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In the town of Berk, the sun shinnied brightly, on a hot summer day with a nice breeze of wind that helped to cool you down. Which Astrid liked a lot while she did her laps around the tracks. Running in a blue sports bra and black workout shorts.

"50" 23 year old blonde said panting, as she came to a stop after doing her last lap around the track and wiped the bread of sweat off her forehead. She walked to the bench and grabbed her water bottle to take a drink, while checking her phone for the time and saw a text message from her best friend Heather.

She did a few stretches before, sitting down on a bench and unlocked her phone to read the message.

Heather 4:32 PM: Hey girl, I'll be there around 6

Astrid 4:41 PM: Great, I will see you then. You excited for tonight? ;)

Heather 4:42Pm: You bet your sweet ass I am and does he know anything?

Astrid 4:42 PM: Glad to hear it and nope. Hiccup has no clue!

Heather 4:44 PM: It's going to be one hell of a surprise for him. 😉

Astrid 4:45 PM: OHH yeah!

Astrid slipped her phone back into her pocket and chugged the last of her water, before tossing the bottle into a recycle bin then made her way to the parking lot and got in her blue Maruti Suzuki Ciaz car and brought the engine to life. She backed out of the stall and exited the parking lot, making her way to her boyfriend's house. Just outside of town.

About seven minutes later, she drove up the drive way to the large two-story house that also had a basement and parked in front of the first garage door and shut her car off.

Hiccup's farther is the head of a real estate agent company.

After getting out her car and locking it, Astrid walked up to the front door and unlocked it with a house key and entered the home. Closing it behind her, she immediately felt fur brushing against her leg. Looking down, she saw her boyfriend's black cat 'Toothless" looking up at her with his green eyes and purring happily.

"Hey their Toothless" Astrid smiled, leaning down and giving him a scratch on his back and he replied with a happy meow. As she scratched him, Astrid moved her other hand to grab a small plastic ball with a bell in it and threw it down the hall.

When it hit the floor, Toothless ears perked up and he instantly chased after it. Astrid chuckled and took off her shoes and went to have some left overs from last night, then headed upstairs and stripped out of her clothes to take a shower.

After her shower, she walked down the stairs, wearing a bathrobe and hair still lightly wet, when she headed the door bell ring. Knowing who it was, she quickly jumped the last few steps, heading straight to the door and opened it, to find her Heather standing there with a smile and two bags in her hands. Wearing a dark grey neck lose t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts that hugged her nicely

"Hey girl" she greeted her bestie with a hug

"Hey" Astrid replied and hugged her back. They broke from the hug and Heather handed Astrid one of the bags as she stepped inside and closed the door.

"I can't wait to see my boyfriend's reaction when he see's us in these" Astrid said excitedly, pulling out the top of what she asked Heather to pick up for them.

Heather chuckled. "Ohh, it's going to be priceless" Heather agreed and they both let out a laugh, thinking of what his reaction will be like.

They walked to the living and sat down on the couch to watch some Tv. Toothless joined them right away, sitting on Heathers lap and she petted him the whole time as they began to watch a show on Netflix. They had enough time since Hiccup wouldn't be home by seven.

As the episode ended, Astrid and Heather heard the engine of Hiccup's black 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, pulling up the drive way.

Heather put Toothless to the side and stood up, along with Astrid. "Oh crap, he's early. What do we do?" She asked, completely stunned that Hiccup came home earlier then usual.

"Head to his game room and get changed while I stall him." Astrid quickly answered her. Heather nodded her head rapidly and grad the bags, then instantly rushed up stairs to the room.

Not two minutes later, the door opened and Hiccup stepped in side the house. "Astrid?" He called out, while taking off his shoe's.

"Hey babe" She replied and walked up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply. This kiss caught him by surprise for a second but he returned it with love and passion.

They broke from the kiss and started to make their way to the kitchen. "So how was your day?" Astrid asked curiously.

"Long and busy but pretty good to. Finished repairing two customers vehicles today and should be done my fathers truck on Monday." He told her

"That's great. Did your farther and mother have a safe flight?"

"They did and it's great for them to get away for a week, for how busy they both have been." He answered, then continued in a more deeper sexier voice "But it's also great that I have the house to myself and my sexy girlfriend comes over a lot, so we can do what ever we want"

"Well then why don't you go take a shower and I'll wait for you in your game room" Astrid grinned and slightly pulled her bathrobe open. Reviling the top of her breasts. Thinking the same thing but more so that he has no idea what's in store for him tonight and couldn't wait.

