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Chapter Six: Beginning of Change

It was Hogsmeade weekend and Dumbledore sighed going over the risks. He wanted the students to be able to live their carefree year, but it was the perfect opportunity for an attack.

Minerva, Filius and himself were heading down with the older students while Professor Sprout and Vector stayed to mind the younger students, Hagrid making sure the grounds were secure. Dumbledore had alerted the ministry to his suspicions, but didn't know how quickly they would get here. Dumbledore was pleased to see Harry and Daphne in Hogshead as well, but what surprised him was the armor they were wearing under their robes.

"You are wary of an attack as well" Dumbledore stated, more than questioned them as they paused in the street

"We are expecting it" Harry said, his eyes not leaving the streets "I have provided everyone with emergency portrays back to Hogwarts" he told the Headmaster, "but some wish to stay and fight"

"You have warned the students" Dumbledore said looking surprised "I am not even positive –

"– It will happen" Daphne interrupted and Harry nodded, his wand itching for the slaughter of a few Death Eaters

It was then that Dumbledore noticed the wards on the shops and raised his eyebrow as he was unable to identify a few of them

"Is that your work?" he asked nodding to the wards "yes…some extra security" Harry said shortly

"Ahh" Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling

Harry and Daphne moved before Dumbledore even spotted the first dementor

A large Storm Dragon materialized in thin air and Dumbledore's phoenix joined as his eyebrows shot up. It was rare to have a magical creature as a patronus - it signified great strength

Daphne seemed to be defending the people of Hogsmead, not paying the dementors any attention. Dumbledore was about to suggest she refocus her efforts when he gasped

There looked to be hundreds of demeanors, but Harry was slaughtering through them. Dumbledore watched as his patronus shot though the black shadows in the sky, ripping them into black specks of dust

He began to corral as many as he could towards Harry who didn't even look drained from the effort.

A collective POP indicated the arrival of large group of Death Eaters into Hogsmeade and Harry and Daphne began their dance of death

Dumbledore noticed that the shops seemed immune to even Fiendfyre and the students who had not portkeyed out were watching ,safe from behind the shield

Dumbledore stunned three Death Eaters as he glanced to see Harry and Daphne had taken down a hundred bodies. They didn't hesitate, creating a bloodbath Dumbledore didn't think he could stomach again

They were rather creative in their killings as they made a huge dent in Tom's forces, casting out of both wands at the same time, facing away from each other, protecting each other's blindspots

Dumbledore would have loved to watch, but continued taking his own captures as he sighed at the blood infront of him

"Who dares slay my death eaters" a cold voice chilled over the alley and several people screamed.

Dumbledore finished off the Death Eaters he was dueling and turned to face Tom, but Harry was already there.

He glanced across in the other direction where Daphne was still taking down his minions, even shielding Professor Flitwick from a nasty looking killing curse that almost got him

"Good evening Tom" Harry said cheerily, causing people to fall silent as the Dark Lord snarled, seemingly losing control for a moment

Dumbeldor paused. That wasn't a well known fact about the rising Dark Lord

"Do not speak that name" Voldemort snarled, eyeing the boy

"But it is your name, is it not?" Harry said "I mean honestly, Tom, how ridiculous is Voldemort - I mean 'flight from death' really?"

Dumbledore took this moment to observe the newcomer, pleased that they seemed firmly against the Death Eaters even if they were killing every one of them

"He's talking back to Voldemort" James hissed as Sirius and Lily and Remus huddled next to him, looking through the shield. They'd attempted to join the fight when it had begun, but they couldn't seem to get out of the wards, so had settled for a front row seat

"They took down over half of his death eaters and they're still going" he said as he watched Daphne silently assassinate the death eaters who were too busy watching their master as Harry kept Voldemort talking

"What about Tommy boy then" Harry said smirking, dodging a killing curse "Really Tommy Boy, is that the best that you got"

Voldemort screamed in fury as he hurtled, killing curses at Harry. Dumbledore was going to step in, but it seemed this defense teacher knew exactly what he was doing. He was toying with the dark lord. Dumbledore hadn't seen anyone who could hold even with Voldemort, nevermind be in complete control of the situation

They locked in a battle as Dumbledore sighed. He had several theories of how Tom planned to be "immortal" as he had boasted and supposed that he could only hope that Tom wouldn't gravely injure his defense teacher

His eyes widened as Harry's curse drew first blood and Tom snarked in rage, becoming irregular with his curses in his fury

Harry seemed to be expecting this and merely continued his little game

"You are not aiming to kill me" Voldemort said, seemingly surprised

"Of course not Tom" Harry smiled, throwing an organ dissolving curse "That would grant me no satisfaction; I intend to destroy every last bit of you" he said and nailed another curse as Tom was distracted in his shock and fury, letting out a roar

Dumbledore stared at Harry, trying to puzzle out what he meant. Every bit of him -that fit with his horcrux theory, but how on earth had the boy known that? Infact, he knew a lot of things he shouldn't Dumbledore thought as he watched the duel

