Chapter Forty-Seven:

Alice kept grinding her dripping wet hole against Hadrian's big cock, never getting enough of it. Despite the fact both of her holes were dripping wet and there were bruises all over her body. The joy, the excitement, and the high of having sex just spurred Alice on and encouraged her to keep taking Hadrian inside of her from so many different angles. Alice sucked on her lips, very greedily when leaning forward.

"We have guests," Hadrian said.

Jasmine and Merida appeared. Already, they stripped naked to join him. Jasmine stepped closer and grabbed Hadrian kissing him aggressively. Alice decided to give Hadrian a break and turn her attention to Merida, kissing her. After all, Merida was part of the party.

Hadrian shifted their activities to a bedroom, with a nice bed, to give them more room to maneuver.

"No Aqua," Hadrian whispered.

"She'll...she regrets being unable to join us...but she has to make sure we know everything we're going up against," Jasmine said. "She'll...hopefully be here soon enough...although she told us to get this you can load case you have to go full dragon."

Jasmine mounted Hadrian's erect manhood, and slid it deep inside of her tight pussy. The dark breasts of the former princess just pushed into Hadrian's face. The situation had been very serious, given how it had been rare that Hadrian had to go full Dragon. And thus he needed a lot of tantric energy to achieve that.

"Mmm, you're very tasty," Alice said as she dug her fingers deep into Merida.

Merida closed her eyes, her hips rocking back and forth from Alice stimulating every inch of her warm pussy. Oh, the heat just spreading through her body almost overwhelmed the fiery redhead. And Alice knew precisely every movement to stir up Merida's emotions and make her drip, pretty much in more ways than one. Merida's hot, tightening walls squeezed and released Alice's fingers.

Alice turned around and sat on Merida's face. Merida inhaled the familiar scent of Hadrian, all buried in her pussy. She dove in between Alice's legs and munched on the woman's delicious cunt for several minutes, tasting the juices just going out of her.

Jasmine closed her eyes and her pussy around Hadrian. He buried inside of her, touching all of the right spots, and most impressively, without a magic wish. The pleasure Hadrian delivered on her insides, were nothing compared to what he did to the outside of Jasmine. Touching and palming her ass, rocking her body countless times over and making Jasmine just squirm repeatedly on his lap.

"Are you going to cum?"


Electricity fired through Jasmine's loins as she clamped down and released her way through Hadrian.

Jasmine pushed back and Alice crawled over. She gave Jasmine several kisses, while leaving a panting Merida lying on the bed.

Hadrian decided to tend to Merida, spreading her warm pussy lips, and shoving his big cock inside of her welcoming and tight hole. Merida's eyes snapped up, and she moaned, hips moving back and forth from the depths of which Hadrian thrusted inside of her body.

"Oooh, yes," Merida moaned the faster Hadrian rocked inside of her.

"Mmm," Alice moaned when diving into a new pussy.

Her new partnership with the Dragon would be mutually beneficial if Alice got a chance to taste all of these flavors. Namely Jasmine's sweet and exotic flavor which Alice could drink from, all day and every day until Jasmine's pussy spilled all into her mouth.

Jasmine loved the mouth of the Queen of Wonderland as it bobbed back and forth deep into her pussy. Alice had the perfect mouth for eating pussy. The perfect mouth for sucking every single last drop of juice down into her body, and making her spasm all over the bed.

Hadrian picked up Merida's legs and drove down deep into her body. The loud sounds of smacking flesh echoed throughout the room the deeper Hadrian drove his way deep into Merida's clutching pussy. The two of them rocked back and forth with Merida grabbing Hadrian around the neck and staring straight into his eyes, as if encouraging him to continue his debauched efforts.

It looked as sexy as hell and naturally, Hadrian needed to push forward, burying as much of himself deep within Merida. Merida, closing her walls around Hadrian, milked his thick, throbbing tool. The hot and horny breathing of the woman continued to escalate, with Merida digging her nails against Hadrian's arm and the encouragement only moved.

"Now, a break."

Alice experienced the familiar prick of Hadrian's large cock just driving into her snug hole. Tight, despite all of the ways which he pounded her. And much to Alice's pleasure, Hadrian's hands dove down to drive her into her ass. She squealed in Jasmine's pussy.

"Oooh, she's a keeper," Jasmine moaned.

"As are you."

Hadrian shifted from Alice to Jasmine's mouth and Jasmine tasted just how horny the Queen of Wonderland was, slurping on Hadrian's long, stiff pole. Jasmine closed her eyes and hungrily worked his cock, with all of the pleasure the Dragon King expected from one of his pets. She maneuvered her tongue around, sucking extremely hard on the Dragon King, when he pushed a bit further into the back of her throat. The loud slurps of Jasmine's throat, enclosing down on Hadrian, enchoed throughout the room.

"Yes," Hadrian grunted. "Oh, yes."

He rocked Jasmine's tight throat, pushing a bit deeper inside of her mouth, and then her throat. Hadrian, picking up the pace, sent Jasmine into a thrillride which only increased the faster Hadrian rode his pet's mouth. She slurped him, making a loud sound around the length of his cock. Each movement brought new thrills, better, more exciting and more delicious than the last.

Hadrian left Merida unintended too much, and he pushed back inside of her. Merida's insides greeted Hadrian's large, stiff pole, as if she had been hugging an old friend, tightly.

"I missed this!" Merida yelled.

She could be ridden for days by the Dragon and never once get tired. Hadrian's bouncing balls struck Merida in all of the points and took her for a very long ride. She reached around and dug her nails against Hadrian's back, scratching and clawing and just moaning. She wanted this, all night long and could not resist all of the ways which Hadrian touched and tormented her body.

"I missed you as well, my love," Hadrian said.