"I can't wait" He replied and gave the top of her tits a quick kiss, then rushed up stairs to his bedroom, where he his own bathroom to take a shower.

Once was out of sigh, Astrid made her way upstairs to the room where Heather was waiting. When she arrived, she saw Heather with her backed turned and putting the final piece of clothing on, which was the top.

Hiccup's game room is a decent size with a large Tv on the wall and several game consoles on a tv desk just bellow it. With a large couch up against the wall and a couple of small tables beside it for food or beverages and a mini fridge with stocked with drinks. There's also a shelf with movies and video games beside the tv and hanging on the wall were a couple of halo, star wars, dragons and sport cars posters. With a few small pictures of him with his family, girlfriend and friends. The best part was that there is a small hallway that connects to Hiccup's room. So it's easy access to get to go back and forth.

The raven haired girl looked over her shoulder after hearing the door closed and sighed in relief when she saw it was only Astrid. "For a moment their I though you were Hiccup" She clasped the top together and turned to face her.

"No need to worry, he's in the shower right now but damn girl you look hot" Astrid commented

"Thanks girl! But I know you will look hot in yours as well." Heather smirked at her and did a slow, sexy twirl. "Wow" Was all Astrid could say as she scanned her hot friend's body. After Heather's small performance, Astrid took off her bathrobe and tossed it to the side then swiftly made her way to the couch where the other bag was placed and got dressed. As Heather quickly and quietly went to Hiccup's room and hid her bag of clothes, then came right back.

After about five minutes, Astrid was dressed in the same outfit as Heather's and was checking herself out in the mirror. She ran one hand over her bare leg and the other over her covered breasts, loving the way she looks. 'I can't believe how hot I look' Astrid though. In the reflection, she saw Heather walked behind her and wrapped her arms around the blondes waste, giving her a sexy grin. "Told you that you would look hot in it"

Astrid returned with her own sexy grin and moved her hand from her thigh and placed it on Heather's and began to rub it up and down slowly. "So… we should set up the song and get into position" She turned to Heather mirror and saw nod.

Hiccup came out of the shower and dried himself off, throwing on a pair of underwear and a bathrobe. To make Astrid slightly work for it. He knew that it would probably mean Astrid would be the dominate one tonight but he didn't care cause, she was probably waiting for him on the couch naked.

Not wanting to make her wait any loner and could feel his erection coming, Hiccup swiftly went to the door and began to walk down the hallway. Hiccup opened the door and spoke "So milady. You ready to be pleasur…. The fuck" Hiccup gasped, eyes widened and mouth hanging open in shock.

There standing in the middle of the room, Astrid… and Heather wearing star war's slave Leia outfits. This was the very last thing Hiccup expected to see.

"Surprise babe" Astrid said, voice being very seduce.

"Wh… wha…. What the heck" Hiccup stuttered, feeling his collar bone getting hot. Looking back between Astrid and Heather, feeling his erection getting even harder.

Astrid walked over to Hiccup slowly but sexually, putting a good amount of sway in her hips and giving a sexual evil grin. "You love our outfits babe"

Hiccup couldn't find the words to say at the moment. Still shocked on what he was seeing and said the first thing in his mind. "Yeah bu… but What's the occasion?

"How about we show you!"

He had no idea what she meat or what was going to happen, but was really excited and didn't say a word, letting Astrid walk him to the couch were he sat down as Heather quickly went and clicked play on her iPod, that's connected to a speaker as the beat to the song Ginumine - pony started.

The girls walked back to where they were standing and started to move their body's to the music.

Hiccup could only watch the two, dancing like strippers from the beat of the song. They moved their hands along their body's and each others at times to. As well as moving their velvety skirt to the side, showing off their bare pussy's and palming their covered tit's, shaking them with their hands as well as a few other sexy things. Like going down on there knees and shaking their asses, slapping each others or their own ass, motorboating each other and even kissed each other at times. Which really caught him off guard.

When the song ended, Heather was down on all fours, ass in the air while Astrid was standing sideways, slightly bent over with a hand on her ass and winking at Hiccup.

