locked. "I think I made a record when I drove all the way here, only stopping for gas and that didn't take long."

"Why so fast?" I ask and he gives me a lopsided smile.

"Because I had to rescue the infuriating woman that I chased away," he says and I give him a small smile in return.

"Well, breakfast it is," I say and then we walk towards the kitchen.

Once we're in the kitchen, Kol releases my hand and walks over to the fridge, inspecting what he can eat. While he decides on what he'll have, I grab everything I need to make tea.

I turn to him while he still inspects the fridge. "Do you want tea?"

"Yes, darling," he says, not looking away from the fridge. "I do so love your tea."

"I'm actually going to try something new for you," I say as an idea forms in my head. "Call it an experiment."

"Really?" he asks me, glancing at me with a grin before grabbing a blood bag from the fridge. "What is it?"

"It's a surprise," I say as he passes me, grabbing a glass from the cupboard above me.

"I can't wait," he breathes into my ear, causing a shiver to go down my spine before he sits on a chair in the kitchen island.

I begin to make tea, making sure Kol is preoccupied, which he is as he seems to be playing around with his phone, which gives me the opportunity to go to the fridge and grab a blood bag before going back to the tea. After I pour tea into two cups, one for me and another for him, I carefully open the blood bag, keeping it out of his view. I take a spoon and put two spoons of blood in his steaming mug, swirling the spoon before placing the blood bag back in the fridge.

I grab the two mugs and walk over to Kol, placing his mug next to his glass of blood while I stand next to him, taking a sip from my mug. I notice he's checking traveling sites and I smile, knowing that we'll soon be travelling again. I also feel amazed at how fast he isadapting to technology.

"Tea's ready," I say and he snaps his head to me and grins before picking up his mug and taking a sip. I watch him as he frowns, taking another sip from his mug. "What?" I grin.

"Did you do something to the tea?" he asks as he continues to frown at the cup, taking sips as he tries to figure out what's different.

"You're the vampire, you should know," I say and he merely frowns at the mug. "I added blood to your cup from one of the blood bags."

He turns to me with raised eyebrows in amusement. "Really? What gave you that idea?"

"You are a vampire," I say. "I thought, since you like my tea and you drink blood, that you'd like a mix of the two."

"Well, you have outdone yourself," he says as he takes another sip from his mug. "How does London sound?" He meets my eyes as they widen with my smile.

"England?" I ask.

"They are pretty much in the same place, darling," he says with a cheeky smile and I nod.

"Well, it sounds perfect," I say.

"I promised you the world and I will deliver," he says as he grabs my waist and pulls me to his side, to which I blush as he buries his nose into my neck, sniffing my skin. "You best deliver those dance lessons in return," he says against my skin and I giggle, cringing away from him. "Ticklish, are we?" He pulls away from my neck and I lean against his side.

"No," I lie, keeping my mug secure in both of my hands while I lean on the counter. He retracts his hand from around my waist and grabs his phone while the other keeps a grip on his mug of my special tea.

I smile as I take a sip from my tea, feeling the liquid in my mouth before it goes down my throat and I no longer feel it. But, right now, I feel at peace with Kol at my side. I can't get enough of his warmth, which I crave since I can't exactly feel many things that I yearn to feel and it's frustrating, but Kol's warmth is something I can't give up and I don't plan to.

"England it is," Kol says as he puts his phone down and raises his mug to me and I meet his mug with mine in a toast.

"England it is," I say with a smile before taking a sip from my mug.

"England is what?" I freeze when I hear Klaus before seeing him enter the kitchen, going over to the fridge while Kol and I remain silent.

Kol and I share a glance and he motions me to say something, to which I glare at him and he counters with a smirk. "Seems like a great place to visit this time of year, huh?" I ask nervously as Klaus grabs a blood bag and pours it into a glass.

"I suppose," he says as he turns to us while taking a sip from his glass of blood.

"Well, it's settled," I say with a smile as I clap my hands together while Klaus frowns at me and Kol hides his grin with his mug.

"What's settled?" Klaus asks with his eyes narrowing on me.

"We're going to England," Kol blurts out and I begin to breathe again, not having noticed I had stopped.

"Who?" Klaus asks and I take a deep breath.

"Kol and…" I hesitate, "me." I chuckle nervously as Klaus frowns, "And that is open for interpretation."

"What?" asks Klaus, his face hardening and I stand a few feet in front of him, wary of what his reaction might be.