He was surprised to see Daphne was nearly done with the entire crowd of Death Eaters, all of which were lying on the ground before her and Dumbledore realized what Harry was doing, he was simply distracting the Dark Lord

Dumbledore looked on as Tom conjured a giant snake, hissing at it, but nearly stumbled over when he heard a returning hiss as Harry said something in parseltongue

Tom seemed surprise and Dumbledore couldn't blame him, but it did allow Harry to land another blow

As Daphne finished with the last Death Eater she smiled and came back to stand near Harry

"Harry dear, I'm done now, you can let little Tommy boy go" she said and Voldemort looked around in shock as he saw his entire force had fallen, his eyes turned to slits as he disappeared

Dumbledore just looked around him. What on earth had happened

Remus, Sirius and James exchanged a look of shock at the slaughtered battlefield before them, as they felt the wards drop after sensing no danger, they hurried out to be greeted with the sight of their Professors talking with the minister of magic, who had arrived on scene with the head of the DMLE. In fact quite a few prominent members of society were here as the town lifted its lockdown -another thing that Dumbledore was confused with. Who had initiated the lockdown?

Minister Bagnold appeared with her Head of the DMLE Barty Crouch Senior and walked over to where their professors were standing

"Dumbledore" Barty said striding towards him, eyeing the death eaters on the ground "I do hope that

"Mr Crouch" Daphne said sweetly and James was suddenly reminded of his mother when she was angry "It seems you have finally turned up. Tell me, is it the duty of the DMLE to appear after the attacks have already been dealt with?" she asked

"Oh no dear" Harry joined in, his tone as cold as ice "perhaps he was just afraid of running into someone familiar" Harry said smiling at Crotch as he turned as white as a ghost

Dumbledore and Flitwick frowned, not sure what the defense professor and his wife were playing at

Several more people began appearing as the danger was over. Several prominent members -and parents of the scions at the schools- swept in

"James, Sirius, Remus" Charlues said, greeting his two sons and their friend with a hug and a handshake

"Lord Potter" Professor said, shaking his grandfather's hand "and Lady Potter too, how delightful" Harry said grinning at an unspeakable man a few feet away. He was very careful thought, only those he trusted were within hearing distance

But Dorea Potter nee Black wasn't a daughter of House Black for no reason. She didn't even move a muscle in recognition

James started in confusion as he saw his dad's wand slip into his hand, regarding the professor wearily and looked about, spotting who he assumed to be his mother in the signature hooded robes continuing about her business as Head of the Unspeakable Department

"Now Harry, must you go rampaging about with sensitive information" Daphne said smoothly as she glided up to him

"Who are you" Charles Potter asked, a bit annoyed and confused with how the family magic was reacting to this stranger

"Lord and Lady Boldon, it's our pleasure Lord and Lady Potter" Harry smiled and Daphne sighed in exasperation at her husband

James and Sirius watched in confusion as their normally jovial father was locked into a staring contest with their defense professor. James' father was a practiced politician and war veteran with fully fledged occlumency shields, but James and Sirius knew him well, well enough to tell that he was very curious and confused about something with their defense teacher

"Well, it's been fun, but we must pop off" and with that he had turned and left, Daphne walking beside him as they made their way back to the castle

"James, that's your new defense professor?" Charles asked sharply

"Yes dad" James said, knowing that tone was not to be joked with

Charlues looked behind him and James and Sirius knew he was exchanging something with his wife

"I'm glad you boys are okay. Are there any strange things about the new professors? How did Dumbledore find them" he asked them

"They just turned up on the first day of school, right in the middle of the feast" Sirius said looking after them

"Well…" James began, wondering how much information his father wanted. He exchanged a look with Remus

"His wife gave me a potion that allowed me to maintain my mind once a month" Remyus said shortly and Charles nodded.

"And do any of you have any feelings?" he asked, surveying them, noting that Lily and James were standing awfully close -he hid a smirk.

The children exchanged glances again.

"Well…I…I don't really know how to explain it," James said, looking uncertainly at his father as they were led into the restaurant and Lily's eyes widened as the unspeakable joined them, lowering their hood to be revealed as James' mother.

"I just get this weird feeling, like we're connected" James said slowly and Dorea's eyes narrowed when Lily and Sirius nodded along as well

"And you both can feel it as well" she said sharply and they both nodded

"And how about you Remus?" she asked

"Well no, I can't…but his smell….well it seems familiar but I can't place it" Remus sighed. It had been bothering him for months now.

Charlues frowned. If all the children could feel it, perhaps it had not been the family magic that he recognized, but he knew what it felt like

"Do you feel anything in your magic Jamie?" Dorea asked, stealing the question right from her husbands mouth

James looked startled, but contemplative "I…I'm not sure what it was…I'll focus next time we're together…did you?" he demanded looking at his parents while Sirius, Lily and Remus seemed curious as well

"We did" Dorea said as she stared out puzzling something "It was the family magic that recognized him" she said and Charles closed his eyes as his wife confirmed what he had already been thinking

"Family magic" said James and Sirius while Remus and Lily both looked a but lost

"Yes, it should be impossible, shouldn't it" Charles said