They stayed in the positions for a moment, giving him a chance to take in what happed before making their way towards him. Heather crawling on in a very sexy way, as Astrid slowly walked while swaying her hips towards him.

"So. Did you enjoy the show your "slave's" put on?"

Hiccup could only nod as he sat their very excited but a little nervous as well, watching two beautiful women making their way towards him and before he knew it. Astrid sat on the right side of him, as Heather sat on her knees in front of him.

Hiccup kept glancing back at the two beauties, that he didn't feel Astrid uniting his bathrobe belt, until he felt her grip his rode with her hands and pulled it apart, revealing his toned muscular body. But what caught their attention, mostly Heather's was the bulge in his underwear.

Astrid leaned forward and started to kiss Hiccup's check very slowly and moved up to his ear. "you ready to be pleasured master?" She asked very seductively and she could feel him nodding again. Astrid smiled against his check and took a quick glance at Heather, giving her a quick nod.

Heather gripped his underwear and pulled it down to his legs, causing his erection to spring out and stood up proudly. "Wow. He look's so strong and powerful" Heather said, wrapping a hand around his 6 inch cock and started to stoke it, causing Hiccup to moan.

"Ohh he is" Astrid muttered against his neck, while she started rubbing his chest with her left hand. "You should see how he tastes"

Heather didn't need to be told again and spread his legs apart and moved between them and gave his head a few licks with her tongue before engulfing it in her mouth and started to suck on it eagerly.

"Ohh god" Hiccup gasped, eye's shutting closed. Feeling her head bob up and down at a slow place, as his cock twitched in her mouth.

Astrid took a quick look at the two, watching her best friend blow her boyfriend was really hot. Grabbing his check and turning his head to face her, she smashed her lips against his. He was taking by surprise but quickly kissed her back and began to run his right hand up and down her back, while gently running his other hand through Heather's hair.

While Hiccup kept massaging the beauties with his hands. He slowly moved his arm from Astrid's back, to just bellow her breast and moved his hand up, going underneath the top and started to kneel her tit, causing her to moan in his mouth.

Heather looked up and saw the two making out, while Hiccup squeezed Astrid's breast and she couldn't help, slipping a hand behind the velvety skirt and started to figure herself. Moaning in pleasure as she continued to suck on his cock, swirling her tongue around it. Enjoying every moment of it while watching the two.

Soon after, she pulled way from his cock, a tin string of saliva connected from her mouth to his member. "Hope you don't mind my girls joining in on the action Hiccup" Heather said in a sexy tone as she unstrapped her top and pulled it off herself. Tossing it to the side, so it wasn't in the way. Hiccup and Astrid pulled away and turned to Heather, just as she moved closer in between his thighs and placed his cock in between her tits, pushing them together and started to move up and down.

"Ahhhh yeah" Hiccup breathed in delight, his head falling back while squeezing Astrid's breast again in the process, causing her to moan. Heather's breast are are a little bit smaller than Astrid's, but they were a good enough size to give him a boob job.

Heather only did it for a minute or so, since she couldn't wait any longer to have Hiccup inside her. She moved backwards, before grabbing Hiccup by the hips and pulling him off the couch onto the floor. He let out an "ooof" when he hit the floor.

Hiccup launched his head back up, about to speak but didn't when Heather quickly straddled him, with her tits right in his face. She used her hand to line up his cock to her pussy and slid down on him. Feeling his rod pushing inside her and stretching her nicely. "Ohh yes" She moaned

The way Heathers pussy engulfed his cock and how her warm, wet walls squeezed him. Hiccup couldn't help but groan out loud. "Fuck Heather… So… so tight" Giving her hips a squeeze. She sat on top of him for a short moment before she started to move up and down on him at a steady pace.

"What do you think Heather? Does my boyfriends hard cock feel good inside you?" Astrid asked, watching the two fuck

"Fuck yeah" She answered with a moan, placing her hands on his shoulders to help her thrust up and down faster. Causing her tits bounce up and down.

"Fuck… Heather… you feel soo… good and wet… oh fuck" Hiccup gasped, then quickly latched on to one of her nipples and moved his hands to her ass and gave it a tight squeeze, sending more pleasure coarse through her body.

Astrid leaned back to give them a little more room but more so to have a better view. Watching the two was getting her really wet and she started to rub her pussy with her fingers and her clit with her thumb. "Fuck… this is sooo hot" She mound out loud.

