Code Geass: BLADEs of the Rebellion


Synopsis: What if Lelouch had prepared more before beginning his rebellion, aided by a woman who rescued him, Suzaku, and Nunnally after the attack on Japan? How would the war and world change?

Chapter 1: The Beginning

7 years ago, Japan

Suzaku sat atop a rock, looking down at his hands as he contemplated the last few days with him, Lelouch, and Nunnally being found by some remnant SDF forces who were going to move Suzaku to his remaining family. He looks over to the white haired, dark skinned woman who had taken the kids out of their last shelter when the Britanian military had begun to assault the area, saving their lives by minutes as numerous bombs were dropped in the area.

His thoughts are broken as his friend, the former 11th Prince of Britania Lelouch Vi Britania, began talking loudly, "Suzaku... I swear to you... One day, I will obliterate Britania!" Lelouch yells with venom in his voice, the hatred for his homeland evident.

Suzaku thinks that such an act would only bring more suffering to the world, and considering what he'd done to try and end the fighting he only shakes his head after Lelouch turns his head and walks to the white haired woman. He flinches slightly as one of the SDF soldiers comes over to him and places a hand on his shoulder, "Go say goodbye to your friends son, it might be the last time either of you see each other." The man says solemnly as the funeral pyre burns in the background.

Suzaku nods and walks over to Lelouch quickly, "Lelouch, wait a moment." Suzaku says to Lelouch, prompting the young boy to stop and turn to his Japanese friend. Suzaku holds out his hand to Lelouch, "Be safe my friend." Suzaku says, making Lelouch give him a genuine smile.

Lelouch grabs Suzaku's hand and shakes it, "You too Suzaku. We'll see you again, one day." Lelouch says before jumping as the white haired woman taps his shoulder, Nunnnally having been brought to them in a wheelchair with a faded design by the woman.

"Come on Lelouch, it's time to go." The woman says before turning to Suzaku, "I hope to see you again Suzaku." The woman says with a gentle smile on her face.

Suzaku smiles at the woman before walking around and hugging her, "Thank you for everything Elma-Sensei." Suzaku says before Elma hugs him back and he runs off to join the SDF soldiers before he waves as they drive off.

Elma sighs and looks at Lelouch and Nunnally, "Our ride should be here any min... oh there she is." Elma says as a large armored truck pulls up, a symbol of several swords placed atop a red marking on the door of the truck. The door opens and reveals a blonde haired woman wearing a white outfit with a single gold trim along the front, a large handgun strapped to her side. "Hey Eleonora, everything prepped back at HQ?" Elma asks the now named Eleonora.

Eleonora smiles and speaks in a kind voice, "Yes Ma'am, everything is all set. These two must be Lelouch and Nunnally, my name is Eleonora Trent. It's nice to meet both of you." Eleonora says.

"It's nice to meet you Miss Eleonora." Nunnally says with a soft, kind voice that makes everyone feel all the more bright.

"Yes, it's good to meet you, I'm Lelouch." Lelouch says as he holds out his hand albeit with some hesitation, which Eleonora shakes before walking to the back of the truck and opening the door as well as lowering a ramp. "Alright Elma, let's get a move on, the doctor is waiting at HQ." she says, making Elma's eyes widen.

"He's here already?!" Elma asks in shock as she wheels in Nunnally before taking her out of the wheelchair and strapping her into a seat and Lelouch takes the next seat over.

Eleonora nods, "Yes Ma'am, the doctor arrived a few days ago and is eager to speak to all of you." Eleonora says, making Elma nod before she gets in the back with the kids and Eleonora starts to drive them away.

"Who's this doctor you're talking about? And where is HQ? More importantly, whose HQ is it?" Lelouch asks suspiciously, despite owing a lot to Elma.

Elma smiles and rubs Lelouch's head gently, "Good work Lelouch, always question what you're told. In reverse order, the HQ we're going to is of a private organization named BLADE made up of free thinkers, scientists, and soldiers from every nationality. It was originally an acronym in the event the world was going to end, but since our creation no real event leading up to that has happened so we kept the name but re-purposed what our organization does. Thanks to the efforts of our agents, most of the world doesn't even know we exist and all digital copies have been destroyed. HQ is actually out near Tokyo but you'll get the exact location later. As for who the doctor is..." Elma is cut off by a screen on the back of the front seats coming to life, a somewhat older man with messy gray hair appearing on it.

