Chapter Two:

Dawn broke over the land, with Elsa and Harry waking up in each other's arms. Cradling Harry's face lovingly, Elsa planted a few kisses against the man's neck and face.

Last night, had not been a very pleasant dream. Reality dawned upon Elsa, and her king, was real, and not just a figment of stress. The only thing Elsa wore upon waking up was the necklace. It shimmered against Elsa's cleavage. Almost overnight, Elsa appeared to have blossomed from a girl, to a woman, but still as beautiful as ever.

"Hello, beloved," Harry said.

The two shared an early morning kiss, or likely closer to afternoon at this point. Being in a time dilation field, Harry long since lost track of these things.

"How are you, my King?" Elsa breathed.

Elsa climbed on top of Hadrian and he lingered, but an inch away from Elsa's body. And her breasts, dangling in Hadrian's face, led to a very amazing and very sexy view of what was to come.

"And you are well," Hadrian said. "Of course you are...because I helped open the door for your full potentialā€¦.and showed that what you not to be feared."

Hadrian sat up and squeezed Elsa's ass which caused the Snow Queen to let out an exclamation of pleasure. Green eyes locked onto blue as the two moved closer to each other.

"I just needed encouragement," Elsa said. "We should return soon to tell Arendelle that they have a new King alongside of their Queen. Boy, will they be surprised."

"Whatever you desire," Hadrian said.

Elsa mounted Hadrian even more. The pleasure just danced between the two of them. Hadrian came this close to sliding deep into Elsa and penetrating her tight body. Rocking back and forth, Elsa knew what she wanted.

"But, first...before we return homeā€¦."

No more words were needed, at least at the moment. Elsa's tight box snugly fit around Hadrian's cock which stretched up to the sky. The two met and this encounter, it had been just as electric as the first encounter. Hadrian sat up to join his new wife, working back and forth against Elsa.

The two of them started to make out like horny teenagers out on a date. Surprising, considering one of the parties was centuries old. Although, stopped aging the moment he turned twenty-one.

The younger woman worked up and down onto Hadrian, taking him inside of her body. Elsa clamped down tight and let everything just flow, freely. Her entire body rocked back and forth several times.

Elsa riding Hadrian onto the bed looked amazing. Her breasts, larger after the bonding with Hadrian, swayed up and down. Her hips widened, although it did not detract from the natural beauty. Hadrian, had been all over Elsa's body and squeezing down onto her.

"Time for you to cum for your King," Hadrian breathed.

Elsa closed down and accepted Hadrian's word as law. She tightened around him.

"That feels good, there's nothing better," Hadrian said. "And there's no one who can make you feel like that, is there?"

Elsa shook her head, knowing his words to be true. One might think that the Dragon had been playing upon Elsa's emotions and twisting her to being his obedient sex pet. But, Elsa shoved the notion aside, not wanting to question something which felt so good. Hadrian grabbed Elsa's breasts and tightened the grip around them.

"I bet the backside is just as good as the front side."

A wet, and hot sound followed from Elsa pulling away from Hadrian. The gorgeous Queen got on her hands and knees, showing Hadrian a nice view of her spectacular ass.

"Seeing is believing," Elsa cooed.

Hadrian smiled and climbed behind Elsa. The gorgeous woman's body shined brightly, the necklace the only part of Elsa which was not bare flesh. Hadrian pushed behind Elsa. Each feel of the Snow Queen's body most certainly send an explosion of pleasure, just dancing through Elsa. The thickening, hard piece of manhood, hanging between Hadrian's legs threatened to submerge deep into Elsa and rock her body.

The crystal walls reflected Elsa's mouth, hung open in an "O" shape. Right before Hadrian pushed deep inside of Elsa, spearing her body one more time. With each thrust, Hadrian watched, greedily, as Elsa's ass bounced. The Dragon and the Snow Queen indulged each other in love.

"OOOOH HARRY!" Elsa cried out.

Elsa thought her first orgasm with Hadrian inside blew her mind. However, only just a taster for the main course, namely this very impressive orgasm. Elsa, digging her nails into the bed, broke out in constant breaths. Hadrian sent tremors coursing down Elsa's body.

Any sense of dignity and poise had been lost. Hadrian, smirked, at Elsa being reduced to little more than moaning like a porn star underneath Hadrian said. For, if those who looked up to Elsa saw her now, their childhood innocence would be shattered.

To be honest, Hadrian found childhood innocence to be quite overrrated. But, considering that Hadrian never once held such a concept, perhaps one could excuse Hadrian for being a bit obvious.