Astrid watched them for a short time as they fucked and couldn't take it anymore. She need to join in on the fun. Standing up quickly, she pushed her bottoms down to the ground and quickly sat on the couch beside them. This caused Hiccup to let go of Heather's nipple and looked up to Astrid and see her eyes burring with want.

"Does master want something else on his tongue?" Astrid asked very seductively, lifting a leg up to show off her wet lip's. Hiccup only looked at her for a few seconds before leaning over and flickered his tongue over her folds, answering her question. Not waiting any longer, Astrid swung her leg over his face and sat down on top him, feeling him getting to work. "Ohh god yes babe… do not… ahh… stop" Astrid cried out tossing her head back, gripping the back of the couch cushions tightly with one had, while she used the other to squeeze her right breast and started to grind on his face, as he continued eating her out.

Heather erotically watched the scene in front of her and couldn't help bring one hand down to her clit and rubbed it, while riding Hiccup even faster, groaning in the process. Hearing his muffled moans against Astrid's pussy and could see her ass giggling lightly.

That sight inspired Heather to try something out and hope's Astrid will like it. She brought her hand up from her pussy to her mouth and sucked on two of her fingers, tasting herself, while getting them nice and wet. Once Heather figured they were wet enough, she pulled her fingers out of her mouth and placed them on Astrid's ass and pushed the two fingers in the little hole and began to wiggle them around.

Heather's action caught Astrid off guard, though it didn't stop her from moaning out loud and squeezed both her tits with her hands "ohh fuck"

Hiccup could feel his own orgasm approaching and did everything he could to hold off a little longer. Though found it difficult with a beautiful raven haired girl ridding him and her warm walls squeezing him tightly with his blonde girlfriend sitting on his face, he couldn't hold it off any longer. Grabbing Astrid by the hips and lifting her up, he gave them the warning. "Ohh god Heather… I'm cumming…. Fuck… …ohh fuck" Hiccup grunted, bucking his hips upwards and came inside her.

Feeling his cum shooting inside her, brought Heather to her own orgasm. "Ah… Fuck yes" She screamed, with her juices covering most of his cock as the rest seeped out of her and onto him.

At that time, Hiccup pulled Astrid back on his face and plunged his tongue right up into her and it was enough to bring her over the edge. "Fuck… I'm cumming babe" She moaned out loud, grinding on his face one last time as she came, her climax covering his face. Her hands fell from her tits as she caught her breath and could feel Hiccup licking up her juices ever so gently.

Both girls soon dismounted him and laid right beside him on their sides and each placed a hand on his light sweaty chest. "So master, how was that? Did we pleasure you really good?" Astrid asked. And like the same thing he did earlier, Hiccup only gave them a nod for an answer.

"Wow, we must of gave him so much, that he can't talk" Heather laughed

"And were going to give him more. But for now, why don't we give put on another show for him?"

The girls stood up and stripped everything else off (except for the neck chokers) then pressed their body's together and started making out in front him. Hiccup watched in arousal from the sight before him. The way they roamed each others body's with their hands, how their breast's pressed together and the soft muffled moans, just got him hard again in a short amount of time.

Astrid was the first to notice and put her plan to motion. She pulled Heather down to her knees while still making out with Heather then pushed her back. Heather let out a soft giggle, as Astrid started kissing her way down her beautiful body. Paying close attention to her breast's and nipples for a moment before continuing her way down, until she reached her goal.

She gave her lips a lick and drove right into Heather's pussy. "Ohhhh god" Heather cried out, wrapping her legs around Astrid's head to keep her in place, while she used her hands to squeeze her tits.

Hiccup watched the two, until he saw Astrid pushing her ass up in the air and gave it a quick shake. Knowing what she wanted, he got right behind his girlfriend on his knees and placed his tip on her wet pussy. Teasing her, by rubbing it up and down. Before Astrid could tell him to just do it, he gripped her hips and slammed right into her, causing her to cry out. "Fuck yeah"

He started his thrust's slow and steady to get Astrid's arousal up and then picked up his pace, while moving his hands to her ass and gave it a squeeze. His thrust's were causing Astrid to moan and are helping her to work even better on Heather, since her moans and groans got louder.

