Shine a Light on Royalty

Chapter 1
Joker and Violet Steal the Show!

(Uploaded on May 2, 2020)

Summary: In which Joker and Violet perform for both their friends and their enemies.

Notes: This fic is set during Adventure Mode: World of Light, not too long after bear this torch against the cold of the night. All the Phantom Thieves are present as themselves and not as Spirits, and Akechi managed to survive dying by the skin of his teeth. (Everyone gets a happy ending and you can't stop me—)

Massive spoilers are featured for Persona 5 Royal, for both the vanilla game content and the new third semester—including some of the identities of the new third-tier Personas. No such spoilers are featured for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Reader discretion is advised.

This fic is canon to both the Make a Friend series and the A Goddess in Reality series.

World of Light
Castle Wily (Ω Form)

"Raoul! Phantom Show!"

"Ella! Makougaon!"

They were like a well-oiled machine, Joker and Violet.

One was a Wild Card, formerly an outcast on probation, having ascended to a Trickster of the World.

The other was a gymnast, a Confidant once unsure of herself, but now glimmering with infinite Faith.

Alone, they were strong in their own right—but together, they made a symphony that no one could break.

Such as here, when the enemies before them at last collapsed onto the ground.

Ren Amamiya—Joker—smirked, twirling his knife with all the grace of a ballerina. Behind him, Raoul let out a chilling laugh and flapped his mechanical wings, looking equally as pleased by the turn of events unfolding before them.

These Puppet Fighters may have been as formidable as any Shadow in the Metaverse… but they were still vulnerable to the same strategies that worked on the latter.

Which is fine by me.

"Perfect, Senpai!" Sumire Yoshizawa—Violet—cheered, pumping a fist into the air. Though her face was partially obscured by her mask, it was easy to see her ecstasy at aiding her boyfriend – it was something Ren never failed to be charmed by. "They're all down now—let's hit 'em with an All-Out Attack!"

"Heh. You don't have to tell me twice, Violet!"

As rehearsed, the two leaped into the air and struck the enemies with everything they had. Paradise Lost and Sword of Sinai II went slashing about with wicked grace, the enemies being cut open multiple times over. As they landed on the floor, Joker swept up his partner in his arms, spinning her and himself around and around—

—and then, they struck a pose to the tune of their foes exploding into stardust; Ren holding Sumire in a bridal carry, Sumire bending back and raising a hand to the sky.

Naturally, smiles were plastered all over their cheeks.

"Sorry—we'll perform for you again some other time!"

The couple returned to their usual stances soon after, Sumire stretching her arms as a post-battle exercise.

"Phew!" she breathed, a bead of sweat rolling down her head. "That was amazing! We really make a good team!—plus, I think we're getting better and better every battle."

Ren did his customary spin, an earnest-looking grin resting comfortably on his face. "And there's a good reason why," he teased—"after all, I've got a pretty smile to look forward to every time."

"Aw, Ren-senpai…!" Sumire couldn't hide her blush – but given who she was speaking to, she didn't really mind. The duo brought their masks over their hair and leaned in for a kiss, embracing each other—

—and then Crow's voice proceeded to echo from across the battlefield.

"Ugh, give me a break… Can you two idiots end your love spiel already and help us out over here!?"

Breaking things off, they turned around to see Morgana and Goro Akechi (alternatively, Mona and Crow) combatting a quartet of metallic Mega Mans, their titanium exteriors making them a hard foe to deal with—even for the two arguably most experienced members of the Phantom Thieves.

"What Crow said!" the not-cat agreed, attempting to blow one of them off the platform with an amped-up Garudyne. "There's a time and place for everything, Joker, and this isn't it!"

Joker and Violet easily slotted into place next to them. The former even backflipped off one of the aforementioned hefty foes, a Brave Blade letting Raoul finish the job for Morgana. "Aw c'mon, Mona," he said, casting Thermopylae with Attis, "you can't tell me that I can't add a little flavor to our hijinks. Style and flair's part of being a Phantom Thief, after all~"

"It's fun, too!" Violet chimed in, helping everyone along with a Brave Step. "It's like a gymnastic competition, except a lot flashier! And warmer…" She snuggled closer to her beloved as she threw a Makougaon at the group, surprisingly shameless in her actions.

Joker looked proud—and definitely a little smitten. "You tell 'em, Violet."

Crow's deadpan expression could be detected from ten miles away—as could his exasperation. "I swear, I have no idea how you managed to outwit me for as long as you did, Joker…"

The Wild Card and his Faith Confidant, together, continued to dance around the brigade of Mega Mans, flinging spells and physical attacks and Tetrakarns wherever they saw fit. To say that they were a deadly duo was an understatement – the possessed vessels literally could not touch them, while they were dishing out all the damage.

