Chapter One:

Once upon a time, in the beautiful kingdom of Arendelle, a gorgeous young woman with light blonde hair and blue eyes, worked feversihly into a frenzy. Princess Elsa, soon to be Queen, prepared for her coronation to the throne of Arendelle. And as the moments ticked by, the tie ticked closer, Elsa could hardly breath due to the anxiety which overwhelmed her body.

She knew the day had been coming for quite some time. But, despite knowing the day was coming this did not temper Elsa's anxiety. For, a long time ago, in memories blocked from her mind, Elsa completely lost control. Lost it big time, and Elsa, biting down on her lip furiously, feared this moment would come.

No need for Elsa to lose control on such a big time. A small lock of hair came undone and Elsa brushed it in the back of her head.

Something shining and bright caught Elsa's eye, something missed in the extremely frantic preparations. Upon her bed, lied a small box. Elsa took three tentative steps towards the box and considered it.

Surely, if it was a danger to her or anyone in the kingdom, the guards would not have let it inside of Elsa's quarters? But yet, Elsa, despite feverishly racking for a memory, could not recall an instance where this mysterious box hard been brought in her room. Had Elsa just simply failed to notice in her frantic preparation for the big day?

Elsa took the box and unwrapped it, very carefully. Some kind of gift, from a secret admirer. Elsa frowned, and wondered who this could be from.

The box came undone, and a very pretty blue necklace came out. The pendant, shaped like a snowflake, glowed in Elsa's eyes. When pressing the pendant against her cheek, a solid blast of warmth spread over the sooner to be Queen.

Surely, Jewelry was meant to be worn? Especially Jewelry hand-crafted to such perfection as this. Elsa slipped the necklace on.

No sooner did the necklace come on, a swooping sensation overwhelmed Elsa. And then, Elsa vanished from her room.
Surprised and overwhelming shock gripped Elsa the moment soon to be Queen departed from her room. She ended up in a beautiful cave, made of ice and covered in bright crystals, as far as the eyes could see. The crystals enhanced the natural beauty of the ice cave and made Elsa, step forward, awe-struck.

A very finely crafted statue, made completely of crystal, came into Elsa's view. A woman, tall and beautiful, caught Elsa's attention. Dressed in the finest robes, with a symbol on her chest. Elsa walked forward to get a closer look, the woman captivating her. Almost blocking Elsa's thirst to find out the location.

"I fear, she's lost to me. But some day, I will find her again."

Elsa turned slowly, realization that she was not alone gripping her. Despite being thrown out of her comfort zone, Elsa had control over the abilities which the future Queen previously feared. How and why raised some interesting questions for Elsa.

"Who are you?" Elsa demanded.

"Someone who has been wanting to meet you for a long time, dear Elsa."

From the shadows, walked a strikingly handsome man, who caused Elsa's breath to be taken away. Green eyes, dark hair, chiseled features, tall, the ideal man, dressed in dark black armor with green flames adorning them. Boots which had been made for stomping the enemies. Elsa, upon her initial shock, knew precisely who this man was.

For, Elsa heard many stories, many tales, of the adventures of this particular gentlemen. Those who said them, told Elsa that this man had been a person to be feared. Dashing, and devious at the same time, the Dragon stood directly before Elsa.

"I know who you are!" Elsa grasped. "You're him...Lord Hadrian Peverell...the come from even further North."

The Dragon's smile stretched wide. Much like all legends, the Dragon had the most humble of beginnings, born Harry Potter, in a realm far away, in a lifetime which was a distant flicker in his eye. Something which Hadrian blocked out of his mind, from some time ago.

"For those who have great power, their legends only rise," Hadrian told Elsa. "People have branded me as a monster, since my earliest days….because they fear what they cannot control. And they fear which they fail to understand. And I've heard much about you, Queen Elsa."

Not technically a Queen yet, but Elsa could not help and smile at this statement.

"For you fear deep down, if people learned what you were capable of, you are a monster," Hadrian said. "But, your power, it's not a curse, it's a gift, a gift which you can harness. And until the moment which you can learn to control it, that necklace will help you do so, much like it helped another companion of mine harness similar powers."

Elsa realized, that Hadrian's hands now pressed against her shoulders. But, his presence, despite Elsa being told she should fear Hadrian, relaxed the soon to be Queen.

"You don't need to fear your powers, for they are special," Hadrian said. "And you will embrace them...embrace emotions that you were holding back."

