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This chapter came to me by two pictures I saw on Pinterest. Jason and Tim both beaten up, but Jason still trying to protect him, and Jason holding an unconscious beaten Damian, obviously pissed off. This chapter also still happens after the last one, it is about a month or two after.

It also has cussing, not a lot. Just like a word or two but still. Will also hint at the torture of Jason from when he was Robin. Wanted to give y'all a heads up.

Jason curses, forcing himself to his feet. Scorching blue eyes pin on the Joker and his five goons, shifting to keep Red Robin and Damian behind him - feeling the blood slipping down his face. The Joker steps closer, swinging a familiar crowbar at his side. Searing green eyes dance over a sickening wide smile. When one of the goons steps too close, Red Hood throws one of his last batarangs, slicing into the man's neck. The goon falls back with a yell, hands pressed on his neck to stem the bleeding.

"Hood," Robin calls. His voice cracking slightly, seeping with fatigue. "Red won't wake up."

"Fuck!" Hood's eyes glare harder into Joker, cursing Batman in his head - who goes off Earth without a quick way back for emergencies! "Oracle, where's our back up?"

"Too far," her voice cracks across their coms. "Fifteen minutes out."

"Don't want to stay and play?" Joker laughs, flinging a second crowbar at the three bats. Jason crossing his arms to take the hit, he falls to one knee - ribs protesting. Joker walks closer, eyes dancing. "Let's play like we did before!"

Jason growls, trying to force himself up as Joker swings down at his head. The crowbar flies out of his hand, clanking as it lands on the grown. They both turn to see a young woman standing to the side swinging a yo-yo, electric blue eyes popping out from behind a red domino mask, dark . A dark crimson crop-top with long sleeves, tapering into her wrist, covered with black polka dots. Black cargo pants that tuck into black combat boots, both with the same dark crimson piping around pockets and seams.

"Who are you?"

"Ladybird." She flicks her wrist, the yo-yo flinging out and wrapping around the five goons - their heads knocking into each other's, knocking them all out. With another flick of her wrist, the yo-yo releases their bodies before flying back to her. She places it at her hip before jumping at Joker, who has pulled out a hidden gun. Joker lifts his hand, a laugh falling from his lips as he pulls the trigger.

"NO!" Jason yells trying to twist around, the bullet heading straight for Robin and Red Robin. A bright green light flashes behind him, slightly blinding him as a strange word echoes. Blinking he sees a green dome surrounding him and his brothers. Jason's body falls more to the ground, his eyes going back to the fight.

Ladybird twisting and flipping, her yo-yo flying around as she seems to play with Joker. Who in fact seems to be getting more furious as all his swings and shots miss her. Finally, Ladybird is able to get in close - with a twist, her upper body falling forward as her leg comes up and slams into Joker's lower jaw. The Joker's head snaps back with a crack before collapsing like a marionette doll.

Rushing over the woman taps the shell like dome and it shatters into green light as she falls down to her knees next to Jason. Soft hands covered in fingerless black gloves feel around his head. Sighing softly she nods before standing up and rushing to his brother's sides. Jason forces his body to move, blue eyes following her as she carefully pulls the bloody form of Red Robin into her lap. Ladybird offers a gentle smile to Robin who is still grasping onto Red's hand, his own face covered with bruises and blood.

"Hold on, just let me heal him and then I should be able to help you." Ladybird states, her voice like a fresh breeze. Jason pulls his body over to slump next to Robin, his right arm wrapping around the young man's shoulder. A pink light seeps from Ladybird's hands into Red's head, his whole body seeming to slump further into her hold. They both watch as the cuts and bruises start to close up and age - almost as if they are being fast forward. Ladybird leans back, brushing Red's hair from his face before gently laying him onto Jason's lap. Climbing over Red Robin's body she settles next to Robin. "This won't take as long, both of you aren't hurt too bad. But Robin, your broken ribs worry me." Holding her hand out, waiting for the young man to place his own in it. Green eyes twitch over to Hood, searching for something - Jason nods at him, squeezing his shoulders. Slowly he places his gloved hand onto her palm, green eyes now watching her. The same pink light leaves her hands, now cupping his one, and sinks into his body. After a moment Robin sits up straighter, his eyes wide behind his black mask.

Ladybird pulls her hand back, blue eyes falling to Jason. He just shakes his head at her. "Just tired, nothing that could kill me."

"Where is Nightwing or Batman?"

"Nightwing is in his own city and B is off Earth." Her face pinches, before she closes her eyes and breathes deeply. "Oracle said our back up is ten minutes away now."

"Batman needs to get his act together." Ladybird states, slowly standing up. "Do you need help getting Red Robin somewhere?"

"No we will be fine." Jason states, groaning as he stands up - trying to lift his younger brother up with Robin's help.

"Jason so help me!" Ladybird sighs with a shaking head. Stepping up she easily lifts Red's body into her arms, his body looking large against her body. "Just tell me where to take him."


"Not having this conversation right now. Are you actually wanting to wait around for the cops or do you want to leave?"

Robin tilts his head, eyes narrowing slightly. Turning back to Jason, he jerks his head slightly. Sighing he nods before jerking his thumb over his shoulder, then turning around he quickly leads them away as the sound of sirens gets louder. Twenty minutes later they are standing inside the batcave, Alfred and Barbara staring at Ladybird as she walks in still carrying the sleeping Red Robin.

"Hello, I'm Ladybird." She says, smiling at them before placing the young man on a table pointed out to her. Stepping back she lets Robin and Alfred rush to him, Alfred checking over any injuries and Robin checking his vitals.

Jason walks up and stands next to her, ignoring Barbara's look. Ladybird smirks up at him, eyes sparkling. "Why do you know who I am?"

"I told you already Jason, Bruce isn't as slick as he thought." A giggle escaped her as his whole face slackens in shock. "Guess you aren't the only heros around hmm?"

Popping up on her toes she plants a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth, smiling brightly as he flushes. Spinning around she disappears from the cave, leaving Jason staring after her.

"Todd?" Damian walks up next to him, his bruised face staring up at him. Jason smiles softly down at him, ruffling his hair.

"What's up Baby Bird?"

"Who was that? Why did she show up to help us?" Damian leans into the touch - his eyes still slightly haunted from their ambush earlier.

"A hero for everyone," he chuckles. Pulling Damian closer he leads them over to Tim and Barbara, nodding at Alfred as the two brothers settle down to wait for Tim to wake.

This chapter was edited by my mother, Lisa. Hope y'all enjoyed it!

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