"And now, the insides of your body are like fire, despite you having the power of ice," Hadrian said. "The only thing that can cool your fire is me thrusting inside of can feel your body heating up, rising with pleasure. It's like a band inside of you...about ready to burst."

Hadrian focused on what he was doing. Squeezing Elsa's ass, milking the woman's swinging breasts, which filled Hadrian's large hands. The Dragon's palms squeeze around Elsa so hard that he could extract milk from her tits. And with Hadrian, being such a powerful sorcerer that he would have such a vast array of spells and charms at his disposal, it would be well within his powers to charm Elsa to lacate.

Elsa dug onto the bed, letting out constant cries the faster Hadrian sent himself deep inside of her. On the bed, Elsa cried out even more, until she finally came.

The minute Hadrian pulled out, the void inside Elsa caused her to almost go mad. She turned around and pounced on top of Hadrian. Needy, practically begging, practically whining at the lack of Harry burying himself inside of her.

"I want you," Elsa breathed. "Please."

Harry had a weakness for a woman in need and Elsa needed him so badly. The two met again, with the next intrusion being so much more powerful than the first one. Elsa grabbed onto Harry, almost fearful that he would pull out this time.

"Just making you appreciate what you have," Hadrian told her.

Elsa answered with a nod. Oh, she appreciated it. Appreciated the number of touches which Hadrian leveled upon her horny body. Elsa, letting out constant cries of pleasure, rose up and dropped down constantly on the man underneath her. Hadrian pressed Elsa closer to him and Elsa's wet groin, clamping down tightly, released Hadrian several times over.

"I do."

"Do you?"


Hadrian flipped a switch and increased Elsa's sensitivity with a well-placed charm. It would be a matter of just digging into her mind and knowing what Elsa wanted moments before her conscious mind processed it. But, that was not what Hadrian went in behind.

"So, beloved, are you still with me?" Hadrian asked.

"A-always," Elsa breathed.

When fire and ice combined, steam could be created. Their auras steamed up the room even harder. Harry rocked further into Elsa and Elsa bounced back onto her. Elsa pushed back and allowed Harry to suck on her breasts. Oh, her king, Elsa loved her king, loved how the Dragon touched all of Elsa's body and made her just melt underneath several aggressive and passionate touches.

"Come with me," Harry sang.

Elsa did in fact do as Harry said. Tightening around Harry, and allowing him to fill her up completely. Elsa's stomach bulged as Harry brushed up against her womb. Elsa wanted to take so much of Harry's essence inside of her.

Hadrian, in the meantime, sent several thrusts deep inside of Elsa. The Dragon King and the Ice Queen became one with each other. Harry cupped Elsa's bouncing tits and squeezed them. Icicles hung from her nipples, which looked completely erotic. The necklace was not completely foolproof although it did prevent Elsa from burying them under three feet of snow every time she came.

And Hadrian intended to make Elsa cum multiple times.

"I can't...this is more than I ever dreamed of," Elsa breathlessly said.

Elsa wanted to make her Harry, her King, feel really good as well. A man of his stature deserved as many beautiful women, worshipping him as possible. And Elsa had problems with sharing, as long as the Queen of Arendelle got her fair share of time. Maybe, Harry could do the same thing for other women, as he did for Elsa.

Perhaps, starting with her younger sister, Anna.

Hadrian peaked into Elsa's mind, and smiled, glad that their goals aligned with each other. While Hadrian could have just as easily put those thoughts in Elsa's mind, he had been pleased that there was no need to do so. Pushing forward, Hadrian looked to make Elsa's dreams all come true.

But, for now, Elsa would just be coming, extremely hard and extremely fast.

"Let it go again, beloved."

Elsa clamped down onto Hadrian, her inner walls squeezing him with a vice grip. Hadrian got very close, as Elsa's body practically vibrated, in constant stimulation and endless arousal.

Hadrian held Elsa in close to him, knowing precisely how to make this moment magical, drawing out every last moment. Elsa closed ranks onto Hadrian.

After three successive climaxes, Hadrian finally released inside of Elsa. His hands, pressing up against Elsa's sexy body, fired rockets of cum deep inside of the woman's body.

Hadrian finished inside of Elsa with steam obscuring their bodies from afar. Yet, they came close into each other, indulging in each other through the end.

In the afterglow, Elsa wrapped her arms around Harry. Pressing against the man's strong body, feeling the hands which could touch her in so many places relaxed around him. Without any hesitation, Elsa kissed Harry on the lips, showing a great deal of bravado for him.