Elsa swallowed suddenly. "But how...Lord Hadrian….am I supposed to do that."

"Call me, Harry," he said. "Those who I am friendly with, do. And I think, Queen Elsa, we are about to get very friendly."

Elsa wondered what was going to happen now. She got the answer, in the form of a passionate kiss on the lips. While some gazed at her from afar, few dared approach Elsa. And now, Elsa received one of the most spectacular kiss. She felt lighter than air, toes curling from what Hadrian, Harry, did with her.

Something spread inside of her body, warmth, tingling through her body. Elsa broke out into a cry and deepened the kiss. The man Elsa secretly pined for, showed up upon the day of her coronation, and made Elsa feel extremely happy, extremely special, and extremely loved.

Hadrian smiled through the kiss. His lips extremely a powerful aphrodisiac, which enhanced the attraction that a woman felt for him by several times. Naturally, basic math indicated that zero times anything still equalled zero, so the power did not work on a woman who had no attraction to him.

So far though, the power had a one hundred percent success rate.

Elsa and Harry broke free from the kiss. Harry's arms wrapped around Elsa.

"Hold on tight," Harry said. "We're going to go some place a bit warmer."

"The cold never really bothered me," Elsa murmured.

"I know, beloved."

Being called that, caused Elsa to feel giddy in anticipation. The man of her dreams, The Dark Prince, Hadrian Peverell, swept Elsa off her feet and into a very lavish bedroom.

Elsa caught sight of her reflection the mirror. Her hair came done, flowing in all of its beauty. Her clothes had been replaced by a shimmering blue night dress, sexy underwear, and stockings to boot. Elsa walked over towards the bed.

" Arendelle deserves a Queen who will rule with true strength," Hadrian told her.

"I want you," Elsa breathed out.

Hadrian, or Harry, as Elsa reminded herself, climbed onto the bed and gave her more kisses. Each kiss caused goosebumps to rise on Elsa's arms. Strange, given that they were not in the palace once again.

Pulling back, Harry smiled at Elsa. The beautiful woman's perfect lips opened in a gasping, pleased sound. Harry brushed a strand of hair away from Elsa's face.

"Maybe you should take that armor off?" Elsa suggested.

Elsa wondered, curiously, what the Dragon looked like underneath that armor.

"If you can take it off of me, then you may have your prize," Harry said.

Nervous, but at the same time empowered by curiosity, Elsa worked out how to best remove Harry's armor. The outer coating came off, but there were some underclothes. Thick and made of the finest material. Elsa stroked the clothes, and cooed in delight out how soft it felt underneath.

Pulling the clothes off, Elsa nearly lost her mind at the sight of Hadrian's body. Muscular, without a single ounce of fat to be found. Elsa rubbed down Hadrian's chest and abs, working through his leg muscles, and cooing in delight the further down she edged.

Elsa stopped and felt it, a large bulge in her hand.

Something flowed into Elsa. Knowledge of what to do, although Elsa wanted to explore things first hand. She pulled down the final piece of clothing, underwear, to reveal the monster currently housed within the Dragon's trousers. Extremely thick, extremely long, bulging, and making Elsa just gasp in surprise.

Elsa touched it, and it felt very nice in her hand.

"Go ahead, and give it a lick," Hadrian said.

The first few tentative licks caused Elsa's heartrate to speed up. Something about the scent of being up close to The Dragon's most private parts sent Elsa into a tizzy. With moistening lips, Elsa planted a very loving kiss on the edge of Hadrian's stiff prick before licking it like ice cream.

"It seems unfair that I'm naked, but you still have your clothes on," Hadrian told Elsa.

Elsa, flushed, nodded. Seemed unfair, it really did. Hadrian pulled Elsa up onto his lap and pulled down the straps of her night gown. A pair of supple, round breasts popped out for Hadrian's consumption. No one touched Elsa so intimately, everyone feared getting so close to her, and Elsa isolated herself to prevent anything to happen.

Now, Harry worshipped Elsa's breasts and made the Queen writhe back and forth on his lap. The panties, just barely covering her pussy, prevented Hadrian from getting inside. Even though, that engorged monster rolled upon Elsa's thighs and her body.

"I'm making you wet," Hadrian said. "You are going to become a woman tonight. A queen which people would appreciate, a very fine and sexy woman.

Elsa flushed at Hadrian's terms of endearment. Her panties came off. Hadrian made Elsa almost pass out in pleasure from what he was doing. His fingers, dipping back up Elsa's legs, worked magic.