"That would be me. It's a pleasure to see you again Elma, I trust the retrieval of the Vi Britannia siblings was successful?" The man asks while looking at Elma before turning to the siblings and smiling, "Are you Lelouch and Nunnally Vi Britannia?" he asks making Lelouch growl at the name while Nunnally tightens her grip on his hand.

Elma clears her throat, "Yes Dr. Weller, I did manage to save them, along with the son of former Prime Minister Kururugi, Suzaku. We've reached the rendezvous with Eleonora and are on our way home. Lelouch, Nunally, this is..." Elma is cut off again.

"Ah, terribly sorry about the rudeness. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Doctor Rufus Weller, scientist of the Experimental Science Unit, the ESU, of the BLADE organization and in recent years, head of it's Outfitter's division. It's a pleasure to meet the two of you." Dr. Weller says in a distinctly EU accent.

Lelouch almost growls out the next words that leave his mouth, "So Doctor" the title being used with heavy suspicion and anger, "what do you want from my sister and me?" he asks while memorizing every detail of the man's face.

Dr. Weller smiles at Lelouch and looks at Nunally before nodding faintly to Elma, "What if I told you, that we were an organization that has decided 'Enough is enough' when it comes to Britannia's ruthless takeover and subjugation of the world... And that we could use both of your help when it comes time to strike back." Elma explains coolly, not liking that they're basically recruiting kids as soldiers but accepting it as necessary due to their position in the Britannian royal family. "However, our end goal isn't just the eradication of Britannia as a nation, rather the ideals that it forces upon the world. As well as the liberation of the 'Areas' that they have forcefully occupied." She finishes explaining before looking at the two siblings seriously, Lelouch stuck in a state of shock and curiosity while Nunally looks scared.

Lelouch thinks back on his promise to Suzaku, knowing that his homeland is a cancer spreading across the world but is broken out of his thoughts by Nunally squeezing his hand gently, looking at him in concern as she feels his tension, "B-Big brother..." Nunally says sadly, making Lelouch steel his resolve even further.

"Nunally..." Lelouch says sadly before narrowing his eyes at Elma, "What did you mean by, both of our help? Do you want Nunally as a figurehead or something? If your father finds out..." Lelouch is cut off by a cough from Dr. Weller.

"Actually my boy, I was thinking along the lines of giving her back the ability to see, to walk." Dr. Weller explains, making Lelouch and Nunally look at him in shock, despite Nunally's blindness the shock is very visible by her eyebrows raising high on her head. Elma meanwhile taps her chin in thought, knowing that the girl's injuries are severe before a thought strikes her and she smirks.

"You're thinking of the spin off of gen:LOCK aren't you? The Mimeosome project..." Elma says as she leans forward in her seat, a thoughtful look on her face while Lelouch and Nunally file away the names in their heads. "That's not a bad idea if i'm being honest... That is, if it works?" Elma asks in a curious tone.

Lelouch looks at Dr. Weller with narrowed eyes, "What is this project and how would it help my sister?" Lelouch asks in suspicion yet with a hint of hope in his voice, Nunally still in shock at the prospect of being able to walk, to see again so she wouldn't be such a burden on her brother.

Dr. Weller looks at the boy with a pair of curious, analytical eyes, "Though the specific details will have to wait until you arrive as we don't know when or if the Britannian or Japanese military might intercept our communications as you're in transit, I can tell you that we would be giving Miss. Vi Br..." Lelouch cuts him off with a quick "Lamperouge, our mother's maiden name", Dr. Weller nods and continues, "Miss. Lamperouge a new lease on life in a wonderful way that would also assist our research. There are risks yes, but I believe they're worth braving to give Nunally back her sight and ability to walk." Dr. Weller explains, and as Lelouch is about to protest at the mention of risks, Nunally speaks up.

"I'll do it..." Nunally says almost pleadingly, just barely loud enough for everyone to hear it. "I... I need to do it... I-I can't s-stand the thought o-of being a burden o-on L-Lelouch anym-more..." Nunally says as tears fall from her face, Lelouch looking at her in shock and sadness, "Y-You l-lied to me a f-few weeks ago d-didn't you brother?" She asks, making Lelouch's voice hitch in his throat as he thinks back to the field of corpses, "I-I thought so... I k-knew t-that they w-were bodies, t-the same smells were in the previous t-town as w-we went through i-it... No g-garbage heap i-is that big when it's immediately after t-the battles..." Everyone listens to her, sad and comforting looks on their faces as Nunally speaks.

