Hello, Everyone! Welcome to the re-write of Void! I actually have a detailed plan now for this so it's going to be a lot more interesting than the previous version. I also changed a few details of our main character. I really need an editor for this, someone who can correct and give insight to the story.


Here are some character details for those of you who like those things. This page might be updated regularly.

Main Character

Name: Naomi Netero

Age: 12

Birthday: June 8

Features: Pastel, Teal Blue hair (Long Pixie cut), Mint Green eyes. Fair skin. Curvy, Petite figure. Stunning.

Family: Issac Netero (Great Grandfather/ Alive). Beyond Netero (Grandfather/ Alive). Emile Netero (Father/ Deceased). Camilla Hui Guo Rou (Mother/ Alive)

Personality: {From Father} Quiet, Observant. Bad Manners (Curses, thanks to Menchi and Kanzai), Impulsive, {From Mother} Perfectionist, Sadistic. {Hers} Graceful, Adaptable.

Hobbies: Traveling, Drawing, Learning, and Dancing.

Likes: Desserts, Cookies-and-Cream. Green, Yellow, Nature. Grandfather and other Hunters who raised her. She is fond of Children.

Dislikes: Blood, Hand to Hand combat, Mother, Messiness, Ignorance.

Habits: Femininity isn't a concept to her (Has a tendency to be blunt about things or even undress in front of her friends. She also subconsciously Keeps eye contact (Can be unnerving). She finds herself sleeping outside sometimes, especially when she is stressed. (Loves the outdoors, not sure if its a side effect to her abilities.)


Physical Capabilities: Stamina and Flexible. Uses flexibility to hit pressure points. Due to Childhood, she is underweight and is slightly frail. (If she encounters someone physically stronger, she is fucked. Which is why she hates hand to hand combat.)

Gadgets: Bladed Brass Knuckles (Because her punches don't carry weight) and poison-laced Senbon needles (Long range)

Nen Name: Tempest

Nen: Specialization: Uses all four nen types to control ONLY the Water and Air elements. (Emission connects with the elements. Manipulation controls the elements in the environment and inside people's bodies. Transmutation changes the water to ice. Conjuration form ice lances, water whips, e.t.c. Enhancement strengthens the force of her nen attacks; throwing ice lances at crazy speed levels.)

Nen Drawbacks: She can not create the elements. She only controls the elements around her. She can only control elements in a 100-meter radius (training increases the width). If she combines both to create ice, it pulls more on her nen and the cool temperature also affects her body heat. Tornado and Water Sprouts take up a lot of Nen and she can only create a certain number of them before she passes out from nen exhaustion.

Dark Continent Creature: Void. (Opens a black hole that sucks up everything in sight. She is unsure if it kills people or transports them somewhere) Using it puts her in a comatose/possessed state. She does not know what she is doing when she activates it.

There's a lot more I haven't included because I don't want to spoil much and if I do include them, this introduction chapter would be too long. Everything else will be revealed as you read further.

I hope you like Naomi! This will be fun to write. BTW, the picture used for the story is her. I don't know how to show you all the character art I found that matches her. Maybe I should put this up on Wattpad?

I have also decided to keep it a purely Killua x OC fanfic. Gon is just extremely complicated to write.