Kamei Shinnosuke, Katou Haru's co-worker, stared out to the shop's window wall while leaning on the counter with his chin rested on his palms. The two light-haired men have been working together since summer in their university café because of work-study. Both are majoring in Criminal justice in their third year though Kamei transferred to university just this fall semester.

"They've been doing it for a whole 20 minutes now." Kamei continued as he observes a couple, in the middle of hay day, shamelessly shoving their tongues into each other's mouth and failing to hide their session behind the cafe's outside decorative plants. Katou wrinkled his nose.

Within this week, awkward couple dates packed the café of Katou's job that his face became numb from cringing to them. He saw someone slowly die inside, for the date never arrived. One couple went on their phone throughout the date, appearing unbothered with each other's existence. Some desperate to leave their uncomfortable date. The breakups were the worse, for you literally watch someone have a mental breakdown.

"We got customers!" From behind, Katou pulled a lock of Kamei's quiffed sandy blond hair. He groaned and dropped his head on the counter.

A couple came in, looking quite professional and seem not the typical college students. The black-haired male wears a black dress shirt tucked into his black slacks while his date wears a white blouse tucked and a pencil skirt. There is a glint of hope in Katou for a great ending to this good-looking professional couple.

They took a seat at the left corner table near the wooden wall décor, and It is the table prone of breakups to happen.

"Oh! they came in!" Kamei raised his resting head on the counter. Meanwhile, for Kamei, this has been an interesting week to a job that he finds boring as his first-ever date.

The 'make out' couple came in, and Kamei assisted them with such glee.

'Great! two couples staying at this cursed café!' Katou thought.

"Let's do a bet!" whispered Kamei. He hesitated at first, thinking it was an immoral thing to gamble on customers in secret.

"I'll bet that the fancy couple breaks up!" Kamei immediately declared his bet.

"Both couples." Katou smirked and gave in to Kamei's request.


15 minutes in, they have delivered all orders, and all customers are settled in yet the professional couple, who seems to be talking normally, and the 'make out' couple, who are cackling to each other, bore no interesting movements.

Kamei and Katou squinted their eyes, anticipating to see who breaks first.

Finally, a movement is unveiled, and it is from the professional couple. The light-haired cafe workers stood on their toes.

The female bowed her head, and she clenches her tiny fist over the table. The male's back faces towards the duo; they cannot see his reaction.

The sounds of screeching chairs started, and a group of customers is leaving. Their table next to the Kamei betting couple, and he comes to inspect them while pretending to clean the table next to them. Katou glared at Kamei for doing such a bold movement

"No." The female said.

"I'm breaking up with you." Kamei looked over his shoulders. The male held a stone-cold face.

"No.." She starts to tremble.

"We were only together in high school because of our family's fortune."

Kamei and Katou's ears perked up; they now feel awkward on their evident close positions around the couple.

She stood up and slammed her fist on the table. The couple's coffee cups quivered, spilling some of its content, but the black-haired male remained unmoved. Her dark eyes gave a piercing stare to her black-haired date and he stared back with hollow eyes. Some customers turned their heads and then went back as they try not to pry on some another ridiculous public break up.

"How much..." The male started. The co-workers stopped and looked at each other with widened eyes.

"How much to break up with you?"

An instantaneous loud slap fell upon the male. The female came swiftly running for the exit of the café with tears in her eyes and bumps into entering customers at the door.

The black-haired male touches his sore red check with the same hollow eyes and an expressionless face.