"N-Nunally... W-What if something goes wrong... I can't lose you too..." Lelouch says, starting to tear up himself as the vehicle turns another corner, having been traveling for awhile now.

"And what ab-about all of the f-families ours h-has destroyed?!" Nunally asks in anger with tears streaming down her angry looking face, everyone shocked at the vehemence in her words before her features soften again, "I-I can't leave you to f-face this alone brother... Please... If there's even a chance, no matter how small, let me d-do this..." She pleads, putting one of her hands against Lelouch's cheek.

Lelouch thinks about everything that could go wrong as Nunally holds her hand to his cheek, eventually grabbing her hand gently and nodding, "Ok... Ok damn it... I-I can't keep you sheltered forever away from the world... One day, someone will take away whatever peace we make, and I might not be able to protect you if that day comes." Lelouch grasps her hand tightly and looks at Dr. Weller with resigned eyes, "What are the chances of this working?" he asks.

Dr. Weller smiles sadly, somewhat happy that Lelouch is letting his sister be her own person but sad at the situation that forced him to accept this reality, "Without a blood test and scan to determine compatibility... At best I can give a 40% chance of success, subject to change after those tests." Dr. Weller explains, making Lelouch's eyes widen in shock at the low percentage, expecting in the area of 70%.

Lelouch moves to object again but stops as Nunally squeezes his hand again, a confident smile on her face making him calm down slightly, "Thank you Doctor..." Nunally says with a sincere smile that makes all of their hearts warm a bit.

"You're welcome my dear... I can only hope that your tests will improve your odds of compatibility with the Mimeosome project. According to my tracker, you're about twenty minutes away from Headquarters so this is goodbye for now. Elma..." Dr. Weller says and looks at Elma seriously, the woman nodding at him, "Take care of these two..." He says before his image fades from the screen, the three beginning to ride in silence.

Twenty Five Minutes Later

After having to duck into some side alleys on their trip to avoid military patrols, the vehicle arrives at a warehouse just outside of the Tokyo city limits. Elma taps a device on her wrist three times, then two, then six, immediately after the last series of taps the ground starts to rumble very faintly as the floor slides downward slightly before retracting into the wall, a lit corridor at an incline revealing itself. Eleonora begins to drive the truck into the tunnel, the path closing itself behind them while Elma smiles as they continue to travel downwards.

Lelouch looks out of the windows as panels on the inside of the truck retract, revealing the bulletproof windows and veritable fortress underground. Several dozen buildings line the streets in the cavern, large metal pillars supporting the domed ceiling which has a view of the day sky outside. "Whoa... What is this place?" Lelouch asks as Nunally wishes she could see the outside too while Lelouch's eyes lock onto a tall tower in the center of the buildings.

Elma smirks as she moves over to their side of the truck as they continue to descend down the road, "Welcome to the Anvil Lelouch, Nunally. Our key base of operations here in Asia and our second largest base in general. That tower in the center is the administrative building, to it's left, that string of warehouse looking buildings, is the home of the Outfitters division and the ESU. We're heading there first to meet with Dr. Weller, and after he does his tests we'll head to the Admin building to speak with Secretary Nagi and Col. Marin. Eleonora, pick up the pace!" Elma says to the vehicle's driver as they reach ground level, picking up speed as they head towards the warehouses Elma pointed out.

The truck stops a little over a minute later outside of the largest warehouse in the area, the large metal doors opening to the sides as Elma opens up the truck, getting the kids out of the car and Nunally into her wheelchair. As Eleonora joins the kids and Elma, Dr. Weller walks out of the warehouse, a pair of what seem to be soldiers beside him. "Ah, Mr and Miss Lamperouge, Miss Eleonora, and Miss Elma... Welcome, to the ESU and Outfitters Division of BLADE." Dr. Weller says excitedly and with a flourish that makes one of the soldiers beside him snort as she holds in her laughter, "A problem Miss Lupis?" The girl shakes her head before standing straighter, "Hmm, thought not. Anyway, let me introduce my assistants, Alexa Lupis and Lin Lee Koo. Alexa and Lin primarily work in the outfitters division but Col. Marin thought it prudent to introduce them to you two so you can have a working relationship in the future. But i'm rambling again aren't I? Come, come, let's get Miss Lamperouge into the lab so we can run some tests to see if she's compatible with the Mims." Dr. Weller says this entire sentence in a single breath, barely giving people time to react as he speaks excitedly and begins to walk away while humming.

