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Chapter One: Staged Introductions

Dumbledore sighed as he sifted through the paperwork the stern Transfiguration professor had left on his desk. It was getting tougher and tougher to find a suitable DADA teacher with the war with Tom brewing. He himself would have to step in if he could not find one; the students could not be left defenseless. Perhaps he could get Filius and Minerva to incorporate battle strategies into their classes…yes, that was an idea. He had never before started the school year with one teacher missing, never mind two. Horace had gotten quite adamant about leaving under Voldemort's growing power. He needed potions, a new potions professor must be located, yes, but he knew that DADA was more important, since although Potions would help them pass their exams, DADA would save their life.

But with all the responsibilities of himself and the teachers he was worried nobody would be able to give the class their full attention. Especially since there were only two subjects where Dumbledore knew the teachers were suitable for teaching defense. Minerva was fast with her wand and Filius a former dueling champion.

He had little over a few hours until the students arrived. Dumbledore sighed and looked at Fawks…"the war has left many people terrified my old friend" he said

He knew he could offer them safety within the walls of Hogwarts, but he just couldn't find everyone who had gone into hiding -and even when he did, it was still quite a task to convince that person to come with him, back to the castle.

It was a defeated Headmaster that mosied downstairs to welcome the students to the castle.

"Greetings students and welcome back to another year at Hogwarts. Mr Filch has asked me to remind you of the banned list of items that can be found on his office door" said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling as he looked at a certain group of Gryffindor students. "In addition, I would like to remind everyone that the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds…to everyone" he added, still looking at the mischievous marauders.

"Moving on to some rather troubling news" Dumbledore continued lightly, not wanting to alarm the students, but he saw Lily Evans' eyes narrow and chuckled in his mind. She was a smart one, that one. "Unfortinatly the posts of DADA and potions are-

"About to be filled" came a voice from the door and Dumbledore looked up quickly covering his surprise. How on earth did they manage to get through the wards without him noticing? His wand slipped into his hand, hidden by his sleeve for the moment

His eyes fell upon a young couple, the man looked to be about in his mid-twenties with high cheekbones that gave off a pureblood impression, with hair that seemed to settle somewhere between as messy as James Potter and as elegant as Sirius Black. Dumbledore started for a moment when he found himself looking into the most startling green eyes, although this did nothing to put him at ease since he could feel the power rolling off the young man -off his companion too, but nowhere near as strong.

The Headmaster noticed that Filius and Minerva both had their wands in their hands and wondered what exactly was going on, but glad he had the support if they turned out to be hostile

The Headmaster started as the young man's eyes flicked to his hidden wand "Would it perhaps put you at ease if we were unarmed during our interview?" the man said pleasantly, seeming quite at ease in front of the crowd

"I believe that would be lovely" Dumbledore said agreeably, but did not sheathe his wand "You said you were here to apply for teaching positions?" Dumbledore said keeping his wand trained on them underneath the table

"Yes, I believe you are in need of DADA and Potions professors, are you not?" the man said and the woman rolled her eyes at him, causing him to wink at her

Dumbledore decided that while they certainly weren't giving off any signs of Death Eaters -he had never known them to behave that way- but it couldn't hurt to be careful

He watched as the couple stepped forward to the table before the teachers, laying their wands down and Dumbledore's eyes glanced over them, they really were beautiful. The men had a dark wood and some kind of bone wound together with emerald traces in a beautiful spiral, while the female had a dark wood with glances of sapphire coming up to the top.

He tried to hide his surprise when they didn't stop there

The student body watched on curiously as the two people began producing weapons from places he didn't even know could fit

As it turns out, they didn't just have the one wand, they had five that they proceeded to lay out from their holsters on their wrists and ankles. Though Dumbledore knew it was strictly not illegal, it was heavily frowned upon by the ministry to carry more than one wand.

Next came the swords, appearing to be goblin made -they seemed to appear from the back- daggers coming out of holsters from around their arms and thighs, and finally, what Dumbledore recognized to be muggle grenades, but he could sense a bit of magic around them.

Dumbledore chanced a glance to his fellow professors and saw Filius looking impressed and Minerva looking both impressed and baffled. Which is exactly how Dumbledore felt.

"I see you come well armed, I must thank you for laying them out, it does put an old man's mind at ease" Dumbledore said genially "although I am most surprised that people armed to the teeth can part with their protection so trustingly" he said looking to see their reactions

The man lifted his head, his powerful eyes meeting Dumbledore's "some sacrifices and uncomfortable situations must be met…for the Greater Good" he said smirking and Dumbledore blinked. He usually knew most things and could recognize all the students that had been at Hogwarts over the years, but although these two had British Accents, he could not place them or their families.

