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This chapter was inspired by two things: the first is a head cannon of Jason giving Damian a phone to call him for nightmares after Damian came back to life; the second is a drawing of Jason holding a crying Damian, Damian stating that Bruce fired him.

Also, since someone was wondering: Marinette is in her early twenties and Hawkmoth was defeated her second year of high school. She did not see Scarecrow, she was seeing Hawkmoth - thought that was obvious with what she was saying...Also she didn't give him any time to move away after he administered the toxin.

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"Are you just going to stand there or come in?" Marinette's voice laughs across the room, Jason lightly shuts the door behind him. Blue eyes tracing the woman smiling from where she is packing up the leftovers. She lightly adds the last box to the large stack of them sitting on top of the counter. Stepping out from behind the counter she walks up to him, stopping a few feet away. "How have you been?"

Jason ignores her words and strides over to her, crushing her small body to him. Her arms wrap around his torso, fingers slightly digging into his shirt under the leather jacket. He pulls back, one hand resting on the side of her face as he stares down into wide vibrant eyes, tracing her features. Marinette leans into his touch, letting her eyes shut for a moment before they fly open at the soft brush of lips against her own. As soon as they make eye contact their bodies mold together, the kiss over taking all of her senses. Her hand crawling into his hair, pulling him closer to her as she stands on her toes to reach him. Desperation, awe and care floods into her as he pulls her closer, his hand tugging at her hair - tilting her head as his other arm wraps around her and lifts her. She pulls back with a breathless laugh, grinning up at Jason as he gazes down at her with swirling blue eyes.

"You're amazing," He whispers, letting her slowly slide down to rest back on the ground. "How did you know?"

"I may or may not have gotten a bad feeling. Plus Plagg, Sass and Fluff warned me that I was needed." She nuzzles into his palm as his thumb traces her bottom lip. "How are you? How is Tim and Damian?"

"I'm fine, Tim is on desk duty until B gets his worry under control. Damian hasn't even gone near the suit since," Jason's eyes darken slightly. "I'm worried that B might pull something."

"Why don't you tell me on our walk to the soup kitchen and orphanage?" Marinette breathes, pressing a soft kiss against his jaw before stepping back to the counter. She reaches over it and grabs her bag, slinging that over her shoulder before lifting half the pile and depositing it into Jason's arms. She grabs the others and leads him back out, locking the door behind them.

They walk in silence for fifteen minutes before Jason lets out a sigh. "I'm not sure how much you know about everything, but Damian and I have both died - obviously it wasn't permanent. The thing is, when I first came back to Gotham, no one here knew. I was so angry at B, he never did anything to avenge me - then I found out within three months I got replaced. That didn't help anything - it has taken a long while for everything to calm down, but even then it will come back every once in a while." Jason takes a deep breath, his body shaking. Marinette steps closer, letting their arms brush as they keep walking. "This whole thing has brought up a lot of bad memories for all of us. I don't think I can even look at B right now, Tim won't talk about it at all - he just has this haunted look in his eyes. And Damian! He's having nightmares again."

"What do you think B will do?"

"He has always pushed back at the robins, firing us or trying to chase us away when it looked like we were taking too much. The thing is Damian ain't like the rest of us, he judges his worth on it. To be kicked out of it because of this? After everything he has gone through and done to prove himself?"

"If any of you need to get away, my doors are always open." Marinette states, before smiling at the people holding the doors open. They leave all but four boxes at the kitchen, Marinette promising to be back with sweaters for everyone as soon as she can. "My balcony doors will be unlocked at night and there are always blankets on the couch and chairs."

"Thanks," Jason smiles down at her - transferring the boxes to one arm so he can wrap the other around her shoulders.

They spend the rest of the walk to the orphanage in silence. Staying to play with the kids for a few hours before leaving empty handed. Marinette locks up the bakery behind them, leading Jason's quiet figure through the kitchen and up to her apartment.

Upon entering Jason sees a small kitchen area, a small island keeping it from merging with the dinning area. Walking further in he is directed to the couch, where he promptly falls on to it. There is a slightly smaller couch just to the left of this one and a large chair to the right, all of it centered around a simple coffee table. Marinette disappears into what Jason can only guess is the bedroom, he turns his gaze back to the french doors to the right of the tv. A balcony overlooking the city, covered with different plants all blooming. On the walls are pictures of different people, he can't see many details but Jason can guess they are friends from Paris.

Marinette comes back out, her skinny jeans and red wool tunic replaced with a large band shirt that hangs off one shoulder and shorts that he can glimpse when she sits down next to him.

"These should fit," she places a pair of jogging pants and a simple t-shirt in his lap.

"Trying to get me naked already?" A grin pulls at his face as she flushes.

"Not yet," She fires back, not looking at him. Chuckling he stands up and heads to the bathroom that she pointed to.

Once changed, they settle on the couch, curling together with something playing softly on the tv in the background. Jason's hand runs through her dark locks as she rests her head on his chest.

"How did you figure us out? I never did ask you."

"A while back, Bruce did an interview where they broached that topic about the whole "same butt as Batman" thing. Do you remember?" Jason just laughs lightly, nodding his head. "Well it got me thinking and I may have looked up pictures of the two and placed them next to each other. They have the exact same build, not just similar like some sons and brothers have. The exact same."

"He did that interview to throw people off his trail."