Elma sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose while the red headed Alexa walks forward, "Sorry about the doc, he isn't all there a good chunk of the time. I'm Alexa, though I guess you already knew that thanks to Dr. Weller." Alexa laughs and Nunally chuckles a bit.

Lin walks forward and gives Elma a hug, "You did good boss. Come on, let's get this over with quickly so the Col. will leave us alone and I can cook us a celebration dinner!" Lin says excitedly, making Elma smile brightly.

"Sounds great Lin." She grabs Nunally's wheelchair and starts pushing the crippled girl into the warehouse, Lelouch following beside them. The door closes behind them as they enter into a high tech looking laboratory, a number of different experiments being worked on by several dozen men and women all over. They follow Dr. Weller to a corner of the building and he sits at a desk beside a large tarp, spinning the chair around to look at the group and motioning to a group of chairs near him.

"Ok then, time for me to give you the details of my offer to Miss Lamperouge but please hold all questions until the end of the presentation." Dr. Weller says with a little mirth and taps a few keys on the computer next to him, a large screen above him displaying a large number of complicated theorems and icons. "This is the information for gen:LOCK, a breakthrough that the ESU had a few years ago. According to our theories at the time, it would allow a human brain to be downloaded and sent across a computer/brain interface to a receiver. We refer to the successful transfer of the human mind across this link as the first stage of gen:LOCK." He begins to play a video, showing a young dark skinned man lying down in a tube filled with what seemed to be a blue gel, a moment later a tarp is pulled away and reveals a large, unarmored mech lighting up and beginning to move. The mech speaks through some audio receivers and performs some basic actions before they tell him to 'download' and the mech deactivates, the man in the pot awakening with a joyful smile. The entire time, Elma explains what's happening to Nunally.

"W-What was that..." Lelouch asks in fascination.

"gen:LOCK..." Dr. Weller explains before gaining a more casual smile and tapping a few more keys, the words 'Mimeosome' popping up on the screen, "This, is a offshoot project based on the gen:LOCK technology that I intended for use in a medical setting for cases such as young Nunally's. Similar to the gen:LOCK program, the subject's brain is scanned, downloaded, and sent across the same interface into a synthetic body capable of most human feats at a higher rate of performance due to the body's structuring. Miss Koo, if you would please remove the tarp." Dr. Weller says and Lin does so, pulling off the tarp and revealing a human-esque mech similar to the larger mech they had seen earlier, but about the size of a 12 year old. "This is what I offer Miss Lamperouge. If she is compatible with the gen:LOCK system, I offer the use of this Mimeosome and any others we may need in the future for her so she may live as normal a life as she can manage until we work out a way for her body to heal." He sees Lelouch and Nunally about to ask a flurry of questions before he cuts them off, "Now now, that isn't the end of this little presentation." He taps a few more keys and a series of words starting with gen: follow along the screen before reaching the end at gen:LOCK. "The process is safe for those who are compatible, and actually it's far safer to use a mimeosome than it is to download into a Holon, what we call the large mechs that Mr. Chase was operating in the previous video. There's a much longer period of time before a download is necessary for the operator as much fewer functions are necessary in a non-combat unit like the basic Mimeosome before you. We can generate a synthetic tissue that will mimic the feel and texture of human skin, even radiating warmth and cold depending on external stimulus." Dr. Weller says before sighing and scooting his chair forward, grabbing Nunally's free hand and pushing it against the Mimeosome.

Nunally pushes her hand along the cool metal body, feeling every ridge and plate on the body with a gentleness as she tries to memorize every single detail she can through touch, "T-This w-will be my body? I can walk, see, eat... I-I can live again?" Nunally asks in a hesitant, terrified tone, worried that this hope will be ripped away. "What do I have to do?" She asks seriously after regaining some of her composure while Lelouch watches, unsure as to whether or not he should intervene.

He pulls off his glasses and speaks directly to Nunally in a soft, almost fatherly tone, "Nunally... This decision is yours alone. gen:LOCK, whether you want it to or not, will wind up pulling you into the fray in the future. Operating a Mimeosome is less dangerous than operating a Holon, but it does mean that you will be capable of such. I do believe you could even operate the knightmare's used by Britannia while inside of your Mimeosome. I do warn you. There are risks with every system, even gen:LOCK and the Mimeosomes..." His words are cut off by Nunally grasping his hand tightly and looking at him with her closed eyes, her face filled with determination.