Jasmine and Alice slipped into a rhythm of munching each other's pussies. In between Merida's orgasms, Hadrian teleported over, pushed deep inside of their body and fingered the hell out of them. He pulled out and returned to Merida, who took him about as aggressively as ever before.

Merida's warm lips found Hadrian's, kissing him, and tightening up around him, to allow Hadrian to ride her. Nice, deep, tight thrusts rocked Merida all over and sent her into a pleasure ride. She breathed in heavily, and happily, moaning as her nails dug deep into Hadrian's shoulder, clawing the utter hell out of him. Merida's mouth, closing and opening, erupted into constant waves of pleasure.

Alice laid back on the bed and Jasmine lavished her pussy. The Queen of Wonderland appraisingly looked at Jasmine's form, while Jasmine descended down, tongue lavishing Alice and hitting all of the right buttons. She licked, repeatedly and endlessly until Alice entered a very nice orgasm.

Open for Hadrian as Jasmine pulled out, and Hadrian flashed in, slamming into Alice. Folding her up to thrust deeply inside of her. All while grabbing ahold of Alice's tight ass, already reddened the faster Hadrian drove into her. Alice's eyes locked onto Hadrian and encouraged him to go deeper and deeper.

Jasmine and Merida joined each other, scissoring their pussies together and fondling each other's breasts. There were no words needed. Merida's mouth opened.

"You horny little slut," Hadrian growled when pushing into Alice.

"Yes, you say that as if that's a bad thing," Alice panted. "But for you...and your nice big's a very good will slay that big bad sorcerer...and you will come back for more victory sex….and you will smash me until I'm nothing but a puddle of juices."

"Oh, you fucking minx," Hadrian said.

Alice closed her eyes, with Dragon milking her breasts very aggressively while she milked his cock with her pussy in turn. Alice's mouth, opening and closing several times over, let out the loudest screams.

Hadrian pulled out of Alice, yanked Merida and Jasmine apart, and then slid deep into Jasmine from behind for a round of pounding. He pulled out and drove into Merida, while also exploring and kissing down on Jasmine's body.

The blur of the Dragon, switching from pussy to pussy as he pleased, sent electricity through the room. The moment Hadrian buried himself deep into both Merida and Jasmine from behind, Alice crawled into position and captured Hadrian's balls in her mouth, all four of them.

A man with four balls, four testicles swollen with cum, perfectly acceptable in a place like Wonderland. And it was a neat magic trick, as Alice did her part to make sure Merida and Jasmine both got their fill, before she drained them.

"Jasmine, I wish Merida and Alice were more sensitive and came harder every time I thrust inside of them," Hadrian said.

"Done!" Jasmine moaned.

Merida screamed out on the bed, upturning the bedsheets. She rocked back and forth, feeling Hadrian bury himself as deep into her as possible. His hips moved like a blur, sticking her repeatedly into the bed. Oh, she felt this, felt each and every thrust just rocking her all.

Alice anticipated the next movement. And she found it, with Hadrian sliding both of his cocks deep into her pussy and her ass. Magic, a wonderful thing, especially given how it stretched the bounds of what closed-minded people thought possible. Alice closed her eyes and a burst of pleasure just fired through her body. The second she took everything, Alice realized her body was not her own and more importantly, her holes, every of them, belonged to Hadrian. Hadrian, rocking her extremely hard, blasted Alice's insides with pleasure.

"Good, again!" Alice yelled.

The tentacles rising and smashing into both Jasmine and Merida at the end of the bed caused Alice's eyes to widen with glee. Oh, things had gotten just that much better, the deeper Hadrian rocked inside of her body. His big bloated balls, slapping against her thighs, made Alice just long.

Merida felt like her pussy was on fire, all of the ways which Hadrian stuffed inside of her. Hadrian rode back and forth, sliding his cocks into Alice from to other end. And if Merida concentrated hard enough, she could experience everything Alice did.

Jasmine duplicated the amount of tentacles sliding into her, greedily smiling. One in her pussy, one in her ass, one squeezing between her breasts, one buried deep into her mouth, and two more in her hands for Jasmine to aggressively pump. All of those tentacles, Hadrian's cock duplicated at the end, ensured Jasmine would be showered in her master's cum.

Greed fired out of the horny woman.

"Oooh, I wish I could switch places with Jasmine!" Alice cooed.

Alice got her wish, being bombarded with the tentacles and enjoying the gang bang. Meanwhile, Hadrian double stuffed Jasmine while fondling her breasts which began to leak milk again. Something Hadrian leaned in to suck down and leave a loud sound to go through the room.

All three parties edged closer to an orgasm and Hadrian, at his point at the edge of the room continued.

"This will be more sufficient," Hadrian said.

"Seal it with an orgasm, Master," Jasmine begged.

A chain reaction off all of the tentacles going off began. Merida's pussy flooded with cum. The tentacles next happpily drowned Alice in so much seed, it was almost obscene. She pumped the two in her hand, draining them on her face as she exploded.

Jasmine rocked her master to an orgasm. The warmth inside of her body spread until she tightened around him and released with a hell of an orgasm.

Hadrian grunted and exploded, directly spilling his seed into Jasmine's holes. Her well fucked body spasmed to a stop on the bed, draining Hadrian's balls until Jasmine's holes overflowed.

The next movement brought Hadrian out of them. Jasmine and Merida crawled over to the bed, to clean up Alice just a bit. She went overboard on milking the tentacles. Still happily sucking down Hadrian's seed mere moments, later a look of endless pleasure just overwhelming her.

Hadrian smiled, and got a message from Aqua. Who would be upset she missed the festivities, but Hadrian intended to make it up for her at a later date.
There's actually plot in the next chapter and no smut. I know, I'm surprised as you are.

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