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Chapter Two: Pranks and Curiosities

The next morning the two professors made their way downstairs arguing about some runic configuration that had Dumbledore raise his eyebrows at. It was advanced to say the least. While Professor Sinistra wasn't currently at the table, he was sure she would be most interested.

Dumbledore's eyes flicked to the Marauders, who were trying to not look suspicious. Dumbledore knew their tradition. Each new professor was pranked on the first morning of Hogwarts' new year. They had done it to all the professors in their first year and Dumbledore had laughed at the gall of the two young boys.

He knew that besides their entertainment, it was their way of judging the professor. They had some questionable defense teachers one the year that the marauders had been less than impressed with.

He knew they respected the stern Transfiguration professor because he suspected they saw her throw her stern mask, while Filiu and himself didn't try to hide the amusement when they found themselves victims of a prank.

He was curious as to what ingenious thing they had come up with this time. He watched the two new arrivals subtly as they sat down.

They were still deep in discussion as their food appeared before them and Dumbledore suspected that the house elves were in on it as they had always had a soft spot for James.

Dumbledore watched as Harry reached out for his goblet and paused, before his eyes floated towards the group of four boys and he saluted him with his drink before gulping it down.

The marauders gaped at their new professor from across the hall and Dumbledore had to chuckle at their befuddled expression. He was impressed that the two professors had the power to feel the magic around them, much as he did

and they went along with the prank anyways..Dumbledore felt reassured he had made the right choice. He couldn't imagine Death Eaters going along with a prank headed by a Black and a Potter.

The two professors laughed at each other as their hair turned bright orange and they began mimicking two people who must've been friends of their while ago

They seemed not to notice until the end when they bowed to the captivated hall and the Marauders applauded loudly -Dumbeldore had a feeling those two might have just made their favorite professors.