"This will hurt," Hadrian warned her. "Only for a few seconds, but it will be intense. But, it's all part of the process of becoming a true Queen."

The monster invaded Elsa's inner most chambers. Smashing through Queen Elsa's barrier, Hadrian buried as deep into the woman as possible. Balls slapping up against Elsa hard and fast, when rocking inside of her body. Elsa cried out in pleasure, wrapping her arms around Hadrian's neck when riding him.

Having popped Elsa's cherry, Hadrian achieved a burst of power, and was one step closer. Sliding deep into the horny, and soon to be Queen, Hadrian's fingers traveled through her body. He moved deeper inside of Elsa.

"Still with me, beloved?"

Again, Elsa squeezed down onto Hadrian a bit tighter. His hands, being everywhere, threatened to overwhelm Elsa's mind with pleasure. Stroking, feeling, just pleasing Elsa all over. Elsa bounced up and down, rocking herself deeper onto Hadrian.

"I feel good," Elsa said. "I feel like a woman."

Hadrian tightened his hands around Elsa's hips, squeezing her and causing the juices to just ooze out like an overripe orange.

"You're more than just a woman," Hadrian said. "You're a're my queen!"

The two kissed each other on the lips through their breathless encounter. Elsa yanked back, tilting her head back to let her passions fire back unrestrained.

"And you are my king," Elsa breathed.

"And by the power vested in me, by myself, I pronounce us King and Queen of Arendelle," Hadrian said. "And now, I may continue fucking the pride."

"I will...allow it!"

A warm band appeared between Elsa and Hadrian, signifying their bonding together. Hadrian pushed Elsa forward towards her first real orgasm.

"Let it go, Elsa. Let it go."

Elsa never ever touched herself, not even out of curiosity, and out of fear of what it might do. But, now, Hadrian removed the barriers and made Elsa strong and increased her self-confidence. Elsa let it all go, and tightened her womanhood around the throbbing organ of the man of her dreams.

Hadrian rocked back up into Elsa. With each thrust, the Snow Queen tightened around the Dragon. Hadrian held Elsa close to really appreciate the moment. Giving Elsa a real orgasm, one which rocked Elsa's mind completely. Introduced the young woman to emotions which she never thought was possible.

Elsa did not stop bouncing at the slightest, even when the warm feeling of release overwhelmed the woman. She could not, and would not hold back anymore. Elsa's confidence exploded, alongside with the pleasure inside of the Queen's body. Oh, Elsa could feel it, feel it just building up inside.

Time after time, Hadrian worked into Elsa. The weight of his balls filled up completely. Hadrian knew the end would be here sooner rather than later. Elsa crying passionately in his ear only sped Hadrian along.

"I believe it's time for you to let it go as well," Elsa encouraged Hadrian.

"One more time," Hadrian said.

Elsa's insides opened up, preparing for Hadrian to fill her inside. Pleasure surrounded Hadrian's loin from Elsa's eager milking. The tight, velvety walls of the sexy Queen wrapped around Hadrian and released the young man. The nails raked on Hadrian's back and shoulder from each steady motion.

Hadrian closed his eyes and prepared to fill Elsa's womb with a gift which would tighten the bindings together for all eternity. Being the Master of Death, Hadrian also had the ability to halt the creation of new life. So, despite Hadrian filling Elsa to the brim with his thick seed, the chance of Elsa being impregnated was completely eliminated.

Of course, some day Hadrian intended to create some new beautiful daughters with this Queen, his Queen. But not when Hadrian had been on a quest. Elsa tightened and released, spilling every single last drop of seed from Hadrian's balls and into her body. Hadrian grunted at the sweet pleasure of release.

Elsa basked in the moment. Never having feel so alive, Elsa had been filled up. The heavenly glow which basked inside of Elsa, made her feel so alive.

"Thank you, my King."

Elsa rested on top of Harry's body and rained down multiple kisses, all at the same time. Slowly, Harry pressed a hand down Elsa's neck and rubbed down her body, hitting all of the spots.

"Are you ready again?" Elsa asked.

A smile crossed the Dragon's face. "Of course. It is our wedding night after all."

Giggling, Elsa mounted Hadrian and rode him like a stallion, their bodies being rocked by countless ways of pleasure over and over again throughout the night. Orgasms rocking their bodies constantly until they reached a state of rest.
The Shameless Smut Continues In the Next Chapter.