On some level, Mona and Crow did appreciate it. It certainly lighted up their own workload, dealing with only one Puppet Fighter instead of four; and Ren and Sumire were versatile enough to deal with three all at once.

But on the other hand…

"Say, Violet – do you think any of these stages would make good make-out spots?"

"S-S-Senpai! U-Umm… we don't really stay in these places for long enough, so—maybe we could try behind a tree…?"

"Ooh, you're feeling bold today! Didn't expect that outta you—though I'm certainly not complaining."

"Well, I—I did get it from you, after all… heh heh…"

Mona groaned. "They've only gotten worse since last year," he lamented—"I can barely get through the day without him pining after Violet in some way. And that's not even considering all the times they've kicked me out of Leblanc to do Igor knows what!"

Crow swung a red Rebellion Blade at the Puppet Fighter they were fighting, taking a little pleasure at the way it recoiled from the impact. "My condolences," he said, semi-sarcastically, "but I'm afraid I couldn't give any less shits about it! So long as we can still take out this trash with efficiency, I don't particularly care what Joker does in his free time."

A brief moment of silence took place as the two continued their fight—all to the tune of Joker and Violet sneaking kisses in between attacks.

"Pew! Stole another kiss!"

"Hey, l-let me get some in too! You can't take all of them…"

The Detective Prince's eye twitched. "Yes, I don't particularly care…" he muttered, sounding as if he was trying to convince himself. "He could do far worse than Violet, anyway…"

"Awwwwww, is somebody jeaaaaalous?" Futaba Sakura—Oracle—snickered, sitting comfortably in the background from within Al Azif. "Sorry, but this is all we've got for the in-flight entertainment! If you wanted something else, you should've paid for the first-class tickets, newb!"

"I didn't ask for your opinion, Oracle," he hissed—"j-just—hurry up and help us end this farce already!"

"Mwehehe…! If you insist~!"

"Oh… I don't like the sound of that…" Mona cringed. Something tells me this is just gonna make things worse…

"Alright, everybody—here comes my Super Move: Ultra Charge!" Streams of blue and orange light welled up around the Phantom Thieves' feet, and all on-field party members found themselves temporarily powered up with both a Charge and a Concentrate. "Now, show them what you're made of!"

"Ha! I thought you'd never ask." Per usual, Crow summoned Hereward behind him, a vicious grin appearing on his face. "Take them down, Hereward—!"

Right before he could do anything, however… Joker decided then was a good time to steal the show. "Why, thank you, Oracle!" He cocked his head toward Violet, flashing one of his signature smirks at her. "Shall we, Violet?"

She nodded enthusiastically, clinging to her boyfriend's shoulders. "After you, Joker~!"

True to form, he stole the entire show: he grabbed Raoul's chains and shattered them—and both he and Sumire proceeded to hop on the rapidly appearing Satanael, the latter also adding Ella to the list of guests present at this party.

All the Mega Mans present—plus the Dr. Mario representing them all—shuddered unanimously at the sight before them.

Joker and Violet's vibrant red eyes didn't help soothe their fears in the slightest.

"Satanael! Riot Gun!"

"Ella! Vorpal Blade!"

As devastation rained down from the heavens, Mona simply put his paws to his head and groaned even louder. "I knew this would happen!" he wailed.

Crow's eye began to twitch at a faster pace. "Show-off…" he grumbled.

"Ha ha! Look at 'em go!" Oracle cackled, very clearly enjoying the fireworks display she had helped produce. "Ooh, ahh, it's all so pretty! I can't wait to show everybody this once we get outta here!"

And while this was all going on, the resident Wild Card and his athletic lover were enjoying a tender moment atop the manifestation of the first fallen angel, almost completely oblivious to the chaos going around them.

"I love you, Sumire."

"I love you too, Senpai."

Sumire Yoshizawa is Persona 5's new Best Girl.

She's cute, she's adorkable, she's the best character in the entire game. I love her dynamic with Ren, too; seeing their interact never ceased to bring warmth into my heart. I can confidently say it was worth waiting until January to finally romance her, and you won't change my mind about that.

To celebrate finishing Persona 5 Royal after three-and-a-half weeks, I wanted to write a little something with her and Ren with it. So here's the two of them in Adventure Mode: World of Light, kicking all sorts of ass together.

There's not a whole lot else to this, just some good old-fashioned romantic fluff – plus Morgana and Akechi providing running commentary, because why not. I hope it satiates some of you guys at least; Ren/Sumire content's gonna be hard to come by for a while, given how new Royal still is.

(Also, please tell me I nailed down Sumire's character right. It'd be kinda embarrassing if I didn't.)

Well, that's all for now – tune in next time!