"Didn't do a very good job of it. Any seamstress worth their salt should be able to account for the kevlar in his suit and make the connection. Besides that, I started putting the disappearances together, when one left and the other showed up. It just kind of fell together."

They lapse into silence again, the white noise of the tv softly filling the air. Jason closes his eyes, letting himself relax for the first time in a while. A thought popped into his head.

"Who were those people you mentioned earlier?"

"It's not something that you can tell anyone else, not without my knowledge. I don't want the League to know about them." Her blue eyes pierce into him. At his nod she lays her head back down. "They are called kwamis, but they are gods. Their powers are able to be utilized by a miraculous, which is how I had the powers I did."

"Are there a lot of them?"

"Just what is in the Miraculous box from what I was told. I'm the guardian for them. My old master passed a long while back - he gave me the mantle." Marinette nuzzles closer to him, her fingers tangling into his shirt. "He died a couple years back, it was a year after we finally defeated Hawkmoth."


For the next hour Marinette explains everything to him. By the end she is silently crying into his chest, her body curled up. Jason sits up cradling her closer as he softly sings a spanish lullaby, rocking her slowly. After a while Marinette smiles softly up at him - her face stained with tears and eyes trimmed in red. Slowly Jason presses their foreheads together, gazing tenderly at her.

"We can be all fucked up together." A snort leaves her as she lightly smacks his shoulder, she presses a brief kiss against his lips before nuzzling into his neck.

"When do you need to go back?" His phone starts ringing, the light blinding in the barely lit room. "Well that answers that."

Jason lets out a long sigh before picking it up. His brow scrunching as he answers it, "What's up Demon Spawn?" Marinette feels his body tense, leaning back and gazes worriedly at him. "Little bird, hey, no. I'll be right there. Don't worry, Give me ten minutes."

"Is he alright?" Marinette scouches back as she watches Jason stand up shoving the phone into his pocket - wild blue eyes turn to look down at her.

"He needs me."

"Kaalki," a small horse shaped creature appears in front of them. "Can you open a portal for me?"

"Of course! Ready when you are."

Marinette stands up, calling for Tikki's transformation. Turning to glance at Jason's face, giggling softly she taps his bottom jaw.

"You might want to close that. Kaalki, these coordinates please." Holding up her yo-yo Marinette shows the kwami who simply nods, turns and opens a portal for them. "After you."

Jason shakes his head before storming though, Marinette right behind him. His eyes take in Nightwing frozen mid yell at Batman, both without their masks. Tim standing up and actually holding a shaking Damian. Marinette hurries over to the two, forcing Tim to sit down before she kneels slightly at Damian's side. Jason right beside her, completely ignoring Bruce shoving past Dick to get closer. Damian looks up at Jason, his green eyes shining with the tears cascading down his face.

"Oh, little bird." Jason opens his arms and only slightly stumbles as Damian jumps into his grasp. Damian wraps his arms around Jason's neck, hiding his face in the older boy's neck. Marinette plants herself infront of Bruce as he tries to reach out for Jason's shoulder, her eyes flashing.

"F-Father, h-h-he fired m-m-me." Damian's voice cracks, his hand wiping at his face. Jason turns his head and hold's Bruce's gaze.

"It's alright buddy, he's an asshole anyways." Jason looks down at Marinette and nods, with a small sigh she has Kaalki open another portal - Marinette stops before following him through. Turning around, biting her lip she looks at Bruce - his face torn with pain.

"I understand wanting to protect them, but have you ever thought about what your words mean for them? What they do to them?" She takes a deep breath, standing up tall. "You are their father, that means that your words may be law - even more so as Batman. But, they aren't you. They don't think like you, they process differently than you. Speaking and showing your feelings may be hard for you, but don't you think it is better for all of them to know that you care?"

Taking another breath she nods sharply at him, sending a soft smile at Tim and Dick before stepping through the portal. Bruce stumbles into a chair, his head clasped between his hands.

"I screwed up...again."

"Yeah, B. You did." Dick sighs, walking past him to Tim. "Now you have to pray you can actually earn Damian's trust back, and our's."

Marinette let's her transformation drop as she listens to the slight snoring of Damian in Jason's lap. Tapping his shoulder she jerks her head and leads him into her bedroom, gesturing at the bed before walking back out. A few moments later she is walking back in with some clothes in hand. Passing them over she gently cups Jason's cheek before walking back out.

"You sure about letting him have your bed?" Jason questions as he settles down next to her on the couch.

"I got all this extra furniture because I don't always make it back to my bed." Marinette smiles, snuggling into his side. "You two going to be alright?"

"I'm used to it, but Damian? This isn't the same as when he first came to us. At that time none of us really thought he would be alright, but he has worked hard to show us he isn't the same as then. B doing this has him doubting himself. Is he not trustworthy? Did he do something wrong?" Jason leans his head back, eyes shut tight.

"This had to be hard for him too, Jason." Marinette whispers, brushing her fingers against his cheek when he turns to her. "Bruce watched his parents die in front of him. Then he had to watch helplessly as you were beaten and then, what he thought, was killed on live TV. Did he handle any of it correctly? No, but this probably scared him with how it could have been. It wouldn't be the same as last time. He would have lost three sons, all while he was off world with the League." Marinette leans forward and brushes a kiss against his forehead. "All three of you are precious to him. He was destroyed when you walked out with Damian. Give it time, but don't completely shut him out."

"Not promising anything." Jason mumbles, earning a small giggle from his companion at his pout.

"No promises."

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