"I don't care about the risks... If there's even a chance that I can be able to see and walk again, to help my brother through his life without him constantly worrying about his defenseless sister then any price is worth paying! Now, let's get these tests out of the way." Nunally says with a fierce tone, making everyone look at her in shock yet again as they didn't imagine such words or that tone from such a sweet girl.

Dr. Weller clears his throat to catch everyone's attention after he recovers from Nunally's outburst, "Well... It seems as if Miss Lamperouge has made her decision... What about you Mr. Lamperouge? There isn't a price per se for this... But rather a favor we'd ask of you." Dr. Weller asks as he looks at Lelouch with a gaze that would shake most men, but Lelouch being under his relative's gaze for so long endures it, "Elma heard your little declaration to Mr. Kururugi."

Lelouch raises an eyebrow, wondering if the price, or favor as he worded it though the taste of the word is foul due to the way his family kept 'favors', for Nunally's new life is for him to fight for these people.

Dr. Weller sees the suspicion and sighs sadly, hating that this child already has those kinds of eyes that even adults getting closer to the end shouldn't have, suspicion at every detail. "We'd like to assist you in this endeavor as the favor." Dr. Weller says seriously, making Lelouch's eyes widen in surprise. "The Britannia of now is a cancer on the world, bleeding it dry while poisoning everything it touches. Every culture suppressed, every soul under their banner and oppression, every desire for change and freedom... all of it stifled and snuffed out!" Dr. Weller says with venom in his voice that make even Elma flinch back. He takes a deep breath before letting it out, sliding his glasses back into place, "Forgive me. I lose myself at times." He asks with a hint of sorrow in his voice.

Elma puts his hand on Lelouch's shoulder, making the thoughtful looking boy look over his shoulder at her, "Don't rush into a situation guns blazing Lelouch. I can see that burning fury for revenge in your eyes. Most members of BLADE have lost homes, friends, and family to Britannia's path of conquest and those few that give in have never been the same. Think rationally, with a calm head. Look at every angle and proceed with caution and your head held high. For now, let's let Dr. Weller run his tests to see if Nunally will even be compatible with gen:LOCK and the Mimeosome system. You wouldn't want to commit and then find she isn't going to be getting better this way, right?" Elma asks with a serious tone, knowing that she needs to drill this mindset into the anger filled boy if he wants to live a life long enough to see his dreams come to fruition.

Lelouch sighs and looks at Dr. Weller, trying to find any hints of deceit in his presentation, his words, his mannerisms. He finds none. No one has that much hatred of something without a good reason, you can't fake it and have the true emotion to bring that to bear against someone who has a similar hate. He then moves his eyes to Nunally who has gone back to running her hands over the metal frame of the Mimeosome. "Nunally..." Lelouch says, waiting for her to turn to him at the sound of his voice, not disappointed when she almost immediately does so at the worried tone of his voice, "What is it you want... What's your dream Nunally?" he asks, needing to hear her answer.

Nunally smiles, "I want a world where everyone can live in peace Lelouch... Where we can be safe and happy." Nunally says in an almost pleading tone of voice, Lelouch resolving to make that world for her before she reaches out her hand, palm up for Lelouch to take, "But to make that world, we need to fight for it. So many people are hurting Lelouch, not just us. We need to help, to make right what our family has done to the world." Nunally says, the sound of conviction in her voice as well as the words she used completely making everyone forget that this is a little girl in front of them, not even 10 yet and speaking so strongly.

Lelouch chuckles briefly, the first time in a few weeks that he has before he breaks out laughing heartily, remembering something important, "You know... I forgot that you always excelled at public speaking despite your hatred of it. Guess you inherited something great from Mother after all." Lelouch says before taking her hand. "If you want to do this Nunally, i'll support you the whole way." Lelouch says, making Nunally's smile appear and brighten up the room with it's kind radiance.

Nunally moves her head in the direction Dr. Weller spoke from and gains a serious look befitting her status as a former princess, "Dr. Weller, let's begin the tests please." Nunally says, completely focused on her new path in life beside her brother, no matter the price she has to pay.

Dr. Weller smiles and stands, "Well then, shall we?" Dr. Weller says as Elma grabs the handles of Nunally's wheelchair and the group starts to move towards what seems to be a CAT scanner, but heavily modified, Lelouch holding her hand the entire time and gripping it tight as they prepare for the future.


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