"I am going to travel with Kol," I say as Klaus laughs humorlessly.

"You're leaving with my little brat of a brother, who made you leave in the middle of the night," Klaus says and I nod.

"Those are problems long-resolved, Nik," Kol says from behind me and a chair scrapes, which means he is on his feet.

"Are they?" Klaus asks with a mocking grin.

"Yes," I say and Klaus' eyes meet mine.

"Why are you leaving with him, Gwen?" Klaus asks me and I sigh. "Why did you even leave with him the first time? It's not like you."

"Because I did something I wanted to do, Nik," I say. "I love you. You're the brother I never had and I stood by you for six years without questioning you," I say and he opens his mouth to retort. "I didn't question you when it mattered," I clarify. "I never did things I wanted because I never found reason to, but now I have."

"By choosing Kol over me?" Klaus asks through clenched teeth.

"I'm not choosing Kol over you, I'm choosing to do something I want to do," I say. "I'm not leaving you, I just want to do and experience things that I wanted to when I was alive."

It pains me to leave Klaus, but I really don't want to give up the opportunity that I have in this moment. I want to travel, see things and get out of this cocoon of protection I built around me by being with Klaus because he has always been my security blanket. I knew that nothing could hurt me when I was with Klaus and I enjoyed it because he became very dear and important to me, but I want to break free of my little bubble and just live, even though I can't exactly do it.

"I can give you those things, but I won't leave you in Kol's care," Klaus counters and I sigh, gathering my bearings because this is not easy, it never is with Klaus.

"I can take care of myself, Nik," I say.

"Besides, you can't give her some specific needs, brother," Kol says and I glare at him, but he grins at Klaus. I turn to Klaus and see the realization dawn on his face before he blurs over to Kol, slamming him against the wall.

"Nik, stop!" I plead as Klaus grips Kol by his neck against the wall, but Kol turns the tables, headbutting Klaus to break free of his hold before throwing him against the opposite wall. I see Klaus ready to lunge on Kol, but I appear in front of Kol with my back to his front, stopping Klaus in his tracks as I glare at him, reminding me of that night at the motel. "Enough, Niklaus."

Klaus takes a deep breath, giving me a hard look before pacing in front of us, grumbling. "What did he promise you?" Klaus asks as he grins at me mockingly. "Did he say he will take care of you and never leave you? He will discard you like a ragged doll."

"I will not," Kol says from behind me while I ignore Klaus' words. "I'm not you, Nik. I actually have social skills."

"Come on, little brother. I know you want to rip her throat out," Klaus says with an evil smirk that is painfully familiar. "End her life before she follows Jen's footsteps, am I right?"

"I did think about it," Kol says and I sigh. "I changed my mind."

"Just like that?" Klaus asks.

"Just like that," Kol says as he stands next to me, taking my hand in his and Klaus notices this.

Klaus chuckles humorlessly as he grins darkly. "He roped you in with his charms, only to break your heart later, leaving me to pick up the pieces. Don't be a fool, Gwen."

"It's not true," I say. "I know what I'm getting myself into and I know it won't be easy, our lives are never easy, but I am going to take a leap of faith and do something I want to do, with or without your support." Klaus' eyes flash with anger mixed with hurt and I give him a pleading look to understand as he leans closer to me, his eyes furious.

"Go then, see if I care," Klaus tells me before leaving the kitchen.

"Nik!" I call as I drop Kol's hand to go follow Klaus, but stop, knowing that he won't be in the mood to listen.

"He'll come around, darling," Kol says as he stands next to me. "You of all people should know why he reacted like a spoiled child."

"It's because he feels like I'm abandoning him," I say as I stare at the floor, sad at the idea of leaving things like this with Klaus. "He fears being alone and I promised him that I would never abandon him."

"You're not abandoning him," Kol says as he grabs my hand and turns my body to his, placing a finger under my chin to make me look up at his grinning face. "You're just choosing to do what you want, which is to go on a trip with the most handsome Mikaelson." I chuckle as I smack his arm. "Why do you always wound me, darling?"

"Why do you always deserve it?" I counter before he grins, leaving my lips tingling for more.

"I'll go get my things and put them in the car, do you need anything?" he asks me and I shake my head.

"I'll just go now and smooth things with Nik," I say and he nods before leaving.

I sigh as I wait for Kol to disappear from my sight before appearing in the room I know Klaus is at. I appear in his art studio, watching him shove things in boxes. Yes, I know that I am taking a huge risk by leaving with Kol to another country, but I want to take it. I want to learn more about Kol and just be with him. It's time I do things I want to do.