Hadrian smiled and pulled away from Elsa.

"I love you."

Three words, more powerful than any enchanted, any spell, any curse, and yet something which could bewitch any woman. Elsa's fond smile moved in and she kissed Hadrian one more time.

"I love you."

Life took people down some strange paths and the sorcerer known as Hadrian Peverell, the Dragon, took his first steps towards the quest which was to come.

For, the first beacon had been found and bonded with Hadrian. But, truly, today had only been the beginning.

"Okay, now's not a time to panic! Did you check the cellar? How about the courtyard? How about...that tree we used to play near when we were children?"

Princess Anna freaked out, upon the sudden disappearance of her older sister, the soon to be Queen Elsa. When Elsa did not come down, people got concerned. Anna tried not to lose it.

But, if Elsa did not return by the next sunrise, then Anna would have to be sworn in as Queen. And that was not something that Anna was ready to do. Oh, Elsa, should return, she should return.

A flash of light outside of the windows caught Anna's eyes. Anna scrambled down the steps where several royal guards moved.

"Let me through!" Anna shouted at them.

Screw politeness and the poise of being a princess, her sister was missing. Anna deserved the right to freak out. What the guards stared at caught Anna's mind as well. Anna's mouth hung open.

Her sister returned, Elsa, no mistake about it, even though something about Elsa seemed rather different. She dressed in the most lavish blue gown which did little to hide a more buxom figure that Anna did not recall Elsa having. Anna swore that she was not checking out Elsa's new form, but rather, focusing on the necklace which Elsa wore.

So pretty, so captivating, and was just so nice. But, in Anna's preoccupation with the Elsa, she noticed the handsome and dashing man on Elsa's arm. Anna's knees grew weak and butterflies flapped loudly.

"Queen Elsa, what have you done?"

"What do you think I've done?" Elsa asked.

"That's the are in terrible danger," one of the guards said trembling.

Dragon, and here Anna jumped back a step back. Oh, Anna heard the stories, whispers of what happened to women who strayed too far away from the kingdom. They had been swept up and taken in the night by the Dragon. Things were done with them, which were not fit for a Princess's ears to hear.

"Yes, I am in danger of being annoyed if you don't let us pass," Elsa said. "And you should show respect for your new King and bow before him."

Anna yelped and trembled. "New King?"

The Dragon flashed Anna a smile which created a very pleasant warmth between her legs. "Yes, new King. And a pleasure to meet you as well, Princess Anna."

The King, Anna's brother-in-law now if they had married in the eighteen hours Elsa was gone, looked over the Princess like a piece of candy he wanted to devour. And Anna did not mind, but she felt out of her League dealing with this powerful man. Rumors is he was really a dragon, wearing human flesh to take his enemy's into a false sense of security.

"He's the D-dragon," the guard said.

"Queen Elsa has been brainwashed by him," one of the guards said.

Hadrian chuckled. "Well, you got me there. I would say that I did wash your brain, didn't I, beloved?"

"Yes," Elsa said. "He washed my brain completely clean of all of the doubts, all of the insecurities, and all of the hang ups I have, that would prevent me from properly being your Queen."

This statement caused mutterings to go through. Elsa and Hadrian kissed each other before the eyes of everyone watching, which included Elsa's sister.

"Regardless of what you say, Hadrian is my...your King!" Elsa said. "And you do not dare disappoint your Queen by failing to show him the same respect you would show me or Anna now that he's a member of Arendelle's royal family."

The guards all bowed, although many of them thought this was a bad idea.

"How did this happen?" Anna asked Elsa.

"It's good to see you too, Anna," Elsa said. "That's a lovely dress."

"Thanks," Anna said. "I was...meaning to wear it for the coronation...but that didn't happen."

"Oh, it will," Elsa said. "Only now, you will get a King and a it's more special."

Anna just nodded. Hadrian walked over towards her and smiled at Anna once again.

"And maybe, I'll show you exactly how I made Elsa my wife," Hadrian said. "If you're lucky enough."

The expression on Anna's face increased in surprise. Hadrian just smiled. Innocent, almost a shame when Hadrian would deflower Anna and claim her virginity. But, the most innocent of all of the women turned out to be the biggest freaks in the bedroom.

Now that Hadrian would name any names, right, M'gann?

"For now, we have a Kingdom to rule," Elsa said. "So, shall we, my King?"

"Yes, my Queen."

Anna had been left in the hallway, watching Elsa and her new husband leave. Things would get interesting.
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