Heather lifted her head to watch Astrid pleasure her, as Hiccup fucked his girlfriend, causing her to moan out loud and to pinch her nipples. Heather is really happy that she agreed to do this. At first she was hesitant to do it but after some thinking she decided to give it a shot and doesn't regret it at all.

Astrid continued to eat out her best friend as Hiccup continued to fuck her. Hearing the moan and groan in pleasure and felt Hiccup slapping her ass, as Heather began to move a hand through her hair. At times, Hiccup pulled on Astrid's neck choker away from Heather, causing her to whine but let it lose right away every time, to let Astrid continue her work.

Feeling her orgasm approaching, She was able to pull away from Heather. "Hiccup, I'm… cumming" She cried out as her walls clamed around him and clotted his member with her juices. Driving him to his own orgasm, as his cum shot inside her. Hiccup than pulled out of his girlfriend and fell back against the couch to catch his breath.

Astrid was about to join him when Heather leaned up and grabbed her neck choker, pulling her back to her own crotch. "You can't just forget about me, can you know." Heather said to Astrid in a playful frustrated way that she forgot continue her job from earlier.

Astrid just chuckled, lightly shaking her head before continuing to eat out Heather. Licking all over her pussy and clit, while Heather went back to groping her own breasts. Knowing full well Hiccup was watching them.

"Oh…. Oh god so… soo close" Heather breathed out, pinching her nipples in the process.

The blonde grinned to herself and brought her hand up to friends clit and began to rub it as she continued her work on her wet folds with her tongue. "AHH, Yes… I'm… I'm Cumming" Heather screamed, covering her friends face with her juices.

The girls just stayed like that for a few moments, catching their breathes before Astrid crawled up to Heather and kissed her on the lips. Making sure she tasted herself.

"Fuck… that… was… awesome" Hiccup panted and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Watching the make of session in front of him. Astrid and Heather broke from their kiss and grinned as they began to crawl towards him.

Once Astrid and Heather we on either side of him, they both started to kiss his check's and neck. "I'm glad you think so babe, because it's going to get more awesome " Astrid said with a smirk.

"She's right. We are far from finished." Heather whispered the last part in his ear.

They stood up, pulling Hiccup up by the arms and started walking to his room, making sure to sway the hips in the process. Ready to continue their night of fun and all Hiccup could think was 'Thor help me'

The next morning Hiccup woke up more relaxed than usual and quite satisfied. Memories from last night came flooding back and he couldn't stop the grin forming on his face and his cock twitching.

He looked at both girls, watching them sleep peacefully, with their heads resting on his shoulders. They each had an arm wrapped around his chest, while he hand his around their shoulders. Heather is currently on his left side while Astrid is on the right. They did remove their neck chokers before crashing

Deciding not to wake them up, Hiccup laid is head back on the pillow and relaxed, trying to ignore his morning wood. Enjoying the warm feeling of two beautiful women embracing him and the feeling of their perky breast pressed against his sides, until he felt Astrid stirring against him. Turning to face her, just as she opened her eye's, letting her blurry vison clear up. Soon she was staring into the emerald eye's of her lover. "Good Moring babe" Greeting him with a smile.

"Morning to you to Milady" He replied and the two shared a kiss

"So… last… night huh?" Astrid asked in between kisses " Amazing?"

"Hell yeah it was Amazing!" Was his reply

Astrid giggled and replied with "I'm glad to hear that and same with me"

"And that goes double for me" Came Heather's voice. The couple looked toward Heather and saw she was popped up on her elbow, gazing at the two with a loving smile, then leaned forward and gave Hiccup and kiss which he returned, then gave to Astrid.

The three laid back down and the girls snuggled into Hiccup more and just enjoyed the morning together.

Heather tightened her grip around the man that gave her great pleasure last night and couldn't help and say what was on her mind. "You were right Astrid" She sighed "Hiccup sure knows how to please a women. Last night was the probably the best sex I've ever had"

"I told you so"

"Well one thing's for certain!" Heather said, moving her hand slowly up and down Hiccup's chest. making sure to go further down every rub.

"Were going to have to…" She grasped Hiccup's semi hard cock "Make this a regular thing" She said sexually, stroking him. Causing him to groan in pleasure. Hiccup couldn't believe what she was suggesting. There was no way that Astrid will want this to happen regularly.

"You bet your sweet ass that were making this a regular thing? Astrid answered without any hesitation what so ever.