"Nik?" I say carefully, treading lightly.

"I thought you and Kol would've been gone on your honeymoon by now," Klaus says with a bitter grin, not meeting my eyes and I huff in irritation.

"What's the real problem, Nik?" I ask and he meets my eyes, but his don't show anything. "I told you that I'm not abandoning you. I just want to live my life after feeling trapped for so long in the state that I'm in. I'm a ghost, I don't have many things going for me and I want to make the best of it."

"He will disappoint you," he says as he stands in front of me before turning to pack a box.

"What if he doesn't and I get to live a life that I never thought I'd get back?" I counter.

"Then you're just a love-sick fool like Rebekah," he says and I roll my eyes at him.

"I know I am, Nik. And insulting me isn't going to get you anywhere" I say with my head tilted. "Talk to me."

He sighs after sealing a box, leaning on it as he seems to be contemplating his next words. "I don't want you to leave," he whispers and I sigh. "You're my best friend. You're my other sister in everything but blood that I rely on and you have never failed me. And I will be losing you to my little brother, who knows nothing about you." He chuckles wryly. "It's not surprising that even you aren't spared from being roped into a triangle between two Mikaelsons, even if it isn't about trying to earn your love like the Salvatores do by groveling on the ground that Elena walks on."

"Which is why I'm going on this trip," I say. "Because we want to be near one another and we want to make sense of these feelings that we have. And being here isn't going to help, not with all these people trying to kill us. I promise that we'll come back and that I'll call."

"Once an hour?" he asks, a slow grin growing on his lips and I tilt my head at him with a raised eyebrow. "Once a day?" he asks and I nod happily before hugging him, feeling him returning the gesture. "I'll miss you so much, Cat."

"This isn't goodbye forever. I'm just going on a little vacation," I say. "But I'll miss you too, Mouse."

Klaus' grip tightens around me as I have my arms around his neck, feeling my eyes water a bit because I've never gone too far from Klaus. He has always been my security blanket, my confidant, my friend and, most importantly, he has been family. We're immortal, so there is a definite chance that we will see each other again, there's no doubt about that.

"Ready, darling?" I hear Kol ask and I turn to find him leaning against the doorway with his hands in his pockets and a soft grin on his lips.

"I am," I say as I pull away from Klaus' arms, leaving the man that has always been there for me and I walk over to Kol, the man that I have found that I can't bear to part with in such a short time. When I grab Kol's hand, my eyes widen as I remember something of vital importance, turning to Klaus. "Nik there's still one more stake."

"What?" Kol and Klaus ask in unison and I try to shrink myself at their hard looks on me.

"I'm sure I mentioned that," I whisper while they frown at me.

"I destroyed the last stake. Rebekah gave it to me yesterday," Klaus says and I shake my head.

"Esther possessed her yesterday," I tell him. "She also used a Gilbert ring to make the stake indestructible; it will not burn if it stakes an Original. What are we going to do?"

Klaus sighs with his eyes closed and opens them a second later. "I'll handle it."

"What?" I ask him.

"You leave with Kol, it's for the best since those imbeciles have a weapon they can use against us," Klaus says and I smile at him. "Go on."

"You're sure?" I ask and Klaus gives me a lopsided smile.

"I think it's best for you to do as you please," says Klaus.

"Be careful," I say and he nods before Kol and I turn to leave.

"Kol," Klaus says, causing me and Kol to turn to him once more, "just so you know, she's a magnet for trouble." He grins and I scoff while Kol chuckles, his grip on my hand tightening a bit in his laughter.

"I am not," I retort.

"I believe you, brother," Kol says and I glare at him. "We'll call before we leave."

"Tell Rebekah that I'm sorry that I won't be here when she comes back and that I'll miss her and I'll call her," I say and Klaus nods.

"Also," Klaus says as he gives Kol cold eyes, "I'll break your spine and every other bone in your body if she comes to any form of harm, little brother." I see Kol's grin falter a bit under Klaus' serious and cold eyes.

"Yes and I'll end up in a box with a dagger in my chest and whatnot," Kol says as he composes himself from Klaus' stare before Kol tugs at my hand. "It's time for us to make our way to the sunset, darling."

"Yeah," I say and I take one last glance at Klaus. "See you soon, Mouse," I say and he grins at me before I follow Kol out of the mansion, ready to start this little adventure of ours and I can't help but feel excited about this.