"I see" Dumbeldre said feeling a bit more at ease with their many weapons on the bench infant of him, although he had no doubt that if they were capable of wielding such weapons that they must have a few tricks up their sleeves that did not require a wand -and the power he could feel supported that deduction

"Why don't we begin with your names" he said smiling gently at them, but watching their faces closely

"Yes of course" said the man looking excited at the prospect, while his companion rolled her eyes "Harry, Harry Bolden" he said and Dumbledore got the distinct impression he was only getting a partial truth and this here is my beautiful wife and esteemed potions mistress Daphne. I take it you are Albus Dumbledore?" the man questioned and Dumbledore had to chuckle since he knew very well that the man knew exactly who he was

"And why have you come to apply for the positions that need filling?" Dumbledore said, wondering if he would get an easy answer out of these two

"Because we are needed" the man said simply causing the woman to snort at him

"Indeed" Dumbledore said, used to this kind of chatter where no real information was given away

"And do you feel you have adequate knowledge to teach these subjects" Dumbledore asked, his mind puzzling over them again as he caught their stances, it reminded him of old war veterans, not a couple in their twenties, but he knew how deceiving age could be

"We do, but do what you must to ensure the students are in good hands" the man said smiling and looking at him expectantly

"A test of sorts" said Dumbledore relaxing even more "Yes, that would be agreeable

"Perhaps a duel for Harry and you need only look at these creations to see the genius of my work" the woman said haughtily, but Dumbledore figured it was in jest as this caused Harry to snort

"Oh please, the muggle came up with 90% of that idea" he said grinning at his wife

"And I ensured the 10% so it could be used in the magical world" his wife -Daphne- the Headmaster reminded himself said looking at her husband

Dumbledore was most amused with their flirting and found himself relaxing in their presence, more and more reassured

"I assume you will duel each other and myself and Filius will decide on your skill level based from there?" Dxmbeldoer said and they both nodded agreeable, confirming Dumbledore's suspicious that while Daphne Bolden may be a potions mistress, she had to be rather formidable with a wand as well

"Do you have any rules for this duel?' Flitwick asked as he conjured a platform as both he and Dumbledore stepped down, the latter producing a shield over the excited students, surprise showing briefly on his face when Daphne stepped forward and helped him put up the other wards, seemingly adding her own twist that Dumbledore hadn't seen before "to stop anything more serious" she said seeing his look and Dumbeldoe's eyebrows rose, it seemed they wouldn't just be using stunned as he had thought…although why he had thought that with a tool belt like theirs was a question in itself

"No unforgivables…since they're illegal and all" Harry said lightly looking at his wife who grinned at him in agreement. "And we will only go for ten minutes since we will likely be here for hours if one of us has to win" he said smiling

"Very well" Dumbledore said, Filius will instruct you on when to begin

They both subtly waved their hands and their armor came back to float beside them as they shed their robes, revealing armor beneath. Windless magic, and powerful at that Dumbledore said observing their well made armour.

Dumbledore took his seat, his wand out to protect any students if the need be, although he somehow had faith in whatever Miss Daphne had changed in the ward. Not many people knew about warding he thought, he wondered, once again, why he hadn't heard of them before

Dumbledore watched as they both assumed very advanced dueling positions that he recognized from his time in Italy when he was young

"Three, two, one…begin" Flitwhich said excitedly and Dumbledore couldn't help but share in his colleagues excitement at watching a duel, he had a feeling these two were very capable

The students gasped, as when Flitwick ended his countdown they were already moving and Dumbledore watched, feeling a bit of awe as he observed what could only be described as a beautiful Dance of Death.

While most wizards were taught to shield, these two barely shielded at all, preferring to move out of the way

It was obvious that they had dueled often, as they seemed to settle into a routine as if this wasn't a highly dangerous duel, which Dumbledore knew it was; even if they weren't casting verbally he knew the spells by colour.

They both seemed to be enjoying themselves as they spun and twisted out of the way of flashing lights. Dumbledore hardly saw any stunners, although there are some disarming thrown into the mix, Dumbledore saw a blood boiling curse, organ dissolving curse and some other nasty business in the mix and was surprised that they would throw them at each other, but both seemed confident that the other would move out of the way and Dumbledore began to realize just why they'd put a time limit on them.

He also suspected what exactly this duel was. It was purposely very flashy and showy…they weren't really dueling he thought, but showcasing their talent...which is what they wanted him to see - although he got the impression they were holding back.

This was confirmed when they pocketed their wands and and drew swords, coming together in a spar of fencing, before moving on to hand and hand combat, rolling around on the ground and the old headmaster could have sworn he heard Daphne giggle at something Harry grumbled as they tumbled

They switched back to spells to finish off the duel and it really was spectacular

Harry crouched and opened his mouth towards the heavens and the students screeched as he breathed a dragon of fire, heading straight for Daphne. Dumbledore felt alarm rise in him as he stood, but Daphne didn't seem the least pit perturbed at what Dumbledore was sure was fiendfyre heading towards her, but seemed to conjure an enormous amount of water that swallowed the dragon just as the timer went off

Dxmbeldoer was a bit relieved as he wasn't sure he wanted the students witnessing what they had planned next

"That was most enlightening" Dumbledore said "what 'are your thoughts on the more…questionable spells you used" he said lightly

"We are at war" Harry said, simply frowning slightly and looking all too much like his old friend Alastor.

Dumbledore stared at him for a moment. He still had many questions, but so far they seemed solid, if not a little unorthodox, but Dumbledore trusted his senses and his instinct.

"Students, may I please introduce Professors Harry and Daphne Bolden" Dumbledore said and noticed neither looked surprised, while the students cheered loudly, having just enjoy the duel