Hiccup just laid still in shock, taking in that Astrid actually wanted it as much as Heather does. He remembered how Astrid would glare at any other girl that flirted with him or push them away when they got to close to him. Occasionally, threating them if they didn't get the message and kept it up. Never in his life he thought the he would have a threesome and the fact that it was going to happen much more. He thought he was extremely lucky to be even dating Astrid Hofferson. The most popular girl from high school. Especially, since he was a bit of a nerd back then. Yet it happened.

"So what do you say babe" Astrid spoke, breaking his thoughts and looked at her "Do you want it to be a regular thing?" She really hoped he would be down for it. If he wasn't she would respect it.

Hiccup took a short moment to think before he asked his next question. He would absolutely love it. He just want's to make sure she was. "I am down. But only if your absolutely sure about it"

Astrid couldn't help but smile from his words. He's just so loyal and cares to make sure she is comfortable with it or any other situation of that mater. And that's one of the many reasons why she love's him. "I am. Now that that's settled, why don't we…" she spoke vey seductively, moving her hand down and cupped his balls gently "Go at it right now" She finished, licking her lips and started to massage them gently. Causing Hiccup to moan in pleasure from the hands worshiping his cock and balls.

Heather really wanted to go at it again and to feel the amazing pleasure all over again. The only thing stopping her, is her work shift start's at twelve and it was twenty to eleven and she needed to go get ready. "I would want nothing more than to get fucked right now, but I have to go home and get ready for work" She told him, stopping her hand job.

"No worries, how about tomorrow? Especially since Hiccups parents are gone on vacation" Astrid asked

"Now that work's for me" Heather said in a seductive voice, giving Hiccups erection one last stoke and lightly bit his ear, causing him to shudder in pleasure. She gave them each one last kiss before releasing Hiccup and moved to the edge of the bed, removing the covers off herself and sat up for a moment before standing up and walked to Hiccup's closet to get her clothes. Knowing they were watching her, she swayed her hips to tease them

Hiccup and Astrid could only watch her and that sexy ass of hers walk away.

When Heather reached the closet, she looked over her shoulder grinning before bending down to grad her clothes from behind the closet wall. Making sure to stick her ass out and spread her leg's open, so that they could see her womanhood. clothes in her hand, she turned back to face them and slowly got dressed and put her hair back in it's braid.

Fully dressed and her hair back in it's braid, Heather made her way to the door and opened it. Looking at them one last time, she gave them a wink and said "You two have fun and see you tomorrow" Then left the room. After the door closed, Astrid swiftly rolled on top of Hiccup. Her legs on either side of his hips and body pressed against his, with their faces only inchers apart.

Astrid leaned forward "So… you looking forward to tomorrow babe?" She muffled into his ear, loud enough for him to hear and started to rub her body up and down his.

Hiccup moaned, while placing his hands on top of her ass, giving the checks good squeeze and answered her question. " I am milady, I just ohhh… still can't believe… you want it… to happen… ohh."

Astrid pulled away from him, so she could look right at him again, part's of her hair hanging loosely over her checks and just gazed at the man she loves dearly.

"Well you've have been the best boyfriend ever and I though you'd deserve a reward for that. And to be honest." She leaned forward and whispered the last part in his ear very seductively. "I've always wanted to have one with you" She nipped on his ear and heard him hiss , then continued. "To share my best friend and watch you fuck her was just to hot to pass up and now. You will get to have two beautiful girls ravish you."

She felt his throbbing cock twitch at that. "What did I ever do to deserve and amazing kick ass girl like you to love me?"

She pulled back so the two could stare into each others eyes and gave him the answer "Being the sweet, loving, sarcastic, smart, droky and confident man you are that I love very much"

Hiccup just chuckled, shaking his head "I love you to Astrid" He smiled and the two shared a long passionate kiss.

After a few minutes of making out, Astrid broke from the kiss and pushed herself up so she was straddling him, with the blankets hanging loosely on her shoulders. Hiccups hard cock is just driving her insane and making her Horney, she just can't wait anymore.

"Now, how about I take you for a nice ride" She spoke the sexiest way possible and emphasis on the word ride by grinding on him. Her pussy clotting him with her juices.

A grin slowly came up on Hiccups face as he moved his hands from her ass to her hips and watched her move her shoulders, so the blanket would fall off all the while giving him that sexy smirk. " I say, ride way."

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